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Engineering Mechanical Engineer

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
130 000 pm
June 30, 2020

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Gert H. Jansen van Rensburg

Full Names:

Gert Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg (Pr.Eng. 850556)

ID No. :591***-****-***

Passport Number: A02688149

Language ability:

English (Fluent), Afrikaans (Fluent)

French, German, Dutch, Flemish (Read & understand)

Age: 60

Marital status: Married

Nationality: RSA

Years’ experience: 37


B Eng Mechanical, University of Pretoria, 1981

B Eng (Mechanical & Aeronautics) (Honours) Post Graduate, University of Pretoria, 1984

Systems Engineering Post Graduate Certificate, University of Pretoria, 1984

Professional Engineer – Mechanical discipline (ECSA), 1985

Gas Turbine Theory & Performance (Postgraduate), University of North West, Potchefstroom, 2005

Acquisition Management Systems Engineering, (Ad Sparrius Consultants), 2006

Various other competencies – available in attached Appendix


Acting Research Group Leader – Systems & Modelling

Principal Systems Engineer – Gas Turbine Development

Infantry Systems Project Manager – SANDF Badger IFV

Infantry Systems Engineer – Structures and Mechanisms – Malaysia AV8 ‘Gempita’ IFV

Senior Thermo-Mechanical Engineer (Consulting)

Section Manager-Plant Qualification (TQC)

Group Leader: Quality Assurance and Special Processes

Manager: Strategy and Support

Group Leader: Technical Support & Aerospace Foundry

Manager: Engine Development Programmes/Engines Engineering (Gas Turbines)

Programme and Project management

Systems Engineering support

Technical reporting

Contract execution support, delivery and expediting

Project financial progress and reporting


Gert is a professionally registered Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer. He joined Atlas Aircraft Corporation, now Denel Aviation, in 1988 as manager of the engines engineering team, responsible for aircraft and helicopter sub-system design, development, manufacturing and maintenance.

Subsequent responsibilities at Denel included:

Managing four of the Armscor engine technology programmes for the upgrade of the ATAR 09K50 turbojet (for Mirage F1 and ‘Cheetah’ aircraft) and the Makila 1A1 turbo shaft engine (for Oryx and ‘Rooivalk’ helicopter)

Management of the technical support functions including engineering support, configuration control for manufacturing, service and overhaul and testing of gas turbine engines and transmissions.

In 2002 Gert was promoted to Manager: Strategy and Support to assist with the restructuring transitions of the then newly formed Turbomeca Africa Operations. Responsibilities included:

Increasing factory capacity by developing sub-contractors

Process improvement, organization and management

Optimizing interaction with Denel Aviation special processes

Engineering support on various levels

Development engineering and flight tests of engine upgrades/performance improvements

Managing quality assurance and special processes

Recently, Gert was employed at Denel Land Systems (DLS) as Infantry Systems Project Manager with the following responsibilities:

Project management

System engineering and mechanical design support

Technical reporting

Contract execution support

Project financial progress and reporting

Expediting contractual delivery

Gert currently works at CSIR Defence and Security Aeronautics competency group, as Group Leader (Acting): Systems & Modelling and Principal Systems Engineer in development of newly designed gas turbine systems.


Engineering Management

Mechanical System Design and Development

Drive trains, gearbox and aircraft engine parts manufacturing

Quality Assurance & management systems

Aircraft and helicopter systems

Verification, Validation and Qualification of systems

Performance monitoring and testing

Commercial aircraft certification consultation

Special processes – Environmental impact studies

Project/Programme Management

Flight test engineering

Defect investigations

Gas turbine propulsion and power plant engineering

Gas turbines repair schemes development

Test facilities design, design refurbishment/newly builts

Engine and accessories Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)


Microsoft Office Suite

PS Next Sciforma

MS Project GAP

Autocad Plant Layout


Engineering Equation Solver (EES)


IDEAS (Solid modelling CAD)

By virtue of my signature below, I hereby declare the correctness of the information stated herein.

