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Engineer Electrical

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
January 01, 2021

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Siemens protection relays



Transmission Protection Engineer DIRECTOR

Najmus Saqib Shafi


Dynamic and results-driven Protection Engineer by profession with over 9 years of experience in Electrical Industry. Being a Creative Protection Engineer who can bring a fresh and energetic approach to project development and commissioning. Self-motivated, adaptable and bilingual, thrives in both work and an academic environment. I am able to work both individually and as a member of a team. I have great ambitions to succeed in the pursuit of an engineering career.

I have successfully been able to maneuver my career till now in the best possible manner, setting standards wherever I worked. I have been a part of organizations that have helped me challenge my limits and in turn allowed me to gain indispensable knowledge of the creative field.


K ELECTRIC 30th December, 2013 to Present

Transmission & Substation Protection Engineer

EHT Network (Comprise of 220,132 and 66KV) tripping analysis.

Root cause analysis of tripping and provide way forward/solutions

Design review of new Substation projects

Setting calculation and configuration of distance, differential and OCEF relays

Monthly trend analysis of EHT line, Power Transformers and 11KV feeder tripping

Provide recommendations to site engineers based nature of tripping

Provide technical support to staff working on sites

Reviewing the primary and secondary drawings

Develop issue and implement commissioning programs and plans, commissioning schedule and Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs).

Familiarity with IEC and ANSI standards.

Develop Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

Understand and enforce Power System Safety Rules.

Data management of substation equipment’s.

Planning and implementation of replacement program of obsolete and faulty relays with modern numerical relays to avoid breakdown and unnecessary tripping.

Supervision and witnessing the installation and testing of protection systems for new projects to ensure specifications are met.

Monitoring downstream staff to ensure safety and accurate completion of work.

Testing & commissioning of Power Transformers 40MVA, 30/39MVA, 20/26MVA having voltage ratio 132kV/11kV, Auto Transformers 250MVA of ratio 220kV/132kV in which main test of transformer are:

Transformer Turn Ratio Test, Insulation Test, Winding Resistance Test, Short Circuit Test, Open Circuit Test, DDF Testing (Power Transformer, Bushing), Transformer Devices Test (Pressure Relieve Device, Diverter, Buchholz relay, Oil and Winding Temperature Test).

Annual Preventive Maintenance of 132kV/22kV, 132kV/11kV Power Transformers, 220kV/132kV Auto Transformer and 11kV Switchgears and 132kV CB.

Calculation of fault current, grading and protection coordination of over current relays at different voltage levels.

Commissioning of 132kV, 220kV control and relay panels.

Installation and testing of Breaker Failure, Under Frequency, Bus Protection and Trip Circuit Supervision installed at 132kV/22kV and 132kV/11kV EHT Network.

Setting calculations relay parameterization/programming and testing of Distance, Differential and over current and Earth Fault Relays of various manufacturers (i.e. Siemens Siprotec, Areva, GEC etc. installed at 220kV, 132kV, 22kV EHT and HT Network.


Analysis of EHT tripping, provide way forward and system improvement plans to Grid station maintenance, Protection, Transmission departments.

Substation testing, commissioning and maintenance.

Capable of ensuring the efficient utilization of manpower and assets keeping all SOPs of safety (HSEQ).

Expertise in managing projects from initiation till closing by applying relevant knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirement i.e. 380KV substation, Static VAR compensation(SVC), addition of new line / transformer bays.

Ensure normalization of EHT system in minimum possible time through trouble shooting and diagnosis of faults in the system.



Bachelors of Technology(Electrical)

Preston University Karachi



Govt. College of Technology.




Board of Secondary Education Karachi


Gulistan e jauhar

Block 20,


Relay communication using software DIGSI 4.9, PCM600, ENERVISTA, MICOM S1 Studio (Areva), Alstom (Presentation and Analysis of Disturbance Recording Data with Eview) used for relay parameterization, fault disturbance records, events data retrieving and analysis purpose.

Testing features of Distance Relay using ISA-DRTS6, OMICRON CMC 256/6/356

Experience of operating various testing equipment’s i.e.Programma Sverker 650/750.

ISA T1000 relay test set (Secondary Injection Test Set).

Megger MultiAmp Transformer Ohmmeter (Winding Resistance Test Set).

AVO Megger Series 1-5000(5kV Automatic Insulation Tester)

Bridle (1 and 3 Phase TTR), Programma PAM 360 (Phase Angle Meter).

Megger Earthing Resistance Test Set.

Secondary Injection Test Set ISA DRTS-6, OMICRON CMC-256/6.

11kV Switch contact resistance and 132kV breaker contact resistance test using Programmer Breaker System Analyzer TM1600.

Testing and commissioning of 11kV, 22kV, 132kV and 220kV Current Transformers (CTs) and Potential Transformers (VTs).

Working on Following Protection Relays:( 50/51, 87L/T/B, 21, 81, 50BF, 87N etc.

