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Manager Developer

Palisades Park, NJ
March 27, 2021

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News York, NY. 10017


Cell: 585-***-****

Office: 201-***-**** x135



Hands-on Project Manager, Team Lead specializing in .Net (C#.Net, VB.Net), Angular, SQL Server, Oracle

Programming Languages

C#,, C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift, Angular-js 1.5, 2 through 8, Python, Scala, R, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, node-js, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flex, JQuery, Backbone, C, Lisp, COBOL, PL/1, Pascal

. NET Skill Set

C#,,,, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, HTML5

Front End Skill Set

Angular-JS 1.5, 2 through 7, React, Backbone, Bootstrap-JS, Grunt, Java Script, JSON with ioDash, SOAP, CSSify, Minify, Uglify, Browserfy, CSS 3, LESS, NPM, Knockout, Node.js, Cloud9, Express, Mocha with Should.js, moment.js, Jasmine 2.3.4 using controllers, 2.0 components, directives, watches, PowerPoint controller, REST services, React, oAuth, microservices, Jira, JetBrains WebStorm 10 and 11, SourceTree v1.2, Jenkins, Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Flex, Fiddler and JQuery under SPA,MVC, MVVM, React.

Databases & Entity Framework

SQL Server 2012/2014/2016, SSRS, SSIS, Power BI, ETL, Entity Framework, Oracle, PL/SQL, Sybase, MS Access, Excel, DB2, IMS, .net, .net core

Operating Systems

Windows, iOS, Android OS, Unix, Red Hat Linux


BlockChain, NUnit, VS 2000-2017, Webstorm, Android Studio, SharePoint, Salesforce, Django,

TFS, GIT, SourceSafe, CVS, BitBucket, Confluence, Fiddler, AWS Lambda, ES6, ES7, PostGres

. Others

Scrum Master, Author of three best selling computer books, conference keynote speaker, adjunct night college professor, Masters in Software Production Summa cum Laude, US Chess Candidate Master

-Certified by Microsoft in,,,, SQL Server and .net internals in 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2010

-Certified by Microsoft in LINQ (2012) and HTML5 (2011, 2014)

-Certified in Angular-JS 1.5 and 2.0 by the Learning Tree.

-Certified by PluralSight in C# 6.0, C# Fundamentals, React, Python 3.6, Scala, Prism pattern, Fiddler, SignalR, WebStorm Fundamentals, MS Dynamics CRM, Bower Fundamentals, PowerShell, jQuery, Knockout, Node-JS, REST fundamentals, GIT Fundamentals and Salesforce Apex (Lightning, Apex triggers, classes, MavensMate and SOQL), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud for Developer. Oracle Forms and Reports, Oracle Database 12C Fundamentals


PSI Software Inc. 01/2003- Present

Full-Time Consultant (Architect, Hands-on Manager/ Team Lead)

Worked as an IT consultant on various projects as a .Net technical (hands-on) manager, team leader, architect, business intelligence (BI) analyst, DBA. Senior developer and web application designer for clients (see below).

Client: KPMG 01/2016-03/2021

Team Lead, KTech, F&A and HR Solutions (Financial, Audit)

●Hands-on manager for numerous Human Resources, Finance and Accounting projects

●ERA/ ERC (Employee Review Application/ Employee Review Compliance), Licensing Portal, Performance Connection, Service Costing (Gen. Ledger) and Audit Employee Review Tool.

●For the Service Costing project worked with SQL Server 2012 using SSIS (Integration Services), SSRS (Reporting Service), BIDS (Business Intelligent Development Studio), BIDS Package Designer, SQL Server Agent, Stored Procedures, and ETL.

●For AERT (Audit Employee Review Tool) worked as architect/ team lead/ Sr. developer on Full Stack project within a Single Page Application using Angular-JS 1.5, 2, 4-8, iOS support, Backbone, Bootstrap-JS, Grunt, Java Script, JSON with ioDash, CSSify, Minify, Uglify, Browserfy, CSS 3, LESS, NPM, Knockout, Node.js, Cloud9, Express, Mocha with Should.js, moment.js, Jasmine 2.3.4 using controllers, 2.0 components, directives, watches, debugging with Chrome, using RAMP (RESTful API Modeling Language), microservices, GIT, Jira, JetBrains WebStorm 10 and 11, SourceTree v1.2, Jenkins, Fiddler and JQuery with MS Azure storage.

●As an architect on AERT/ Audit application, I designed application flow, over 1,000-page layouts, database design and tables, technical specs and QA testing document and scripts.

