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University Scolar and Junior in Computer Science

Stony Brook, NY
August 01, 2020

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Department of Computer Science

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, 11794

+1-551-***-**** OBJECTIVE

A University Scholar and Junior in Computer Science seeking a summer 2021 internship EDUCATION

Stony Brook University, BS in Computer Science, Expected May 2022, CGPA: 3.27/4.00 PROJECTS

• Participated in the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program at Stony Brook University from Jan to May 2020 to work in a multidisciplinary project in WebGen (Web Genomics). The goal of this project is to explore the data-rich landscape by developing nimble Web Applications

(Apps) that help find novel associations between genomic features and cancer phenotypes


• Participated in the URECA (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities) Program at SBU from Jan to May 2020 that supports students doing faculty-mentored research or creative activity. Presented my work at the University's annual poster symposium


• Participated in the YHack 2019 - an international hackathon hosted by and held at Yale University from Oct 25 to Oct 27 that brings together 1000+ hackers and creatives from all over the world. Made a platform/educational iOS app called "Meet and Eat" which emerges from the desire to mingle around with new people in a group at places we are fond to explore. Successfully used Swift, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Mysql to design the same


• Participated in the SBU Hacks 2019 from Sep 20 to Sep 21 at the SBU campus in Stony Brook. Made an app called “All You Can Joke” which provides lame jokes and juxtaposed puns that will tickle your stomach to laugh by giving you a completely different answer to your question. Successfully used HTML, CSS, CANVA, AMAZON-ALEXA, 3-D Printing, Google-cloud, to design the same (

• Participated in the PennApps 2019 - the world’s largest college hackathon from Sep 6 to Sep 8 at the UPenn campus in Philadelphia. Made a kid-friendly educational app called

"KidVoyage" that engages children during long road trips or travels with information and activities, about the places they are going to or are around them). Successfully used Swift, Figma, HTML, CSS, Sketch and Google Map API to design the same


• Participated in the Princeton Environmental Ideathon 2019: Green Metropolis, to debate, collaborate and form ideas on solving environmental issues at Princeton University from April 5 to April 7 (2019). Presented a case study on “Water Scarcity in Sao Paulo, Brazil”. PROGRAMMING SKILLS / STRENGTHS

• Good knowledge of Python, Java, C, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Node, React, Angular, Swift, Sketch, Figma, MS Office Suite, Data Structures and Algorithms

• Proven ability to collaboratively code in an extreme manner in a short period of time ONLINE COURSES

• Mobile App Development by Ahmad Esmaili offered through SBU (June 2020)

• The Web Development Bootcamp by Colt Steele offered through Udemy (Dec 2019)

• Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel offered through Coursera (July 2017) EXPERIENCE

1. Metacube Software Pvt Ltd Jaipur, India

Front End Web Development Intern Jun-Jul 2020

• Used Angular to design modern web applications

2. Stony Brook University, Science and Technology Entry Program Stony Brook, NY Teaching Assistant for Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Feb-May 2020

• Helped high school students get an understanding of OOP as a whole and build a project of an adventure game using OOP

3. Stony Brook University, International Academic Programs Stony Brook, NY Information Technology Assistant Oct-Dec 2019

• Edited/updated the Study Abroad website

• Used InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop to manage updates, files and fonts 4. Stony Brook University, Dept of Applied Maths & Statistics Stony Brook, NY Undergrad Teaching Assistant for Applied Calculus II Jan-Dec 2019

• Conducted weekly office hours and review sessions

• Assisted Professor in grading and other activities 5. Deesan Agro-Tech Pvt Ltd Dhule, India

Summer Intern Apr-Jun 2017

• Used Excel to track soybean, refined oil sales data on a periodic basis

• Correlated sales data and advertisement expenses

• Effectively used advertisement expenses to forecast the future sales PORTFOLIO LINKS




• College of Engineering and Sciences (CEAS) Peer Mentor

• Community Chair of the Stony Brook Computing Society (SBCS)

• Member of the University Senate (Information Technology Committee)

• Stony Brook University Police Department certified CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) trained VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES

• Google Tour: Selected by the SBCS to attend the Google’s HQ in New York City (Jan 2020)

• International Student Ambassador: Selected to assist the new undergraduate international students for their transition to the Stony Brook University community (Jan 2020)

• SBU CS/IT Networking Mixer: Escorted employers and attendees to respective tables (Sep 2019)

• Facebook Tour: Selected by the SBCS to attend the Facebook's HQ in New York City (May 2019)

• Red Watch Band (Stony Brook University): Participated in the program that provide students with the knowledge, skills and awareness to prevent issues from alcohol overdose (Feb 2019) May 6, 2020

Re: Nayan Pasari, Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern,

Nayan Pasari was a student in my Advanced Calculus, AMS 161, course in the Fall of 2018. She subsequently became my Teaching Assistant in the Spring and Fall of 2019.

Nayan’s work was truly outstanding and put Nayan in the top of this mathematics course. As my Teaching Assistant, I was extraordinarily impressed with Nayan’s work ethic and dedication.

Students worked very well with Nayan in office hours. Nayan was also an outstanding grader, tending to accuracy and rigor. This former student receives my highest endorsement to any establishment that is lucky enough to have her as an employee!

If you are in need of additional information, please feel free to contact me at 631-***-****.


William S. Bernhard


STONY BROOK, NEW YORK, 11794-3651 TEL: 631-***-**** FAX: 631-***-**** Recommendation for Nayan Pasari

5 March 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have known Nayan Pasari for the past year since she was a student in my first-year writing course at Stony Brook University. At the time I have known her, Nayan has distinguished herself as a strong, conscientious leader in the classroom. I run my writing course as a workshop and seminar. The workshop depends on a collaborative approach to learning in which the students read, discuss, and offer constructive criticism of the writing of their peers. The seminar component depends on engaging, focused discussion of the texts at hand. In a required first-year writing course, there is a wide range of students with varying levels of intellectual commitment and writing ability. Nayan was not only one of the top students in the class—she’s always on time and prepared with insightful comments about the text at hand—but she raised the level of the rest of the class as well. Nayan's ability to raise the level of the discourse in group discussions without alienating other students is rare. Rather than setting herself above the rest of the group—I've seen this in a number of exceptional students—Nayan is secure in her position as a leader in the classroom and understands that the best leaders are those who can relate to and inspire the greatest number of people. Her work in writing workshops and group discussions is marked by a high level of attentiveness and consideration for others that is the mark of a true scholar and an exceptional individual.

Whenever I am asked to recommend a student for anything—a job, graduate school, a scholarship—I always consider whether or not the student is, for lack of a better term, a whole person. Stony Brook University has a lot of high-achieving students, many of whom strike me as one dimensional. They care deeply about getting good grades and their career outcomes. Nayan is different. While I cannot speak to Nayan's academic performance in her other classes, I can tell you that she earned an A in my course. And I suspect she earns top marks in her other classes as well. But her grades are not the most impressive thing about Nayan. More importantly, she strikes me as an ideal intellectual: she's genuinely curious about the world and eager to learn as much as she can while she's in college. Her intellectual curiosity extends beyond her major or the topic of the course. She has in private conversation and seminar discussions proven eager to take up and discuss any issue I can throw at her, no matter how eccentric. But she's not just intellectually astute. She has the rare capacity of being a person, one wants to engage with. She strikes me as approachable, relatable, and highly moral, but without any sense of being above anyone else. Nayan is a whole person, and it is with pleasure that I give her my highest recommendation to the Summer Program in Your Organization.


Joseph Kampff,

Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature Stony Brook University

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