G H Jansen van Rensburg (Pr Eng)

November 2019

Appendix 1: Additional Information - Aircraft and Engine Types Engineering Experience Summary


Aircraft Type

Engine Designation




RR – Avon turbojet

Engineering support – phase-out from SAAF, land-based gas turbine engineering support for power generation (Johannesburg City Power), repair technologies development



RR – SNECMA Olympus

Land- based gas turbine engineering support for power generation (Johannesburg City Power), repair technology development on 50 MWe generator sets


Aermacchi Impala Mk1 and Mk 2

RR – Viper 22-1

RR – Viper 540

Engineering support. Development of on-board engine data recorder, engine health condition monitoring (EHCM). Development of afterburner technology demonstrator, compressor blade re-contouring repair technology development together with Flow Applications Research, USA. Upgrade proposal for LIFT trainer aircraft replacement option (RR-Viper 638)


HS-125 (Hawker Siddeley)

RR – Viper 522

Engineering support to commercial aircraft operators


Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer

RR – Spey Mk101

Engineering support – phase-out from SAAF. 1st Compressor blade CAD-CAM manufacture back engineering development (R&D). Avon-Spey test bed conversion for the RR ADOUR engine (BAe Hawk counter-trade)


Marcel Dassault Mirage IIIE

SNECMA Atar 09B – 09C

Engineering support – phase-out from SAAF


Marcel Dassault Mirage Cheetah C, D2

SNECMA Atar 09C – 09K50

Engine upgrade 09K50 to highest modification standard, re-engining of Cheetah C and D, engine parts license manufacturing, Engineering and Integrated Product Support (IPS) Programme development with SNECMA Moteurs, France (SAFRAN)


Marcel Dassault Mirage F1

SNECMA Atar 09K50

Atar Plus programme manager on ACU (afterburner control unit), HP NGV casting process development and qualification testing, engine parts license manufacturing, Flight Test qualification


(Marcel Dassault Super Etendard)*

SNECMA Atar 08K50

HP NGV casting process development and qualification testing


BAe Hawk

RR – Adour 951

Engine selection process, counter-trade proposals and agreement contracts as part of SAAF LIFT acquisition programme, engine test bed conversion for RR Adour. Test bed commissioned September 2003 at Denel Airmotive with Rolls Royce approval.


SAAB Gripen

Volvo Flygmotor – RM12

Evaluation of alternative power plants, EJ200 single engine application, MTU and DASA, Feb 1997. SAAF ALFA acquisition programme support.



RR - Spey 555

Evaluation for developing repair technology and capability at Denel Airmotive, Feasibility studies for implementation


(Panavia Tornado)*

RR- RB199

MTU - Engine health condition monitoring concepts and technology transfer: for Lockheed C-130 (SAAF RR- Allison T56) Implementation


Boeing 707

Pratt and Whitney JT-3

Engine service overhaul workshop facility at Denel Aviation, engineering support, repair schemes development and qualification


(Boeing 747)*

RR RB211-E4B Gearbox

Production engineering support – more than 660 units produced up to time of leaving Turbomeca Africa (License manufacture)


(Airbus A340- Boeing 737)*


Bearing support industrialization (17-4PH stainless steel casting process development) for Rolls Royce Deutschland (Oberursel)


(C160 Transall)*

RR- Tyne

Engineering support, phase out from SAAF. RR-Tyne Test bed adapted for C130 RR-Allison engine health monitoring (EHMS). Tyne ‘Plus’ Upgrade programme definition compilation in collaboration with SNECMA


(RAF Phantom F4)*

RR-Spey Mk 202

Engine evaluation as alternative propulsion for Mirage F1 – or replacement aircraft CARVER project


Lockheed C130 Hercules

RR-Allison T56 / 501 D22

Engineering support, development of engine health and condition monitoring system (EHMS)


(Bombardier Challenger)*

GEAE CF-34 Gearbox

Industrialization of power take-off gearbox and main auxiliary gearbox – SAAB Gripen counter trade agreements with GEAE


(Boeing 777)*

RR-Tay and RR-Trent gearbox

Industrialization of gearbox parts as Rolls Royce counter trade


(IAI (Israel) Lavi))*

Pratt and Whitney PW1120

Engine performance evaluation for possible re-engining option of Mirage F1 (1990)/ Carver


(Northrop F20 Tiger Shark)*

GE F404 / PW F100

Engine performance evaluation for possible re-engining option of Mirage F1 (1990)/Carver


(Marcel Dassault Mirage 2000) *


Engine performance evaluation for possible re-engining option of Mirage F1 (1990), Aircraft evaluation and counter trade proposals for SAAF aircraft replacement


(Lockheed Martin F16)*

GE F404 / PW F100

Engine performance evaluation for possible re-engining option of Mirage F1 (1990), Aircraft evaluation, proposal for SAAF replacement aircraft


Mig 21 Fishbed ‘N’

Tumanskii R-25

Technology Performance Evaluation re-engine option of Mirage F1 / CARVER project, back-engineering process development


(Mig 29 Fulcrum)*

Klimov RD -33

Engine Technology enhancement for derived SMR95 engine – for Mirage F1, Cheetah C and D aircraft performance options (SAAF Engine Technology development programme)


Allouette Helicopter

Turbomeca Artouste IIIB

Engineering support, modification status upgrade, repair schemes development, phase-out from SAAF.


