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Speaker Medical Technologist

Indianapolis, IN
May 01, 2021

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Hassan Sadek Darwish

**** ***** **** **.

Indianapolis, In 46250

Cell: 832-***-****



Seeking employment as a College Professor with twenty years of teaching experience along with a demonstrated ability to collaborate with students, faculty, staff, other institutional colleagues and peers, as well as the public.

Education :

Ph.D. in Health Sciences Education – University of Azteca, Mexico – Equivalent to USA.

PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) in Biochemistry – Vinayaka. Mission University, National Institute of Medical Sciences

B.S. Major: Biochemistry & Minor: Compute Science, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Diploma in Biochemistry, Stonebridge Associated College, UK

Diploma in Genomics, Institute of Medical Technology, Finland

Diploma in Bioinformatics, Institute of Medical Technology, Finland

Diploma in Psychology, Stonebridge Associated College, UK

Experience :

March, 2021 – Present – Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist in Quest Diagnostics – Community Health North, Indianapolis, Texas.

Performing all tests in chemistry and hematology

Using different analyzers; Vetros 5600, Blood gas Cobas b 221, Vidas, Sysmex CS-2500, Sysmex CBC, MED TOX Scan, and Clinitek Advantus.

October, 2020 – January. 2021 – Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist in chemistry department - Hendrick Medical Center, Abilene, Texas

Performing all auto chemistry, Immunochemistry, Drugs (medications) and legal Urine drug screen

Using different analyzers; Architect i2000 and i1000, Alinity, Vidas and Osmometer

October, 2000 – October, 2020 - Professor, Oman College of Health Sciences, Medical laboratory Sciences Department, Oman

Teaching different courses in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, IEB (Investigate Effective Practice), Bioinformatics, Clinical pathology (For Nutritionist), Instrumentation & Analytical Techniques and Quality Assurance/Quality Control & Statistics and Introduction to MLS

Direct supervision to the students and preparation of lecture notes

Provides expert consultation on academic course program development.

Participates in and represents the department in workshops and conferences.

July, 1993 – April, 2000 (Full-Time) Senior Clinical Laboratory Scientist, SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratory (Quest Diagnostics), Houston, Texas, USA

Performs variety of routine and special diagnostic procedures on clinical specimens for use in diagnostic and treatment of disease

Train and instruct a new trainee Medical technologist/Technician.

December, 1992 – July, 1993 (Full-Time) Medical Technologist, International Medical Personnel, Houston, Texas, USA

Operating different types of clinical automated analyzers

Performing analytical tests of body fluids, cells, and other substances.

Making decisions concerning the results of quality control and quality assurance measures and instituting proper procedures to maintain accuracy and precision.

March, 1999 – October, 2000 (Part-Time) Clinical Consultant, Iso-Tex Diagnostics, Friendswood, Texas, USA

Consultant of 195m Cisplatin Anti-Cancer Drug used for phase I nuclear medicine clinical trial.

Writing the clinical procedure to produce a radiopharmaceutical drug.

Using modern technology techniques

Development of sterile, non-pyrogenic radiopharmaceuticals, for diagnostic and therapeutic application

Perform specifications in accordance with cGMP/GLP and FDA regulations

October, 1991 – November, 1992 (Full – Time) Medical Technologist, Aljahra Hospital, Kuwait

Operating different Clinical analyzers

Maintain the laboratory record system for recording information on patient demographics, specimen collection, identification, preservation, processing, quality control, and accurate result reporting and specimen referral.

Conferences & Workshops

1.October 14th - 15th International Conference On Nursing and Health Care (Speaker), Vienna, Austria.

2.March 18th, 2018 National Laboratory Symposium, Salalah (Speaker), Oman

3.December 13th, 2014, National Annual Laboratory Symposium, Nizwa Hospital (Speaker), Oman

4.December 6th, 2014, National Laboratory Symposium on Biochemistry, Salalah (Speaker), Oman

5.December 3rd, 2014 National workshop on guidelines for good private diagnostic, Muscat (Speaker), Oman

6.November, 2014, Trend in Diabetes in Saham City, Saham (Speaker), Oman

7.May, 2014, 'Overview of the Quality Management System' (Speaker) –, Salalah, Oman

8.December, 2013, National Laboratory Quality Management System Workshop in collaboration with WHO, 'Overview of the Quality Management System' (Speaker) – Oman

9.December, 2013, National Laboratory Quality Management System Workshop in collaboration with WHO, 'Sample Management and Transport' (Speaker) – Oman

10.October, 2013, National Laboratory workshop, German University of Technology (Speaker) - Oman

11.April,2013-National Laboratory Symposium, Al Buraimi Hospital (Attended) – Oman.

12.November,2012-4th Bahla Lab Symposium, Bahla Hospital (Speaker) – Oman.

13.June,2012- Teaching and assessment in the delivery of the BSc Honour Studies Programmes, Glascow caledonian university (Teaching) – Oman.

14.April,2012- Development workshop ''Critical Appraisal Skills'', Glascow caledonian university ( Attended) – Oman.

15.March,2012- Laboratory Symposium- Infertility, Saham Hospital ( Attended) – Oman.

16.February,2012- The discovery of genes predisposing to and protecting from disease, College of Medicine and Health Sciences/SQU (Attended) –Oman.

17.January, 2012- Quality Assurance and Quality Control Workshop, I.H.S(Attended as a Speaker) – Oman.

18.Certificate of Professional Designation in Biotechnology And Bioinformatics, Biotech Learning Institute, San Jose, CA, USA

19.December,2006- Workshop on Staff-student relationship: A Teamwork, I.H.S ( Attended) – Oman.

