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Chief Mechanic

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3000 US$
July 25, 2020

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House tel: 004**********

Mobile tel: 004**********, SKYPE:004********** Address: Romania, Prahova County

WhatsApp: 004********** Boldesti- Scaeni City, Fagului str.25

E-mail address: Bloc 6B, Ap. 3, Area Code 105300



Plans, coordinates, monitors and lead the annual, semiannual, quarterly, monthly and weekly tasks, perform daily routine check, issuing planned and unplanned work orders for the maintenance and repair Rig equipment, accordingly to the Company’s ORACLE / PM program system and Company Policy, ordering parts to maintain minimum necessary of

spare OEM industry standards parts and other parts, follow QHSE policy and procedures

Repaired and maintain all machinery aboard the rig, including topside machinery involved in drilling operations.

Safely maintain topside main diesel engines, pumps, valves, HVAC-R equipment, Rig Air

system and the rig Fuel system to ensure uninterrupted drilling operations.

Record and retain physical records of all work performed on the rig, including the efficient documentation of records.

Cross-collaborate with various departments aboard the rig to ensure all necessary drilling equipment functions properly.

Professionally operate in harsh conditions while ensuring projects are completed on time and exceed company expectations.

Coordinated maintenance activities, developed & maintained proper maintenance records to ensure adequate records were kept.

Assess, determined and repair equipment, to prevent or minimize downtime.

Recorded and reported machine performance and arranged for routine checks against requirements for safety.

Different types of repairing, fixing, and rebuilding of all components on a drilling rig. Installed machinery, equipment and new and replacement parts.

Transferred tools, parts, equipment and supplies to and from drilling rigs.

Diagnosed mechanical problems and determined how to correct them. Inspected drives, motors and belts.

Followed a routine maintenance checklist.

Operated hand tools to adjust functional parts of devices and control instruments. Repaired minor and major breakdowns on rig equipment

Rigging up/down the drilling rigs as applicable

Service, maintenance and diagnostics of the drilling rig equipment

Installation of various style bearings.

Set backlash of traction motors. Work closely with machinists.

Work with hydraulic systems, diagnosed, changed parts such as directional valves, PRV -s., check valves; Top Drive set the counterbalance system pressure, adjusted T/D PRV pressure,

Rig Experience

8-Feb-2019 - Present

Rig Mechanic / Mechanic – Romania

Working as Part Time or temporary jobs, as per assignments, repairing and maintaining different equipment / drilling equipment.

30-May-2018 – 05-Jul- 2018 VIKING DRILLING INTERNATIONAL CO, Iraq-Erbil. Temporary contract.

Chief Mechanic for Land Drilling Rig 11.

I was assigned during this period of time to remove repair all 13 Mud Agitators and all 13 centrifugal pumps: on the mud agitators I replaced the bearings and seals and on centrifugal pumps I repaired some of them or replaced complete pumps together with the skids. Performed also functional tests for this repairs done

25-Sep-2017 – 29- Dec – 2017 – Temporary Contract

TACROM DRILLING CO. ROMANIA – Land Rig Futura 1 and Futura 5

Mechanical Foreman

Worked on setup Rig Futura 1, Drillmec HH- 75 and supervising Rig Futura 5 Drillmec HH – 75

Rig Engine Deutz BF 8M / Gen 450 KVA and Auxiliary Engine Caterpillar C-15

3 Mud Pumps Model TWS 600, size 4-1/2’’, with Caterpillar 3516 B Drive Engines and Allison


BOP Closing Unit size 13-5/8’’ Mfr Shaffer, Poor boy degasser and Swaco Degasser and 3

NOV Shalle Shakers

BOP double ram size 13-5/8’’ and Annular 13-5/8’’ both Mfr UZITEL

26-Oct-2016 – 05-Jan-2017 - Temporary Contract


Chief Mechanic

Worked on: RIG DRECO 800E, 800 HP, Auxiliary Brake Dretch 7RD – 150, Annular: Hydrill 13-

5/8’’ 5000, BOP S2-CIW single gate, 1 share ram, Drawworks Twin Disc Incorporated, Model PO-318, SCR Model :Westinghouse SPB 65 MFR : IPS Corporation, Mud Pumps : NOV Continental Emsco F- 1000, Top Drive : TESCO 250-HXI-700, Genset Engines : Caterpillar D- 398