Eurocopter Puma /Super Puma (Oryx)

Turbomeca Turmo IV and Makila 1A1

Engineering support, repair schemes development, hot end upgrade on Makila 1A1, single crystal high pressure turbine (HPT) turbine technology development (3 alloys – MAR M 002, CMSX-4, SRR 99 single crystal alloys)


Agusta 109

Turbomeca Arrius 1K2

Engineering support, technology transfer as part of counter trade


Eurocopter EC 135

Turbomeca Ariel

Engineering support, field service station establishment at Turbomeca Africa, as part of counter trade


Bell Jet Ranger

RR- Allison C250

Engineering support to NAC - investigation of turbine friction rub and repair scheme upgrades, turbine tip shroud repairs


ACE (All Composite Evaluator) trainer

Pratt & Whitney PT-6

Engineering support on OVID technology demonstrator aircraft


DAS – Kentron HTD/HRD (UAV)

Microturbo TRI-60-2/-3/-5

Engine Engineering support, launch and recovery processes


DAS – Kentron MUPSOW (UAV)

Microturbo TRI-60-5

Engine Engineering support, engine and airframe integration


DAS – Kentron

(2 Turbojet Drone)

Microturbo TRS-18

Engine Engineering support


(Avro Shackleton)


Spares acquisitioning evaluation and tendering process on Phase-out from SAAF


APARTMENT turbojet project

APA 350, APA 350-2, TVV

Project manager, engine engineering development, test and qualification


NEBO turbojet project

New Turbojet design 5kN

Engineering design and development


OCGT – Generator Set (UCG – gas)

Pratt & Whitney JT-8 gas engine conversion (25 MWe )

Feasibility study engineering support, Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology to supply gas fuel to Gen-set. Consulting for ESKOM (Dr Marius van der Riet, then at Wits University) (2006). [ESKOM eventually implemented a Hitachi Gen-set at Majuba Power station ~ rated at 50 MWe instead)]


Helium Gas Turbine (PTG) – PBMR

OKBM (Russia) – Power Turbine

ALSTOM (UK) – LP and HP Turbo-sets

Systems Engineering support – design of turbo-sets for PBMR DP200 reactor design. Closed circuit helium gas Brayton-cycle, with Pre-cooling and Inter-cooling of gas cycle. HP and LP turbo-sets operating on vertically mounted independent shafts. OKBM Power Turbine, design speed at 3000 r.p.m. (synchronous speed), vertically mounted shafts on electromagnetic bearings. ABB – Generator (100 MWe)


Helium Gas Power Turbine and HP and LP Compressor set

MHI (Japan)

200 Mwe Gen set

Test, Qualification and Commissioning planning & development test engineering support. Design for DP400 Reactor. Pre-cooling and Inter-cooling of closed circuit helium gas Brayton thermo cycle. Gas-gas heat exchangers design by Heatric (UK). HP and LP turbo-sets on same shaft, speed reduction gearbox for synchronous speed generator

Turbo-sets mounted on horizontal single shaft (to avoid possible 4th quadrant uncontrollability).


Jennbacher Gas Engines (Reciprocating)

GE -Austria

Feasibility studies for co-generation power coupled to Exxaro Char plant proposed expansion programme, utilization of waste gas to generate power for use by the GG mine, export excess power to grid. Clean Development Mechanism for environmental compliance solutions


Let 410/420 Light Transport aircraft

GE H75-200 Turbo- propeller

Flight Test report evaluation and assessment. Determination of Take-off Distance (TOD), Acceleration-Stop Distance (ASD) and Take-off Run (TOR) additional Flight Test requirements. Supplementary Type Certification (STC) engineering support for aircraft modernization programme, for Aero Designs Africa and Air-Tec

Note: (‘Aircraft type’)* => indirect involvement

Legend: RR : Rolls Royce plc, UK

SNECMA : Société Nationale d’Etudes Constructeurs d’Moteurs Aéronautique, Fr.

