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Plant Manager Power

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
April 30, 2021

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Abdul Hameed Shaikh

Professional Experience:

Executive Management Professional in water field with Over 25 years of engineering / management experience in which more than 20 years in commissioning, operations & maintenance of desalination plants, (both R.O. and MSF systems). Quality control, monitor Boiler chemistry, Drinking and Sea water, disinfection, demin. plants, blending, quality control, O & M planning,, inventory control, laboratory establishment. Also involved in designing and process control of RO and Waste water treatment Plant (textile waste). Complete management of projects including hiring, logistics, accounts, progress reports/employees work report, technical discussions with high level govt. official, implementation of company’s policies, global environment.

Education: 1969 B.Sc. (Honors) M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry

From Sindh University Pakistan

Experience in WATER field:

July. 23, 2012 – 23 Oct. 2013

International Textile Ltd. Korangi Site Karachi, Pakistan

Joined as Manager EPT, the plant is newly commissioned and being operated 24/7 days a week meeting NEQS limits. The plant capacity 50 cubic meter per hour using factory effluent. We have a fullflash water testing lab. monitor the process and quality control of final effluent which is absolutely environmental friendly going to the drain. We are now a days doing some research work how to increase the capacity of our plant with the help of chemicals because we have the plan in the near future to increase the production obviously increasing the effluent. Hopefully we could be able to increase about 50 to 80% capacity with the help of chemicals and reducing retention time of the effluent. The studies and research is in progress to find outstanding chemicals and process to speed up the activation of sludge within the minimum retention time which certainly increase the flow and ultimately the capacity will be enhanced.

Sept.2004 – Feb.16. 2007

Re-join AQUATECH, 11-12 Shaheen Towers, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-75400, Pakistan

As General Manager Chemical Division

Aquatech is a water engineering limited company. and authorized Agent of Hydranautics Company USA, X-Flow Company Netherlands and few other companies for instrumentation, pumps, dosing pumps, filters and water treatment chemicals.

The main business is to design and fabricate RO plants on the basis of mostly brackish water for industrial use. Sea water RO plants are also being designed due to very high TDS of brackish water using the sea water membranes. The company also involved in operation and Maintenance of RO plants on contract basis.

Secondly, about 2 years before we have been involved in water treatment and recycling systems and have been awarded big water treatment and recycling projects completed and listed as under:

RO plants Capacity ( 50,000 GPD to 120,000 GPD ) O & M on contract basis 6 Numbers

Treatment plant Capacity (200,000 GPD to 500,000) both handed over after the completion and satisfactory condition.

RO Plants (4 trains capacity 250,000 GPD each) under O & M contract

RO Plants total Capacity 10 MGPD, first phase 2.5 MGPD is under O & M contract.


Major involvement as a senior member of the team for designing projects including the selection of appropriate equipments, process, quality control as desired and overall review of proposals and quotation to be submitted to the client. After achieving the contract, the complete supervision for the preparation of BOQ, layout plans, installation, commissioning and satisfactory operation of the plants to hand over the project to the client after at-least two weeks training of client’s staff.

Over all control and supervision of Water Testing Laboratory.

Supervision of Periodic analysis of samples from all RO plants under O & M contract and other samples on payment or for new RO plants to get business.

Periodic chemical cleaning of all RO plants under contract and also other plants on payment.

Designing of RO plant and selection of membrane as according to the feed water quality available and the permeate quality requirement.

Designing and estimation of pre-treatment and post treatment systems for RO plant as per desired quality.

In case of permeate to be used for drinking, have to control blending, disinfection and some additives for corrosion control in distribution lines.

In case of sea water RO, disinfection system to control entry of marine life and filtration system to avoid entry of weeds and other debris into the system.

Supervision of maintenance of all RO plants, schedule of preventive periodic maintenance (PPM). Daily check-ups of plants operating parameters and instructions to readjust if necessary to maintain the production, quality and efficiency and to know when chemical cleaning is needed

Supervision of trouble shouting of all RO plants.

Hiring of man power for the company as per time to time requirement.

Feb.2002 to Mar.2003

AQUATECH Company, 11 & 12 Shaheen Tower, 23-A, Block-6 P.E.C.H.S, Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan

After coming back from USA I have joined AQUATECH.

This company is providing water engineering services to the industries having water problems. They are involved in designing and fabrication of the plants according to the quality of water available (well water) and water quality required for any specific use.

Responsibilities as a General Manager AQUALAB (Water Testing Laboratory).

I have been first assigned to establish a complete water testing laboratory. I have arranged complete facilities to Analyze Drinking water (as per WHO Standard), Well water / under ground water / Sea water ( for designing the R.O. Plant) and Waste water ( for NEQS testing requirements) as well as to design waste water treatment and recycling plant. This Laboratory is now completed with Hach Co. USA equipments and is completely capable to perform the analysis as mentioned above.

As I have long enough experience of handling R.O. Plants, MSF Plants, Softeners and Demineralizers, Boiler chemistry and quality control, safe drinking water and potability of water so its also my responsibility to provide process guidance in water purification systems.

Feb.1999 to Jun.2000

Alkhorayef Operation & Maintenance Co. at Air Defense commission (ADC) Desalination Plant Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Joined as chemical engineer / Operation engineer

The plant comprise of two MSF units of capacity 375,000 gpd each and 3 R.O. units of capacity 300,000 gpd each. As Operation Engineer I have to look after the operations of whole plant as detailed under:

Overall quality control and process guidance of 2 MSF desalination units and 3 Reverse Osmosis units together with 2 boilers, intake sea water and product water chlorination, pre-treatment and post treatment for R.O. feed and product water to make the quality perfectly drinkable according to International standards.

