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Sugar Land, TX
May 30, 2020

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Over thirty-five years’ experience in the natural gas industry. Experience includes process engineering design, feasibility studies and conceptual design of LNG, NGL, LPG, fractionation facilities, PFD/P&ID preparation, HMB generation, equipment sizing, and hydraulic calculations. Have strong background in plant operations and experience in commissioning, start-up, plant performance, debottlenecking and troubleshooting of natural gas processing and fractionation facilities. Prepared and conducted numerous commissioning, start-up and performance test procedures. Extensive familiarity with the use of the following process simulators: VMGSim (Virtual Materials Group) own license for steady state and dynamics, Hysys, and familiar with the use of SimSci/ProII and WinSim (formerly Chemshare). Familiar with natural gas amine treating processes inclusive of DEA, MEA, MDEA and aMDEA. Also familiar with glycol systems, MEG, DEG, and TEG; inclusive of methanol for hydrate inhibition. LNG experience includes the Conoco-Phillips Cascade Refrigeration Process and Linde Mixed Refrigerant Process. NGL/LPG experience includes turbo-expander, refrigeration process and combinations thereof. Recent experience involved GTL (Gas to Liquid) utilizing Sasol’s “Slurry Phase Distillate Process”.


Feb 17 - Owner/Consultant, Reverse Technology Resources LLC


Natural gas processing consultant providing engineering services for design, operation, plant performance, troubleshooting and debottlenecking of natural gas processing facilities Also provide training for the use of process simulation for design and plant operations. Training is primarily focused on facility process engineers who generally have limited process simulation experience. Contracts include:

Current Project

Marathon Oil – Development of dynamic simulation model for well unloading and subsequent platform liquid handling. Work includes report preparation inclusive of well unloading procedures. Additional work includes evaluation of twin train NGL facilities utilizing SCORE process for propane recovery. Evaluation consists of collecting plant historical data (PI), modelling facilities to update equipment performance and develop a process simulation model of facility inclusive of recompression to model current performance and predict future performance as conditions change. Future conditions were to consider the introduction of a third-party gas with high CO2 content, impact to the facility, and possible changes, if necessary, to prevent the installation of a CO2 removal unit if possible.

Summit Midstream – Developed steady state simulation model for facility process engineers use. Steady state model was inclusive of inlet receiving facilities, aminet, dehydration, refrigeration units and cryogenic area utilizing SRC process (Otrloff’s Supplemental Rectification with Compression).

Rock Creek – Developed steady state simulation model for client of existing ethane recovery unit to maximize propane recovery while minimizing ethane recovery (ethane rejection).

Past Projects/Clients

Penrith Energy (Formerly McGuffy Gas Processing). Assisted in proposal preparation, generation of PFDs, HMB and process description for LPG facilities. Inclusive of equipment sizing and piping hydraulics.

Symmetry by Virtual Material Group VMG - Prepared video training presentation on how to set up the process simulator using the GSP process with fractionation and refrigeration system.

Apr 12 – Senior Process Engineer, Origin Energy Melbourne VIC, AUS

Nov 15

Senior process engineer assigned to a multi-disciplined technical team responsible for providing process engineering support to Upstream LPG production operations. Role involved providing engineering design, review, validation and audit support for developmental activities within Upstream. Provide process engineering support for projects as required. Provided conceptual/design reviews and determine optimal facility development plan. Performed plant troubleshooting and investigated process facilities with a view to improve long term performance and optimisation. Provided technical assistance to build and maintain procedures for the development and maintenance of PFD’s, P&IDs, Cause & Effect Diagrams and Hazardous Area Classification Drawings. Conducted and participated in HAZOPs. Mentored Jr. Process Engineers.

