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Chemical Engineering Engineer

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
October 29, 2020

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Petrochemical Process Engineer


Address: Al Ahmadi - Kuwait

Phone: +965********

Date of birth: 01-01-1983

Nationality: sudanese

OBJECTIVE Skilled in all aspects of chemical engineering including Re nery units, process, Development, equipment sizing, and speci cation. Also, have hands-on experience in making sure That standards of quality are met while production costs are kept as low as possible. Proven ability to use applied research and problem-solving skills for establishing the root cause of any Chemical-and oil products related to failure, as well as heading any investigations. The main target is to keen to join a successful and dynamic company that will challenge him Problem-solving skills and allow him to continue to develop her knowledge and potential.

More than 8 years of experience in re nery and oil eld facilities. EXPERIENCE


April 2017 - March 2020

Fuel Distribution System Engineer

TOA Corporation

• Duties and responsibilities:

• Conducting WPS and PQR for the pipelines in deferent locations.

• Supervision of the joint installation for the pipes (GRE & PCV).

• Quality control reporting to the CQCM by monitoring the checklists and tests.

• Veri cation of material and equipment on site against approved items.

• Attending coordination meetings for service work. Actioning the submittals including shop drawings materials, catalogs, and samples.

Perform all required tests to verify that product/item measures conform to contract requirements and ITP.

Supervision of on-site installations and the subsequent testing and commissioning of networks.

Performing all three-phase inspection at the site regularly via the identi ed inspection sheets to verify.

compliance with contract requirements and approved shop drawings in the presence of government.

Coordination with site engineers to assess their requirements before approving the contractor's check-o lists.

Coordination with site engineers before deciding on locations of mechanical and electrical.

equipment and accessories to satisfy the proper construction considerations.

• Coordination between the construction manager and MEP department. Keeping a daily logbook to record each day's events, problems, reviewing service items of work in the daily report to submit to the government.

Republic of Sudan

May 2010 - December 2013

Re nery Operator

Ministry of Petroleum - Sudanese Petroleum Pipelines Holding Company. Russia Federation -Krasnodar

July 2007 - August 2008

Assistant Process Engineer

Krasnodar Oil and Gas Company

Follow up and monitoring of fuel distribution System and fuel service connections with the mains.

Reporting after the maintenance period on the quality and maintenance of the material and equipment and co-operating of the Contractor/ subcontractor.

Survey of the list of material and equipment when required and supply of technical information.

Reporting non-compliance with the subcontractor with the site instructions and safety measures.

• Monthly assessment of the subcontractor's site stu .

• Preparation and updating of the snag list.

• Checking the as-built drawing, maintenance, and spare parts. Review and endorse Final As-Built Drawings prepared by TOA/subcontractors as per approved site

• condition from the Government.

• Duties and responsibilities:

Recording and compiling operating data, instrument readings, documentation, and results of laboratory analyses.

Handling vacuum and distillation units, heater, tar separator, deaerator, desulfurized, and desalters which include charged products, re uxes, the destination of products, and all associated equipment.

• Checking and maintain pumps, compressors, regulators, and valves.

• Handling heaters and preheated equipment.

• Checking cooling towers and sources of cooling water and exchangers. Monitoring equipment to regulate the ow of oil in pipelines and into and out of tanks.

Controlling and operating manifold and pumping systems to circulate liquids through a petroleum re nery.

• Operating pumps, open and close valves, and check temperatures. Veri ed that incoming and outgoing products are moving through the correct meters and that meters are working properly.

Reading automatic gauges at speci ed intervals to determine the ow rate of oil into or from tanks, and the amount of oil in tanks.

• Operating and monitoring gas compressors.

• Oversee booster pump house- all pumping in and out of the unit.

• Batched and blended diesel and gasoline.

Monitoring process indicators, instruments, gauges, and meters in order to detect and report any possible problems.

• Responsible for the emergency route in case of a shutdown.

• Handling with desulphurizing units.

• Performing water testing and chemical additives.

• Duties and responsibilities:

Recording and compiling operating data, instrument readings, documentation, and results of laboratory analyses.


Russian Federation - Krasnodar

From 2003 To 2008

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology

Kuban State Technological University


English (Fluent)

Arabic (Mother tongue)

Russian Language (Fluent)



• Operating pumps, open and close valves, and check temperatures.

• Operating and monitoring gas compressors and pumps.

• Operating and monitoring the bitumen installation unit. Monitoring process indicators, instruments, gauges, and meters in order to detect and report any possible problems.

• Checking and reporting oil products quality.

Operating and monitoring motorized valves from the operation control room to receive or deliver oil products.

• Investigating and troubleshooting plant/process problems. Ensuring that equipment works to its speci cation and to appropriate capacities

• Assessing the safety and environmental issues.

• Chemical Technology of Natural Energy Carriers and Carbon Materials

• Assist in the performance of chemistry lab experiments.

• Analyze experiment results thoroughly.

• Critical thinking and evaluation abilities.

• Extensive teamwork and professional collaboration experience.

• Strong organizational and administrative skills.

• Excellent applied mathematical and analysis abilities. Extensive experience operating standard chemistry lab equipment and instruments.

• Perseverance during trial and error experiments.

• Problem solving skills in a lab environment.

• Professional communication and clear report writing abilities. Monitoring experiments and maintaining records and data Comfortable performing research and Conducting presentations of information.

• Breakwater and Cargo Pier Repair (Kuwait Naval Base).

• Quality Control Management For Contractors, US Army Corps of Engineering

• First AID and CPR, Kuwait Red Crescent Society

• ASG-KU Environmental O cer, US Army


3-7-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Tokyo, 163-1031, Japan

Tel: +81-3 -6367-0800

Fax: +81-3-6367-0809


Al Ardhiya 2, Block 2, Bldg 3,

P.O. Box 22220, Safat 13083 Kuwait

Tel: +965-****-****

Fax: +965-****-****


Date : 10 March 2020


We, TOA CORPORATION - Kuwait Office, hereby certify that Ahmed Kamal Hassan Ali, holder of Passport No. P01719546, was employed by us from 01 April 2017 up to 08 March 2020 in capacity of QC Fuel Engineer for the Design and Construction of Breakwater and Cargo Pier Repairs Project in Kuwait Naval

.Base, State of Kuwait

This Certificate is being issued to the above-named employee without any direct or

. indirect obligation on the part of the Company

, Yours faithfully

For and on behalf of



KNB and VMD Administration Manager

Prepared Reviewed

Digitally signed by Renee Infante

DN: cn=Renee Infante, o=TOA

CORPORATION, ou=Kuwait Office,,


Date: 2020.03.10 15:42:16 +03'00'

Digitally signed by Yasushi


DN: cn=Yasushi KAWAMOTO,



email=y_kawamoto@toa-, c=KW

Date: 2020.03.10 16:47:25 +03'00'

Digitally signed by Khaled Hesn

DN: cn=Khaled Hesn, o=TOA Corporation,

ou=KNB & VMD Administration Manager,, c=KW

Date: 2020.03.11 08:38:32 +03'00'

3 411

%"5& UI "QSJM





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