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Assistant Driller

Baku, Azerbaijan
August 01, 2020

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Huseynov Ziyaddin

Date of birth: 09/10/1980

Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan

Home address Elshan Mehdiyev str.22,apt 6

Contact number: +994**-***-**-**(Mobile)

+994**-***-**-** (Mobile)

+994**-***-**-** (Home)


Marital status: Married

A conscientious, driven individual who strives for new challenges and can consistently preformed well under pressure. Have good communication skills and a keen listener, willing to learn and actively seek opportunities for development. Confident and outgoing, an active team member as well as a competent team leader.


2013- Sevastopol State University ( Operation of power plants)

1987-1998 Secondary school 49 Baku, Azerbaijan.

Work Experience:

Company: KCA Deutag

Workplace: Production oil and gas platform ‘West Chirag’

Position: Assistant Driller

Duration: Aprel 2015- Present


Operating “Cyber Base- NOV and Aker Solutions” equipment for RIH/POOH

Support to Driller shut and kill well.

Measure BHA and fishing diagram

Pipe Handling Equipment – Operation, Calibration, Dismantling and Service

Working aloft – Working on the Derrick, Top Drive, Crown Block, Casing Stabbing Board, Man Riding Operations

Working on Rig Floor – Supervising junior drill crew and ensuring safe, efficient operations

Mud Pumps - Assembling, dismantling and service

Skidding rig operation

Perform the drilling department’s daily checklists, i.e. QHSE checks, mast/Derrick inspection, choke and kill manifold set up, etc.

Maintain accurate records of tubular and tool dimensions (i.e. internal and external diameter, fish neck, and serial numbers) .

Calculate ton-miles on drilling line; maintain an accurate logbook and advise the Driller on the need to slip and cut .

Maintain an organized drilling equipment store and tubular and subs inventory .

Maintain proper communication with the Driller, Toolpusher, and other department heads .

Read and interpret various gauges and meters relating to the drilling operations; assist the Driller in maintaining records and logs .

Actively participate in pre-tour meeting with the drilling crew for all drilling operations .

Assist and relieve the Driller at the Driller’s console during drilling operations .

Assist with the preparation of equipment for impending drilling operations.

Organize and supervise the drilling crews for all operations .

Assist the Driller during an emergency or well control situation; assist in the well killing operations.

Assist in supervision of Preventive Maintenance carried out on drilling equipment .

Assist in supervision of repairs on drilling and associated equipment .

Assist in running and cementing casing strings, running and retrieving BOPs and risers, and other operations as directed by the Driller or Toolpusher.

Monitor mud systems and supervise solids control equipment and mud mixing operation.

Assist in the planning, organization and execution of rig move operations.

Operate drilling and associated equipment as directed by the Driller, i.e. Top Drive System, mud pumps, BOP and Diverter controls, etc.

Company: KCA Deutag

Workplace: Production oil and gas platform ‘West Chirag’

Position: Trainee Assistant Driller

Duration: May 2013- Aprel 2015


Company: Maersk Drilling

Workplace: Semi submersible rig ‘Maersk Explorer’

Position: Derrickman

Duration: March 2010 – May 2013


Shale Shaker House – Maintaining and repairing shale shakers, scalpers, gumbo box. Ensuring correct line up of flow lines.

Mud Additive System – Monitoring mud conditions, advising driller of changes in mud properties

Frequently measure mud weight and viscosity using a scale and timer

Regularly maintain and inspect mud systems (mud levels, pumps, shakers, and tanks)

Regularly check rig and equipment for problems and safety issues on an ongoing basis

Quickly follow instructions from Mud Engineer and Driller to ensure operational mud systems

Handle and mix hazardous chemicals into the mud as directed by Mud Engineer, while using Personal Protective Equipment

Prepare stands and steady and guide pipe into and out of elevators during drilling activities

Ensure correct mud pit valves are open / closed

Monitor Floor hands who are assisting in the pits or with chemical sacks

General upkeep and housekeeping of mud pit area

Assist with rig up / down procedures

Support other crew members as needed, ensure compliance with safety procedures, and other additional tasks as assigned.

Company: Maersk Drilling

Workplace: Semi submersible rig ‘Maersk Explorer’

Position: Assistant Derrickman

Duration: April 2008 – March 2010


Company: Maersk Contractors

Workplace: Semi submersible rig ‘Maersk Explorer’

Position: Roughneck

Duration: November 2005 – April 2008


Working closely with Assistant Driller, familiarising with drilling equipment

Company: Maersk Contractors

Workplace: Semi submersible rig ‘Maersk Explorer’

Position: Roustabout

Duration: June 2005 – November 2005


Banksman - Assisting Crane Operator, familiar with hand and radio signals

Marine ballast system – measuring fluid levels

Fire team

Helicopter deck crew

Company: Aramark (Catering company)

Workplace: Semi submersible rig ‘Maersk Explorer’

Position: Chief Steward

Duration: February 2004– June 2005

Company: Royal Express (post service)

Workplace: Baku, Azerbaijan

Position: Courier

Duration: April 2002 – February 2004

Company: Auto Technical Service

Workplace: Baku, Azerbaijan

Position: Motorman

Duration: November 1998 – April 2002


IWCF ( Well Control )

Introduction to Well Control Equipment

Personnel Survival Techniques (BOSIET)

Cyber Base operations Chair “A” (Aker Solution)

Cyber Base operations Chair “B” (NOV and Aker Solution)

Drill Through Equipment

Drilling Calculation for Semi and Surface

Drilling Technology 1 & 2

Stuck Pipe Prevention

Extended Reach Drilling (Merlin ERD)

High Pressure / Narrow Mud Weight Window

Security For crew without Specific Security Responsibilities

Pressure And Leak Testing

Rigging & Lifting

Manual Handling Assessment

Work at Height

Task Risk Assessment

Behavioral Safety Observation

Banksman and Slinger

Elementary First Aid

HSE Awareness

H2S Awareness

Confined space

Gas test

Copies of certificates, References are available and will be attached upon request


English – Fluent

Russian – Native

Azeri – Native

Turkish – Good

Georgian - Good

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