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Manager Service

Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach, MB, Canada
July 23, 2020

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July **, ****

Todd Head

**** ***** *****

Victoria BC V8S 2N3

Home: 778-***-****

Email Address:


- Victoria High School - Completed Grade 12 - Dogwood Diploma - included two year Pre-Apprenticeship Program in Auto Mechanics.

- Completed a two year Diploma program in Business Administration at the

University of Victoria.

- Completed Correctional Officer Pre-Employment program at the Justice

Institute of BC. Courses included, Conflict Resolution Crisis Intervention, Criminal Law

Cultural Awareness, Advanced Interview Skills Training, and Case Management.

- Completed Law Enforcement Investigators Course Level 1-RCMP Depot Regina


- Emergency First Aid for Industry with CPR C and AED endorsement.

- Currently holding a Class 1 BC driver's license with air brake endorsement.

- Completed Conversational Japanese Level I and Level II at Camosun College.

- Marine Emergency Duties A1, B1 and, B2 (Marine Firefighting) certified.

- Currently holding a Marine Radio Restricted Operator's license.

- Minister's lifeboat certified.

- Completed Report Writing for Professional Investigators course offered through the

Victoria Campus of the Justice Institute of BC.

- Completed Service Canada College course Strategic Report Writing.

- Completed Investigative Interviewer program offered through the Victoria Campus of

the Justice Institute of BC.

- Completed Investigative Solutions Network Inc. Advanced ISN Investigative

Interviewing system.

- Completed Administrative Law offering presented by the ISP Legal


- Completed RCMP Fraud Investigator Course which included modules in providing evidence in court.

-Completed RCMP Production Order and Information to Obtain Training at the RCMP Pacific Region Training Center.

- Participant in National Business Process Old Age Security Re-Design Project - June - September 2010 which received the Deputy Minister's Award of Excellence.

- Completed Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Prosecution Training

- Completed Investigative Solutions Network Inc. Investigative Interviewing System and

Forensic Accounting Course.

- Completed Internet Search Training Course offered through Toddington International.

- Completed Service Canada College courses in Basic and Advanced Project Management.

- Completed Phase I and Phase II Employment Insurance Officer NCPI Training.

- Completed Putting Clients First offering through Employment and Social Development Canada.

- Completed Writing Targeted Briefing Notes course offered through Canada School of Public Service.

- Completed Project Management Course offered through Canada School of Public Service.

- Completed Anatomy and Physiology BSN 101/102 Pacific Rim College – 3.7 GPA

- Completed Pathophysiology – Pacific Rim College Victoria BC


Service Canada - Senior Integrity Services Officer

August 2009 to December 2019

201 754 Fort Street

Victoria BC V8W 1H2

Contact: Sandra Mar, Service Manager Integrity Services Branch

Ph. 250-***-****


Duties include:

- Developing investigative/interviewing strategies to direct and conduct investigations and address collusion and organized efforts to defraud the government.

- Plan and conduct (major, complex and sensitive) investigations of suspected infractions under the legislation administered by the department possibly leading to the discovery of Criminal Code infractions by conducting interviews, gathering and analyzing evidence to identify potential situations of complex fraud and abuse against the programs.

- Coordinate/participate in teams composed of employees recruited from various areas with specific job knowledge and skills.

- When required accompany the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to conduct joint interviews and to execute search warrants, and accesses their forensic services to examine evidence to prove infractions against departmental programs that may lead to judicial proceedings.

- Prepare presentations and legal documents, such as court briefs and reports of legal proceedings; and prepares status reports, reports of investigations and summaries of major investigation cases for the purpose of reporting to management.

- When required give evidence at statutory or criminal judicial proceedings on behalf of the Crown; provides full disclosure to Defence or Duty Counsel; assists in the negotiation of joint submissions to presiding Judges as to sentence or speaks to sentence on behalf of the Department.

- Develop and deliver education campaigns to internal and external partners aimed at preventing abuse and misuse of programs and funds administered by the Department.

- Alert regional and local authorities of potential socio-economic, media and political impacts related to investigations of major fraud and abuse and provide advice to management, employees and external stakeholders.

- Administers oaths, as well as takes and receives affidavits, declarations and affirmations.

- Knowledge of the mandate, structure, policies and processes of the work unit to plan, manage and conduct complex investigations;

- Knowledge of the departments' mandate, structure, objectives, policies, programs, practices, processes, priorities, reporting relationships and contacts with other work units within the department related to own work to determine the appropriate action on a major investigation case in accordance with legislation, jurisprudence, national and regional criteria;

- Knowledge of investigative methods and practices to plan, research and identify potential abuse situations, analyze evidence, identify potential offences/contraventions under departmental legislation and/or Criminal Code.