Nov 10 – Principal Process Engineer, Origin Energy Brisbane QLD, AUS

Apr 12

Principal process engineer assigned as process function department head. Main responsibility was to provide process engineering support to Origin’s non-conventional gas processing assets or CSG (Coal Seam Gas). Responsibility also included providing process engineering support to Origin’s Melbourne office on an as required basis. Additional responsibilities included providing engineering support as required for the APLNG (Australia Pacific LNG) project, a 50/50 Joint Venture between Origin Energy and ConocoPhillips for LNG production. Also functioned as FID (Final Investment Decision) Team member for APLNG. Began implementation of process sizing standards to be applied throughout Origin assets. Task was not completed due to budget restraints and was subsequently transferred to the Melbourne office.

May 10 – Lead Process Engineer, WorleyParsons Doha Qatar

Nov 10

Lead process engineer assigned to Oryx GTL debottlenecking feasibility study to increase plant capacity by approximately 12%. The Oryx GTL facility utilizes Sasol licensed technology; Slurry Phase Distillate Process (SPD) for the production of 32,400 BPD of GTL diesel, naphtha and LPG from sweet methane rich feed gas. Primary role was lead process engineer overseeing a process study team to perform the debottlenecking study work. Study included providing heat/material balance for entire facility, PFD and BFD generation, evaluation of equipment, performance test runs, piping hydraulic evaluation, control valve sizing checks, PSV and flare system check, utility flow diagrams and utility consumption, generation of design philosophy, process description, control philosophy, generation of process equipment data sheets and equipment four-line summary sheets.

Feb 09 – Senior Process Engineer, WorleyParsons/DeltaAfrik Lagos, Nigeria

May 10

Member of a team providing conceptual engineering design as related to upstream offshore facilities. This included sizing and selection of production separators, compressors, main oil pumps and air coolers. Performance evaluation of existing equipment inclusive of TEG system, compression, air cooling, main oil pumps and existing production separators. Duties included preparation of PFDs, assigning and reviewing work by junior engineers and trainees. Projects included:

MIPS Project – ExxonMobil Nigeria

Edop Hybrid Optimisation

Ute Free-Flow Conversion

El Concept Study

Jul 08 – Senior Staff Process Engineer, EPCO, Houston Texas

Feb 09

Established basis of design on two debottleneck projects. Performed simulation, generated PFDs, heat/material balance, sized equipment & piping, performed /hydraulic calculations, and generated equipment data sheets. Reviewed/evaluated equipment quotes and worked with engineering contractors on new capital project additions. Project and project names included:

Enterprise Product Partners L.P.

Armstrong Gas Plant Expansion

Shoup Fractionation Plant De-Bottleneck

Matagorda – Matagorda Gas Plant Relocation – Performed relocation evaluation of the Matagorda Gas Plant (turbo-expander) to Armstrong. Generated simulation, PFDs, heat material balance, performed equipment sizing checks and piping hydraulics. The facility was designed for recovery of ethane plus (LPG). Evaluation included molecular dehydration system and MDEA unit.

Jan 08 – Senior Process Engineer (Consultant), Optimized Process Designs, Inc Katy, TX

July 08

Wesfarmers LPG – Wesfarmers LNG Plant – Senior process engineer responsible for providing commissioning and start-up assistance of small-scale LNG plant Kwinana, WA Australia. The facility was designed and constructed by Linde utilising a mixed refrigerant process. Additional responsibilities included check of process and preparing performance test procedures.

Prism Gas Systems – Waskom Gas Plant Debottleneck – Lead process engineer assigned to perform debottleneck study for Waskom Gas Plant. Study involved increasing turbo-expander plant throughput while maintaining maximum ethane plus recovery. Study included evaluation of the fractionation train which consisted of de-ethanizer, de-propanizer, de-butanizer and associated equipment. Performed simulation, generated PFDs, heat material balance, piping hydraulic check, and verified the existing equipment, piping and control valve sizes. Generated equipment data sheets and final report.

