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Engineer Mechanical

Pearland, TX
May 17, 2020

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Paterno Bayaton

Commissioning Engineer; Field Engineer (Onshore/Offshore); Construction Engineer (Onshore/Offshore);


** + years of professional experience in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generations and Mining Industries. Versatile and Skilled in Management, planning/scheduling, estimating, networking, work packing, project coordination, inspections, detailed engineering design.

30+ years directly involved in the construction, fabrication and installations, hook-up, pre-com, commissioning, start-up, operation & maintenance (Turn–around) in Onshore & Offshore facilities. Hands-on, field work experience in repair, trouble shooting, overhauling, alignment (turbine engines, air compressor, gas & diesel, compressor, gas & diesel engines, various kinds of pumps) and other turbo machineries. Perform generate procedures for piping activities such as hydrostatic/pneumatic test, acid pickling, lube oil flushing, nitrogen purging, reinstatement/sensitive leak test, operations of various turbo equipment, Basic knowledge, performs electrical/instrument test (continuity test, resistance test, pressure test, instrument calibration)


Computer Skills – MS Word, Excel, Access, MS Project email:

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering contact: Home: 832-***-**** Cell: 832-***-****

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


Cameron LNG; Lake Charles, LA

Job Title: Constructions & Commissioning Superintendent June 2015 up to present

Location: Hackberry, Lake Charles, LA 70645

Reports to the Deputy Commissioning Manager and interface with the Deputy Commissioning and Start-up/ Operations Lead.

Coordination of activities with the Operations & Mechanical Superintendents for the Commissioning Team.

Coordination of all activities for the process train, utilities, and offsite areas until handover in accordance with the requirements of the overall QA/QC plan.

Liaison with the Commissioning & Maintenance groups through the Project team to assure smooth handover of the facilities

Ensuring that safety aspects of work in their areas of responsibilities are followed in accordance with the overall Project HSE Plan.

Ensuring that process licensors & other supplier specialist required for specific tasks are available on schedule and perform tasks related to their packages in accordance with the schedule requirements.

Participate and involved Hazop & Model review.

Controlling & overseeing cleaning, operational testing, & preparation of all equipment & systems required for construction completion.

Periodically check that preservation & storage activities are adequate for equipment & bulks.

Conduct daily alignment meetings with direct reports for planned activities.

Execution of the pre-commissioning & commissioning activities in the process trains, utilities, and offsite areas.

Issue daily progress reports for progress of work for their areas responsibility.

Shell Projects & Technologies New Orleans, LA (October 2014 – June 2015)

Job Title: Rotating Equipment Coordinator

Module Coordinators to manage Shell Furnished Equipment for the Appomatox Production & Drilling Platform & Carmon Creek Project. Review mechanical and P&ID, with emphasis on Rotating Equipment (i.e. compressors, pumps, mechanical and electrical motors). Work closely with the discipline / rotating equipment engineers in developing a strategy for fabrication, testing, and inspection of engineered equipment.

Witnessed FAT testing and develop procedure for preservation of equipment. Review P.O.'s, RFQ's, ITP's, DEP's, and other pertinent documents relating to specific project needs.

Provide timely and cost effective technical service on all aspects of rotating equipment to Shell project.

Participate in root cause analysis and participate in reliability & availability improvement studies.

Mentor repair services and advice, coordinate to maintenance departments on all static and rotating equipment

Initiate and investigate equipment upgrades to improve assets efficiency and reduce cost.

Provide technical support of major rotating equipment inspections during major shutdowns.

Execute maintenance strategies and develop timely shutdowns scopes for assigned assets.

Adhere to and maintain rotating equipment standards, specifications and work procedures.

Demonstrate commitment to safety and environmental performance on assigned assets.

Develop and enhance the engineering skills of the site Rotating Equipment engineers.

Keeps up to date with latest technical innovations via Bureau Veritas, 3rd parties including major equipment vendors and/or industry forums.