- Conduct surveillance in accordance with departmental policy, and assist in the execution of search warrants in conjunction with police agencies;

- Knowledge of private sector methods of recording EI and other similar payments due the crown, payroll records, and similar accounting records to carry out examinations of employers' business records;

- Knowledge of E-commerce techniques, procedures, processes and business applications used to collect data and evidence as well as the methods used to authenticate and verify the identity of a client and produce admissible electronic evidence required in Court;

- Knowledge of sections of the Income Tax Act regarding income tax returns and income from employment and/or self-employment is required to carry out investigations dealing with allegations of employment and/or self-employment while in receipt of benefits;

- Knowledge of the Acts and Regulations applicable to banks and financial industries and/or knowledge related to bankruptcy is required to obtain and analyse financial records of individuals and businesses under investigation for suspected fraud and abuse;

- Knowledge of rules of evidence, prosecution procedures, courtroom skills and legal principles to ensure continuity of evidence and laying of charges under the applicable legislation and to speak to sentence and plea bargaining;

- Knowledge is required of sections of the Employment Insurance Act and Regulations, Old Age Security, Social Insurance Number, and Canada pension Plan Acts and Regulations as well as other legislation relating to enforcement and/or entitlement, such as benefit payment, insurability, violations, fines, penalties and prosecutions to apply the specific legislation, make recommendations to adjudicators and/or to management, and explain the decisions to clients, persons acting for clients, employers and persons acting for or pretending to be employers, legal agents, the general public, and the Courts;

- Possess case management skills required to coordinate investigative teams, comprised of other investigators, specialists and representatives of other departments and law enforcement agencies;

- Knowledge of interviewing, fact-finding and investigating techniques to obtain and interpret information and evidence received from clients, employers, and others;

- Knowledge of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)'s mandate, roles, structure, programs and interdepartmental Memoranda of Understanding in order to use their special services, with respect to insurability rulings, appeals, Tax Court of Canada, underground economy initiatives, audit and special investigations groups when required, to share information, to develop education campaigns, and to conduct investigations independently or to participate in teams conducting joint initiatives where allegations of abuse involve both departments and to examine information contained on income tax returns;

- Knowledge of the mandates, roles, structures, programs and objectives of related bodies, such as the RCMP and other police forces to obtain police assistance to execute search warrants and conduct investigations and/or refer cases falling under their authority, network, analyse information provided by partner agencies, coordinating information flows, consult on cases, and coordinate activities leading to the laying of charges against clients, and participate in the preparation of the Crown's case to be heard in Court;

- Knowledge of labour market trends and business practices of industries related to the work, such as forestry, farming and fishing and the governing statutes under which they operate to identify potential situations of major or organized abuse or fraud or to design specific education campaigns;

- Knowledge of the delegation and limitation of authorities under various statutes under the authority of the Ministers of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and Social Development Canada, the Canada Evidence Act, the Human Rights Act, the Privacy Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as the provincial charters to ensure that complex investigations are conducted in compliance with these Charters;

- Knowledge is required of the Criminal Code, Access to Information Act, Young Offenders Act, Employment Insurance Act, Old Age Security Act, Canada Pension Plan Act and Immigration Act and legislation as applied to infractions related to departmental programs and services;

- Knowledge of health and safety procedures to ensure appropriate safety precautions and tools are used when investigating.

- Mentoring and supervising new employees and identifying areas where additional training may be required.

- When available attend monthly intelligence meetings with federal and municipal law enforcement agencies as well as various federal, provincial and public agencies.

- Act as a liaison between Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and various outside organizations including federal and municipal law enforcement agencies.

- Examines documentation such as birth and marriage certificates, passports, citizenship certificates, visas, immigration documents, etc., for authenticity.

- Travel extensively throughout the British Columbia, Alberta and Territories region.

Service Canada - Investigations Officer

March 2004 to August 2009

595 Pandora Avenue

Victoria BC V8W 1N5

Contact: Sandra Mar, Service Manager Integrity Services Branch

Ph. 250-***-****


Duties include:

- Investigate alleged abuse or suspected fraud from a variety of sources, including third party complaints, staff observations, and referrals from Medical Adjudicators or Investigation Officers and Whereabouts Unknown files.

- Application of complex legislation and rules, principals and procedures with authority and accountability for decisions.

- Recommends punitive actions including administrative action/penalties or referral to the RCMP for criminal investigation.

- Develops work plans, goals, training guides, procedures, methodologies, questionnaires, letters, time frames and resource requirements for project teams.

- Analyzes and identifies risk and mispayment potential with respect to service delivery including the detection, measurement and prevention of internal and external error and abuse. Identifies and recommends training requirements for program delivery staff.

- Prepares and produces case summaries for client files that are referred to the RCMP for criminal investigation.

- Knowledge of HRSD business in order to interpret and explain HRSD information and CPP and OAS legislation to investigative bodies, law enforcement agencies, other government departments, and the private sector.

- Training and coaching of new staff which includes work verification, discussion and implementation of best practices related to contentious cases, identifying training needs and reporting performance expectations and goals to management.

