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Physician Medical

Ann Arbor, MI
October 16, 2020

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**** *********** ***** *. • ANN ARBOR, MI • 48108

(734) 717- 7542


A competent and skilled pediatrician with over twenty-four years of experience in a community hospital pediatric emergency center, Level 1 trauma center for patients sixteen years and older. Licensure and Certifications

• Licensed in State of Michigan, including Controlled Substances and DEA

• American Board of Pediatrics - October 1996 - present

• Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider (PALS)

• Advanced Trauma Life Support Provider (ATLS)

Professional Experience

• Pediatric Emergency Physician Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital Pediatric Emergency Center Ann Arbor, Michigan September 1996 – Present.

o Serve patient population from newborns to those in mid-twenties. o Perform EKG and x-ray interpretation, minor surgical procedures such as laceration repair, incision and drainage, and foreign body removal. o Adept at orthopedic procedure involving fracture assessment and management, joint reductions including shoulder, patella and phalanges. o Skilled in procedural sedation and anxiolysis.

o Competent in the evaluation and management of moderately to severely ill children, including asthma, anaphylaxis, sepsis, and trauma. o Trained in advance airway skills.

o Serve as faculty for the hospital in the education and evaluation of emergency medicine residents and medical students from University of Michigan Hospital and medical students from Michigan State University.

o Serve as Quality Assurance Officer for pediatric emergency center. Responsibilities include:

§ Chart review for forty-eight hour re-visits resulting in admission or transfers.

§ Monitoring adherence to protocols for asthma management and head injury.


§ Work directly with inpatient hospital pediatric quality team to better address the needs of the community we serve.

o Assisted in the development of current hospital protocol for the use of intranasal medications in the management of anxiolysis and pain in pediatric patients, 2014. o Engaged with other hospital subspecialties to improve care for pediatric patients in the emergency department

§ Worked with orthopedic department to streamline pediatric orthopedic follow up at University of Michigan Hospital for pediatric patients receiving fracture reduction in the emergency department.

§ Worked with department of radiology to develop program for use of MRI to diagnose appendicitis in pediatric patients. This lessened utilization of CT and thus radiation exposure in children in the community. o Serve on several hospital committees

§ Sedation Committee – monitors quality assurance and guidelines for procedural sedation in Pediatric Emergency Center, 2010 - present.

§ Next Step Committee – committee designed to provide closure for families that experienced an unforeseen tragic outcome in the emergency department, 2009 - present.

§ Served on the Pediatric Department Review Committee, 2005.

• DNA Synthesizer Technician Georgetown University Medical Center, Shady Grove, Maryland July – August 1990. Assisted in the establishment of a lab involved in the development of DNA analogs utilized in HIV and cancer research. See attached sheet for publications.

• National Cancer Institute Fellow Clinical Pharmacology Branch, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland June 1987 – June 1989. Synthesized and developed DNA analogs utilized in HIV and cancer research. See attached sheet for publications. Education

• Pediatric Residency, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, D. C. July 1993 – June 1996.

• Doctor of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, August 1989 – May 1993.

• Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland August 1983 – May 1987.


o Graduated Cum Laude

o Received American Chemical Society Undergraduate Achievement Award in Chemistry, 1986.

o Received Leidy Scholarship – awarded to the two outstanding, undergraduate seniors majoring in chemistry, 1986.

o Dean’s List, University of Maryland 1983 – 1986. References furnished upon request.



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