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Physician Assistant Medical

Mission, KS
March 31, 2021

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I am a December **** graduate from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and I am a board certified physician assistant and am licensed in the state of Kansas. In my four-week clinical rotation with Racheal McMahon, PA-C, I was able to gain extensive hands-on experience in clinical dermatology. During my time with Racheal, she encouraged me to see patients on my own, perform procedures and close incisions with her supervision, as well as diagnose and formulate treatment plans for new and chronic skin conditions. At this clinic we saw and treated a wide variety of skin conditions. I am very comfortable performing full body skin checks, biopsies, suturing and dressing wounds, lipoma and cyst removal, ED&C procedures, alopecia

treatment with intralesional injections, and management and treatment of chronic skin conditions including initiating biologic therapy for refractory cases.

I was also fortunate enough to complete a plastic surgery rotation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where I acted as a first assist in all cosmetic cases. These cases range from cosmetic and reconstructive cases to chemical peels and wound debridement. During this rotation I gained a lot of experience performing a variety of suture techniques and applying wound dressings. In addition to OR experience, I was also in the clinic performing pre- and post-operative visits and consulting new patients on cosmetic cases. I also became experienced in performing in office cosmetic procedures including filler and botox.

As a new graduate that is passionate about dermatology and providing patients with excellent care, I believe that I can be an asset to your growing practice by bringing in a new and fresh energy to an already outstanding practice. Thank you for your time!

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