FLUOR Corporation Inc. Sugarland, TX (August 2013 – August 2014)

Job Title: Lead Mechanical Commissioning Engineer (Package 2 & 3)

Project: Shah Gas Development (SGD) Project

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Reviewing the Scope of Work, Design Philosophy and other relevant information to the Project. Lead in the development of pre-commissioning work packages as to content, planning and sequencing, method statements, indirect support requirements (scaffolding, rigging, lifting plans), Hazard Identification and Safeguards, man-power requirements, consumables and specific vendor requirements. Review, edit and maintain discipline pre-commissioning check sheet assignment and status in completions database.

Prepare and issue system specific commissioning procedures and input into other discipline SCP's.

Liaise with the planner, construction and commissioning managers, superintendent, field engineers to best formulate system completion and commissioning schedules.

Ensuring that respective contractor personnel selected for carrying out pre-commissioning and commissioning have been deemed to be competent via training and competency assessment. Ensuring adequate number of supervisors and support is identified and available prior to the execution of the work. Ensuring adequate Equipment, Tools & Consumables to be used have been identified and are available as required by the plan.

Verify that all test equipment required to execute the work is identified, correct in relation to intended use and when provided is calibrated and compliant as per standards and specifications.

Coordinate with vendor specialists and or third parties in relation to planning, witnessing and execution of the work. Coordinating with the respective contractor discipline supervision regarding man power planning and utilization. Coordinating with the EH&S Lead and or Safety Officers in relation to planning for entry of plant and equipment.

Ensuring that all personnel have complied with Safety Training requirement prior to the start of work.

Organizing with the EH&S, PTW and SIMOPS Coordinator a daily PTW and Work Coordination Meeting Safety Meeting. Advise the Crew of areas concerning Safety, Hygiene and other precautionary measures to be observed during the execution of the work.

Supervising the execution of the work, as specified in the Contract, Construction Work Packs and other relevant Documents.

Keeping the Commissioning Manager informed of the daily onshore work progress.

Ensuring that the Company’s Safety Programs, Procedures and Policies are implemented.

Reviewing and signing Daily Progress Reports

Signing and keeping a copy of Vendors & Sub-Contractors Time sheets and Service report.

Ensuring that rental Tools & Equipment are returned to the Vendor as quickly as possible.

Ensuring that all Tools and Equipment are properly documented, stored and sea fastened prior to demobilization form onshore. Supervising the de-mobilization and the return of all equipment.

Development of Level III Procedures.

Maintain accurate red line marked up (as-built) drawings as applicable from turnover from construction until handover to Operations.

Mentor the handover of systems assigned to the discipline commissioning lead and coordinate handover to Operations. Comply with the Management of Change (MOC) process, where necessary, prepare and issue Site Technical Queries or Requests for Information. Prepare and issue a week report that includes current progress, two week look ahead and mobilization planning for vendors and or third parties as required.

ExxonMobil Development Co: (January 2013 up to August 5, 2013)

Job Title: ENG-FAC-System Completion Specialist / SIMOP Coordinator

Project: Sakhalin-1 Project, Arkutun-Dagi, Berkut Platform Topsides

Location: South Korea (Daewoo Shipyard & Marine Engineering)

Supervised Commissioning Engineer and SIMOP coordinator during Construction and Commissioning Phases.

Liaises with MC Coordinators for all sub projects, Construction Manager/Engineers, Operations Readiness Manager, and O&M Lead. Provide leadership for the development of the Commissioning and start-up planning process to ensure that the system are complete, handed over fully commissioned and ready to operate per requirements of the Systems Completions Specifications. Provide overall pre-com, commissioning leadership and expertise.

Obtain data and review from project to enable planning and development of overall Integrated Field Commissioning Plan.

Coordinate commissioning and start-up issue identifications and resolution requirements.