Jun 07 – Engineering Manager, Interstate Treating, Odessa Texas

Jan 08

Niger Delta Petroleum Resources – Ogbelle Gas Plant – Lead process engineer responsible for providing engineering design, commissioning and start-up assistance of hydrocarbon dew point facility, Niger Delta District Nigeria. Project involved retrofitting of an existing facility to meet project product specification. Performed simulation, prepared PFDs, heat material balance, piping hydraulic checks and verified existing equipment, piping, and control valve sizes. Provided outline for the commissioning/start-up procedures.

Jun 06 – Supervising Process Engineer, Technip USA Houston, Texas

Jun 07

Conoco-Phillips – Freeport LNG Plant – Lead process engineer responsible for commissioning and start-up of FLNG Re-gasification Terminal, Freeport Texas. Prepared Design and Operations Manual, commissioning and performance test procedures.

Jan 05 – Principal Engineer, Bechtel Corporation Houston, Texas

Jun 06

Conoco-Phillips – Darwin LNG – Senior process engineer assigned to provide commissioning and start-up assistance. Also functioned as the lead process engineer responsible for conducting the plant acceptance test. Responsibilities included conducting commissioning test and report preparation. Start-up activities included checking the P&IDs, verifying valve line-up/position in preparation for start-up, collecting data, monitoring of plant start-up sequence and providing process input during start-up sequence and/or for troubleshooting if required. LNG plant produced 3.5 MMTPA, Wickham Point, N.T. Australia.

Egyptian LNG – Idku Egypt – Senior process engineer assigned to provide commissioning and start-up assistance for ELNG Train 1 and 2 each producing 4.2 MMTPA of LNG. Responsible for conducting commissioning tests and providing process input during start=up activities/sequence and/or troubleshooting if required.

Angola LNG – Angola – Lead process engineer assigned to LNG study. Areas of responsibility included inlet gas treating (aMDEA), inlet dehydration, mercury removal system, regeneration gas system for molecular sieve units, fractionation system and LPG product treating. Prepared simulation for fractionation area, generated PFDs and heat material balance, sized equipment, prepared data sheets, prepared packages for vendor quotation and evaluated vendor quotes.

Oct 03 – Senior Process Engineer (Consultant), EPC, Whitehouse Texas

Jan 05

Maxus/Repsol – Margarita Gas Plant – Lead process engineer assigned to provide pre-commissioning/commissioning/start-up and performance test activities of a hydrocarbon dew point facility. Responsibility included preparation of procedures for said activities. Supervised the pre-commissioning/commissioning/start-up activities. Conducted the performance test. Plant was designed to handle 80 MMSCFD, Margarita, Bolivia.

Nov 02 – Senior Process Engineer (Consultant) Petrofac LLC, Tyler Texas

Oct 03

Petrobras – Alagoas Gas Plant – Sr. process engineer responsible for commissioning, start-up and performance test of turbo-expander gas plant. Responsibilities included review of commissioning/start-up procedures and preparation of performance test procedures. Supervised commissioning and start-up activities. Conducted the performance test and prepared report. Facility was designed and constructed by Petrofac and utilized Ortloff’s SCORE process, Pilar, Brasil.

Petrobras – San Alberto Gas Plant – Sr. process engineer assigned to troubleshoot propane refrigeration plant. Plant was experiencing high pressure drop throughout the facility. Facility utilized brazed aluminum heat exchangers which were plugged. Source of problem was identified, and report was prepared. San Alberto, Bolivia.

May 96 – Senior Process Engineer, Optimized Process Designs LLC Katy Texas

Nov 02

Lead process engineer responsible for providing engineering design for natural gas processing facilities. Process design was inclusive of turbo-expander, JT, refrigeration and combinations thereof. Included where applicable were fractionation facilities. Also provided design for glycol dehydration and amine facilities. Activities included generation of simulation and PFDs, preparation of heat material balance, equipment sizing, sizing of plant piping, hydraulic calculations for pumps and reboiler circuits. Provided commissioning/start-up assistance and conducted performance test. Performed Conceptual Design, FEED, and Detailed Design. Lead process engineer on numerous feasibility studies. Supervised and reviewed work of junior engineers. Projects included the following:

Wesfarmers LPG – Kwinana Gas Plant – Lead process engineer assigned to represent Wesfarmers LPG in the design evaluation of their second LPG train designed and constructed by Clough Engineering. Additional responsibilities included providing commissioning/start-up assistance and overseeing plant performance test. Kwinana WA Australia

Petroquimica Cuyo Complex – Lead process engineer responsible for design of P-P Splitter. 20,000 metric tons of polymer grade propylene, 99.5% purity. Mendoza, Argentina.