●For all projects as a hands-on manager, worked on Full Stack projects using applications such as SQL Server Management Studio, cloud Azure, TFS, C#,, SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 (SSIS, SSRS), 2014, 2016 (Power BI), MS Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017, ASP.Net MVC 6, APIs, Lync, MS Office 2013 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), oAuth, MS transclude, views and controllers.

●On mobile projects, worked on the iPhone development in Objective-C, SWIFT, Sprite Kit, Single Page Application framework.

●As a Technical Development Manager, I solicited resumes, interviewed potential employees and consultants, held daily scrum meetings, Lync meetings and reviewed assigned tasks.

●Managed a team of 15 developers (in-house and offshore). DBAs and testers, 60 direct reports on the Audit/ AERT project, led as scrum master daily agile meetings and represented projects at CAB meetings, maintain burndown chart, help remove obstacles,

●As Scrum master worked in Jira creating storyboards, schedule sprints, assign tasks per team member, lead daily stand-ups and document for management and team and liaison between the team and the product owner.

●Certified in Angular-JS 1.5 and 2 by the Learning Tree.

●Certified in Angular-JS 4, 5, 6 and 7 by PluralSight.

●Certified by PluralSight in C# 6.0, C# Fundamentals, React, Python 3.6, Scala, R, Prism pattern, Fiddler, SignalR, WebStorm Fundamentals, MS Dynamics CRM, Bower Fundamentals, PowerShell, jQuery, Knockout, Node-JS, REST fundamentals, GIT Fundamentals and Salesforce Apex (Lightning, Apex triggers, classes, MavensMate and SOQL), Oracle Cloud for Developer. Oracle Forms and Reports, Oracle Database 12C Fundamentals, AWS (Amazon Web Services), MongoDB, React

●Certified by IBM in BlockChain Essentials (badge) and BlockChain Foundation Developer (badge).

●Certified by KPMG in Fusion, Corporate Speaking and PowerPoint presentations, Management Strategies and Teamwork, Technical Team Communication.

Client: Advantage Care Physicians/ Emblem Health, NY City 11/2014-12/2015

Team Lead, Senior Applications Developer (Healthcare, Insurance)

●Analyzed, maintained, documented, prototyped and developed the public website for ACP (Full Stack) running under Windows TFS (Team Foundation Server), VS 2010, MVC,,, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL Server 2008 R2, JDash (Kalittle DD), DevExpress

●Architected the company’s infrastructure in regard to acquiring new business for cancer patients, diabetic patients, juvenile vaccination and immunization patients.

Client: Fujitsu / Brookfield, NY City 02/2014 – 10/2014

Team Lead, Senior Applications Developer (Real Estate)

●Documented for Fujitsu's client, Brookfield their SharePoint system infrastructure for Workspaces, Documents and Records, Intranet, and CRM applications (Salesforce and MS Dymanics) running under Windows 7 and 8, TFS (Team Foundation Server), VS 2010, SharePoint 2010 and 2013, MVC,,, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL Server 2008 R2.

●Developer of Fujitsu's client, Brookfield's Salesforce system using Apex triggers and classes with SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language).

●Team lead for globally disbursed (offshore) development teams in Toronto (Canada), India and Australia.

Client: Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A), Inc., Warren, NJ 06/2013 – 01/2014

Team Lead, Senior Applications Developer, SQL Server DBA, Scrum Master (Insurance)

●Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management (U.S.A), Inc., a division of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group (MSIG) responsible for managing the member insurance companies such as Toyota.

●Team lead, Scrum Master, senior C#.Net developer and SQL Server DBA for a new system for MSMM's risk management services consisting of loss control, claims administration, rehabilitation services and personal illness insurance services. Wrote technical and user documents, maintained version control and designed workflow.

●As senior developer, worked with Visual Studio 2010 in a SOA architected environment using Log4Net, MVC, creating console applications and DLLs. Stored documents in SharePoint 2010.

●As a SQL Server DBA, created tables, stored procedures and triggers plus set up user accounts, used SSIS to automate maintenance of SQL Server databases, XML, XML Schema, T-SQL and helped design the system integration.

Client: Exxon Mobil IT (EMIT) NJ 12/2012-05/2013

Team Lead, Senior Applications Developer (Utility, Petro)

MIDAS (Mobil Integrated Data Analysis System) processes lab data LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and supports EMRE (Exxon Mobil Research and Engineering) in a .Net SOA environment using WCF services and an Oracle 11G database.