Identify commissioning resource needs at key project phases, develop and submit staffing plans for project Manager Approval and staff the Commissioning and start-up Organizations.

Identification of CSU spare parts for Mechanical Equipment.

Liaise with Engineering and Construction function during EPC

Populate Systems Completion Database

Review supplier documents

Identify temporary equipment, consumable to support CSU activities.

Development of commissioning management procedures including:

Functional and inspection (preservation) checks

Start-up and operations

Work permits (PTW)

Living Up Notices (LUN)

Turnover and Completions Packages (TCPs)

Factory Acceptance Testing (FATs) and Site Integration Tests (SITs) plans and schedules

Commissioning aspects of mechanical completion activities

Mechanical completion packages to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled

FLUOR Enterprises Inc.: Sugarland, TX (July 2012 – November 2012)

JOB TITLE: Commissioning Engineer/Specialist III

Project: OyuTolgoi, Ivanhoe Mining Project, Mongolia Client: Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia

Review Design Philosophy of Mining process and its equipment.

Review B sheets punch list items and identify Mechanical Equipment’s required to be completed as pre- requisite for system commissioning.

Liaise with Vendor and sub-contractors in executing punch list activities.

Witness, carry out inspection, line check per system of Mechanical equipment such as :

-Conveyors—alignment check during test run, limit switches function test,

-Pumps driven Motors up to 15000 kw, 5000 kw 200kw - uncoupled run for 3 hours, couple run to gear box, check for correct rotation, vibration, cold alignment

-Fans with heater – check for correct rotation, check for correct temperature setting.

-Fans and Damper – check for correct rotation, check and function test windows close and open while running.

-Systems flushing of pipeline from tailing area to concentrator 5 km length two stage pumps at 5000 kW each.

-Overhead crane- (30 tons, 20 tons, 15 tons) – function test, check limit switches, check cable for damage.

During execution supervise, monitor parameters and make necessary adjustment of the equipment while running, record all parameters reading such as temperature, pressure, flow, vibration level.

Sign and approved checksheet and Hold if required rectification and make daily progress report.

Shell Intl. E&P Inc. (February 2012 up to June 2012)

JOB TITLE: Contract Lead Mechanical Commissioning Engineer

Project: Arctic Containment System

Project Location: Superior Energy Office Client: Shell Intl. Expl. & Prod. Inc.

Top sides fabrication / Installation from Barge oil & gas processing equipment, Containment Dome that captures and directs the well leak fluids through separate oil & gas recovery process. Various kinds of pumps, Air Compressors, Pipe racks, Boom Flares system, Installations/ pre-com, commissioning, start-up of the system by system method. (Process, utilities, subsea facilities.). Review Basis Design Philosophy of Process equipment and it’s control system

Develop procedures on each system description and checksheet for each equipment involved.

Develop planning /scheduling of the project using job card method and identify critical, parallel and floating activities to prepare for tools and equipment required to execute the task.

Liaise with vendor and sub-contractors in executing the activities.

During execution supervise, monitor the progress of the job and make a punchlist and documentation.

Sign and approved each system and hand-over to Operations for final ownership of the system.

TVA – Widows Creek Steam Plant Stevenson, AL (July 2011 up to January 2012)

Job Title: Mechanical Engineer Client: TVA-Widows Creek Fossil Plant

Project: Turn-Around maintenance & Upgrading Piping System

Multi-Discipline on–site Field Engineering- optimize performance of Major Plant equipment, apparatus, and facilities at a Coal Fossil Power Plant. Initiate improvements, repairs, maintenance, modification and retrofit activity to opttimize.

Pre-commisioning, commissioning equipment into service including training and documentation.

Prepare, assemble and review all project close out information to ensure that all requirement document are accurate and complete.

Update repair guidelines and maintenance manual to suit the present and existing rotating and fixed equipment.

Review record drawings to ensure that they are updated to reflect the as built condition of the process and facilities.

