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Scrum Manager

Reseda, CA
July 28, 2020

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Walters Mudoh Sanji

Reseda- Los Angeles, CA

Tell: 818-***-**** Skype: sanwally5

Scrum master: Enthusiastic Certified Scrum master (CSM) (with yrs. 9+ IT Scrum/11 Project Manager).

Professional Summary

Self-motivated egoless servant leader with a Master’s degree in NGO leadership studies/ social enterprise business, hence skills to inspire teams to work without command and coercion.

Doctorate degree knowledge in education has boosted strength in training, mentoring, writing, listening, planning, organizing, researching, coaching, and facilitating.

Three months Hands- on training within a Prof.’s Research/ agile transformation Institute in 2011 was a great spring board. Training on: market research/ road mapping as a product owner, Scrum Master/Agile Coach. Also Scrum Master training at Scrum Alliance with a score of 94.3%.

Published a book on resilience in 2018 now found in 192 state and renowned university libraries ( all over the Western world, hence this in-depth knowledge in psychology especially emotional intelligence has blended well into an extensive agile development experience to shape a diligent transformational/ business value, agile coach.

Gained experience in role at Metropol Tech and Ahranta Inc by working with multiple teams and one offshore team in Scale Agile framework. Planning to have leading SAFe 5 training by Cprime from July 28th 2020 to 29th. An understanding of how to work on scrum framework, at Wemade.

Experiences gained during these roles include blending soft skills like communication/ interpersonal skils and technical skills with attention to group dynamics which are qualities highly sought after by the IT world. Also, diligently de-block agile roadblocks and perceptively mitigate agile project risks.

Have also developed an excellent understanding about the developers and the stakeholders hence can explain each point of view to the other within the agile environment.

In-depth knowledge in the use of Jira as a tool. Also, learning to sit the administrator certification.

Due to these techniques, during a project for Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) in 2016 by Ahranta Inc, achievement in the development of a customer’s support mobile remote control system for data security and transfer and a digital banking platform.

At the end of this project, we were able to achieve the following outcomes; the time taken to release minimum viable products was significantly reduced, defects due to bugs were reduced by 40%, overtime work was significantly reduced with finished products still delivered on time.

Also, after serious prioritization, wasteful functions with insignificant values to the customers were minimized with customers still satisfied. Last but not least, the project was completed close to the stipulated budget.

Gained additional experience in the health care industry software development at Ahranta Inc.


Scrum Master: Agile methodology and scrum framework, Extreme Programing (XP), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Test driven development (TDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Crystal, KANBAN, SAFe, Lean, paired programming, agile game, users experience (UX) and users’ interface (UI), DevOps, Scale agile practice with multiple scrum teams, ART, RTE, emotional intelligence, Agile testing, Test Cases.

Tools: MS Office, MS SharePoint 2013, Visio, Access, Microsoft Project, Excel, Jira, confluence, ASANA, Rally, Java, programming Language.

Soft Skills: Communication, Collaboration, Emotional Intelligence, Critical/Creative Thinking, Time Management, Problem Solving, Risk Assessment, Negotiation, Decision Making, psychic Safety.


Agile Coach/Scrum Master

July 2018 – Present

Metropol Tech Consulting Inc.

Laurel, MD


Coordinated as scrum master of 2 collocated teams and one offshore team with its own scrum master. Engaging in the activities of the company by planning and supporting the day-to-day operations with much focus on cadence, synchronization, alignment and dependencies.

Deliver hands-on training and coaching of defined agile practices to Product Owners, team leads, QA Analysts, and application software Developers.

Drive continuous improvement to enable higher performing program within the organization and teams with improved values to shippable increments and final deliverables after software deployment.

Assess state of agile adoption within organization and provide recommendations on improving adoption and removing blockers.

Ensure meetings which include, Program Increment (PI), iteration planning, daily standups, scrum of scrums, sprint review/demo, system demo, Solution Demo, sprint retrospectives, and Synchronizing meetings are well handled.

Responsible for the identification and removal or escalation of impediments from development teams on time. To prevent impediment, coached the teams on the relevance of adhering to transparency, empathy, honesty, and being real in all scrum dialogues.

Serves as a trainer, mentor, and an agile coach for software development teams to become self-organized and cross functional.

Facilitates a requirement analysis meeting ensuring that BDD approach is rigorously applied, by allowing the customer and major stakeholders to bring their vision statement or collaborate in deciding one after a market research on the product has been carried out.

Ensures that a program backlog is created during this meeting with subsequent program backlog grooming. Also, ensure that the various product owners create their team backlogs hence road mapping.

Monitoring iterations burn-down charts and obtaining velocity matrix and distributing to the teams and administration.