- Conducts interviews with clients and/or their representatives in order to obtain information and documentation pertinent to the investigation process an administration of benefits.

- Examines documentation such as birth and marriage certificates, passports, citizenship certificates, visas, immigration documents, etc., for authenticity.

Service Canada - OAS Analyst SDA II

April 2002 to March 2004

201 1230 Government Street

Victoria BC V8W 2V2

Contact: Sandra Mar, Service Manager Integrity Services Branch

Ph. 250-***-****


Duties included:

- Adjudicate eligibility and entitlement of presumptive, directed and non-directed applications under the Old Age Security Act and regulations and its related Guaranteed Income Supplement Programs.

- Examining applications and/or appeals referred by the clients, SDA01s, or other centres for further analysis, advice, assistance or guidance and providing program information and elaboration of process to clients.

- Conducting research to establish the accuracy and completeness of data provided by applicants on complex applications, reconsideration and appeals and assisting in the conduct of special investigations in such matters as suspected fraud and under the support of regional authorities.

- Participating as part of the team in the development and implementation of team performance goals and providing training, verification and guidance to less experienced staff.

- Travel extensively throughout British Columbia and Western Territories.

Service Canada - Clerk CR 03

From: April 2001 - March 2002

1230 Government Street

Victoria, B.C. V8W 2V2

Contact: Sandra Mar, Service Manager Integrity Services Branch

Ph. 250-***-****


Duties included:

- Review requisition orders for accuracy and verify that materials, equipment and stock are not available from current inventories.

- Source and obtain price quotations from catalogues and suppliers and prepare purchase orders.

- Calculate cost of orders and charge or forward invoices to appropriate accounts. Process purchases within purchasing authority.

- Contact suppliers to schedule deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed deliveries and other problems.

- Prepare and maintain purchasing files, reports and price lists.

- Monitor inventory levels as materials, equipment and stock are issued, transferred within an establishment or sold to the public using manual or computerized inventory systems.

- Compile inventory reports, recording the quantity, type and value of materials, equipment and stock on hand, using manual or computerized inventory systems.

- Prepare requisition orders to replenish materials, equipment and stock. Maintain stock rotation and dispose of and account for outdated stock.

- Enter data for production scheduling, stock replenishment/relocation and inventory adjustments.

- Reconcile physical inventories with computer counts.

Victoria Youth Custody Centre - Youth Correctional Officer

April 1997 to April 2001

94 Talcott Road

Victoria, BC V9B 6L9

Please note that this facility is no longer operational please contact Andrew Cronkhite at the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development at 778-***-**** for confirmation of employment purposes.

Duties included:

- Providing security for staff and residents, case management and service planning as well as advocacy.

- Communicating effectively both, verbally and in writing with individuals employed in the criminal justice system including law enforcement, police, probation services, immigration, sheriff's and the courts.

- Planning and implementing strategies with outside resources for successful reintegration of residents.

- Organize and supervise residents in various educational, work, leisure and rehabilitative programs.

- Organize and participate in information exchanges and security inspections with co-workers and various government departments and police agencies.

- Dealing with troubled young residents requires verbal interventions to avoid conflict, and when necessary physically controlling residents for their safety and the safety of others.

- Responding to and managing emergency situations that involve security breaches, physical threats and injuries.

- Conducting regularly scheduled building integrity inspections to ensure a safe and secure environment is maintained for staff and residents.

- Dealing with stressful situations and tense interpersonal encounters with potentially hostile individuals while maintaining self-control.

- Maintaining rules and standards of good order and discipline within established policies and procedures.

- Responsible for instilling a positive influence on residents through appropriate role-modeling and leadership while performing all job related duties.

Allied Van Lines – Stocker’s Security Storage & Warehouse

Class 1 Transport Driver

March 1989 to March 1997

751 Enterprise Crescent

Victoria BC V8Z 6P7

This business was owned and operated by Russell Morgan who sold the business a number of years ago. He operated the business with his partner Ben Aylesworth who passed away in 2004. Attempts to contact Russell Morgan have been unsuccessful. If required I may be able to obtain proof of my employment through Canada Revenue Agency.

During my tenure I worked as a Class 1 – 5 driver transporting residential, commercial and industrial goods throughout the BC and Vancouver Island. Job duties included maintaining logs, vehicle inspection, documenting inventory, supervision of staff, customer relations and financial management.


I lead an active lifestyle which includes a daily exercise regimen that includes weight-training, cardio related activities and martial arts training. I also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities as well as the pursuit of a variety of educational interests.


Dave Quail - Dave Quail Senior Investigative Analyst

Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner

5th Floor, 947 Fort Street, Victoria BC V8W 9T8


Daphne Korths - Integrity Services Officer

301 754 Fort Street Victoria BC V8W 1H2



Donald Head - Former Commissioner Correctional Services of Canada

National Headquarters

340 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P9


Andrea Springer



Rick Fayad


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