The MIDAS application projects are written in C#, VB.Net using VS 2005, 2010 and MVC.

●Project 1: Developed a hierarchy of containers in a treeview displaying the parent-child relationships and dashboards using DevExpress and performed tests using linked lists, lambda expressions, embedded SQL to Oracle 11G and consumed WCF.

●Project 2: Developed a stand-alone VB.Net winforms application to read digital data from a weight device's serial port and record the micrograms into an Excel spreadsheet for over 1,000 on-site laboratories.

●Project 3: Updated for the Houston office, a VB.Net and C# application to view containers and their room location based on a user selection from a list of rooms (multi-select listbox) for the entire site using WCF web services, SQL for Oracle data, Component One's Flexgrid and menus to display the data and the ability to output the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Client: Innodata/ Synodex. NJ 08/2011-11/2012

Project Manager, Architect, Scrum Master, VB.Net Lead Developer (Life Insurance)

●Architected, analyzed, protoyped and developed an intelligent “Watson” type of application for a large European life insurance company using .Net 4.0 under Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2012 and VB.Net 2010 (.Net 4.0) for WinForms and console.

●The Life Insurance Risk Analyzer read applicant's medical records (100-300 pages) from an Oracle 11G DB and based on ICD-10 codes, test analysis (bloodwork and R&M) and high-risk activity codes determined applicant's critical markers and life expectancy. Integrated the IDC-10 analyzer into a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for medical laboratory clients.

●Integrated the application with an Oracle 11G database running remotely on a Solaris system accessed with DevArt dotConnect for Oracle and local databases using MS SQL Server 2010, PL/SQL, Excel and MS Access 2010. Developed dashboards using MVC and DevExpress.

●Hands-on MIS team lead and Sr. developer, (Scrum master and manager for a team of 5 Net developers, Oracle DBAs, Java developer and QA team: both internal and offshore in India and Israel), scheduling, assigning and reviewing their work in C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, HTML. T-SQL, MVC, Java, JavaScript and JSON working in a HIPAA compliant environment with automated testing of input running on multiple servers.

Client: Knowledgent Inc. NJ 09/2010-07/2011

Project Manager/ Architect/ VB.Net and C#.Net Lead Developer (Retail)

●Senior developer for a major photograph studio chain (Portrait Innovations) the in-store sales and accounting software in using SVN under VS 2010 (.Net 4.0) for Winforms applications with DLLs.

●Architected and designed the post-sale Internet site for client using MVC, and under VS 2010 (.Net 4.0).

●Managed a team of 3 developers and several testers as scrum master and scheduled, assigned, mentored, reviewed code, performed version control and documented their work.

Client: Raytheon, MA 10/2008-08/2010

Team Lead/Architect/.Net Engineer (Government)

Architect-ed and developed for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems the Employee Change Notification System in .Net Core, .Net 2008 (.Net 3.0 and 3.5 using WPF, WCF and design patterns MVC and MVVM) using C#.Net, ASP.Net, Master Pages, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, multithreading, NHibernate, NUnit, Web Services, XML, XSLT with SQL Server 2005.

●Implemented in SQL Server 2005 the database tables (create, update) with data access Project and Excel).

●Created and maintained web pages for upcoming tasks with cancellation ability, reports and metrics and E-Service tickets.

●Architected and developed for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems infrastructure for several internal projects using multithreading, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WCF (Windows Communication Foundations) using MVVM and MVC.

●Proven ability to translate business requirements into technical specifications and managed a team of 4 to 10 .Net professionals and interfaced with stakeholders, lead weekly and daily agile meetings and was the scrum master.

Client: Revlon, NJ 02/2008-09/2008

Team Lead / Architect/ Senior Software Engineer (Cosmetics)

●Architect in developing the Revlon Chemist Knowledge Base (CKB) infrastructure system using 2005 .Net Visual Studio and Oracle 11.

●Developed the CKB system in an Extreme Programming environment using MVC, C#.Net 2.0, MS Workflow Foundations, AJAX Controls and Crystal Reports XI.

●Implemented in Oracle 9i, 10G and 11stored procedures and created tables in Oracle Tools for, Net and Toad 9.1.

●Architect and developed the business objects layer, data access layer and the UI layer with CSS, Master Pages and JavaScript files in an Agile/ Extreme Programming environment.

●Managed the team of 8 developers, interfaced with upper management, led agile meetings.

