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Customer Service Sales

Leander, TX
May 23, 2020

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Emma Onita Doss

#readytowork - Authorized to work in the US for any employer


H-E-B, Austin, TX — Beauty Advisor, GM & Cashier


Handled money for over a year, greeted/helped customers, bagged groceries, cleaned, etc.. When I transitioned into the beauty/GM role I had to learn about different products. I continued to help/greet customers, organized, cleaned, but had to be creative a lot of the time. Most days I recommended products to customers, stocked shelves, created end-cap advertisements. I basically had to lead myself in most situations because our store was so small and needed all the help we could get. This included ordering new merchandise and re-ordering what was in demand and getting used to all the tools that helped keep the store running successfully.

eBay, Austin, TX — GCX Level 1 Trust Solutions Agent //

(Member to Member - Escalations, Returns, Appeals, High Value Claims, & HelpBot)

OCTOBER 2017 - JUNE 2019

For this role, having patience with your customers was a key characteristic of getting through contacts. But, at the same time you have to always be sure you are balancing in what is right through policy. Sometimes, it could be a complex issue but lucky for me success came natural.

I handled High Value situations and appeals for most of my time in the member to member department. And, while I was in HelpBot I did the same type of work, but over online chat and email. I even learned fast to help with our UK members while working on the HelpBot team, so I gained knowledge of their policies and practices for returns. HelpBot was essentially a job of its own and I adapted so quickly to the member to member department, that I was on the team almost immediately after only being 3 months with eBay. This job was so competitive, but I knew that I had the job.

Both roles required reviewing and researching claims and following knowledge-base workflows to get through the cases accurately. Eventually, getting through claims became very natural to me, which worked to my advantage as I didn't hold up too much of mine and the


Austin, TX 78729

Flexible & willing to relocate



Top communication &

customer service


Able to adapt & learn

quickly with any

material that is given to


Lots of confidence

Maintain &


I apply my very best to

everything that I do so

that I don't disappoint


eBay - Elite Award


Have been recognized

customers' time. You also had to make sure to keep a close eye on abuse of policy from both buyers and sellers and report it accordingly. I was able to successfully de-escalate calls numerous times through my caring and happy personality. It was a very overwhelming position to be in as people were on edge most of the time. But, I was able to nail my job and outperform a majority of my teammates no matter what was going on at work, or even in my personal life by maintaining a positive attitude.

(While being on Nick Dugger's team I did also lead most of our huddles but mostly focused on a segment about positivity for our team to help lift our spirits for the day).

eBay, Austin, TX — GCX Level 3 Trust Solutions Agent // eBay Managed Payments, High Risk Buying & Selling & Account Takeover/Suspension/Restrictions/ General High Risk JUNE 2019 - CURRENT

The cool thing about this role is that you get to work right alongside our leaders and even teach them about what is going on in live scenarios since the department is so brand new.

It was very easy for me to learn about my role and quickly figured out how to implement my past experience with eBay to create a successful path for myself in my current role. I mostly deal with onboarding sellers into the Managed Payments program and answering all of their questions to get them comfortable with the new process. I also help our sellers through verification and troubleshooting throughout this process, guiding them in the right direction through chargebacks, MP listing removals, Tax queries, etc. We also focus on our buyers and getting them through any obstacles when purchasing items from MP sellers, and will override internal issues if need be.

A lot of the time I also find myself handling situations that are non-Managed Payments focused. Therefore, I have expanded my knowledge and understand how to answer most questions that are Selling, e2M, buying, account information, and of course anything M2M related. Since December 2019 I have also been working the High Risk Buying & Selling & Account Takeover/ Suspension/Restrictions queue. This requires paying attention to detail and searching for signs of fraudulent members who are bidding/selling on high value/high risk items in unusual situations, trying to conduct in off eBay sales/money laundering, etc (while also actioning cases).vThis was another thing that I was able to pick up on very quickly, but it definitely helps to trust your gut in most situations.

Since January 2020 I have been helping out our Account Takeover team along with Suspensions/ Restrictions/High Risk to help lighten their load of contacts. This has helped me understand more about unwanted activities on a eCommerce platform and how to keep it safe place to shop online

three times

throughout all of eBay

for outstanding work

ethic and customer


HEB - Finding

Friendly Award 2018

On A Honor Roll for all

of high school.

Won the Leadership

Experience award out

of all students in the

Pflugerville district in



Fluent in English

Can read some

Spanish & German


Pflugerville High School, Pflugerville, TX — High school diploma

August 2012 - June 2016

Throughout high school I was determined to make straight A’s, and even the occasional B. Because, let’s face it, no one is perfect. I maintained it, and became a part of the top 15% of my entire class by the end of senior year. I have always been nicknamed the “golden child,” of my family so of course, I had to uphold my reputation throughout high school and even still today.

Austin Community College, Austin, TX — Future

- FALL 2020

Pursuing my education has always been extremely important to me but on my own time. I am excited to be starting my journey with Austin Community College this FALL 2020.


Interact Club (Vice President - 2014 & President - 2015-2016) — “Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self.” This included holding meetings for the Rotary Club of Pflugerville, TX. I also led volunteer work events for my club which included scheduling, documentation and even advertisement throughout the school for our events so that other students would join. It was so fulfilling being a part of a group that helped others before themselves.

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