Manage project construction and maintenance activities to ensure they are performed safely and that final installations have satisfied the objective of the original technical request and are within the negotiated cost.

Monitor and ensure the Contractor performs work in safe and invironmentally responsible manner.

Interface with industry Technical Experts to assist in solving commissioning problems incurred on the project. Attend participate in estimating Capitalprojects and its planning and scheduling and implementation

Pasadena Refining System Incorporated Pasadena, TX (August 2010 up to July 2011)

Job Title: Technical Writer/Field Engineer Client: Pasadena Refinery Inc.

Project: Updating Maintenance Procedures and Technical support.

Review/Update all Pasadena repair guidelines and maintenance procedure manual. Update/Modify Pasadena repair guidelines and maintenance manual to suit the present and existing rotating and fixed equipment.

Responsible for making and updating All project standards and specifications both electronc and hard copy.

Responsible for making and updating All project Field Drawings, P&ID’s and the Fields books in the document control area.

Responsible for giving engineering support with RFI’s, Field sketches, Field Change Orders.

Responsible for updating Pile Status report log for all projects, also updating electronic copy of log on W drive and Hard copy.

Work closely with Field Specialist/Superintendent to check Field Construction work Packages, Isometric drawings, RFI’s, Field sketches and Engineering work orders to manage supervise, and troubleshooting during constructions.

Chevron Global Upstream & Gas Houston, TX (Nov. 2009 up to June 2010)

Job Title: Commissioning Coordinator Client: Chevron Global Upstream

Project: Niemba, Angola Project (Brown Field)

Responsible for develop/writing commissioning philosophy and procedures, and take charge for the testing, pre-commissioning and startup of all equipment and facilities on an offshore production platform. Coordinate construction related activities during project execution phases Developed commissioning procedures, issue commissioning procedures per system. Prepare and issue a Pre-Com/Commissioning hand-over procedure to operation

Interface for Construction Contractor and Commissioning activities

Insure commissioning doc. are addressed and correctly and check sheets are completed and signed.

Responsible all update of the Commissioning Manual

Supervise all discipline Commissioning Engineers

Contribute with active involvement in engineering, procurement and construction activities where Commissioning are in question.

Hands-on experience in testing pre-com and start-up of all equipment and facilities on major offshore production platform.

Worley Parsons Resources & Energy Martinez, CA (January 2007 up to October 2009)

Job Title: Sr Engineer-Mechanical (Rotating Equipment)

Project: Valero Flue Gas Project, Shell Martinez & Chevron - Maintenance Project.

Prepare, develop data sheets, specifications, and requisitions for rotating equipment, packaged units or utility equipment such as pumps, compressors, turbine, motors, etc.- Performed technical bid evaluations.

Review vendor drawings, mechanical data, detail design calculation

Engineering coordination of technical information with vendors and company engineering specialist.

Performed field engineering support at Chevron Richmond Refinery performing walk down inspections, responding to RFI’s and preparing DCN’s.

Hitachi American Ltd. Navajo St. Council Bluffs, IA (Feb. 2005 up to December 2006)

Job Title: Field Engineer Client: Mid America Energy, Council

Project: 790 MW Coal Fired Power Plant Bluff Energy Center unit

Supervise project activities from schedule/planning to implementation till the duration of project completion;

Prepare Work Package for Planning & Scheduling activities using job card method, estimate manpower requirement and materials per Work Package.

Review drawing, P&ID’s and other documents for RFI and Design change update.

Walk down and check the job site and list other activities, equipment/tools to be used for smooth executions of the project.

During execution of the project, supervise construction activities from demolition, installations, rigging, E&I activities to ensure the sequenced of activities were followed against the schedule planned.

Attend daily morning meeting with the Project Manager and report the progress activities and safety concerned in the area and to update the schedule planning to check for percentage completion.

Develop system procedures for all equipment for pre-com and commissioning system execution.