30 -Jun- 2013 – 11-August-2016

PARKER DRILLING INTERNATIONAL CO. Land Drilling Rig 258, 3000 HP and Workover Rig 216,

2000HP Aqsai Kazakhstan

Chief Mechanic

I Worked for 3 years on Draw works GD Model OIME 3000,GD and GD Model OIME 2000 with BEARCAT TWIN –stop crown saver, Mud Pumps Continental Emsco FB/FC 1600, Pulsation Dampener: Hydrill K and Retsco pop off valves, Baylor Eddy Current Brake 7838, Rotary Table Continental Emsco model T-3750, Rotary Transmission model RT-3A Continental Emsco,Kelly Bushing Varco Split Bowl 13-3/8’’ X 10-3/8’’,Caterpillar Engines D3512B,BOP Closing Unit : Koomey TD-280-11SB3,Cameron BOP Rams, Cameron Choke Manifold with 4-1/16’’ and 3-

1/16” gate valves and Super Choke / Console-Choke Control mfr. Swaco Model 3P. Top drive

NOV-TDS-11-SA and top drive Canrig 1050E- 500 with IBOP air actuator ; Top Drive NOV TDS-

11-SA with hydraulic IBOP actuator, Hawk jaw 100 k-2GSR hydraulic/pneumatic iron roughneck, Gardner Denver air compressors with Hankinson DH series air dryer, Mud agitators Brandt 5hp. 10hp. And 15 hp. Forklift Caterpillar 966 D,Air Heather forced Mac 4.2, and TIOGA IDF – 21, Porch winches Lantec model 750,Air hoist IR model K5UL, Air hoist Man Rider mfr. Ram Winch Corporation model 1550 8ABGBPT, Air compressors GD-EBH 99H/EBE 99K,BOP

test pump: CAD 30K and CAD 20K,Shale shakers Derrick FLC 2000,, Dead line anchor Hercules

150-T, Swaco degasser, Centrifugal Progressive Cavity Pumps Boremann, Mud Centrifuge

Derrick DE 1000, Brandt D-Gasser, Steam Boilers Holman (Oil Burner S 14, Control System code

02/01, Mc Donnell and Miller remote sensors ),CAT and Graco wash-down pumps, Welding machine Lincoln R3R-400 .As the Rig finished the contract,I coordinated and preserved all Rig equipment as per Parker Drilling ORACLE and Preservation Program

24-Aug- 2011 – 11-Dec- 2012


Rig Mechanic

I coordinated scheduled ORACLE PM program and I worked for trouble shouting and break down on all equipment

Equipment Experience

Rig Make : Mast Dreco Type Cantilever, 12 lines, SUB DRECO Type Slingshot, NATIONAL 110- UE Drawworks, 1500 HP, Rotary Table NATIONAL C 375 size 37.5, Auxiliary Brake BAYLOR 6032

, SCR Make 5 BAY ROSS HILL MODEL 1400 SCR, Engines Cat D 398 –TA with 930KW KATO

generators, Sullair LS 12 Compressor, Continental Emsco FB-1600 Mud Pumps, Canrig 1050E-

500 Top Drive 1050 DC drive Air type actuator, Iron Roughneck NOV -ST 80, Rotary Table NATIONAL C- 375, NOV Spinner SSW 30 & 40, Automated Catwalk PRAGMA CANRIG Pore cat 6524 .

15-May- 2010 – 10-Jul- 2011

NRG Drilling Company Nigeria, Africa, Mechanic Land Rig 201

Chief Mechanic

I coordinated preventive maintenance program and I worked for trouble shouting and break down a Mechanical Land Rig COOPER LTO 750.