Process control of MSF system by dosing Belgard-EV, Belit M-8

OFF-LOAD acid cleaning of Evaporators and Boilers.

Chemical cleaning of R.O. membrane systems.

Supervision of laboratory which was equipped with all necessary equipments including HACH DREL / 2000 Spectrophotometer for the complete analysis of water and to give instructions to maintain the process and quality of boiler / feed / product water.

Chemicals stock and inventory control of all dosing as well as lab. chemicals and equipments.

Planning of maintenance, shut-downs and acid cleaning of evaporator tubes as well as R.O. Units.

Preparation of shift roasters and water distribution system.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports of production / distribution, bulk / lab. chemical consumption, inventory control, and over all management and company’s policy implementation.

Two months training to MSF / R.O. operators / supervisors/ chemist.

Over-all responsibilities of desalination plant in absence of site manager and general correspondence with the clients, supplier of chemicals / membranes.

Apr.1996 to Jul.1997

Turkmenistan (Central Asian Countries) with Environmental Policy Technology Project, (A project under USAID Finance) CH2M-Hill International Services Inc., USA.

As a Plant Manager of 3 x 250 M3 / day Reveres Osmosis Plant at Turkmenbashi, Dashavoz Velayat, Turkmenistan, complete administration / supervision of operation and maintenance of the plant, guidance of pre & post chemical treatment / Analysis of feed (well water) and product water, production / distribution control, re-mineralization of permeate water / quality control of product and feed water, monthly reports of production / distribution, bulk / lab. chemical consumption, inventory control, accounts, employees salaries, support / logistics services for the site and over all management and company’s policy implementation.

Designed and commissioned a new re-mineralization system on the plant.

Participated as trainer during two weeks training of the local operators.

Oct.1987 to Mar.1994

Bomba Libya about 7 years with Esmil international, B.V., The Netherlands.

Bomba Power and Desalination Plant Libya

As a Chief Chemist / Acting Plant Manager my responsibilities were as under:

The Complete process guidance and quality control of 3 x 10,000 M3 / day desalination plants, together with complete process control of 74 bar/ 398 C 3 boilers, (sea water) chemistry, product water chemistry and distribution water chemistry.

Operation and Maintenance ( O & M ) of a Demineralization Plant of 5 M3/ hr

O & M of a small R.O. Plant initially used to provide drinking water on site.

Designed and commissioned a new sea water re mineralization system for the product water.


Overall quality control and process guidance of a multistage flash desalination plant of 3 x 10,000 cubic meter/day together with 3 medium pressure boilers, intake sea water and product water chlorination, re mineralization of product water by injecting carbon dioxide in distillate (product water) and then pass through Calcium Carbonate filter beds (Juraperle is being used) to increase the hardness and dosing of Hexa-meta Phosphate, Sodium Hexa-Fluorosilicate and Sodium Carbonate makes the distillate perfectly drinkable according to International standards.

Later-on, due to non-availability of Carbon Dioxide gas and to reduce large expenses for re mineralization, a new system was designed and commissioned to remineralize distillate by 5 micron filtered and disinfected sea water to raise the TDS between 250-300 mg/l.

Process control of desalination system by dosing Belgard-EV, Belit M-8 and some time Sulphuric acid dosing when operating temperature is above 105 C, some times for

“ON-LOAD” Acid cleaning of evaporators and tubes.

OFF-LOAD Acid cleaning of Evaporators and Boilers

Water distribution and handling of water storage of capacity 50,000 cubic meters.

Quality control of steam for 10.5 MW Turbo generator, testing of cooling water for two standby diesel generators of 750 kW each ( for initial start-up and emergency power generation).

Operation and regeneration of de-mineralization plant of capacity 5 cubic meters/hours.

Chemicals stock and inventory control of all dosing as well as lab. chemicals and equipments.

The Laboratory equipped with all necessary equipments including HACH DREL/5 Spectrophotometer for the complete analysis of water.

Feb.1984 to Apr.1986

Masirah Island Oman with Global Chemical & Maintenance Systems, Ruwi Sultanate of Oman,

Managed the process and the laboratory of Power & Desalination Plant on Masirah Island, Sultanate of Oman. The plants were 150,000 GPD & 200,000 GPD. Additionally involved in commissioning and then the operation of 9 RO Plants located in very remote locations in Sultanate of Oman.

Quality control and process guidance of a Multi-stage Flash Desalination plant of 120,000 IGPD, one Ejecto-Vapour Compression Desalination plant of 150,000 IGPD, together with two low pressure steam generating boilers, intake and product water chlorination system, demineralization system for product water, Chemical dosing and control of desalination process, planning of maintenance, shut-downs and acid cleaning of the evaporator tubes using a separate acid cleaning unit, control of water distribution system and handling of four water reservoirs of one million IG capacity.

Additional Professional Achievements:

International Project Management experience in remote locations with many nationalities. Worked in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman and in Libya as Acting Plant Manager and Turkmenistan (Russian Countries) handling of weekly/monthly technical reports, all routine office matters including petty cash, local employees salaries, management of support services and logistics for the site.

Modifications in operational parameters to meet site specific requirements.

Professional Memberships:

American Water Works Association, USA

American Official Analytical Chemists ( AOAC ), USA

Institute of Chemical Engineers, U.K.

Water for People, USA.

Computer literacy: Microsoft word / Excel / Internet etc.

Languages: English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian (not fluent), Russian. (not fluent)

Personal Information:

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Pakistan


Phone: 92-21-363*****,

Cell phone: 92-300-*******

DOB 1st Feb.1946

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