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Sheet Metal Design

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
July 31, 2020

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Mariraj A

Mumbai, Maharashtra 885******* Objective

Mechanical design and maintenance engineer with 5 years’ experience, having knowledge about design software’s and GD&T. Full-time Mechanical Engineering opportunities with special interest in Design, Analysis and manufacturing. Educational Qualification

Design engineer master program, SKILL LYNC (Present) B.E. (Mechanical), Dr. Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering, Tiruchendur, CGPA- 7.5 (2014) HSC, Sri Ganaser HSS, Panikanadarkudirupu. Tamil Nadu State Board of School Examination, (85.7%) (2010) SSLC, Arul Neri Hindu HS, Tamil Nadu State Board of School Examination, (85.3%) (2008) Work Experience

Design and Maintenance, Vi-tech enterprises, Mumbai (May 2015 – Present)

• Gained the knowledge about engineering drawings and designing, different types of machines and manufacturing techniques, basics about tool and die making and knowledge about measuring instruments. GET, Woory Automotive parts Pvt limited, Chennai (May 2014 – Aug 2014)

• Gained the knowledge about production and manufacturing and assembly techniques. Key Skills

CAD modeling – Auto CAD, NX CAD, Solid works, Power mill, solid Edge. Other tools – Microsoft Word, Excel, Spreadsheet and Power point. Projects

Modeling of Sun Seeker Predator yacht using Solid Works, Skill-Lync

• Modeling of the Yacht gained a depth knowledge on the Surface Modeling.

• Part Models and Assembly is Rendered with the help of solid works visualize.

• Gained Insights of Composite Curves and make Pierce Features in Solid Works. Modeling of American Chopper using Solid Works, Skill- Lync

• Gained the knowledge of fundamentals involved in the concept generation phase.

• Modeling of the chopper gained a depth knowledge on the Solid Modeling and Surface Modeling tools of the solid works cad software.

• Understand the basics of part modeling, assembly modeling’s, photo-realistic renderings. Understating and applying GD&T using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• In GD&T gained the knowledge on Difference between traditional dimensioning and GD&T, Benefits of GD&T, how to read a feature control frame, Technical standards- ASME Y14.5M-2009, different symbols used in GD&T, cover, and feature of size.

• Then learned what are datum’s and how to apply datum’s to parts, Datum reference features, Datum feature modifiers and how to calculate virtual condition.

• Gained the knowledge about all types of tolerance like form, profile, orientation, location, and run out. Butterfly Valve Assembly using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Learnt about Siemens NX CAD software for design, assembly, and drafting of parts.

• Modeling of the butterfly valve components gained a depth knowledge on the solid Modeling in nx-cad.

• Part Models are assembled by the use of assembly constrains in unigraphics.

• Gained the knowledge about GD&T after applying the GD&T to the butterfly valve assembly drawings. Automotive Sheet Metal Design Using NX CAD

• Automotive Sheet Metal Design course giving me an outline of the current Body in White (BIW) component design factors and gave detailed explanations about their significance to part function, cost, and reliability. Hood Design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Designed the car hood and understand the mechanism behind the design of hood, then development& its safety features as per the design consideration.

• Learned the anatomy of Key mechanism and Locker and Striker Mechanism. Fender Design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Designed the Fender mounting points like Drip Area, Sill Mount area, bumper mount, A-pillar mounting and wheel arc mounting by considering the fender skin, Drip area master sketch and design standards for rest of the mountings.

• Calculated the wheel arc area and prove whether the car will pass the standards or not by using the European standards. Roof Design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• In roof includes the design and analysis of automobile roof. All the parameters and standards are within the requirement of the styling team.

• Learnt how to develop the essential flanges and reinforcements, than appropriate dimension and check for Draft analysis and also submitted section modulus report on the 0-Y section.

• The Roof Assembly contains of front rail, rear rail, roof bows and reinforcement rails which were positioned to allow high torsional stiffness and load bearing capacity. Backdoor Design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Designed with consideration of given outer panel and followed with creating of embosses, mounting brackets and necessary reinforcement.

• Gained the knowledge about hemming process, and also with the help of hemming process how to join the inner panel and outer panel.

Outer Casing design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Designed the outer casing and gained the knowledge about sheet metal design tools like normal cutout, bend, flange, break corners, unbend, dimple and bead.

Metal Bracket design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• In metal bracket design learnt the sheet metal tools like contour flange, add holes, radius, cutout, unbend and rebind. Box Assembly design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• In Box assembly design gained the knowledge about some new tools like close corner, normal hem flanges, different shape dimples, bead, and how to mirror the feature and bodies. Dimple with Solid Punch design using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Learnt the procedure to design a ‘Dimple ‘with solid punch using Siemens NX Sheet Metal Application by using extrude, solid punch and pattern feature.

Odd Shape Enclosure using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Designed the odd shaped enclosure and making the flat pattern of the enclosure in Unigraphics.

• Learnt how to convert the solid body in to sheet metal body. Multiple Ways of Bending using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Learned the step by step procedure to design a sheet metal bends by various ways using Siemens NX sheet metal application like normal flange, jog, and contour flange. Flattening and Forming using NX-CAD, Skill-Lync

• Gained blank shape from neural data is converted in sheet metal and flattening &forming of the sheet metal.

• Got an understanding of Neutral file data, Surface extraction, Adjacent and tangent face, selections, Flattening & Thickening.

Training and Workshops

Training, Dharanka dhara chemical works (Dec 2014 – Jan2015) Attended Workshop On “Advancement in automobile sector” (Sep 2012 – Sep 2012) In plant Training at GOVT KTC DPT (Dec 2012 – Dec 2012)

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