Carry out system Pre-com, function test, coupling alignment on all rotating equipment.

Carry out Inspections and sign-out final closure on Vessels, Columns, Reactors, etc.

During Commissioning and Start-up coordinate each discipline for proper sequenced and execution of the system and its process.

KBR/Halliburton- Singapore (August 2003 up to December 2004)

Job Title: Mechanical / Rotating equipment Engineer Client: Conoco Philips, Batam, Indonesia

Project: Belanak Field Development (FPSO, Flexible Risers, & Subset Cables)

Top sides fabrication / Installation of 13 Modules, 3 Pipe racks, Boom Flares, Installations/ pre-com, commissioning, start-up of the system by system method. (Process, utilities, wellhead/subsea facilities.)

Responsible for all inspection activities involving receiving, installation, testing, maintenance and calibration pre-commissioning of all static and rotating equipment covering mechanical work packages.

Ensure that day to day static and rotating equipment installation activities are within the parameters of the approved Inspection and Test Plan.

Checked and review the condition and documentation of all Client free issued materials (rotating and static) and where applicable, Contractors supplied equipment and their appurtenances upon arrival at site and / or prior to incorporation into facilities.

Assure the design of rotating machinery is in accordance with the process requirement and specification.

Review/check P&ID and PFD, mainly involving rotation machines and fixed equipment’s.

Review and approved vendor drawings, documents and manufacture manuals.

Monitor and assist field installation, inspection and testing. Prepare flushing procedures.

Assist pre-commissioning and start-up on onshore activities.

Major Package Equipment : 5- Rolls Royce Power Generation, 2- Rolls Royce Export Compressor, 2-Dresser LP Compressor, 1- Dresser Injection Compressor, 2 VRU Compressor, 2- Expander Compressor, 3- Air Compressors, 2- Start-up Compressors, 1- Regeneration Compressor,

Willbros (Offshore) Nigeria Limited (July 2000 up to July 2003)

Job Title: Offshore Field Engineer Client: NPCC, Exxon Mobil

Project: Shutdown Topside Maintenance, HUC, Pipeline repair, SBM /subsea PLEM

Worked with different Overseas Clients on short term basis, namely Mobil Producing Nigeria Ltd, Consolidated Oil Co. Nigeria, NPCC, Nigeria, Onshore and Offshore as required by Employer. As Mechanical Engineer, work scope as follows:

Prepare & Implement EPC project such as SPM Onshore and Offshore pipeline, including Fabrication, pipe laying, Installation of floating hoses and submersible hoses, CALM buoy, PLEM SBM Floating Facilities, Wellhead deck installations, offshore piping repairs, and structural installations, This includes assisting clients Project Team in determining most viable schedules on complex jobs that are multi-discipline multi-operator in nature.

Carry out work scoping site visit to verify as-built drawings and identify problems areas and additional work required.

To inspect prefab items in fabrication yard to ensure as much as possible, problem free Installation Offshore.

Prepare Job cards (Man-hours Estimates and Job Breakdowns).Verify Material-Take –off.

Prepare isolation plan and identify spading materials for hot work and Hydro testing.

Prepare supporting calculation and mark-up drawings for construction offshore.

Liaise with Client’s for Project Pre- Execution preparation.

During Offshore Project Execution, Act as the Engineering focal point for Project Execution answerable to Client’s Representative and Construction Superintendent.

Identify Isolation/Spading point in accordance with agreed spading plan, relocate spading position if necessary.

Translate drawings and project planning for physical job execution. Propose changes to planning in view of site development.

Monitor job progress and prepare daily execution plan.

Ensure material availability; initiate the procurement should there be material shortage or additional jobs.

Verify calculation for critical lifts.

Identify anomalies in the course of construction, inform Superintendent for action.

Execute hydro test, scheme as per work pack, amend on site if necessary.

Prepare as –built sketches for the changes to original design at the end of the project.

