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Professor in Pharmacology

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
May 31, 2020

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Associate Professor

Ayaan Institute of Medical - Hyderabad, Telangana

August 2019 to Present

• Actively involved in Research, published two research articles and one editorial

• Assisted students in Research projects design and submission to ICMR for ICMR-STS

• Taught Undergraduate students Pharmacology

• Involved in curriculum designing and implementation for second MBBS Pharmacology Course

• Presented a Research paper in Medical Education Technology Conference. Assistant Professor

College of Medicine, Majmaah University - Al Majmaah November 2013 to June 2019

• Teaching Medical Students, Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacology

• Training in Assessment and Medical Education in various workshops and Conferences.

• Played vital role in NCAAA accreditation process of Majmaah university

• Assistant Editor for Journal, Majmaah Journal of Health sciences

• Course director/ Module coordinator for Basic Therapeutics module, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics module and Nutrition, GIT and Metabolism module in an outcome based curriculum in College of Medicine, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia

• Associate Module coordinator for Nervous system module, Blood Body fluids module.

• Led the Quality Assurance department in college of Medicine, Majmaah University and was appointed deputy director of quality. Appreciation certificate of the Dean received on two seperate occassions. Associate Professor

Kamineni Institute Of Medical Sciences - Narketpally, Nalgonda September 2011 to November 2013

• Establishment of Pharmacovigilance centre and drug information center in Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences

• Warden of Boys hostel

• Member of the statutory committee of the College, responsible for overseeing MCI accreditation related work. NASER


Professor in Pharmacology

Hyderabad, Telangana


Willing to relocate: Anywhere

• Teaching post graduate and undergraduate medical and dental students

• Guided one MD Pharmacology student and one MSc Pharmacology student as research guide. Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Kamineni Institute Of Medical Sciences - Narketpally, Nalgonda October 2008 to August 2011

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Index Medical College - Indore, Madhya Pradesh

January 2008 to October 2008

Assistant Professor in Pharmacology

PDVVPFs Medical College - Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra

August 2007 to January 2008


MD in Pharmacology

Government Medical College, Aurangabad - Aurangabad, Maharashtra June 2004 to June 2007

MBBS in Medicine

Shri Bhau Saheb Hire, Government Medical College, North Maharashtra University - Jalgaon, Maharashtra October 1996 to January 2001


Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine (FCCM), Awarded by Medvarsity in April 2020. Certificate in Critical Care Medicine completed on 12 January 2020; Awarded by Medvarsity and Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation.

Post Graduate Diploma in diabetology

PGDHsc from Annamalai University, Chennai

International Certificate Course on the Principles in Bioethics and Human Rights- conducted by the Department of Education, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, HAIFA, December 2017 AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS

Membership of societies

1. Life member, Indian Pharmacological Society

2. Life member Physiological Society of India

3. Life member International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Awards

1. Awarded second prize for Oral paper presentation “Recent advances in treatment of Malaria.” At National Seminar on Tropical diseases in man, Organized by NG Government college and University Grants Commission, India. 2. Awarded second prize for poster presentation titled. “Excitotoxins;their role in neurodegeneration: Fact vs Fiction." At annual conference of Physiological Society of India, held on 11th December 2012 to 13th December 2012 at Vishakhapatnam, India.

3. Certificate of Appreciation from Dean, College of Medicine, Majmaah University for contribution in the preparation for the accreditation process of College of Medicine during year 1439-1440 H 4. Certificate of Appreciation from Dean, College of Medicine, Majmaah University for role as a part of team that initiated the process of Quality certification at College of Medicine. PROJECTS / PAPERS PRESENTED

1. Tadvi NA. Welcome 2020: The Post Antibiotic Era Begins, Let’s Fight Back. Acta Scientific Pharmacology 2020;1(2):1

2. Tadvi NA, Faraz A, Sajid H, M KMSB, Shaikh K. Analysis of antimicrobial resistance pattern in a secondary care hospital. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol. 2019; 9(12): 1167-1171. 3. Asad MR, Tadvi N, Amir KM, Afzal K, Irfan A, Hussain SA. Medical Student’s Feedback towards Problem Based Learning and Interactive Lectures as a Teaching and Learning Method in an Outcome Based Curriculum. International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences 2019;8(4): 78-84.

4. Tadvi NA, Asad MR. Competency Based Undergraduate Curriculum In Pharmacology for the Indian Medical Graduate: Challenges In assessment. International Journal of Current Research in Physiology and Pharmacology 2019;3(2):1.

5. Tadvi NA, Al Olah HA, Al Mjlad AB, Al Shammari MT, Al Shammari MM, Hussain S, Sami W. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice Regarding Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Use among Undergraduate Medical Students in Majmaah, Saudi Arabia. Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Sciences 2019; 7(2): 75-8.

6. Tadvi NA, Alromaih AA, Aldahash AA, et al. Knowledge, attitude and practice of pharmacovigilance in healthcare professionals and medical students in majmaah, Saudi Arabia care centre. Int J Med Res Health Sci 2018; 7:101-107. 7. Patil BS, Tadvi NA. Effect of sulfonylureas on attenuation of electrocardiographic ST- segment elevation during an acute myocardial infarction in diabetics. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 2018;7(4), 579-584.

8. Asad MR, Amir K, Tadvi NA, Afzal K, Sami W, Irfan A. Perception of medical undergraduate students about interactive lectures in an outcome based integrated curriculum: A cross sectional study. J Edu Health Promot 2017; 6(1): 100-6.