Equipment Experience

Drawworks S 1500 with 1500 H.P. with Hydro Break and DENISON catheads model M4D, Low

Clutch Airflex 42’’ VC 1200 and High Clutch Airflex 38’’ VC 1200, Dead Line Anchor Mfr. NATIONAL Choke Manifold Mfr. JMP with 2-1/16’’ and 4-1/16’’ Gate Valves, Rotary Table National RT- 275, Rotary Swivel Mfr. MUD KING PRODUCTS LLC. Houston, TX, Model SW- 450, Mud Pumps Continental Emsco 800, Kelly Spinner Mfr. J.T. Model KS- 7000, 4 Detroit Engines series 2000, and KATO Generators Set, Mud Pumps Continental Emsco 800 Quincy Compressors, Air Hoists Mfr. I.R. Model K6UL

04-Sept- 2006 –08- Dec- 2009 Nabors Drilling International LTD. Company Saudi Arabia

Position: Rig Mechanic.

Rig Name/Type/Equipment: Land Rig F-17, Land Rig- 860. Both are deep drilling rigs.

Draw works: National 110 UE Draw works. IDECO 1700

Mud pumps: Continental Emsco FB/FC-1600, National 12P-160

Generators: Caterpillar D398.Cterpillar, Cat 3512, C-15, Cat 3406. Air compressors: Garden Denver, Quincy-QGB-50.

Shale shaker: Derrick Flow line cleaner FLC 513/514

Top Drive System: Canrig 1050 E - 500

Pipe Spinner: SSW 40(Varco), 13000 J 29 Weather ford. Rotary Table: National 37 ”

Mud Agitators: BRANDT 5hp, 10 hp, 15 hp

Air Hoist: Utility Winch: Ingersoll Rand, Model: FA54-24XK1-E Man Rider Winch: Ingersoll Rand, Model: LS-2-150 RLP-L-B Wire line Unit: MATHEY, Model: GCS B2

Weight Indicator: Martin Decker Type E 10 Lines Drilling Recorder: M/D TOTCO 8 PEN recorder. Welding Machine: LINCOLN

Degasser: BRANDT make, Model: 184T, 4IAOO5L1AG-JR

BOP handling system: PNEUMETIC. 2 x 20 T Winches

Ingersoll Rand make, Model: BHS40MA6-30-30-4

BOP Closing unit: Shaffer

Make/model/capacity: EMERSON, AD76, SN/J11-AB76-H, J11- AB76-M

Choke Manifold: EEC / API-6A, PSL2, MAT, LCLASS. EE, TEMP CLASS, P+X.

BOP Test equipment: Make/ Model: VETCO S15G-M

Flare Ignition System: 1 IGNITION STATION W/ 3

IGNIGHTER PANELS. CS 308 solar igniter panel. Jager Pump: Make: Gorman-Rupp

Breathing Air Compressor Unit: Make: Mako

Forklift : Caterpillar 950, Caterpillar 966 D Crane : Groove RT-755, RT- 730

27-Oct- 2005 –31 May 2006

KACA DEUTAG DRILLING CO. Land Drilling Rig T-202 Pakistan Operation

Chief Mechanic

Worked for Land Drilling Rig T-202 Pakistan Operation. National 110 -UE Drawworks, EDS Baylor Brake, Caterpillar D- 3512B Engines,Top Drive NOV TDS-9-SA,Continental Emsco FC-1600 Mud Pumps, Air Hoist Made in Germany

11-Mar-1999 – 28-Sept- 2004


Assistant Rig Mechanic and Mechanic for Company Transport Division

3 years worked for Transport Division and 2 year Rig side I worked in Base Mechanic Shop for major repair on Forklifts, Trucks, Cranes, Low boys and High Boys and rebuild on several drilling equipment. Assisted the rig mechanic for maintaining and repairing rig equipment

27-October 1997 – June 1998

Khalifa Daij Al Dabbous and Bross Co. Kuwait

Gathering Centers Mechanic, Maintenance Mechanic

Maintained and repaired GS equipment like: centrifugal pumps, gate valves, valves, air compressors,tanks, CRU gas compressors

Equipment Experience

August 1982 – June- 1996

I worked as Mechanic and Boiler Operator in different Factories over Romania and repairs done for lathe machines, milling machines, trailers, trucks, centrifugal pumps, steam boilers

also I worked as steam boilers operator with typical duties .


