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Engineer Water Treatment, Field Specialist, Technical Services

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
November 30, 2020

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Husain Akram – Field Specialist Gen, Baker Hughes


Career Profile

Oil and gas professional with experience more than 10 years in technical services for production chemicals. Focus mainly on new business opportunities, field application of chemicals and performance monitoring. An Engineer with a strong record of accomplishment in engineering achievement gained within the upstream of oil and gas environment. Particular emphasis on project management, demulsification, water treatment, petroleum microbiology, corrosion, H2S and scale issues. Dedicated towards health & safety. Experienced in EOR

(polymer-flooded field). Decent knowledge about process operation engineering, P&ID, PFD, dosing pumps, vessels, heat exchangers, induced gas flotation, filters. Ability to go beyond, understand big picture and look for better ways to apply products and services that fits best to solve problems. Thrives in an environment of challenge and is equally capable of working independently or as part of a multi-disciplinary team. A committed professional who sets high standards, strives to add value and is motivated by the opportunity to achieve. Skills

Technical Services, Field Services, Lab Management, Water Treatment, Data Manipulation, Troubleshooting, Oil and Water Separation, Flow Assurance, Integrity Management, Product Optimization, Project Management, Customer Relationship, Dispute Resolution, Specialty Chemical, Lab Analysis, Computer Skills. Professional Experience

Field Specialist – General May 2017 to May 2020

Baker Hughes, India 3 years 1 months

Key Accomplishments

• Technically managed chemical management service contract for India’s one of the largest oil and gas processing facility, polymer flooded field (Cairn Energy India). This involves selection, application, performance monitoring and optimization of quality oil and gas field chemicals including demulsifier, water clarifier, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, biocides, oxy scav, H2S scav, defoamers, PPD.

• Diagnosed prospect’s problems and bridged the gaps with appropriate products & services. Established and maintained relationship with oil and gas companies in India seeking chemical treatment.

• Coordinated a dynamic team of 40 member to perform lab and field routine activities.

• Analyzed lab data and based on lab results regulated injection rate of chemical to maintain minimum specification of oil and water. Daily interaction with client, reviewed performance and KPI’s.

• Collaborated with SME’s – Scale, Corrosion, microbiologist, water clarifier, bottle tester. Worked with experts on TSA (Total System Analysis).

• Supported to customers with respect to technical recommendation and stock inventory.

• Highlighted and rolled out new technologies, created new business with existing customers by identifying opportunities for the application of new technologies.

• Selected water clarifier product and applied successfully in field.

• Implemented combination of water draining and dehydrating/polishing Demulsifiers in the system and achieved the minimum specification of crude oil as desired by the client.

• Fixed an issue of pipeline pressure loss – Deposition of schmoo found in lab analysis, applied Schmoo Remover at effective dose rate in power fluid pipeline and reduced ΔP by 6 Bar. Mumbai, India

Husain Akram


Technical Professional Apr 2013 to Jan 2017

Halliburton (Multi-Chem), India 3 years 10 months

Key Accomplishments

• Managed injection water quality for Cairn Energy, India by applying Acrolein in water producing wells.

• Supported technically injection water project for Tullow Oil, Kenya. Focused on quality of water to be injected downhole. Treated water with biocide, maintained dissolve oxygen while water injection.

• Assist on technical aspects of new chemical tenders within India.

• Performance test of various chemicals to find suitable product and its optimum dosage in fields.

• Conducted field trails for H2S Scavenger and water clarifier.

• Established relation with different client within India to improve business.

• Acrolein Applicator Level II.

• Applied Encapsulated Scale Inhibitor in producing well for scale control down-hole.

• Awarded with “Best Stop Work Authority” for safety leadership.

• Completed 100 successful Acrolein jobs safely in water producing wells. Lead Engineer May 2010 to Apr 2013

Champion Dai-Ichi Technologies, India (Contract) 3 Years Key Accomplishments

• Supervised a team of 16 members to carry out daily routine activities in lab and field for a chemical management service contract – Cairn Energy India.

• Worked at Reliance oil refinery Jamnagar, India for Demulsifier application.

• Observed process and advised changes for smooth operations.

• Performance and daily consumption report to client. Invoiced monthly.

• Carried out lab analysis like OIW, BS&W, viscosity, pour point, serial dilution for SRB's APB's, corrosion inhibitor & scale inhibitor residual analysis, TSS, TDS, FE count, PSD, hardness, conductivity, PH, salinity.

• Oversaw P&ID and PFD - installed side stream to monitor corrosion, spotted dosing points.

• Collected water and oil samples for lab analysis. Carried out wellhead BS&W while lining up for production. Monitored chemical dosing rate. Performed water Injectivity test as per NACE standard.

• Designed new strategies for chemical applications for better performance.

• Carried out product selection test in Lab: Demulsifier - Bottle Test, Water Clarifier - Bench Wimco Test, Biocide - Kill Test.

Trainee Engineer - Academic project for Master degree 1st Feb 2009 – 28th

Feb 2009

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (Ongc), India. 1 month One month industrial training at ‘ONGC (Well Services)’ Ahmedabad Asset, India. The topic of concern was

"Well Completion & Testing". Focused mainly on the following:

• Reservoir fluid composition, GOR.

• The average reservoir pressure. Reservoir characteristics.

• Optimum selection of bean size, tubing and flow line.

• Well sickness and need of undertaking repair job. Mumbai, India

Husain Akram


Educational Qualification

Master of Science – Petroleum Technology

First Class

Nowrosjee Wadia College. University of Pune, India 2007 - 2009 Bachelor of Science – Geology, Chemistry, Zoology


Jai Hind College North Maharashtra University (NMU), India 2004 – 2007 Seminar Delivered

• Acrolein Awareness – Cairn Energy, India.

• Well Testing & Completion – University of Pune, India.

• Wells: Abnormal Pressure condition – University of Pune, India. Courses & Certification

• Production Chemical training in USA. – Baker Hughes, India.

• Advance Training in Chemical Handling. – Champion Dai-Ichi Technologies India.

• Delivering Financial Performance Training. – Halliburton, India.

• Talent Search Training. – Halliburton, India.

• Acrolein Safety & Application. – Halliburton, India.

• Rigging Slinging Training. – Halliburton, India.

• Basic H2S Awareness program. – Cairn Energy India Ltd.

• Awarded with “Best Stop Work Authority” for safety leadership. – Halliburton, India.

• Survival System Ltd. India, which includes Sea Survival, HUET and Fire Fighting Programme. Languages

• English – Professional.

• Hindi – Professional.

• Marathi – Professional.

Mumbai, India

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