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Customer Service Receptionist

Prince George, BC, Canada
May 22, 2020

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Tripatpal Kaur


Management ***

Video *

In this video, the minions had perform the 2 stages of Tuckman that are norming and performing, they all have one goal to lighten the bulb all get success but they achieve their goal without any plan due to which they fuse they broke the build. At first only one minion is performing the job but he called his friends and then they make a tower and pluck out the bulb but then when the bulb is broken they decide to make their friend a bulb so they achieve their goal by hard work and full of dedication and show the teamwork.

Video 2

In this video, the penguins already know each other so they are not doing the forming stage of Tuckman but they consider the 3 stages to Tuckman. They are fully planned and know their duties what they have to perform. At the storming stage they distribute their duties to each other and then at norming they help each other to steal the car and make plan to make one penguin to come on front of a car and acted like a death penguin. At performing they divert the passenger and steal the car and then they run from their in the car and at last they achieve their goal with hard work and with full proof plan.

In both the videos we seen the teamwork they have done weather it is planned or not but with the help of teamwork they achieve their goal.

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