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Manager Software Developer

Fort Collins, CO
December 24, 2020

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Master Technologist with ** years of continuous experience with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in

enterprise software and hyperconverged solutions. Looking for a dynamic, distributed organization wishing to deliver compelling solutions for which I can bring my extensive experience and skillset. Rock Barney


Fort Collins, CO



Agile, Scrum


Strong communication

Analytic, conceptual application

Lean programming, TDD


User centered design


Hyperconverged, Virtualization


Native Cloud Applications

Microservices, Containerization

Kubernetes, Docker

Open Source

React, Angular, NodeJS


Atlassian, Confluence, Jira

Slack, Skype, Webex

Trello, Miro

Github, NPM

Jenkins, Electric Commander

Nexus, Artifactory

InVision, Sketch


HPE Agile Chief Product Owner - 2017-2020

As a chief product owner, I translate business objectives from Product Management, coordinate with architects and team Product Owners into stories for development teams to release high quality SimpliVity Hyperconverged on-premise solutions for continuous enterprise scale customer value.

• Product owner for multiple (5+) geographically and internationally dispersed teams.

• Provide technical and architectural guidance to teams.

• Responsible for delivery of enterprise production customer value on regular 3 month Product Increment cadence.

• Provide product release governance.

• Provide coaching for other product owners.

• Provide CI/CD guidance to dramatically improve development team productivity.

• Ensure teams have opportunities to collaborate while maintaining empowerment and autonomy.

• Develop product feature roadmap in terms of both customer value and architectural direction.

• Provide teams clear understanding of immediate story requirements as well as visibility into the overall product roadmap. HPE Chief Product Owner & UI/UX Architect - 2014-2017 As UI/UX architect, I directed the choices of technology and open source to be leveraged with multiple UI teams while working with UX and graphics designers to adopt a new direction in branding and look and feel with RBAC and workflow based user experiences for hyperconverged on-premise solutions. As chief product owner, I worked closely with PM and product architects to provide a cloud-like hyperconverged solution for on-premise, enterprise DevOps customers.

• Product owner for multiple geographically and internationally dispersed teams.

• Defined roadmap and technical direction for UI/UX aspect of solution.

• Led in all stages from-concept to release of product with over 200 team contributors.

• Consulted on all aspects from CI/CD, localization, open source, QA, customer-centered design, tech-writers, training and more. PERSONAL

Fort Collins, CO



B.S. Computer Science

Mathematics Minor

Colorado State University


Regarding storage management


7809756 – October, 2010

6751604 – June, 2004

6212512 – April, 2001


QIC-150 storage format standard


Tae Kwon Do, Jiujitsu

Creative writing

Woodworking, Carpentry

Auto restoration

Piano, Guitar


Conversational French


HP Software Architect for Network Node Manager, HP Software 2005-2014

As an architect for HP Software’s flagship product, Network Node Manager, an industry leader for enterprise network management for over 25 years, I led teams in an agile transformation and technology refresh.

• Helped transform product to a J2EE app with web-client front end.

• Promoted agile and scrum methodologies allowing us to achieve regular and predictable cadence of feature development.

• Leveraged best of breed tools and application libraries which allowed teams to focus on network management IP.

• Led integration of NNM with over a dozen other HP Software products enabling common look and feel and interoperability across the product portfolio.

HP UI Platform and Solution Architect, HP Software 1999-2005

As a solution architect for HP Software, I provided guidance and influence for multiple products to converge on common UI patterns, libraries and 3rd party solutions to reduce cost and complexity while enhancing customer value and user experience.

• Independently researched and developed complex UI network topology componentry leveraging cutting edge technologies.

• Integrated common graphical solution for multiple flagship products

(some remain in use today for Network Node Manager). HP Technical Lead, HP Personal Storage Solutions


As tech lead, I designed new consumer products for personal computer offline storage that integrated into Windows Explorer for a transparent customer experience in data protection.

HP Software Developer, HP Personal Tape Backup


Developer, HP Colorado Memory Systems personal computer tape backup solutions.

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