GEAE : General Electric Aircraft Engines, USA

GE : General Electric, USA

Appendix 2: Additional Information – Summarized Experience and Competencies

Computer Modelling




Similitude Analysis

Gas Turbine Components performance prediction, analysis

Direct calculations HP Basic

Axial Compressor Design Analysis

Through – flow time marching performance prediction

FORTRAN Source codes (NREC) and DYNATECH

Gas Turbine Component CFD

Internal Gas Turbine Flow modelling


Gas Turbine Component FEM

Limited direct experience


3D Design CAD

Oversight in design of gas turbine and aircraft systems parts

IDEAS (Da Vinci) and CATIA V.5

General Engineering problem analysis

Gas turbine aero thermodynamic cycle modelling

Engineering Equation Solver (EES) and FORTRAN

Engine jet entrainment analysis

Aft aircraft body flow optimization, entrainment flow in engine test cell building and de-tuner

FORTRAN finite difference analysis program (adapted from NASA program)

Experimental and Measurement Techniques




Internal Flow Velocity Measurement on axial compressor

Non-intrusive optical measurement techniques, optical access into rotating parts, non-reflective surfaces

Laser 2 Focus (L2F) Polytec® System (DVLR)

Gas turbine and axial compressor Internal pressure and temperature measurements

Thermocouples and pressure transducers (static and dynamic) for inter-stage measurements

Stepper motor actuators (ROTODATA and Indigenous design)

Temperature measurements of turbine nozzle guide vanes (NGV) and combustor sections

Additional thermocouple installations for hot-end component characterisation

THERMOCOAX ultra-thin Thermocouples, Surface mounted Thermocouples

Gas turbine exit temperature measurements

Engine performance characterization/monitoring

Engine harness calibration – master temperature measurement system for Calibration Laboratory

Strain gauge instrumentation of load cells

Drag force measurements on Scale models

Wind tunnel balances (load cells) – Wheatstone bridge (KYOWA)

Data acquisitioning

Signal amplification and conditioning

Oscilloscopes, optical detectors, amplifiers

Vibration measurement

Engine performance and health monitoring

Accelerometers, telemetry-instrumented engine shaft and slip-ring conductors

Mass flow measurements

Engine performance measurement

Orifice plate (BS1094 Std.), Inlet Bellmouth orifices

Gas turbine engine and components test rigs

Engine performance characterization and pass-off tests, Shaft output power measurements

Design, build and commissioning of engine test facilities, Torque transducers and dynamometers

Turbine blade material analysis

Metals fatigue modelling

ABAQUS (FEM analysis using specialized Elasto-visco-plastic fatigue model sub-routines, ZEBULON)

Investment Casting Processes

Casting techniques modelling solidification modelling

PROCAST analysis

Turbine blade thermal imaging using infra-red techniques

Direct measurement technique infra-red imaging for turbine blade lifeing modelling verification

LAND Infrared (Sheffield UK) fibre-optic infra-red optical meas. With ROTODATA traverse systems

Engine rotor shaft speed measurements

Additional r.p.m. cyclic measurement instrumentation

Eddy current and Electromagnetic pick-up with phonic wheel/disc

Engine and aircraft systems health and condition monitoring

Gas turbine additional instrumentation for flight performance characterization

Fuel flow, vibration, pressures, temperatures, on-board data acquisitioning, telemetry

Flight testing for engine performance characterization

Flight envelope and mission profile analysis, performance verification, throttle position schedules

Flight test instrumentation, data acquisitioning, signal processing, telemetry, data analyses

Aircraft engine bay thermal monitoring and characterization

Verification of engine bay cooling following re-engining upgrade

Thermocouples, thermographic paints, thermal stickers

Rotor shaft balancing

Engine shaft, turbine and compressor disc assembly balancing

Balancing rigs, turbine and compressor moment weight selection

Over-speed testing

Turbine disc, assemblies and centrifugal compressor integrity tests

Over-speed spin test rigs

Manufacturing Techniques and Special Processes

Advanced welding processes

Compressor blisc rotors, turbine blade tip hard facing, Spot weld, Casting repairs, Aluminium pressure vessels manufacturing

MIG, TIG, Electron beam welding, “Stellite” TIG, Micro-ball welding, Chemical cleaning

Specialized repair welding

Aluminium components (B51S alloy)

TIG weld and special heat treatment techniques

Specialized machining techniques

Machining processes of high-strength Al-Si alloys (B51S)

NC-machining with inter-stage precipitation ageing Heat treatments

Vacuum brazing (Parts production, repair, rejuvenation)

Turbine NGV cooling inserts, braze repair turbine and compressor blades

Ni-Cr vacuum high temperature brazing

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Super-alloy densification, Casting integrity improvement

HIP facility

Plastics and Composites

Process and control valves, shaft seals, bearings, engine structures, nacelles

PTFE (Teflon), glass fibre (GRP), carbon fibre (CFRC), carbon-carbon (CC) composites

