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Manager Sales

Ontario, Canada
October 29, 2020

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Jonathan Beloff •• Mississauga, ON L5M 7R6 • M: 647-***-****

Project Manager, Manager, Director


Talented professional with over 25 years provoking results and sustainable increased profitability. Leading innovative performance initiatives and changes driving productivity, efficiency, and performance optimizations. Change agent with demonstrated success provoking revenue & sales increases in current and new marketplaces. Identifying and slashing costs, working “side by side” with all Stakeholders identifying “bottlenecks”. Developed performance-based bonus systems. Leverage Lean Six Sigma, 5S, ISO, and other Best Practices to drive continuous improvement coupled with innovative solutions tailored to specific company needs. Inspired, persuasive leader, trainer, and coach with all teams (executives, managers, supervisors, individual contributors) to embrace identified improvements, overcome resistance to change, and adopt new, streamlined processes. Executed complex multimillion-dollar projects. “Out of the box” thinker with keen ability to recognize and solve problems. Relentless in driving attainment of tight deadlines. Highly adaptable and flawlessly installing processes, procedures and IT systems within diversified international organizations spanning many industries and sizes in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Experience working with Government Agencies and Unions. Delivered millions of dollars in operational and administrative savings. Company’s (client, employer) financial statements used to measure and demonstrate all ROI’s.

Areas of Expertise

•Strategic Planning & Execution

•Cost, Expense Elimination & Control

•Continuous Improvement Methods

•Transformation & Change Initiatives

•Technology Implementation


•Revenue/Sales & Profit Growth

•Process & Workflow Reengineering

•Organisational Restructuring/Integration

•KPI, Standards Definition & Tracking

•Performance Optimisation/Turnaround

•Executive & Stakeholder Engagement

•Mature & Start-up Businesses

Industries & Business Areas:

Manufacturing/Production, Operations, Warehousing, 3PL Operations, Distribution, Supply Chain, Food & Beverage, Tools, Plastics, Wood, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Foam, Automobile, Engineering, Retail & Supermarkets, Customer Service, Sales, Banking, Insurance, Hospitals, Fleet Maintenance, Television, Publishing, Construction, Imports, Acquisitions & Integrations/Consolidations, Start-ups, Government among others.

Career Experience

Senior Project Manager, Independent Contracts, (Canada, Mexico) 2017 to Present

Leverage expertise to drive change management, process reengineering, and performance optimisation for clients across diverse industries in Canada and Mexico. Perform in-depth assessments, identify areas for improvement, and spearhead transformational projects along with implementation of continuous improvement methodologies to produce measurable and sustainable improvements to kpi’s.

Key Achievements:

Achieved 13% improvement in performance for client across manufacturing, operations, warehousing, third-party logistics (3PL), distribution, administration, and supply chain areas.

Slashed cycle times by 11%, using direct observations to set accurate activity and process kpi’s, identifying and analysing Best Practices based on historical information and data (logistics/warehouse, service providers, manufacturing, other metrics), redesigning process flows, reducing lost times, wait times, movements, and duplication of efforts.

Drove 9% revenue growth along with improvements to services and sales by increasing installed capacities to sell more to market and focusing sales team on client needs for manufacturing, 3PL, distribution, and banking/insurance clients.

Boosted profitability for clients by 8% through performance optimisations (kpi’s) and strategic improvements. Installation of new IT technologies involving Stakeholders throughout the organization to assure measurements installed, use of data, and required, timely management actions are clearly understood and executed.

Successfully delivered $10 million dollars in total combined savings for several clients.

Senior Manager, Remco, Mississauga, ON 2014 to 2017

Steered continuous improvement activities for this leading transportation and distribution company serving clients across the nation. Defined and implemented comprehensive kpi’s to measure performance of warehouse, 3PL, and transportation operations. Several 3PL clients were international organizations. Supply Chain optimization.

Uncovered, generated $1.5 million dollars in cost savings organisation-wide, created a culture focused on change and continuous improvement, motivating all Union and non-Union team members to exceed expectations.

Delivered 15% decrease in processing cycle times through meticulous redesign of activity, material, and process flows.

Triggered $18 million dollars in revenue growth, reduced client onboarding times by 50%, improved on-time deliveries, fill rates, while reducing error/rework metrics with innovative solutions to achieve service level agreements (SLA’s) and Best Practices for integration of new 3PL clients.

Increased productivity 18%, training Front-Line Supervisors, Mid-Managers on improvement identification, productivity (units processed per man-hour), efficiency, performance measurements (kpi’s), and teamwork.

Installed IT requirements that translated operational & administrative informational needs into system requirements and management controls.

Decreased vehicle down time and improved road hours by 12%, deploying fleet preventive maintenance programs, spare parts inventory controls. 5S methodology to “clean up” maintenance areas, reducing lost time.

Director (Partner), ProLink Services, Global Locations 2006 to 2014

Productivity Consulting Firm improving standards and measurements, key performance indicator design, installation with Front Line Supervision and Mid-Management, operational and administration cost/expense reductions, increased profits. Worked directly with top management and owners to drive change management, continuous improvement, process reengineering, and business analysis.

Reduced cycle times, improved process step flows (layouts), reduced duplication of efforts resulting in position consolidation. Installed continuous improvement methodologies (LEAN, Six Sigma, 5s).

Spurred productivity improvements of 17+%, total savings of $40 million dollars for multiple clients across various industries. In addition, optimized installed capacities that increased revenues in current, new marketplaces. All improvements, results demonstrated, set prior to all project starts with owners and results measured in company’s financial statements. Integration of purchased companies, included leading change among different company cultures.

Reduced operational costs by 12% through increased productivity, efficiencies, labor cost reductions, supplier sourcing (setting SLA’s), material cost reductions, machine & fleet preventive maintenance in accordance with senior leadership requests and needs.

IT changes, installations included short term follow up forums to review process, information flows with Stakeholders (departments) involvement to understand how changes would affect current activities, future activities, and assure data accuracy, timeliness and usage for management decisions clearly understood and utilized.

Led assessments to identify, demonstrate, and implement changes with results in several areas, including 90% reduction in rework and waste (improved Quality Controls), 13% increase in production line uptime, optimizing sanitation activities increasing line availabilities 7%, reduced machine changeover times (SMED), higher efficiencies.

Shortened month-end closing cycles by 85%, implemented key performance indicators to measure administrative processing times, set standards, position consolidations.

Developed and implemented performance-based bonus program that reduced staff and management turnover.

Senior Manager Operational Efficiencies, TRUPER Herramientas, Mexico & US Locations 2003 to 2006

Responsible for leveraging operational productivity, efficiency, change management and continuous improvement. Designed process, organizational structure to support massive short-term growth (200%). Defined, implemented operational standards for logistics, distribution, and manufacturing operations; led, coached, and mentored team of 280 management and worker positions.

Identified and implemented SKU rationalisation strategy that reduced number of SKU’s by 7%.

Increased operations, logistics capacities and reduced operating expenses by 20% ($2 million dollars in savings).

Determined, installed IT system requirements, increased training for accurate data capturing, understanding of performance measurements, root cause identification and corrective actions required to increase schedule attainment.

Overhauled bonus system to link operational & individual kpi’s leading to 18% increase in productivity.

~ Prior experience as Senior Project Manager with Synergetics. ~Business improvement solutions that fit company needs outcomes included: Revenue Enhancement, Cost Management, Cash Flow Improvement, Return on Assets, Product & Customer Optimization.


Bachelor of Industrial Relations, Major in Economics, McGill University, Montreal, QC

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Technical Skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

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