-Mechanical High School 15-Sep-1976- 15-jun-1980

Graduated Mechanical High School Sinaia city, Prahova County, Romania and achieved

Diploma of Baccalaureate, mechanic apprentice stage accomplished

-Petroleum University Ploiesti city, Romania, between 15-Sep-2006-15-jun-2009

Graduated Petroleum University Ploiesti City, Prahova County, Business Management in Oil and Gas faculty, Bachelor’s Degree achieved

Summary of Skills:

Strong experience of mechanical equipment and hydraulics

In-depth knowledge of repairing, servicing and performing preventive maintenance of rig equipment

Skilled in performing rig equipment repair and PM such as Top Drive TDS 11 SA, Can rig 1050E

500, Caterpillar Engines, Draw-works 800 HP, 1000 HP, 1500 HP, 2000 HP, 3000 HP, Centrifugal Pumps, Air Taggers, Air Compressors, BOP Closing Units, Shale Shaker. Ability to read and interpret mechanical blueprints and service manuals of equipment spare parts

Strong knowledge of drilling operations and safety measures

Extensive knowledge of testing, repairing and installing heavy electrical and hydraulic engines

Comprehensive knowledge of inspecting and diagnosing defective parts that hampers the

functionality of machine

Possess strong troubleshooting, communication, and organizational skills

Ability to work in a team environment as well as in extreme weather conditions

Familiar with CMMS,STAR,AMOS systems as follow:

Equipment data management, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Work order system, Scheduling/Planning, Inventory Control, Purchasing or ordering parts, Budgeting together with Rig Manager, Asset Tracking, ORACLE PM system. Also understand the Maintenance Management (request, approve, plan, schedule, perform the work / task, record data, equipment history, cost accounting,). Also Management information and control reporting.

Management Account and Technical Account familiar. Done the connect of spares/consumable items/documents to the technical account.

Management of the main registers in the Star IPS (adding new information, updating/editing main registers)

Maintenance module - Daily use of Star IPS to Schedule / Issue different kind of work orders, Report work done and file a work report. Concept of round about job. Connecting counter to

the technical account.

Planning Board in Star IPS - Features of the Planning Board, Setting of the Calendar, Planning of work, issue and report work orders. Printing of work orders, viewing / printing of work history. Purchase module - logging of material transaction, issue of requisition or purchase orders,

Reporting of the goods received, and printing of labels for materials.

Employment Type: Rotational Salaried Employee, contract, full time

Salary expectation: negotiable, as per Company Policy. Availability as starting date: ASAP

Willing to relocate: Yes

Preferred job location: Qatar, Middle East, and Africa … INTERNATIONAL Other details:

Current Location: Romania

Health Situation: Undamaged, Married since 1983, one child

Date of Birth (D.O.B.): 14-May-1961,

Place of Birth: Campina City, Prahova County, Romania

Total Experience: 30 years; 5 years I worked as Motorman and Assistant Rig Mechanic and for

13 years I am working as Chief Mechanic / Senior Mechanic job

Training and Certificates / Diploma

Top Drive NOV, TDS 9 and 11 Mechanical and Hydraulic Course accomplished in 2015

Caterpillar 3512B ET technician course done with Zahid Tractor, Saudi Arabia, in 2007

Top Drive Canrig 1050E- 500 courses done in Algeria in 2005

Safety Supervise People, No Lost Time Accident Awarded, Defensive Driving Course, Safety

Focus Course

Parker Drilling International Co. Kazakhstan Mechanic Certificate Nabors Drilling International Co. Algeria Mechanic Certificate Nabors Drilling International Co. Saudi Arabia Mechanic certificate Precision Drilling Co. Mechanic Certificate

KCA Deutag Drilling Co. Pakistan Mechanical Certificate Global Santa Fe Drilling Co. Assistant Mechanic certificate RMS certificate

First Aid medic course

Fire fighting course

H2S and PTW course .

Reference: 1Maintenance Superintendent, Colby Daniel, Parker Drilling Co. Mobile phone: +7

701***-**-** E Mail:

2. Maintenance Superintendent, Cornel Oancea, Parker Drilling Co. Mobile phone:

004*******-***, E Mail:

3.Vasile Aricescu, Drilling Supervisor ( Company Man) Mobile phone: 004**********

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