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Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
December 27, 2020

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Introduction/ Motivational Letter

I am a qualified, confident and competent individual who is highly motivated with knowledge at plant level experience within my field. I am a lateral thinker who is pro active and willing to learn new skills.

Summary of Skills:

●Talent sourcing &placement

●COIDA Administration

●Payroll support

●Training & Development Administration

●Industrial Relations Administration

●General HR/ Employee Benefits & Administration

●Time & Attendance monitoring

●Unionized and shop steward exposure

●Safety & protective gear administration

Competencies: Quick learner, Multitasking, Ability to work independently, an eye for detail, team player and customer focused, Excellent communication skills and telephone etiquette, good inter personal and coordination skills, energetic and pro active, Ability to work according to deadlines and under pressure with strict confidentiality and discretion

Training Courses completed i.e.

●Recruitment& Selection, COIDA, Transport Recruitment,

●ABET – Train the trainer, First Aid Training, HIV Aids Awareness

PC Skills:

●Microsoft Office 2007, XP, [Word excel, power point, outlook]

●Xubuntu – Open Office package,

●Internet, E – mail, various search engines

●HR & Contractor Zone – In house HR system

●PSiber – Labournet HRIS

●Timekeeper – time and attendance HRIS

●SAP – limited

●Sage VIP Premier 4.8a

I have obtained my certification in Generic Management (a course for first line managers ) through Business Management College and a National HR Management Diploma (NQF5) via the same correspondence institute.

I have also completed a working Learnership with my prior employer The Workforce Group where I have obtained a National certificate in Labor Recruitment Services = NQF4.

I gain my strength from my confidence, sincerity and determination. I value honesty and believe that knowledge is one of our greatest needs for our transforming nation. It will be a great opportunity to be apart of your organization.


Business Management Training College – Randburg, Johannesburg [correspondence studies]

Course: NQF5 - Generic Management (A study for first Line Managers specializing in skills development management)

Completed : 2018

Module 1: Talent Management

●Select and coach first line managers

●Promote a learning culture in an organization

●Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organization

●Implement skills development as workplace learning to support organizational transformations

●Lead people development and talent management

Module 2: Human Resources Management

●Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation

●Apply a systems approach to decision-making

●Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards

●Set, monitor and measure the achievements of goals and objectives for a team, department or division within an organization.

●Apply the principal of knowledge management

●Manage individual careers

Module 3: Managing Diversity

●Manage a diverse work force to add value

●Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace relationships

●Build teams to achieve organizational goals and objectives

●Develop and implement a strategy and action plans for a team, department or division

Module 4: Business Ethics and Leadership

●Analyze leadership and related work theories in a work context

●Apply the principal of ethics to improve organizational culture

●Use communication techniques effectively

Module 5: Strategic Management

●Monitor, assess and manage risk

●Formulate recommendations for a change process

●Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan

Current Module 6: Financial Management

●Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information

●Manage the finances of a unit

●Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan

Business Management Training College – Randburg, Johannesburg [correspondence studies]

Course: NQF 5 (240 credits) National Diploma in Human Resources Management & Practices

Completed: June 2014

Module 1 - Labor Relations

●Demonstrate & apply a understanding of the BCEA( Act 75 of 1997)

●Institute disciplinary action, Conduct a disciplinary hearing

●Demonstrate/ apply an understanding of LRA Act with respect to collective agreements and bargaining councils

Module 2 - Personal Planning

●Manage individual careers

●Manage team members & measure effectiveness of performance

●Recruit & select candidates to fill defined positions

●Manage induction of new staff,

●Draft an employee contract

Module 3 - Organizational Behavior & Development 1

●Productivity and motivation, Leadership values, Group work,

●Organizational change, Communication skills, Organizational culture,

●Analysis and control, Technology

Module 4 - Training & Development 1

●Analyzing training needs,

●Setting training objectives,

●Implementing a training program,

●Training techniques and strategies

Module 5 - Productivity & Supervision

●Introduction to productivity

●Measuring Labour Productivity

●Productivity improvement strategies & plans

●Promote Productivity Improvement Strategies

●Achievement of goals & Objectives

●Performance Appraisals

●Development of Organizational Structures


Module 6 - Personal Planning & Administration 1

●Analyze organization needs

●The Human Resource Information System

●Managing Payroll Records

●Compiling & controlling budgets

Module 7 - Organizational Behavior & Development 2

●Use communication techniques effectively

●Implement a generic communication strategy

●Use language and communication strategies for vocational and occupational learning