Duke Energy Field Services – Lead process engineer responsible for design of 120 MMSCFD turbo-expander plant for recovery of 82% ethane with liquid product treating for removal of CO2. Also provided start-up assistance. Port Arthur, Texas USA

Duke Energy Field Services – Kingfisher Gas Plant – Lead process engineer responsible for debottleneck of twin 85 MMSCFD natural gas processing facilities. Kingfisher County, Oklahoma USA

Dynegy Midstream Services – Eunice Gas Plant – Lead process engineer responsible for debottleneck of natural gas processing facility. Increased throughput from 85 MMSCFD to115 MMSCFD. Used Ortloff’s GSP process for retrofit. Eunice, New Mexico USA.

Apr 89 – Senior Process Engineer, International Process Services Inc., Houston Texas

May 96

Senior process engineer responsible for providing engineering design for natural gas processing facilities. Process design was inclusive of turbo-expander, JT, refrigeration and combination thereof. Included where applicable were fractionation facilities. Also provided design for glycol dehydration and amine facilities. Activities included generation of simulation, preparation of PFDs and associated heat material balance, equipment and pipe sizing, hydraulic calculations for piping, pumps and reboiler circuits. Provided commissioning and start-up assistance, conducted performance tests. Performed Conceptual Design, FEED, Detailed Design and feasibility studies. Projects included the following:

Wesfarmers LPG – Kwinana Gas Plant Train 1 Debottleneck – Senior process engineer providing front end engineering design to debottleneck cryogenic LPG facility and associated fractionation train. Detailed design performed by Clough Engineering. Work involved debottleneck of process and export refrigeration system, fractionation train, hot oil system and waste heat recovery unit. Main process plant utilizing turbo-expander was also evaluated for the upgrade but required no modifications. Performed simulation, prepared PFD, heat material balance, checked equipment sizes, prepared equipment data sheets. Additional duties included providing commissioning and start-up assistance. Prepared and conducted performance test and generated test report. Kwinana WA, Australia.

Maraven S.A. – Senior process engineer assigned to perform feasibility study of low pressure gas gathering system. Responsibility also included review of crude sweetening process. Maraaven S.A. Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Asamera Ltd – Assistant study manager and lead process/utility engineer on feasibility study to treat 1,900 MMSCFD of an 80% CO2 rich stream. Asamera Ltd Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mobil – Yanbu Saudi Arabia – Senior process engineer assigned to detailed engineering design phase of MTBE facility.

Corpoven S.A. – ACCRO Project San Joaquin Gas Plant/Jose Fractionation – Lead process engineer assigned on pre-commissioning/commissioning/start-up team for gas processing and fractionation facility. Work involved modification of twin turbo-expander facility to increase throughput from 400 MMSCFD to 500 MMSCFD each. Work included modification of fractionation facility to increase capacity from 70 MBPD to 100 MBPD. ACCRO Project, Corpoven S.A., Anaco/Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

Qatar Natural Gas - North Field/Umm Said Gas Plant - Lead process on pre-commissioning/commissioning/start-up team for offshore gas processing facility. Offshore facility processed 800 MMSCFD via twin parallel turbo-expander trains for hydrocarbon dew point control. Responsibility included on onshore extraction facility with condensate stabilization unit to handle the natural gas and liquids from offshore facility. Additional responsibility included set-up of PRO II simulation program for use by in-plant engineering staff. North Field Development Project, Arabian Gulf, Doha/Umm Said, Qatar.

