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Psychology instructor, researcher, writer

Decatur, GA
April 27, 2021

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Stephen Antczak

University of West Georgia

Psychology Program

Dept. Of Anthropology, Psychology, & Sociology - 678-***-****


PhD in Psychology: Consciousness & Society (currently in final semester) 2018-present

University of West Georgia at Carrollton, GA

MS in Library Science 2018

University of Kentucky at Lexington, KY

BS in Psychology (Minor in Professional Writing) 2016

Kennesaw State University at Kennesaw, GA


University of West Georgia

Graduate Teaching Instructor

Introduction to General Psychology Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Fall 2020 Spring 2021

Teaching Assistant

Social Psychology, online. Spring 2018

Georgia Gwinnett College, Kaufman Library

Library Assistant I 2017-2018

Access Services

Kennesaw State University

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant 2015-2016

Careers in Psychology

Social Psychology

Introductory Psychology


My research interests are focused on the following: a) epistemic motivation in team contexts, especially in scientific disciplines and in the decision-making process, b) narrative psychology, c) agency in health-oriented and self-improvement behaviors, d) critical thinking as it relates to science, medical, and healthcare information, and e) the integration of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in scientific research. My research seeks to improve understanding in how humans create, incorporate, utilize, and share knowledge in developing their narrative selves and well-being, and in their relational interactions with others, especially in the contexts of teams.


University of West Georgia

Dissertation Research In Progress

Exploratory study of motivation in conservation scientists’ psychological experiences in research.

Kennesaw State University

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2015-2016

Qualitative interviews (Sport Psychology)

Thematic content analysis of interview transcriptions (Sport Psychology)

Assisted with EEG investigation of interval timing (cognitive research project)

Undergraduate Self-directed Research 2016

Designed and executed research project (Social/Cultural Psychology)

(Created survey on Surveymonkey, analyzed data in SPSS)


Osbeck, L., & Antczak, S. L. (2021). Generalizability and qualitative research: A new look at an ongoing controversy. Qualitative Psychology, 8(1), 62-68. doi:10.1037/qup0000194

Osbeck, L., & Antczak, S. L. (2020). Introduction: Revisiting ‘truth’ in an era of ‘post-truth’. Journal of Constructivist Psychology, doi:10.1080/10720537.2020.1723146

Antczak, S. L. and Osbeck, L. (2020). Defining and containing a crisis: Comment on Wiggins and Christopherson (2019) and Morawski (2019). Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 40(1), 65-68.


Associate Editor, Journal of Constructivist Psychology special issue: “Post-Truth” and Consequences: Psychological Origins and Critical Implications.

Co-editor special issue on “generalizability” of the journal Qualitative Psychology

with Lisa Osbeck


Ad hoc review for Theory & Psychology. 2021

Ad hoc grant proposal review for the Association of Psychological Science. 2016


Antczak, S. L. (2020, April 30). Your brain has an immune system.

Antczak, S. L. (2019, July 1) Things to know before becoming an Uber or Lyft driver.

Antczak, S. L. (2019, February 21) The Painful condition of gout: This 'disease of kings and queens' afflicts those in midlife most.

Antczak, S. L. (2018, April 30). Does wisdom come with age?

Antczak, S. L. (2017, August 15). How to mentally handle tough times.

Antczak, S. L. (2017, August 17). Unexpected places to find work referrals.

Antczak, S. L. (2017, July 11). Tips for a successful estate sale: An expert's suggestions.

Antczak, S. L. (2017, June 23). Learn to be a filmmaker on the cheap and on the fly.

Antczak, S. L. (2017, June 7). Take the ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ creativity challenge.

Antczak, S. L. (2017, March 10). The new school that teaches Millennial students key life skills.

Antczak, S. L. (2016, December 27). Ways to keep New Year's resolutions about money: Suggestions to make your financial goals more realistic.

Antczak, S. L. (2016). Ask Discover: What would the implications be for humanity if an advanced alien civilization were detected? Discover Magazine.

Antczak, S. L. (2016, September 13). Sometimes good advice really can change your life.

Antczak, S. L. (2016, June 14). Do you want to live to 100? An informal survey finds a mix of enthusiasm and fear.

Antczak, S. L. (2016, June 6). Ways to supplement social security in retirement.

Antczak, S. L. (2016, May 12). 3 reasons to have friends younger than you.

Antczak, S. L. (2016, February 16). When your friends don’t share your politics.

Antczak, S. L. (2016, February 3). Drawbacks of going back to college in midlife.

Antczak, S. L. (2015, October 9). Ways to think about failure in midlife: Bouncing back is different than when you were younger.

Antczak, S. L. (2015, August 29). How to lend money to family or friends: Follow these rules to protect yourself and your relationships.

Antczak S. L. (2015, June 19). Scientific advances provide a glimpse into coming decades.

Antczak, S. L. (2015, March 6). Tips for developing and landing a TED Talk.

Antczak, S. L. (2015). Leading the way to save the environment: How their early days shaped their passion and what you can do, too.

Antczak, S. L. (2015, January 12) You needn't be young to write Young Adult books.

Antczak, S. L. (2015, January 2) How superheroes reflected their times: Spider-Man, the Hulk and others: Misfit guardians of a tumultuous world.

Antczak, S. L. (2014, December 22). Want to be an 'extra' in the movies or On TV?

Antczak, S. L. (2014, December 15). Should you get the pneumonia vaccine? New guidelines say those 65 and up need two shots to ward off this disease.

Antczak, S. L. (2014, November 3). What baby boomers think about death and dying: Their views on the life beyond and living for today.

Antczak, S. L. (2014, September 22). These folks hope for a one-way ticket to Mars: Here's why they applied to colonize the Red Planet in 2024.

Antczak, S. L. (2014, August 5). Who says scientists peak by age 50? Some are doing the best work of their lives later in life.

Antczak, S. L. (2014, July 9). Reasons to go back to college after 50: A midlife degree may help you professionally and personally.

*Links to all articles on

+Complete list of other publications available upon request, (including over 50 short stories published in anthologies, small press magazines, and on web sites; one novel and one short story collections by a small press publisher; and two paperback fiction anthologies co-edited for imprints of Penguin Publishing, Zombiesque and Clockwork Fairy Tales).


Antczak, S. L., & Bassett, J. C. (2013). Clockwork Fairy Tales. ROC Books.

Antczak, S. L., Bassett, J. C., & Greenberg, M. H. (2011). Zombiesque. DAW Books.



Freelance Marketing-Communications Writer 2011-2015

Atlanta, GA

Chain Reaction eCommerce, LLC/CRE Secure Payments, LLC 2007-2011

VP of Sales & Marketing/Director of Global Sales

Atlanta, GA

Green Valley Entertainment, LLC

Writer/Co-Writer and Producer/Co-Producer 2002-2007

Atlanta, GA

Digital Hardhat/Mind’s Eye Media

VP of Sales & Marketing 2000-2002

Atlanta, GA

Radix International

Marketing Manager 1998-2000

Duluth, GA

Intactix International

Shipping & Warehouse Manager, Tech Support,

Customer Relationship Database Manager 1995-1998

Duluth, GA

Internal Revenue Service

Data Entry Specialist, Training Branch Coordinator 1990-1995

Atlanta, GA

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