Being proactive and ensuring that risky situations are avoided and deviations from plans corrected. Also ensuring a sustainable development velocity, value of minimum viable product (MVP) and shippable increment.

Daily management of jira and its various workflows.

Playing a consultative role by contributing in putting appropriate people and choosing best tools and process to enhance the development of the project.

Also helped to restructure the governing structure of the company to suit the agile philosophy.

Developed and implemented MS Access and Excel Databases for the institution. Teams working on a java environment with a ServiceNow cloud management application, and Saas Extention

Agile Coach/Scrum Master

September 2012 – April 2018

Ahranta Inc.

Seoul, South Korea

(I took a gap of 7 Months in 2015, to carry out survey for my doctoral dissertation i.e. February 17, 2015- September 17, 2015).

Project: Ensures the optimum sustainable functioning of the agile software development lifecycle (SDLC) by transforming the development process from waterfall approach to an agile one.


Effectively facilitated Program Increment (PI) planning meetings and sprint ceremonies, with the goal of delivering customer value and fostering sustainable improvement amongst the teams.

Facilitating Scrum of Scrum meetings once every week.

Supported 3 collocated development teams of 7 members each with making appropriate commitments through stories selection and task definition. Inspired development teams by assisting them to formulate the goal of each sprint. Ensures the team comes into a consensus on a definition of done.

Facilitates agile release train (ART) and implement scaled agile techniques and practices.

Identify SAFe agile roadblocks and resolve them systematically.

Facilitate collaboration amongst automation engineer with QA Analysts and software developers to develop test automation for regression scenarios hence effective TDD and ATDD or BDD. Facilitates the agile release train synchronizing sessions by the product owners, product manager, stakeholders, and Chief Architect which fosters alignment of the train on the PI objectives or align requirement and prioritized features is held on regular cadence per sprint.

Daily management of jira and its various workflows.

Collaborates with product owners to clarifying user stories and ensuring that Program backlog is ready for the next iteration. Facilitated the estimation of user stories by means of poker games.

Identifies and removes or escalates impediments from development teams on time.

Carry out power point presentations to reveal the status of agile program to the executive committee.

Monitoring iterations burn-down charts and obtaining velocity matrix and distributing to the teams and administration. Facilitates the estimation of user stories and epics

Ensures team motivation by efficient coaching and facilitation. Also ensure that, development teams are practicing core agile principles and facilitate conflict resolution. Organized a community of practice to share best practices and exchange of ideas among scrum teams.

Developed training materials and training of team leads that sometimes represent the scrum master in simple meetings like daily stand ups.

Responsible for the tracking of enterprise sprint health metrics.

Apply BDD, ATDD, and TDD to better develop the software. Selenium, Jenkins, and Cucumber testing tools used during ATDD to simplify language. The programming language was java.

Jr. Scrum Master

March 2011 – September 2012

WeMade Entertainment (Video games)

Seoul, South Korea


Coached the organization on the benefits of agile methodology and Scrum framework.

Worked within a Kanban framework which was already in practice for a year before changing to scrum framework.

Facilitated sprint ceremonies and initiates the creation and implementation of artifacts.

Daily management of Rally and its various workflows.

Clarified user stories by conversing and confirming their definition of ready and acceptance criteria. Facilitated the estimation of Epics and user stories points by the team using poker games. Unanimously concluded on definitions of done.

Facilitates Release planning by working with the product owner, development team, and stakeholders.

Assisted the product owner in the creation of product backlog and subsequent product backlog management. Coached the product owner to prioritize in terms of value to the customers.

Facilitated the breaking down of epics from product backlog by the development team to create sizeable user stories for the sprint backlog.

Removed internal impediments and external interruptions which hinder sprints goals.

Program Coordinator

July 1998 – February 2009

Commonwealth Youth Association NGO Cameroon

Dep’t of Gender Youth Development


Did contributions to the implementation of the NGOs strategic plan for working with Cameroon Youths. Contribute in the fight against female genital mutilation and the need for the girl child education. Engage in the rehabilitation of Street or Homeless Children and Youth.

Managed Youths micro-Finance institution and complex socio-economic development projects as a Project Manager. Online sales of street children locally made articles.


Hanseo University, Seosan, South Korea: 2012 - 2016

Doctorate in Lifelong Education, with a GPA of 4.29.

Ajou University, Suwon, South Korea: 2009 - 2011

Master’s Degree in NGO Studies, with a GPA of 3.79


Certified Scrum Master - Scrum Alliance: 2018 Grade= 94.3%


AWARDS: Research Grant award by Academics Cooperation of Hanseo University.

PUBLICATION: Publications: Sanji, W. M. (2018). Resilience and the Re-integration of Street Children and Youth in sub- Saharan Africa. SpringerBriefs in Psychology. (search:

Done on the 22nd of June, 2020 in Los Angeles.

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