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Chef Food

Gauteng, South Africa
December 31, 2020

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Calvin M.L Mbhense


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As a qualified chef with expertise in culinary arts, patisserie, food and beverage my objective is to exercise competency and quality assurance to uplift and achieve excellence in the work place, I also work well under pressure. Through set of goal and visions of the company. I wish to work co-operatively and responsibly towards realization of the set goals. I'm an innova*ve, enthusias*c, passionate, responsible and accountable person thus making it easy to work with.

Furthermore I am a life *me learner welcoming opportuni*es for growth in the field of work thus opening doors for induc*on and mentoring. With my organiza*onal skills I am able to ini*ate co-ordinate, plan and present my work to my superiors for approval and I am open to cri*cism for personal growth in this field. With these personality traits and exper*se I believe I qualify-to be hired for the beDerment of the company. Work Experience

Educational Institution Name : 1000 Hills Chef school Location : Bothas Hill Outer West Durban

Education start date : 29 January 2017

Graduation date OR Expected Grad date : 1 December 2018 Field of Study : Diploma in culinary arts, Diploma in food and beverage, Diploma in Pa*sserie.

Company Name : Yes Chef Del000 Hills chef school)

Position : Student/Line cook.

Location : BothasHill

Duration From : February 2017-December 2018


• We work on a two week system that rotates every week, week one you I work in deli kitchen which means.

making preserves like pickled onions, chili relish and sweet chili sauce for the shelf,

• I've also done charcuterie I've made salami and chorizo

• I've also made food items like chicken liver pate and spring onion dressing to be sold in the deli/restaurant

• I've also done prep for the weekend service like cooking and portioning the lamb curry or filleting fish.

• During the weekend I've worked stations like being head chef where I've had to call out and plate orders and or working steak station where you will cook steaks to different temperatures and make breakfast orders where I have made different types of eggs such as fried, sunny side up, poached and scrambled.

• Week two I work in production where I have made breads which include rye,sourdough bread,whole wheat and country loaf to name a few,

• I've also made cheeses like Caciotta and mozzarella. students are given opportunities to make cakes and cheesecakes like Death by chocolate cake with vanilla macerated strawberries and meringue nibs layered passion fruit jelly cheesecake topped off with vanilla infused melon textures, Enchanted forest ( Pear and Pecan nuts cake with vanilla mascarpone Icing, Gin and tonic jelly cheesecake with candied lemons and grapefruit which I have made for the restaurant.

• I also had the responsibility of running/working and also supervising the first years on various stations such as bar where it is the students responsibility to polish glasses, turn on gas for kegs, complete stock sheets for order lists pour wines, beers and gin and tonic, and pizza station where it is the students job check the prep for the weekend and start the fire and keep it going for the whole day at a minimum of 400 degrees Celsius or working front of house which means working head of front of house where you Will have to assign waitrons to stations, greet and seat customers.

• Supervising first years when working a station station as coffee station (making sure first years are making cappuccinos correctly).

• Working in production coming in early making scones and fresh pastries .

• I've also had the task of making lunch for the whole school which involves supervising the group of first years you are working with, creating a menu for the whole week and costing for the menu and cooking and serving lunch by 12 o clock . Company Name : Private company

Position : Private chef

Location : 104 Sunnyside Park Amanzimto*

Duration From : 14 September 2018- 16 September 2018 Tasks/Responsibilities:

• Created and designed a menu with the employer.

• Established a budget and presented it to the employer for approval.

• Hired vigilant and competent kitchen staff.

• I had to over see if the kitchen prep was done accordingly and ensuring hygiene was on point.

• Ensuring expeditious service is offered to clients in terms of serving food.

• I timelessly interacted with the employer to ensure my service meet her expectancy and assess if everything was on track.

• After the function the kitchen conducted a scrub down and sanitized properly and was left in a spic and span condition.

• Debriefing conducted afterwards and the employer was thrilled about my service and highly appreciated my customer service.

Company Name : Union Square Grill House Bar

Position : Private Chef

Location : 09 Old Main Road Oxford Village

Duration From : 08 October 2018 worked a day


• In October 2018, with my diplomas in culinary art, patisserie, I created and designed a Breakfast menu and a Function Menu for Union Square Restaurant in Hillcrest for 2018/2019 festive season.

• With the employer we discussed the specification of their menus after approval I drafted a work-plan.

• I drafted a work-plan for the function menu as a sample.

• Designed the menus and presented them to the employer.

• Drafted ingredients lists and drew up a budget for commodities and discussed it with the employer.

• After the approval of the budget by employer I sourced out all ingredients needed for the preparation of the function menu.

