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Project Management

Lagos, Nigeria
November 29, 2020

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*, ********** ******, ******** ****** Estate, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria



I have 4+ years of experience in Project Management, 3+ years of experience in Online Presence Management, 3 years of experience in MarkeQng and Sales, 2 years of experience in SoRware TesQng, and 4 years of experience in Customer RelaQonship Management. I am a deep and criQcal thinker, enthusiasQc team player, a leader and always ready to learn new things.


Project Management and Business Analysis: Stakeholder Management, CommunicaQon Management, Customer RelaQonship Management, Task Management, Project Management Tools: TeamganV (WBS), MS office, GitHub, Jira and Slack Programing and Scripting Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, R and PYTHON Software Testing: Manual TesQng, Automated TesQng tools (JMeter, Selenium IDE and Postman) Online Presence Strategy: Search Engine OpQmisaQon (SEO), Web Analysis (using Google AnalyQcs), Google AdWords (Search Engine MarkeQng), and Inbound MarkeQng CERTIFICATION

CerQfied SoRware Tester ISTQB-BCS

Google AdWords Professional GOOGLE

CerQfied Business Analysis Professional CBAP (in view by February 2021) HIGHLIGHTS

• Excellent communicaQon and interpersonal skills

• Strong analyQcal skills

• Excellent strategic thinking

• Detail-oriented and EnthusiasQc team player

• Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access) VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE/ACTIVITIES

I love giving back to the community by responding to developers and Testers’ quesQons on forums. I am a member of Nigeria Red Cross Society (Akure Chapter). I administer first aid to casualQes and give first aid training to people around me.



Project Manager (IT Company) December 2019 – Till now I am responsible for overall coordinaQon, status reporQng and stability of all projects. Other responsibiliQes are

• Set up development milestones and entry or exit criteria for all projects

• Track key project milestones and adjust project plans and/or resources to meet the needs of customers

• Manage and Communicate with all stakeholders

• Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress

• Ensure that all projects are delivered on-Qme, within scope and within budget FIVERR, UTEST AND TESTLIO (remote jobs)

Online SoRware TesQng plahorms December 2019 – Till now Techniche Solution

Quality assurance Engineer January 2018 – April 2020

• To assist in defining, developing and execuQon of quality assurance principles and pracQces, test plans and assessments relevant to quality assurance

• To develop automated systems for tesQng using various tools

• To manage the project right from the stage of incepQon to compleQon

• To ensure that the requirements are interpreted appropriately and correctly

• To idenQfy the defects and errors and reports them MAKARIOWORKS NIGERIA LIMITED

MarkeQng ExecuQve (IT Company) August 2017 – January 2018

• Drive Market to the Company Website

• Monitor and forecast markeQng and sales trends

• Measure the effecQveness of markeQng programs and strategies

• Oversee and develop markeQng campaigns for online and offline purposes

• Champion market penetraQon

• Drive Market to the Company Website

• Devise and evaluate methods for collecQng data

• Arrange the effecQve distribuQon of markeQng materials

• Organise and aVend events such as conferences, seminars, recepQons, and exhibiQons HERITAGE BANK LIMITED

Service Associate (Retail Banking) October 2014 –2017 Management Responsibility

• Co-manage the Automated Banking Centre at Omole, Berger Lagos

• Responsible for maintaining servers, networks, generator and telephones, etc Marketing and Sales Responsibility

• Profile prospect and create a relaQonship for the bank

• Listen to customer needs and preferences to provide advice

• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of customer buying habits

• Delivers informaQonal sales presentaQons to potenQal investors to build symbioQc client relaQonships

• Research Banking guidelines and statutory requirements to stay updated on new laws and applicaQons


Managed the development of a Data Collection Application for a Tirm in Lagos I worked with a group SoRware Development teams to develop an applicaQon (web applicaQon and mobile applicaQon) for collecQng data.

Managed the development of a Mobile Banking Application for a Fin Tech company in Lagos

I set up development milestones and the commercials for the project. I created entry and exit criteria for the project. I managed and communicated when necessary with all the stakeholders. I tracked project milestones and adjust project plans and the resources to meet the needs of our clients. Created and managed from zero to more than 2000 Bank Accounts in less than 2 Years Created more than 2000 relaQonships for the bank, from which more than 1000 are retail account holders. And more than 5000 other bank products were cross sold in less than 2 Years. Managed the planning and execution of Love Express 2017 and 2018 Love Express is a yearly event design for the less privilege in Ikeja Environs. In Love Express, food materials are shared and free medical check-up is made available for anyone who comes. EDUCATION AND TRAINING

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria BSc Materials Science and Engineering 2012

OS CONCEPT, Ope, Abuja, Nigeria

Project Management and Business Analysis 2014, 2015 HUBSPOT ACADEMY

Inbound MarkeQng 2016, 2018

UDACITY (ALCwithGoogle)

Front End Design 2018

1st IMAGE CONSULTANCY, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria ISTQB-BCS CerQfied Tester (FoundaQon) 2019


I like reading and thinking.

I like playing Chess, Scrabbles, Football Manager and any Strategy game

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