●Advise on the establishment and implementation of a quality management system for skills development practices in an organization

●Evaluate current practices against best practice

●Develop own ability to provide a business advisory service

●Monitor and advise on substantive conditions of employment and related rights and obligations in an organization

Module 8 - Training & Development 2

●Provide information and advise regarding skills development & related issues

●Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organization

Module 9 – Conduct Outcome Based Assessment

●This module entails on how to assess competent against incompetent and become an assessor,

Module 10 – One Final Integrated Summative Assignment on all 9 modules

Registered with South African Board of Peoples Practice as an HR Associate

Service Provider: Knowledge Quest (Working Learnership through the Workforce Group)

Course: FET Certificate in Labor Recruitment Services = NQF 4

Duration: September – November 2010

SAQA Qualification ID: 58063

Unit Standards Covered:

●Demonstrate understanding of employment relations in an organization

●Explain the application of the basic conditions of employment act in an employment contract

●Demonstrate knowledge and application of ethical conduct in a business environment

●Describe features, advantages and benefits of a range of products

●Negotiate an agreement or deal in an authentic work situation

●Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions

●Use appropriate tools and information systems to manage own information and communication

●Close a deal with a customer, Prepare and conduct staff selection interviews

●Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication

●Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes

●Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts

●Apply knowledge of statistics/ probability to interrogate/ communicate findings on life related problems

●Engage in sustained oral/signed communication and evaluate spoken/signed texts

●Represent analyze and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts

●Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes

●Use mathematics to investigate/ monitor financial aspects of business, national & international issues

●Apply a range of project management tools and techniques

●Apply the principles of costing and pricing to a business venture

●Assess legal contracts for business

●Describe and apply the management functions of an organization

●Explain fundamentals of project management

●Explain the contribution made by own area of responsibility to the overall organizational strategy

●Identify customers of the business

●Induct a new employee, Meet marketing performance standards

●Supervise work unit to achieve work unit objectives (individuals and teams)

●Apply an understanding of the characteristics of the South African Labour Market

●Compile tender documents and contracts, Institute disciplinary action

PC Training and Business College – West Street, DBN

Diploma in Travel and Tourism – 1 year (2001)

PR Pather Secondary - Merebank

Matric - 1999 Senior Certificate

English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, Biology, Geography


Surround Sound (Family owned business) – specialist in music equipment rentals, sales and various events


June 2017 until current

Key Performance areas

●Emailing quotes to clients,

●Invoicing on sale of equipment, function and events

●Ensuring payment is met before any function, purchase of equipment.


●Liaising with suppliers and clients when required

Jasco Electrical Manufacturers of plastic injection Moulding and metal press and components.

In – house manufacturing products including electrical plugs, adaptors and extensions and salt water chlorinators.

Temp Human Resource Administrator (Reporting to the CEO and Financial Manager)

27 February - 24 May 2017

Key Performance Areas

●Daily time and attendance

●Engagement and termination of contracts

●Capturing of all training records and maintenance thereof

●Employee relations – assisting and advising employees with personal issues,

●Reporting all injuries, record keeping and administration

●Minute taker and record keeping of all disciplinaries from start to finish

●Issuing various warning and further disciplinaries – SEESA

●Assisting with documentation of apprenticeships i.e.: MERSETA & Umbilo FET College

●Arranging medicals for all new staff and yearly medicals thereof

●Creating identification badges for each employee and coordination of process.

●Employee relations & benefits i.e.: processing of temporary disability, death & funeral claims, provident fund claims, and uif claims etc.

●Issuing certificate of service and confirmation of employment

●Issuing payslips

●Relieving of switchboard duties when needed.

Sun Chemical South Africa (Pty) Ltd - producer of printing inks and pigments and a leader provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, electronic materials, brand protection, specialty services and other industrial markets.

(National) Human Resource Administrator to National HR Executive (Manufacturing environment)

04 July 2012 - 30 September 2016 (Retrenched)

Key Performance Areas

Time & Attendance Monitoring/ Payroll Support

● Monitoring and maintaining Time and Attendance system for all staff,

● Calculating all wage and salary overtime before submitting to payroll,

● Calculating all shift allowance and submitting to payroll

● Assisting and resolving overtime queries

●Distribution of payslips

Engagement & Termination of Contracts

●Provide Induction/ orientation to new employees, informing them of company policy and procedures, arranging access cards and photos.