20.May,2006- Workshop on constructing and evaluating assessments, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

21.April,2006- National Laboratory Symposium, Al-Nahda Hospital ( Attended) – Oman.

22.April,2006-2nd Khoula Hospital Laboratory Symposium, Khoula Hospital ( Presenter) – Oman.

23.March,2006- Reflective teaching, professional growth and designing teaching protfolios workshop, I.H.S ( Attended) – Oman.

24.December, 2005- Workshop:“Teaching Methodologies in the medical education world“, I.H.S (attended) – Oman.

25.December,2005- Advances in laboratory Medicine Conference, Royal Hospital (attended) – Oman.

26.May,2005- Lab Conference, I.H.S ( Facilitator) – Oman.

27.May,2005- Quality Assurance In Higher Education Seminar, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

28.March,2005- National Symposium on genetic blood diseases, Al-Nahda Hospital (Speaker)- Oman.

29.February,2005- Spiritworks Workshop:'Maximizing potential“, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

30.January,2005-Nutrition and Diabetes, I.H,S ( Lecturer)- Oman.

31.November,2004-4th GCC Medical Education Conference,United Arab Emirated university (Attended) – U.A.E

32.May,2004- MLS Symposium, I.H.S ( Facilitator) –Oman.

33.May,2004-The Linearity in clinical chemistry, I.H.S ( Speaker)- Oman.

34.April,2004- Clinical Education Workshop, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

35.January,2004- E-Learning and blackboard presentation, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

36.January,2004- Study Skills Workshop, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

37.December,2003- Annual Symposium in Laboratory Medicine, Nizwa Hospital (Attended) - Oman.

38.April,2003- 2nd National Symposium on HIV, HBV, HCV infections and safe blood, Muscat holiday-Inn Hotel (Attended) – Oman.

39.February,2003- National Laboratory Symposium, Al-nahda Hospital (Attended) – Oman.

40.December,2002- 3rd GCC Conference of Faculties of Medicine on Medical Education, S.Q.U (Attended) – Oman.

41.October,2002- Instructional material development workshop, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

42.November,2000- 2nd 'Think Kidney' Symposium, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

43.November,2000- 1st National Training workshop on Quality Assurance Programme in health care laaboratories, I.H.S (Attended) – Oman.

Comitties & Activities

2003 – 2008 Member in ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Committee, Oman College of Health Sciences, Oman

2004 – 2009 Chairperson of REC (Research and Ethics Committee), Oman College of Health Sciences, 2005, Oman


1.Hassan Sadek Darwish et al, The Effects of Zinc on Shortening the Duration of the Covid-19 Symptoms. Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research ( JMSCR), Volume 08 Issue 11 November (2020)


2.Hassan Sadek and Jesse Hernandez, The Effect of Sodium Hydroxide Supplement On Intracellular pH; A New Approach May Shed Light On Deactivating Covid-19-Review, World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (WJPR), Volume 9, Issue 5, 131-139. May (2020)*******.pdf

[DOI: 10.20959/wjpr20205-17366]

3.Hassan Sadek and others, Genetic Variations of The AS2R38 Bitter Taste Receptor Gene; Bioinformatics Approach, World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (WJPR), Volume 8, Issue 13, 63-75. December (2019)*******.pdf

[DOI: 10.20959/wjpr201913-16258]

4.Hassan Sadek and others, The diagnostic Performance of Plasma Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin in Detecting Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in Adult Critically ill Patients Compared With Creatinine in Blood, European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research (EJPMR), Volume 06, Issue 04, 07-14, April (2019)

5.Hassan Sadek and others, Is plasma free metanephrines accurate in the diagnosis of pheochrmocytoma in adults?, Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research ( JMSCR), Volume 07, Issue 03, March (2019)



[DOI: 10.20959/wjpr20193-14402]

7.Hassan Sadek and others; PERFORMANCE OF HIGH SENSITIVE TROPONIN T ASSAY IN EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research (EJPMR), Volume 06, Issue 02, February (2019)

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11.Hassan Sadek and others; Studying the Hypoglycemic Effect of Omani Thyme : Pilot Study, International journal of Horticulture, Agriculture and Food science (IJHAF), Vol-2, Issue-3, May-Jun, (2018)


12.Hassan Sadek and others; A Profile of Diabetic Complications in North West Region of Oman: A Preliminary Report, Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research ( JMSCR), Volume 06 Issue 01 January (2018)


13.Hassan Sadek, and others, The Association between Osteocalcin and Type II Diabetes in Egyptian Male Patients. (2017) Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) Vol-3, Issue-9.

14.Hassan Sadek and others “Preliminary Study: Role of the Combination of Spirulina and Morinda Citrifolia in the control of Hyperglycemia in Omani Diabetic Patients” International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science (IJIR) (2016) 3(6): 1- 4


15.Hassan Sadek “Homocysteine and its New Role in Cardiovascular Disease”, Biomedical Scientist, August, 1999, UK

16.Hassan Sadek “Bioinformatics, Principles and Basic Internet Applications”, Text Book, ISBN 1-4120-2517-6, Trafford Publisher, 2004, CANADA

17.Hassan Sadek, and others “Second Follow-up Survey of the Graduates of the programs being run at the Institute of Health Sciences Muscat: A course Evaluation”, LENS, Issue 16, May, 2011, Oman

18.Hassan Sadek and others; Investigation of Liver Disease in Oman, LENS, Issue 19th December 2013, Oman


American Society for Clinical Pathologists (ASCP)- Clinical Scientist – USA

American Medical Technologist (AMT) – Certified Allied Health Instructor (AHI)-USA

American Medical Technologist (AMT) – Certified Laboratory Consultant (CLC)-USA

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