Prepare close-out report.

Sembawang Marine Offshore Engineering PTE. LTD. Singapore (September 1996-July 2000)

Job Title: Construction Engineer / Commissioning Engineer Project: White Tiger Phase 2 (MSF, Water Injection, Power Generation, L. Q. Topside) Maersk Oil Qatar (Al Shaheen Platform B, C)

Activities: Onshore Design, Fabrication, Pre-com, Offshore hook - up, Pre-com, commissioning

Responsible for all mechanical aspects of installations, hook-up and commissioning of mechanical equipment’s such as Gas Turbine driven Generator and Compressor, Glycol dehydration system package, hydrocarbon condensate pumps, firewater pumps, emergency diesel generators, heat exchangers, air compressors, columns/vessels, etc., Generate procedures for pre-com, and start-up/commissioning of all mechanical rotating equipment. Perform hydro test, flushing, and purging, acid pickling, lube oil flushing, and coupling alignment, leveling of columns, tanks, vessels, and reactor.

Liaise with equipment vendor representatives and coordinate with E&I commissioning personnel in preparing and compile handover documents.

During Offshore Project Execution, Act as the Engineering focal point for Project Execution answerable to Client’s Representative and Construction Superintendent for Hook-up Installations, Pre-com, Commissioning phase.

Identify Isolation/Spading point in accordance with agreed spading plan, relocate spading position if necessary.

Translate drawings and project planning for physical job execution. Propose changes to planning in view of site development.

Monitor job progress and prepare daily execution plan.

Ensure material availability, initiate the procurement should there be material shortage or additional jobs.

Verify calculation for critical lifts.

Identify anomalies in the course of construction, inform Superintendent for action.

Execute hydro test, scheme as per work pack, amend on site if necessary.

Prepare as –built sketches for the changes to original design at the end of the project.

Prepare construction completion report document and proceed to perform pre-com phase

Perform pre-com and commissioning activities according to plan/schedule activities.

Other major project involvement from 1980- 1995

Sarawak Shell Sdn Bhd / Sabah Shell Petroleum Co. ( Miri, Malaysia) ( Sabah, Malaysia)

Construction / Commissioning Engineer

D-35 Integrated Platform

Shapadu Energy & Engineering Sdn Bhd ( Miri, Malaysia)

Position: Workpack / Field Engineer

Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd. LNG PLANT (Brunei)

Position: Mechanical/Piping Field Engineer

Project: Engineering Support, Schedule Turnaround Maintenance, Pre-com, Commissioning, Leak test, Hydro test, Lube oil Flushing, Reactors and Distillation Column inspection. Function testing of Equipment and facilities.

Total China Petroleum Co. (Peoples Republic of China)

Position: Field Mechanical/Piping Supervisor

FPSO Project, Top Side Fabrications and Installations, SPM (Single Point Mooring) Satellite Platforms, Wellhead X’mas Tree Installations.

Saudi Petrochemical Corporation (Saudi Arabia)

Position: Field Engineer /Maintenance planner

Project: Engineering Support from fabrications, Maintenance turn around, Pre-com, Commissioning and start-up

Arabian American Oil Co. LNG Plant (Saudi Arabia)

Position: General Maintenance Supervisor

Project: Engineering Support from fabrications, Maintenance turn around, Pre-com, Commissioning and start-up


CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) ARAMCO, BRUNEI SHELL, Sarawak Shell SDN BHD.

Hydrogen Sulfide- Brunei Shell, Sarawak SDN BHD. ARAMCO

Huet (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) Willbros, AMERAPEX

Permit to work System – Brunei Shell, Sarawak Shell SDN BHD. ARAMCO

First Aid Course – Brunei Shell, ARAMCO, Mobil Nigeria

Basic Rigging and Slinging --- ARAMCO, Brunei Shell, Mobil Nigeria


ASME Member #9609918 (2008)

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