• Afterwards I had to do costing of all dishes and calculated profit to asses viability of the menu according to their budget given to me.

• Discussed the costing and profit with the employer for approval.

• Date was set for the preparation of the function menu as a sample.

• Made sure that all the equipments used were cleaned and sanitized before use.

• While preparing all components for the function menu there was stuff training.

• Preparation of the sample dish of the function menu were done plated and presented to the employer for approval. I had to plate 2 Starter, 3 Mains and 2 desserts.

• The employer was satisfied to the point whereby the menu was put out to the public during the festive season period.

Company Name : Montage Deer Valley Resort (USA)

Position : Line cook/Butcher/Banquet cook

Location : 9100 Marsac Avenue Parkcity Utah

Duration From : 15/05/2019-02/02/2020


worked in a rotational schedule I worked in the restaurant kitchen called Apex kitchen.

• Worked front line which I was in charge of the grill station and sauté.

• During my time at Apex kitchen I’d cook burger, fish tacos,wagyu beef nachos, chicken schnitzel entree, cooking salmon entrees, fried chicken sandwich, albacore tuna burger.

• I was also responsible for preparation of sauces and other components for dish on the menu so I prepared the following: spetzel, Korean vinaigrette, chipotle lime aioli, pickled red onions, teriyaki sauce, braised red cabbage, cheese sauce, bean sauce, Al pastor Marinate, buttermilk and red pepper emulsion, au poiuve sauce, and prepared all the vegetables on my station.

• Worked in Apex kitchen and B and B or Burgers and bourbon in full.

• At burgers and bourbon I was in charge of the grill station but it was main burgers but gourmet burgers I was in charge of cooking and building burgers and plating them and making and the preparation of the sauces and another components for the burgers.

• Worked in the butcher room had to the all cleaning and preparation of the meats for All kitchens.

• I had prep the following I had clean, French trim and potion the lamb racks, I had to do all the burger grinds for the burgers we had 3 different types of burger patties which were bison burger, 7 Ounces Regular burger patties and kids burgers which were 5 Ounces.

• Made steak tartare, chicken pouler rouge, marinate and cook chicken wings, clean a prime rib for the epic roast, cleaned, sliced and potion the wagyu beef for the nachos, potion out foie gras, clean and potion out Halibut, Atlantic Salmon and Scottish Salmon Albacore Tuna, chop Tuna for Tuna tartare, shuck oysters.

• Worked the banquet kitchen as well, plated dinners for large amounts of guests, charred beurre blanc sauce, red wine reductions, roasted coined potatoes, salmon almandine, cauliflower soups, tomato soups, vichyssoise soup, French onion soup, croutons herbed and spiced, breakfast BEOs, shellfish displays or arraignments

• Learnt how to do Canadian ham, pastrami, cheese boards displays, exotic fruit boards displays oyster board displays.


Skills and Qualifications:

Computer Skills : Basic computer skills

Special Awards /Certifications : Matriculated 2016/ College. College Educa,on Qualifica,on/Achievements:

Cer,ficate at 1000 Hills Chef School

• Level 2 Diploma in food prep & cooking (Culinary Arts) - IVQ • Level 2 Diploma in food prep

& cooking (Pa*sserie)


• Level 2 Diploma in food & beverage service – IVQ

• Level 3 Advanced Diploma in food prep & cooking supervision

• Cer*ficate of Advanced Pastry Course

• Cer*ficate of Beer Brewery Course

• Cer*ficate of Ar*sanal Course in bread style, cheese making & Charcot • Cer*ficate of Coffee making

Personal Details

Address :103 SunnysidePark Adams Amanzimto* 4110

Telephone Number : 063*******

E-mail :

Skype ID : Live:Calvin Mbhense

Date of Birth : 04 May 1997

Place of Birth : Durban(KZN) South Africa

Gender : Male

Country of Citizenship : South Africa

Country of Residence : South Africa

Date available to start training : 26 December 2018 Interests and Activities:

• I love Cooking, baking,Traveling to new places, exploring new cuisine, swimming and trying to invent new recipes or experimenting with old classics .I also enjoying watching cooking programs


Name : Chef Jade Benians

Position : Principal

Company name : 1000 Hills Chef School

Contact : 079*******

E-mail address :

Name : Mrs N. F Gcabashe

Position : Private employer

Company name : Private company

Contact : 083-***-****

E-mail address :

Name : Mr A.N Govender

Position : Principal

Company name : Ladysmith secondary high school

Contact : 036*******

E-mail address :

Name : Chef Vikas

Posi*on : SousChef

Company name : Montage Deer Valley Resort

Contact : +1-435-***-****

E-mail address

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