Corpoven S.A. – San Joaquin Gas Plant/Jose Fractionation Facility - Lead process engineer assigned to study minimization of product losses during upcoming revamp of plant extraction and fractionation facilities. ACCRO Project, Corpoven S.A. Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

Texaco – Star Project – Process engineer responsible for detailed process design of Sulfur Recovery Unit, Amine Regeneration Unit and Tail Gas Treating Unit. Responsibilities included equipment sizing, hydraulic calculations, equipment data sheet preparation and PFD development. Texaco Refinery, Port Arthur, Texas USA.

Qatar Natural Gas – Lead process engineer responsible for developing material balances on Master Gas Utilization Plan. Material balances based on processing 800 MMSCFD and included acid gas treating, sulfur recovery, gas processing (turbo-expander plant), NGL fractionation, methanol plant, ammonia/urea facility, ethylene plant, poly-ethylene and ethylene glycol facility, propylene and polypropylene plant, MTBE facility and condensate upgrading. Additional material balances performed on the basis of phase implementation of four gas processing facilities, each at 800 MMSCFD. Qatar General Petroleum Corporation, Doha, Qatar.

Department of Energy – Naval Petroleum Reserve - Lead process engineer responsible for performance/efficiency evaluation of twin straight refrigeration plants and related equipment. Evaluated process monitoring and implemented program for trend analysis. Recommended changed in operations to improve performance and efficiency. Evaluation included refrigeration and glycol injection systems. Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve, Elk Hills, California USA

Texaco – Texaco Chemical – Process engineer on study to increase hydrogen recovery and minimize ethylene losses of refinery off-gas feedstock to natural gas processing facility. Texaco Chemical, Port Neches, Texas USA.

1988 – Process Engineer, Fish Engineering & Construction, Houston, Texas

Apr 89

Process engineer responsible for providing process design and engineering for hydrocarbon process facilities and ammonia facilities. Responsibilities included preparation of proposals and engineering studies. Preparation of PFDs, hydraulic calculations, equipment sizing, generation of simulation utilizing Chemshare (now Winsim) simulation software.

1983 – Process Engineer, J.P. Herrin & Associates, San Antonio, Texas


Process engineer in training performing heat/material balances for natural gas processing facilities, fractionation plants and treating facilities (both liquid and gas). Prepared performance test procedures. Conducted performance tests. Performed hydraulic calculations, flow rate and VLE calculations, line and equipment sizing. Evaluated plant performance, performed troubleshooting of plant process and recommended correctional procedures. Other activities included onsite gathering of pant operating data and sampling of process streams.

1979 – Plant Test Specialist, Valero Energy Corporation, San Antonio, Texas


Responsible for plant performance testing and troubleshooting of 12 NGL plants and 3 fractionation plants in Hydrocarbon Division. This included Turbo-Expander, Joule-Thomson, Straight Refrigeration, and Refrigerated Lean Oil Absorption plants. Calculated plant recovery and efficiencies, recommended correctional procedures to improve plant operations which included the following systems within the plants: refrigeration, amine treating (both gas and liquid), dehydration (both molecular sieve and glycol), hot oil and waste heat recovery systems. Monitored and adjusted if necessary furnace operations for combustibles and excess air. Utilized Chemshare for plant simulations, heat/material balances. Collected data for performance test, troubleshooting and process monitoring. Prepared technical reports on plant performance that summarized plant recovery, efficiencies and would list recommended correctional procedures.

1978 – Material Control Specialist, Brown & Root Engineers & Const. Houston, Texas


Responsible for preparing and updating contract pipe specifications. Assigned equipment stock numbers and prepared material requisitions.

1976 – Material Take-off Specialist, Fluor Engineers & Constructors, Houston, Texas


Performed piping material take-off on above and underground drawings. Responsible for two Gas Oil Separation Plant projects in Saudi Arabia. Maintained job histories.


BS Chemical Engineering (BSChE), University of Texas at Austin, 1986

BS, University of Texas at Austin, 1976


References available upon request.

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