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Freelance Writer

Glen Allen, VA, 23059
November 30, 2020

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Naimah Mobarak

*** *******

Greenbelt, MD


Personal Objectives

As a teacher and a writer by career, my goal is to join an organization that will synergize with my innate skills in serving others, and collaborate with me in further enriching the future of our world. Furthermore, I strive to follow the most effective styles and tactics to ensure any and all supervisors above me as well as clients in my care feel that I am thriving and exceed the standards of the work environment.

Higher Education

Western Governers University

Bachelor's Degree in Arts - Elementary Childhood Education

●Recently enrolled; anticipated Date of Acquisition: December 2021 (subject to change)

Work Experience

Al Huda School

Temporary Homeroom Teacher College Park, MD – August 2019-October 2019

●Educated students between the ages of 9 and 10

●Took responsibility for the 4th grade classroom during a transition to a new teaching staff

●Identified weaknesses and worked with designated social worker to help students with behavioral issues

Elite International School

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher Al-Amarat, Sudan – January 2019-April 2019

●Joined for final semester

●Educated students between the ages of 5 and 6

●Enacted “emergency academic plan” to help students who were quite below grade level to prepare for the upcoming year

●Identified weaknesses and worked with designated social worker to improve academic levels of students with delayed learning abilities

●Attended condensed weekend professional development projects on school campus

●Coordinated an end-of-year graduation for lower elementary

Elite International School

3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher Al-Amarat, Sudan – July 2017-April 2018

●Educated students between the ages of 6 and 8

●Raised overall class average scores considerably from 1st semester to 2nd semester in English through the use of individualized learning methods and centers

●Worked with parents to identify areas where students could make changes at home in order to positively affect their learning

●Participated in professional development and weekend programs to improve and vary teaching methods

●Encouraged ESL students to feel confident in speaking and improve their grammar skills in English by year’s end

Private Contractor

Part Time Elementary Teacher’s Assistant Virginia, USA – May 2016-September 2016

●Assistant to elementary school teacher working in Herndon, Virginia

●Graded students’ papers, assessments, and examinations

●Provided advice and any necessary assistance to teacher in charge

●Created plans with teacher in charge to suit the needs of individual students

●Retrieved materials necessary for managing classroom

●Provided any additional and necessary resources to teacher in charge

Self-Employed Private Instruction

Full Time Private Tutor Manshia, Sudan – October 2012-April 2016*

●Worked with clients whose children attended Oxford International School in the primary and middle school sector

●Performed need-based, occasional coaching with a high school level student attending Sisters’ School

●Helped students find strength in themselves to complete homework independently

●Pinpointed problematic areas and subjects that students had extreme weaknesses in

●Summoned help of parents to find effective solutions to students’ academic complications

●Improved the quality of students’ written and spoken English using online and handmade materials

●Handled all behavioral issues in a calm and collected manner

●Learned the most effective ways and uses of materials to suit each student’s personal learning style and promote academic growth accordingly

Private Contracting

Part Time Elementary Teacher’s Assistant Maryland, USA – January 2015 -June 2015

●Assistant to elementary school teacher working in College Park, Maryland

●Assisted in retrieving materials necessary for running the classroom

●Graded students’ papers, assessments, and examinations

●Provided any additional and necessary resources to teacher in charge

●Worked with teacher in charge to create individualized plans and lessons

Self-Employed Private Instruction

Part Time Private Tutor Arkaweet, Sudan – February 2013-March 2013

●Worked with clients whose children attended Summit International School for the 2012-2013 academic year (grades 2 and 4)

●Identified weak points with students and coached accordingly

●Helped students to improve their grades and to prepare for final examinations in a timely and organized manner

Blue Nile Montessori Preschool

Preschool Teacher and Caregiver

Office Assistant

Material Facilitator Balabel, Sudan – August 2012-October 2012

●Facilitated and created written materials for Montessori students of the 3-to-4 year age range

●Learned effective Montessori methods in enabling and encouraging children to work independently and efficiently

●Monitored overall student growth through a number of meetings with parents

●Effectively discussed solutions with parents for any problematic behavior among students

●Managed social networks and media associated with the Montessori institution

Jazeera International Schools

Humanities Instructor

After-school Workshop Manager Jeraif, Sudan – September 2011-July 2012

●Educated students from grades 2 through 9 in the subjects of Geography and History

●Helped to prepare worksheets and helpful packets for other subjects and grade levels

●Hosted a Creative Writing workshop to instruct high school level students on how to write more effectively and to perfect the skills of students who were already exceptional in the area of writing

●Held a number of tutoring sessions for teachers who needed slight practice in aspects of the English language

Volunteer Work

Jazeera International Schools

After School Program Facilitator Jeraif, Sudan – September 2011-July 2012

●Tutored students who needed extra skills and assistance

●Hosted brief sessions in partnership with the principal of the school for teachers who desired more practice with basic English skills through the use of printed and handmade materials

●Began a Creative Writing workshop for students to improve their writing and speaking skills

Islamic Center of Riverside

Summer Program Instructor’s Assistant California, USA – July 2008

●Assisted instructors in acquiring materials for students

●Held learning workshops in the areas of Creative Writing and Art

●Facilitated schedules and organized several events within the span of the summer program period

●Met with students’ caregivers to discuss any behavioral issues

Relevant Skills

●Manage projects and workshops pertaining to the educational field as well as office administration

●Work with all levels of Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office programs

●Navigate the internet to produce resources for use within and outside the classroom environment

●Educate in a confident and collected manner while using effective disciplinary methods

●Adapt teaching modes to deal with different levels of learning capabilities

●Create impromptu lessons and keep class engaged in times where resources are scarce or unavailable

●Create lesson plans and effective learning materials from beginning to end and in a timely manner


●Kareema B. Mobarak, - +1-240-***-****

●Rana Abukassawi, - +249-**-***-****

●Asiyah Ali, - +1-407-***-****

Additional references available upon request

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