●To ensure that new employees personal file are created and that all new employee details are accurately set up on the HR database systems; to ensure that all essential employee personal information is in place in time for the Payroll cut-off date each month.

●Arrange access cards for all new employees; collect upon exit of the company.

●Conducting exit interviews, coordinating all benefits paid out i.e.; provident fund, leave balances, uif, bonus etc

Training & Administration

●Planning, and booking of all trainings,

●Coordinating of all preparations related to the training eg: set up projector, refreshments, etc

●Capturing and maintaining of all training records after training has been done (PSiber, Labournet)

●Ensuring that all licenses & qualifications are valid and up to date and meet the necessary standards

●Often reviewing the training records to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date

●Assist with submission of Employment Equity Plan and Workplace Skills Plan

Processing of Leave

●Conducting leave audits on other branches & departments

●Advising, capturing and processing all leave forms, maintaining all leave records

●Maintaining employee files

HR Administration

●Coordination and provision of all administrative support regarding all employee related movement e.g. Appointments, resignations, Promotion, Transfers etc

●Assisting and advising employees with provident fund, medical aid, tax queries etc

●Maintaining the long service spreadsheet – year end formal presentation

●Relationship Building & Communication with Management, Union & employees etc

●Monthly monitoring on factory employee man hours ( incentive schemes)

Sick Pay/ Death/Disability Claims/ Boarding of Employees

●Arranging all paperwork and forwarding off to the provident fund administrators regarding the above claim

●Liaising with the provident fund disability department regarding all documentation of queries relating to sick pay, death claims, disability and boarding of employees,

●Following up with the administrators to ensure that payment is made.

●Coordinating all counselling for grieving staff

Study Assistance Scheme

●Advising and assisting staff with choices of studies

●Assisting with financial aid and company policy of studies

●Ensuring all paperwork is in order thereafter forward to payroll department

Employee Relations

●Employee relations – assisting and advising employees with personal issues,

Talent Sourcing & Placement

●All functions of recruitment and selection procedures for all salary and wage staff including temps

●Internal recruitment, screening of cv’s

●Liaising with various agencies,

●Booking of interviews, arranging venues

●Informing unsuccessful candidates

Medicals Fitness Tests

●Coordinating all medicals with in-house doctor and external practioners.

Industrial Relation Matters

●Coordinating all administration for CCMA representation

●Minute taker and record keeping of all disciplinary / grievance enquiries from start to finish

●Coordinating all documents in cases of dismissals i.e.: medical aid, provident fund, leaves pay out etc.

Unions/ Shop Stewards

●Minute taking in all shop steward and union meetings ( wage negotiations)

●Assist shop stewards with queries

●Liaise with unions when requires


●Record keeping of all learnerships portfolios,

●Liaising with training provider ( Scientec Training centre)

Contract Staff

●Liaising with various agencies, overseeing all timesheets, sick notes and administration of contract staff i.e.: capital, transman, attending to employee queries.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

●Ordering and distributing of safety wear,

●Record keeping

Secretarial Administration

●Secretarial duties: - coordinating of all retirement farewells, year end functions,

●Assisting with medical aid annual presentations

●Relieving on switchboard when required

●Assisting with wellness day events

●Daily sending off overnight bags to Johannesburg & Cape Town branches: liaising with courier companies

●Booking in documents/ chemical samples with courier companies to be delivered overseas.

Surround Sound (Family owned business) – specialist in music equipment rentals, sales and various functions


July 2011- June 2012 (offered a HR position at Sun Chemical)

Key Performance areas

●Emailing quotes to clients,

●Invoicing on sale of equipments

●Ensuring payment is met before any functions,

●Weekly banking

●Liaising with suppliers and clients when required

The Workforce Group - Pinetown

Administrative Assistant (HR Department)

May 2010 till 30 April 2011 (Position became redundant)

Key Performance Areas:


●Capturing all completed contracts onto the internal HR system & allocating an employee number,

●Updating all other employee information eg: banking details, blacklisting, leave applications, contact details etc

●Ensuring all documents are filed accordingly, on time and according to the HR audit standards ie: credit application, credit approval & payment, terms & conditions, original order of confirmation, Costing, Wage & invoice, Induction check list, Monitoring the renewing of contracts

●Capturing various reports on excel e.g. in house rates and costings

●Liaising with regional branch administrator & branch staff regarding new contract information

●Receiving, capturing, forwarding & filing of client orders

●Liaising with clients & updating their contact details when required

●Responsible to ensure that deadlines arising within the department are met.