Case hardening surface treatment

Gears and shafts

Carburizing and Nitriding

Anodizing surface treatment

Protective coatings of aluminium alloy parts

Anodizing process

Electroless Nickel and other plating

Anti-oxidation protective coatings of engine parts, size tolerance rebuild of worn surfaces after grinding

Electroless Nickel, chrome, nickel, silver, cadmium plating

Plasma coatings

Yttrium Zirconia coating of combustor parts, hot flaps, tolerance size restoration turbine blade tip paths, labyrinth seal wear surfaces

Plasma spray techniques (METCO processes)

Vacuum investment casting (argon atmosphere)

Casting of turbine blades, engine hot-end and bearing support parts

Compressor ‘blics’ (bladed discs) manufacture

Equi-axed, Directionally Solidified, Single Crystal material alloys (Leibold-type vacuum furnaces)

Vacuum Heat Treatment

Solution, normalization, high strength (toughening) precipitation and stress relieve heat treatments, super alloys

HIP, GENVAC and IPSEN type furnaces

Protective coatings (anti-oxidation)

Vapour phase depositing, vacuum retort (argon atmosphere) of turbine blades and NGVs

Chromizing, Aluminizing using VPD

Ultra-sonic and chemical cleaning processes

Cleaning of gas turbine parts, components prior to welding, coating, brazing…

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Fluoride Ion Cleaning processes

Micro-cleaning of gas turbine parts, components prior to repair welding, coating, brazing…

De-oxidation super-cleaning on micro level

Shot peening, Glass bead peening

Fracture toughness properties material improvement, surface properties enhancement

MIC Shot peening processes

Turbine Blade Tip Clearance Measurement

Turbine blade creep fatigue measurement, condition monitoring

Eddy-current proximity probe measurement technique

Internal visual inspection

Gas turbine internal inspection, gas path integrity, condition monitoring

Fibre-optic probes, filming, borescope inspection

Crack and defect detection NDT

Component and parts integrity checks, defects isolate, inspection for repair and rejuvenation

Fluorescent penetrant, Magnetic particle, X-ray, Immersion ultrasound, Ultra sonic probes

Wear monitoring and detection

Magnetic plug inspection, filters, oil and fuel sampling

Spectrometric Oil Analysis program (SOAP)

Electro-discharge Machining (EDM) (Spark eroding)

Spark eroding machining of micro-apertures for sub-surface installation of ultra-thin thermocouples (on HP NGV)

EDM machine, Ceramic paste adhesives, Curing techniques

Training Courses Attended

Aerodynamic Design of Axial Flow Compressors

Flow Applications Research, Calif., USA, (Dr Byron Robberts), University Natal, Durban


Centrifugal Flow Turbomachinery

Concepts ETI, USA (Dr David Japikse), University Natal, Durban


Advanced Management Course, Louis Allen Management Action Program

Entabeni Training Centre, Atlas Aircraft Corporation

January 1989

Finite Element Methods in Practice

Ir Roland Prukl

Feb - June 1994

Conditions of Contract for Design-Build and Turnkey Projects, Process Plants and Build, Operate, Transfer Contracts (FIDIC)

University of Pretoria

May 1995

South African Civil Aviation (CAA)

Regulations – Co-compiler of updated regulations, on propulsion systems

VW– Conference Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg

November 1997

Military Aircraft Airworthiness (System Safety, Certification & Qualification)

British Aerospace, QES and Denel Aviation

April 1998

“Minds in Motion – The Human Factor in Successful Integration”

DASA (Daimler-Chrysler, division of EADS), Munich (Germany)

September 1998

Quality Management Systems: QMS Auditor Course - ISO 9001:2000

Bureau Veritas (BVQI), Sandton, Johannesburg

February 2004

Thinking Works Free-zone Innovation

(Business Improvement )

Dr Charles Kepner, MJ Fourie

July 2006

Acquisition Management Systems Engineering

Prof Ad Sparrius, In-house Training at PBMR

Oct 2006

Equipment Qualification International Conference (Nuclear Power Utilities)

Dana Beach, Calif USA

November 2006

Equipment Qualification International Conference (Nuclear Power Utilities)

Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA

November 2007

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section III, Div. 1

PBMR, Centurion

February 2008

Creating Accountability – Louis Allen Management

Aloe Ridge, Johannesburg

June 2008

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM)

Prof A Dubi at PBMR, Centurion, Pretoria

August 2008

MS Project GAP 2010 Project Management

UMT Consulting Learning CoE, Pretoria

November 2011

Business Chinese Course (Mandarin)

Chinese Culture International Education Exchange Centre, Pretoria

July 2014

PS Next SCIFORMA 6 – Project Management

Management Planning Systems, DLS, Pretoria

June 2015

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