9. Devagudi P, Shareef M, Tadvi NA. Comparative study of safety and efficacy of omeprazole, lansoprazole, and rabeprazole in triple therapy for eradication of Helicobacter pylori in peptic ulcer patients in Indian population. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol. 2017; 7(3): 250-254. 10. Manjunath K, Prakash GB, Subash KR, Tadvi NA, Manikanta M, Rao KU. Effect of Aloe vera leaf extract on blood glucose levels in alloxan induced diabetic rats. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol. 2016;6(5):471-4.

11. Tadvi NA, Hussain S, Ghaffar UB. Benefits versus risks of proton pump inhibitors: Are we opening the can of worms. Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2016;5(1):91. 12. Joshi D K, Srujana P, Patil B S, Shareef S M, Karunasree P, Shrinivas Raikar, Tadvi N A, Naidu C D M, Venkata Rao Y. Study on Self-medication Practices among Second Year MBBS Undergraduates. Int. J. Pharm. Phytopharmacol 2015; 4 (5): 298-300. 13. Tadvi NA, Hussain S. Screening of Analgesic Activity and Adverse Effects of Bisthiazolidine in Male Albino Rats. JCMAD 2015; 3(3):9-13

14. Ghaffar UB, Tadvi NA, Hussain S. A comparative overview of poisoning in multi dimentional perspective. Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2015; 4:203-207. 15. Tadvi NA, Shareef SM, Naidu CDM, Karuna Sree P, Venkata Rao Y. Profile of adverse drug reactions in a rural tertiary care hospital. Journal of Basic and Clinical Research 2015;2(1):15-20. 16. UB Ghaffar, Tadvi NA. Paracetamol toxicity: a review. J Contemp Med Dent. 2014;2(3):12–5. 17. Nousheen, Tadvi NA, Shareef SM. Use of proton pump inhibitors in general practice: Is it rationale? Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014;3(1):37-42. 18. Srujana P, Tadvi NA, Venkat Rao Y. Study of awareness of pharmacovigilance in MBBS undergraduates in a teaching hospital,KIMS, Nalgonda. Indian J of Physiology & Pharmacology 2013;57(5S):71.

19. Naveen Kumar T, Tadvi NA, Kaul R. Prescription pattern of drugs in pregnancy induced hypertension in a tertiary care hospital. International Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 2013; 2(6): 783-7.

20. Krishnaveni T, Venkata Rao Y, Manikanta M, Manjunath K, Tadvi NA, Karunashree P. Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Effect of Lansoprazole in Albino Rats. Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2013; 45(S):S23.

21. Patil BS, Tadvi NA, Venkat Rao Y. A Critical Analysis of Quality of Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Case reporting in Indian Setting. Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2013; 45(S):S45. 22. Manjunath K, Tadvi NA, Manikanta M, Krishnaveni T, Shareef SM, Venkata Rao Y. Adverse Drug Reactions in a Rural Tertiary Care Centre - An Overview. Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2013; 45(S):S78.

23. Manikanta M, Tadvi NA, Manjunath K, Krishnaveni T, Shareef SM, Venkata Rao Y. Drug Utilization Study of Ppis in a Tertiary Rural Care Hospital. Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2013; 45(S):S175.

24. Shareef S, Krishna P, Tadvi NA, Naidu C. Clonazepam induced maculopapular rash: a case report. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 2017; 2(5):647-9. 25. Tamma NK, Tadvi NA, Nagakrishna L, Sudhakar L, Challa S.Evaluation of Antinociceptive and AntiInflammatory Effect of Aqueos Seed Extract of Carica papaya Linn in Albino Rats. InternationaL Journal of Medical and Health Sciences 2013; 2(3): 305-10.. 26. Tadvi NA, Qureshi SA, Shareef SM, Naidu CDM. Excitotoxins: Their role in health and disease. Int J Med Res Health Sci 2013;2(3):648-59.

27. Nagkrishna L, Tamma NK, Tadvi NA, Shareef M. Evaluation of protective effect of Vitamin -E on Vincristine induced peripheral neuropathy in albino rats. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2013;2(15):2538-44.

28. Sudhakar L, Kumar N, Tadvi NA, Rao V.The effect of verapamil and diltiazem on cardiac stimulant effect of adrenaline and calcium chloride on isolated frog heart. Int J Med Res Health Sci 2013;2(2):143-5.

29. Shirure PA, Tadvi NA, Bajait CS, Baig MS, Gade PR. Comparative effect of fixed dose combination of Amlodipine + Bisoprolol versus Amlodipine and Bisoprolol alone on blood pressure in stage-2 essential hypertensive patients. Int J Med Res Health Sci 2012;1(1):13-19. 30. Tamma NK, Tadvi NA, Shareef SM, Malkappa SK. Pharmacological Aspects of newer drugs used in anticoagulant therapy. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2013; 2( 8): 986-92.

31. Tamma NK, Tadvi NA, Huilgol S. Comparative study of hypoglycaemic effect of annona squamosa and glibenclamide in albino rabbits. The antiseptic 2012;109(3):142-4. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Experience in Medical Writing:

1. Associate Editor, International Journal of current research in Physiology and Pharmacology 2. Assistant Editor, Journal of Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia; Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences, Year ;2018-19. 3. Editorial Board Member of Acta Scientific Pharmacology 4. Editorial board member for international Journal of Innovative research in Medical Science 5. Editorial Board member for International Journal of Medical Research and Health Sciences. 6. Reviewer for Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports 7. Reviewer for Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics 8. Reviewer for PJAFMS

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