●Ordering, distributing and monitoring of company stationery

●Ordering of protective wear for contractors, ensuring that quantity and sizes are correct,


●Gather all the required paperwork i.e. completed contract, UI19 form, end of contract etc

●Ensuring that all documentation is correctly filled in & forward off to the IR Manager for representation at CCMA

●All IOD’s, Training and Medical duties are the same as below

The Workforce Group

Recruitment Officer

August 2006 - April 2010(branch was changed into a satellite branch and we moved to Pinetown)

Key Performance Areas:

Recruitment & Selection

●Coordinate all vacancies received

●Administer the hiring process from start to finish ie, including Searching, advertising, scheduling and interviewing of candidates, short listing & selection of candidates, drawing up employment contracts, formatting of cv's. License/ educational verifications, reference/ criminal checking, regret letters, database management etc

●Liaise with Universities/ FET Colleges for unemployed graduates

●Network, build and manage pipeline of candidates for high-volume positions

●Regional recruitment experience with a proven track record of delivering high quality hires with strong line manager and candidate satisfaction. Exceptional candidate relationship skills

●Liaise with external/ internal clients regarding the recruitment procedures and policies, ensuring that they are always updated on the progress made.

●Update and maintaining the recruitment database

●Identify new and creative ways to source candidates

●Assisting other branches with staff when needed

●Issuing letters of service/ reference, confirmation of employment for employees

●Always ensure that all Policies and Procedures are followed according to the Employment Equity Act,

●Ensure all documentation received regarding recruitment is correct as the department is always audited.

●Keep a thorough and efficient recruitment record system (eg. Recruitment file, regret letters)

●Drawing up & placing of adverts in various newspapers & web sites

●Drawing up and distributing of flyers to local libraries, colleges, universities.

●Sorting out all cv's received, compiling & updating database with all applications

Assessment Tests

●Ensure that all contract employees complete the in house ABET [Adult Basic Education Test] assessments, IE: Comprehension & Numerical test.

●Arrange dates for assessments and book the training room in advance,

●Relate to employees the reason for the tests and explain each section,

●Each employee is given 2 hours to complete the tests,

●Collect all paperwork once time is up, ensure that all sections have been completed & documentation is in order.

●Inform the employees that they will be notified of their results within 1 week,

●Mark and assess all tests accordingly and grade according to the score sheets.

●Capture the results onto a spreadsheet.

Training & Development

●Coordinating various in house training.

●Liaise with our training division ie: Training Force and book in advance

●Ensure that the employees are aware of the training dates,

●Sign off all paperwork ie: order of confirmations

●Arranging payment for all training

IOD - Injuries

●Reporting of all accidents to Workman's Compensation

●Receiving all medical reports timeously

●Once all reports are in, then hand over to Workman's Compensation/ Department of Labor

●Assisting doctors rooms with unpaid bills/ queries

●Assisting our internal legal department with deceased cases, insuring that all necessary paperwork is completed.

●Proving all documentation for CCMA cases/ death claim

Medical Fitness Tests

●Booking of various medicals whether it be on site or at the clinics/ hospitals

●Maintaining & record keeping off all medicals done – (electronic & hard copies)

●Arranging payments for all medicals

Payroll Support

●Printing of all payroll when the PA is unavailable ie: cheques, cash packets, pay slips, invoices, and signature lists, Cheques requisitions

●Capturing of all used cheques on to the Cheque break down

●Calculating all cash required for the weekly payroll,

●Sending off the breakdown to the bank thereafter packing all cash

●Loading of employees details onto the in house system

●Assisting/ Relieving with switchboard

●Allocation employee numbers for new staff

●Loading of banking details onto system

●Assisting with IRP5's

First National Bank – Pinetown

Admin Clerk

October 2003 – August 2005 (End of contract)

Key Performance Areas:

●Detecting fraudulent cheques,

●Updating customer accounts,

●Filing of cheques

●Posting statements to customer

●Forwarding statements to branches

●Liaising with branches

●Data capturing

●Assisting with queries

ABSA – Temped at various branches in Pretoria – Quest Personnel

Front line Teller

August 2002 – February 2003 (Returned to DBN)

Key Performance Areas:

●Deposits: cash & cheques

●Withdrawals: cash & cheques

●Internal & External Transfers,

●Credit Card transactions

●Cashing up daily

●Customer service

●Detecting fraudulent cheques and cash

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