Client: Cellufun, NY City 09/2007-01/2008

Senior Software Engineer (Mobile)

●Developed Java cell phone software applications using Sun's J2ME, J2SE and Eclipse.

●Designed and prototyped applications and created packages (J2ME midlet) and scripting in Python.

Client: W & H Systems, NJ 04/2007-08/2007

Senior Software Engineer (Warehouse, Distrib)

●Developer of the Winebow Application for warehouse distribution from the inventory/ stock bay to the conveyor belt system to distribute into the multidisc shipping bay in VB.Net, VB 6.0, MVC and SQL Server.

●Administrated the SQL Server DB, created tables and stored procedures.


●University of Advancing Technology Tempe, AZ MS Project Management (Summa Cum Laude)

●DeVry University, Edison, NJ BS in Computer Science/ Technical Management (Summa Cum Laude)

- Design and develop apps and games for iOS in Objective-C and Swift and for Android using Android Studio in Java

●Certified in Angular-JS by the Learning Tree.

●Certified by PluralSight in C# 6.0, C# Fundamentals, React, Python 3.6, Scalar, Fiddler, SignalR, WebStorm Fundamentals, Bower Fundamentals, PowerShell, jQuery, Node-JS, REST fundamentals and GIT Fundamentals.

●SetFocus Master's Program in .NET. Certified by Microsoft in C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net and SQL Server.


University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, AZ 05/10-08/11

Adjunct professor and instructor in Flash/ ActionScript 3.0 and Masters' thesis in Flash and Silverlight 2.0.

NY University and www.Gameversity 09/03 - Present

●Adjunct Professor in Game Design at NY University and faculty

●Teaching a 10-week three-hour game design course, programming courses (C++, game scripting in Lua, C++, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Python and 3D programming) at NYU (New York University) and a 12-week course on

Bloomfield College, NJ 09/04 - Present

●University/ College Adjunct Professor teaching computer and game design course, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Torque 3D engine, Python, Scala, Flash ActionScript, Flex, Lua and Visual BASIC and C/C++ pprogramming.

●Addison-Wesley Publisher 08/04 - 09/04

●Technical Editor for Scott Meyers' Effective C++ Third Edition 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs

Knowledge Solutions Business, NIIT Ltd., GA/ India 01/03 - 03/03

●Author of "GD 330 Game Design Process" a game design curriculum for over 80 U.S. colleges (B.S. degree) teaching game design through a ten-week course of 3 hours of theory and methodology and 2 hours of lab.

●Game design included platforms such as Windows, SONY Playstation2 and Microsoft's XBox.

Wordware Publishing, NY/TX 12/02 - 03/03

●Author of the Wordware Publishing book, Game Design Foundations that teaches basic to expert level game design techniques, VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), tools needed and how to research and document a game concept.

●Author of "Game Design Foundations, Second Edition" with 5 new chapters and 70% new material written.


2003 and 2004 Philly Classic Gaming Guest Speaker, Philadelphia, PA

2003 NY University Gaming Series Lecturer (7/1/2003)

2003-2004 Xtreme Gaming Conference Guest Speaker (CA)

2004 Speaker at "How to Break Into The Game Industry" MD/ DC / VA - June 26, 2004

2004 NYU Summer Game Camp Keynote Speaker "Welcome to the Game Industry" July 7. 2004

2005, 2006, 2009 VGXpo in Fort Washington and Philadelphia PA

2005, 2006, 2007 Bloomfield College Game Day Keynote Speaker

2006 Texas Independent Game Conference, Austin, TX Speaker

2006, 2007 Globe Institute of Technology Keynote Speaker and Curriculum Advisor (NY)

2007 Thinnox, Canadian Education Company Keynote Speaker and Curriculum Advisor

2007 NJ Filmmakers Keynote Speaker

2012 Classic Game Expo (Las Vegas, NV) keynote speaker

2012 Game Designer’s Conference (San Francisco, CA)

2014 NY City Gamer’s Meet-up (NY City, NY) exhibiting ‘Warehouse 517.’

2014 Video Gamer’s United (Washington, DC) keynote speaker and exhibitor of ‘Warehouse 517’


Who's Who in the Computer Industry

Game Industry Best User Interface (UI) Award

U.S. Department of Health Conference Best User Interface and Application (NYC DOH system)

United States Chess Federation Candidate Master Lifetime Title


Bessalel Yarjovski MUFG 845-***-****

Michael Hausman PSI 718-***-****

Rina Kumari KPMG 732-***-****

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