SIEMENS --- 7SA511,7SD62,7SD8011,7UT612-3,7SJ511,7SJ602,7SJ80,7SS52,7RW6000,7VK61 etc.

ABB --- REF 543, REC 670, RET 670, REL 670, REL 316*4, RED 670 and REB 670.

ALSTOM/AREVA/SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC --- Micom P115, P120, P122, P443, P543, P631, P632, P746, P821, P923, KVGC.




ELCTROMECHANICAL RELAYS --- CDG 61 –O/C AND E/F, ICM 21 OC & E/F, D 202 Differential, LZ 31 Distance.

AMRELI STEELS PVT.LTD July 2011 to Sep 2013

Facilities Supervisor

Mode of Work: Maintenance Supervisor related to BMS System & 11KV Substation Projects

Supervising testing and commissioning of new 11KV Substation equipment i.e. CTs, PTs, Bus bars, Transformers, MV Switch gears and testing of its protection relays.

Work scheduling monitoring and control of contractor activities.

QA/QC monitoring and record keeping of the project

Progress evaluation, billing and invoice presentation, safety and loss prevention

Review all Construction Contractor’s Design Submittals including detailed design calculation, structural design and analysis, construction drawings, installation details and other similar/related activities and ensure that all design details submitted by construction contractors comply with Company’s requirements

Maintain quality control procedures for installation of the projects and monitor all inspection functions

Inspect all contractor’s incoming materials for damage and for compliance with Contract’s Technical Specifications.

Hold weekly construction progress meetings separately with Contractors to determine work progress, discuss problems, coordinate actions, plan and anticipate future requirements.

Monitor Contractor’s work schedule. If the actual work completed by the Contractors is less than the forecast, suggest appropriate corrective actions to be taken by the Contractors.

Witness all field testing of the projects and all component parts of the projects by the contractors or their appointed inspection agencies in their entirety.

Inspection of the entire work performed under the construction contracts.

Preparation of Daily, Weekly and Monthly progress report of the project


Associate Engineer

Mode of Work: Electrical Supervisor Projects

Supervision of Testing and commission of L.V and M.V panels.

Responsibilities of L.V, M.V Panels & DBs installation.

Provide technical support to staff working on sites

Commissioning and testing of 11kV, Feeders, Transformers its protection and control panels


Replacement of faulty Relay REL316 (ABB) with commissioning of new numerical siprotec relay 7SA522 (SIEMENS) on 132kV Johar-KDA circuit, Relay REL316 (ABB) with relay D60 (GE) on 132kV Johar-Malir circuit, Relay PYTC with relay D60 (GE) on 132kV Liaquatabad-Civic circuit.

Replacement of Siemens make relay 7SA511 with Siemens make relay 7SA522 along with testing on Valika circuit at Surjani Grid station.

Replacement of PYTC907 GEC make Distance relay with 7SA511 (Siemens).At Leyaqatabad-Haroonabad circuit.

Testing and commissioning of CHINT make 31.5/40MVA transformer at Surjani Grid station.

Comprehensive Testing (T.T.R, Winding Resistance, Megger, Short Circuit Test, Open Circuit Test, C.N.D.F, and Stability Test) carried out of PEL make 40MVA transformers at Malir and Surjani.

Transformer Testing including Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance, Insulation resistance of bushing and windings, C & DF of bushing and windings, Short circuit Test, Open circuit Test and Stability Test:

40MVA of 132kV/11kV Transformer#02 at Valika Grid Station.

40MVA of 132kV/11kV Transformer#01 at Gadap Grid Station.

Testing and Commissioning of 132 kV SF6 CT’s on 40 MVA Transformer#01, 02, 03 at Liaquatabad Grid Station and 132 kV VT’s on 132 kV North Karachi-Valika Circuit at North Karachi Grid Station.

Carried out Tele protection Testing on following 132kV circuits.

Gulshan-Hospital, Gulshan- Jail Road, KDA-MemonGoth, KDA-Maymar.

PIPRI-KDA circuit. Gulshan-Civic Center Circuit. Leyqatabad-Valika Circuit.

Commissioning and testing of 11kV, Feeders, Transformers its protection Relays and control panels


Versatile, Intellectual and high-performance engineer with project management and technical skills.

Excellent Interpersonal, communication, influencing, negotiation and presentation skills.


Date of Birth: 16 /07/91

Marital Status: Single

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistani

Language: English/ Urdu


Will be furnished upon request.

P.S: (Willing to relocate as per job requirement)



Attended 3 days workshop on Siemens relays with DIGSI software (Distance,Transformer/Line Differential, Bay control unit, Breaker failure, Bus bar protection) at

attended three day workshop on line distance protection type D60 at Days inn hotel Karachi.

Three days workshop on STS 5000 test set for substation maintenance (CT’s, PT’s, Transformer, Transmission line parameters) testing.

Attended Tangent Delta CPC80-CPTD1 Training in Karachi.

one day training course on test set Winding Ohmmeter RMO20TW (Winding resistance).

Completed 3 Days professional training of fiber optics splicing.

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