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Office Staff Customer Service

Carmel, IN
March 31, 2021

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Nicole Fries

Superior customer service team member/management

Carmel, IN 46033


I have well over 10 years of customer service management experience. I have course worked in an office setting handling multiple phone lines, scheduling all of the employees which on average were about 35 to 40 employees including the office staff and the movers. I handled all insurance claims, end of day closing procedures, start of day opening procedures, any customer complaints were directed to me, any employee to employee conflicts were also directed to me where I would then resolve those issues promptly so that everyone could work and a happy and healthy environment at all times. I have excellent computer skills and I’ve worked with almost every program possible in an office setting. I handle multiple phone lines. Basically any and everything that involves working in an office environment with customers and employees is what my employment entailed. I also did all of the training for the new employees and over the nearly 12 years I worked with this particular company I hired and trained approximately 30+ employees. I also handled all of our social media and our website. I handled all of the invoicing and insurance claims should there be an incident where an item may be missing and or damaged during a customers move. I did all of the appointment setting for the on-site estimate and local and out of state moves. I did several bank drops throughout the week and handled end of day money procedures with all of the payments that were made each business day. I also dealt with and handled each and every invoice over the course of my entire employment. I feel that any role that involves customer service and or office setting I would absolutely shine and be a complete asset in that position and to that company. I can’t wait for the opportunity to show that to my next employer!

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Customer Service Supervisor/Manager


February 2009 to August 2020

Answered customer phone calls, made the schedule each week for all of the movers and office staff, made bank deposits several times each week, entered all of the incoming invoices into QuickBooks, trained new office staff, dealt with any customer issues when a customer service rep could not or did not have the authority to meet the required results that the customer needed to be satisfied with our services, and basically anything and everything that had to do with the customer was my job. As long as that customer was completely and 100% satisfied that was my job and I made sure to get it done fully and completely each and every single time! I was promoted within six months to customer service management. Also handled all insurance claims in the event that a customer had an item broken lost or damaged during a relocation. Also called customers when they would call or visit the website to inquire about a move and or storage facilities. I basically moved from a general office staff for my first day in within six months I was as high as you could possibly get in the customer service role as far as management is concerned. Customer Service Rep

Walmart Supercenter - Fishers, IN

April 2006 to January 2009

I started as a cashier and I did that for approximately five months at which time we had three customer service managers that worked upfront dealing with customer service issues and or cashier issues that left and or quit for whatever reason so I was quickly promoted to a CSM at which time again I obviously dealt with any and all customer service issues if they had a problem with a price and or a cashier or another employee. Anything customer service related was my job and my title also including overseeing all upfront cashiers and service desk if their was an issue with a customer or overrides needed, organizing breaks, helping on registers when short on staff or a cashier was on break.

• Greeted customers

• Resolved customer issues

• Responded to inquiries and issues

• Operated the cash register


Some college in Business

Ivy Tech Community College - Indianapolis, IN

August 2019 to March 2021

High school diploma in General Studies

Lawrence Central High School - Indianapolis, IN

August 1996 to May 2000


• Management (10+ years)

• QuickBooks (10+ years)

• Front Desk (10+ years)

• Bookkeeping (10+ years)

• Administrative Experience (10+ years)

• Accounts Receivable (10+ years)

• Microsoft Office (10+ years)

• Schedule management (10+ years)

• Employee orientation (9 years)

• Employee interviews (9 years)

• Employees performance reviews (10+ years)

• Hiring new office staff (9 years)

• Training new office staff (10+ years)

• Superior customer relations experience (10+ years)

• Customer service

• Microsoft Excel

• Computer literacy

• Upselling

• Recruiting

• Leadership

• Office Management

• Financial Report Writing

• Payroll

• Presentation Skills

• Microsoft Outlook

• Human Resources

• Typing

• Research

• Project Management

• Merchandising

• Account Reconciliation

• Accounts Payable

• Conflict Management

• Event Planning

• Quality Assurance


Employee of the month

May 2011

Was awarded employee of the month for four months in a row above 11 other employees that were employed there much longer than myself. But I believe that was due to my extremely driven dedication to my customer service and sales and always going above and beyond to make sure that each and every customer whether it be current or potential that I go above and beyond and bend over backwards to make sure that when that phone is hung up or they walk out that door that it was the most positive experience possible so that when they speak to other people about the company I’m working for they are sure to come back or spread the word to other people to come visit us if our services may be needed wherever it may be that I am employed! I absolutely love working with the public/customers/just people in general and I love working in sales and sales increased within four months of me being with my previous company for over 10 years and continued to increase over time. I was awarded employee of the month several other times as well At different times over my course of employment over the 11 years that I worked there. I loved it so very much.

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