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Pune, Maharashtra, India
November 26, 2020

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Dr. PRASHANT P. BAKSHE (PhD - TU Darmstadt)

Gopalwadi Rd. 194, Opp. Akash Apartment, Samata Nagar, Maharashtra, Pin – 413801, Phone: +91-966**-*****,; ABOUT ME

An inventor of all the present day multi-camera systems which are being used in modern smart phones, android devices and mobile phones.

An inventor of method of resolving directional ambiguity in laser Doppler and Phase Doppler system through the replacement of Brag cell unit.


To work in vast interdisciplinary areas of science and engineering for the purpose of cherishing interests and achieving the personal, industrial, social and economic developments. EDUCATION

Degree Specialization University/Institute Year Grade Bachelor of


Mechanical Engineering Pune University 2000 I

Master of


Mechanical – Heat Power


Government College of

Engineering, Karad, MS.

2005 I

PhD Mechanical – Fluid

dynamics, Applied Physics

Technical University of

Darmstadt, Germany

2016 Excellent


PCT/IN2018/050119 - WO2018/207200 – IN201927039901 – US 16603585 -- GB1914895.6

–IP 201********** - Techniques for the characterization of transparent and non-transparent particles using scattered light signals

PCT/IN2018/050558 - WO2019/053739 -- IN201927040039 -- US 16603596 -- GB1914934.3—IP201721015412 -- R20202012438 -NP 201********* - High resolution imaging and object characterization system with ability to transfer the image and data wirelessly over a long distance

PCT/IN2018/050820 -- WO/2019/116384 -- IP 201********* – IP 202********* -- GB2007776.4 -- An instrument for measurement of velocity of light. IP202021017801- 26/04/2020 - A method for the determination of object and surface velocities at different foci created by a transparent object. – in process IP202029021555, 22/05/2020 - A method to Improve the Image quality during high speed imaging and video capturing – in process

IP202021017569 - 24/04/2020 - A method of increasing a funnel flow discharge into a vessel

– in process for international application. – in process IP202023021511, 22/05/2020 - Mouthpiece of Quick-pour Water Vessel based on a Quick- pour Funnel - in process

IP202029027753, 30/06/2020 - A Frequency Slicing Technique for High Resolution Image- Data Transfer at High Speed – in process





1. A very high speed imaging system of multiple cameras on all the mobile phones (as mentioned in Patent).

2. Complete Laser Doppler / Phase Doppler, LiDAR and high DAQ PIV systems for three dimensions of multiphase flow characterization 3. A method of Wi-Fi internet connectivity based on a frequency slicing technique useful for the 5G connectivity.

4. A method and a device for the communicating between objects and electronic devices by “Internet of things”.

6. An apparatus and method for the chemical industry to detect and identify components of a multicomponent liquid

7. An optical filter that may be converted into a biosensor for the high resolution imaging

8. An optical ultra-high frequency vibrometer based on Gaussian optics and multifocal MV principles

9. An optical beam scan apparatus based on Gaussian Optics principle 10. An accelerometer to measure very high acceleration of accelerating components 11. A multiphase flow optical characterization apparatus based on Gaussian Optics 12. A method of resolving dimensional ambiguity in multiphase flow measurements 13. A rpm measurement device based on Gaussian optics principles 14. Fluid turbulence measuring device based on Gaussian optics principles 15. Fluid elemental stress and strain measurement device 16. A device for the vorticity measurement in fluid flow 17. A Gaussian corona based particle characterization technique and device 18. A microspheres-in-flight temperature measurement device 19. A device for the measurement of particulate size and velocity using a single high speed camera along the natural focal length of the light beaming optics 20. An aircraft window to turn brightness and darkness by rotation 21. A fluid vessel and Funnel in RO water plants and chemical industries – “Quickpour” SKILLS

• Automobile test bed instrumentation and trials, Engine testing and performance analysis.

• Real time-high speed data acquisition and signal processing.

• Optical system-design, measurement, post processing for noise and optical parameters, Opto-mechanical component design, Image processing.

• Design and Optimization of Laser-Doppler-Systems and Phase-Doppler-System.

• Multiphase flows, turbulent flows and flow characterization and model formulation.

• IP and Patent development and consolidation for products and technologies.

• Multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural project management. (Project lead for several R&D projects worth INR 24 lacs and 200,000 Euros.)


• CAE: Fluent, Gambit, Unigraphics

• DAQ/Automation: NI-LabVIEW, NI-PXI

• Processing: Origin, Image J, Cavilux, Phortran, Thorlabs DCU, Beamscan, Coreldraw WORK EXPERIENCE

Associate Professor. July’ 18 – Sept’ 20

VBIT, Hyderabad

Assistant Professor

MIT-AOE, Pune Aug’16 - July ‘18

Research Scientist and employee

Technical Uni. of Darmstadt, Germany Oct’ 09 to Aug ‘16 Research Associate

Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi Mar’ 07 to May ‘09 Assistant Professor

Tolani Maritime Institute Dec’ 05 - Mar ‘07

Assistant Professor

COE Kopargaon Feb’ 05 - Dec ’05

Trainee Engineer

Auto Fields India Pvt Ltd Apr’ 02 – Aug’ 02

Sahajpur, Yavat, Pune


Gate 2002 – Scored 86.48 percentile, and received Ministry of Education (formerly MHRD) Scholarship at Government College of Engineering, Karad, M.S., India Received Senior Research Fellowship at Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi Diploma in German language Proficiency (B1), Frankfurt, Germany Projects guided - 08

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