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I&C Instrumentation control Engineer& Electrical control,DCS control

Princeton, NJ, 08540
April 26, 2020

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Professional Objectives:

To utilize my knowledge and experience as an ‘Instrumentation & Control Application Engineer (I&C Project Engineer and I&C System Design, I&E Engineer) in a dynamic and growing company.

(Industry; Energy Power Generation: Fossil, Gas, Oil, Coal, Solar, Wind Turbines, Power plant, Utilities, Electric, Boilers, Nuclear power plants, Petrochemical & Chemical plants, Oil Refinery, Crude Oil & LNG Gas plant, Compressor and Gas processing plants, Polyethylene plant & Ethylene plants EPC, Waste water treatment & Desalination's plant & PL C I&C Manufacture.


Bachelor of Science, BSEE, Electronics & Electrical Engineer /Instrumentation Control Engineering, NED University of Engineering & Technology.



Instrumentation Digital /I&C Design and controls for the Plants;

Fossil Power plants, Combined cycle, Combustion Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines, Power Generators, EPC Projects, Petrochemical & Chemical plants, Oil Refinery,LNG Gas Plant, Crude Oil plant, Gas & Oil Production, upstream, midstream & downstream Refining,Urea,Ammonia,Melamine,Polyethylene plants, Methanol/Ethanol Synthesis Plants, Natural Gas Compressor Station,Boilers, Furnace &, Plant Utilities, HVAC system, Turbo Machinery Compressor Control System, Fire and Gas Detection, Nuclear Power Plant Distributed Control System,Turbine Control Systems,

Design EPC project package: Development of instrumentation and control design documents, (P&ID)Drawings, Instrument List and I/O Lists, Control System Architecture, Network, Graphic Display drawings for power generation plants, Instrumentation design and selection field instruments equipment's, instrumentation installation design, Control system wiring design, Control system logic design, Control system hardware design and configuration, Coordination with clients, equipment vendors and contractors on projects,Field commissioning support on project startup efforts to run the plant. Estimate I&C Engineering budget and write clear work plans for proposals, Develop technical specifications, planning, Scope of work,Schedule details plan, specification for construction project, identified in the field existing wiring, hardware equipment's, control system and modification details proposal of the project, Bid documents for engineered equipment s, Material list, DCS/PLC Control system hardware design, Equipment's FAT Exception testing and check software and Configuration, Construction service contracts proposal, Project schedule, outage installation details. Power plant startup and testing, plant commissioning, project progress reporting and closeout project report and documentations.

Nuclear instrumentation's I&C Retrofit upgrade design, Digital instrumentation Upgrades DCS System &SIS safety instrumentation system for Oil Refinery Nuclear power plant & Fossil power plants, Steam Turbine and Gas Turbines, Digital control & Triconex TMR controller PLC, Hardware and cabinets design, Control Room Annunciation & Monitoring System.

Field site commissioning support, Instrumentation loops checking, DCS control System checking, control room work stations operation and full load Power Generation load testing and Field I&C start-up Test of Safety and Non-Safety Plants. Fields Installation, testing &, Commissioning. and Modification to existing facilities, new construction for the electric generating and gas compressor, Gas Distribution, and utility plants.

Distributed Control System.

Design DCS Control system, PLC Control System & SCADA Systems, HMI, Triconex FPS Safety SIS System, Tri-station shutdown protection control,Honeywell TDC 3000 Migrating to Honeywell Experion C300 platform DCS,(FTE) Fault Tolerant Ethernet upgrade & Honeywell TDC2000/TDC3000 Process Controls system design,TPS/FSC Safety System, Emerson Ovation Control DCS System, Emerson Instrumentations,Rosemount, Emerson DELTA V DCS, SIS Safety Manager System DCS&PLC, Emerson Ovations DCS and Emerson Hardware Retrofit Projects,

Toshiba DCS Control System, ABB160, Common Q, Qualified Platform, Teleperm XS Areva NP, ABB/Bailey Infi90, AB Allen-Bradley PLC5,SLC500 Series and Rockwell FTView SE, Rockwell Automation, Rockwell PLC, Batch,Historian, ControlLogix 1756 and Compact Logix1769,Logix5000 Controllers, Siemens PCS7 System & Siemens T3000 DCS system,TCI-2500 PLC System, GE Mark VI, Woodward Micronet,Mitsubishi Diasys Netmation &Yokogawa DCS/PLC control system and Modicon PLC System .

INVENSYS Foxboro I/A series DCS,FCS/FPS DCS control and Triconex Protection system,HMI Software, Infusion,Wonderware Software,Fox view,RS View/Factory Talk View, In touch HMI, Triconex V10.5 Software, Triconex Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor,Tristation1131 system Invensys Foxboro Hardware equipment cabinet assembly, Controller Cabinets design, Marshalling Cabinets, Power supply, Network,& Server Cabinets design, Hardware integration testing of 210 Cabinets and HAT & FAT, Factory Acceptation testing of Invensys Foxboro I/A System,DCS with bus Technologies,Profibus,MODBUS and HART, Control Logic, DCS and PLC Design,ladder logic &,logic diagrams, Control room Work Station operation .Invensys safety system Triconex and trident system, Hardware, Panel design,Software and HMI Layout, Cabinets wiring design. And testing control System & Commissioning.

Field instrumentation's equipment selection; Field hardware such as, Transmitters, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Levels, Analyzers, Controllers and Electronic Transmission System, Control Valves, Actuators, Limit switch, solenoids, pressure switches, pressure & Level Gauge, Fire & Gas System, CTV Security System, LNG project, EPC Design and implementation of process instrumentation and control system, field installation,

Bills of Material list, Cost estimates & Customer interface, schedule budgeting, and Project Technical Design, SPI (In Tools)) database and specifications documentations, Review vendors drawings prints & Project documentations.

Safety Instrumented System (SIS);

Safety Instrument Function (SIF), Layers of protection Analysis (LOPA),Process Hazards Analysis (PHA), Safety integrity Level (SIL) hazards I&C design, ISA Standards,API RP 550 Standard,NEC code,OSHA1910.119,ANSI/ISA 84.00.01 standard equipment .Industry International standards SIS,IEC 1131/61508/61511(Electrical, Electronic IEC61508 & Process IEC61511 study),Hazop study for SIL Level,0,SiL Level 1, 2,SiL Level 3,SiL Level 4, Instrumentation's safety standard design.& ESD Safety shutdown .

Design Installation documentations; PFD, P&ID /Schematics, Instrumentation control loops & control logic diagrams, data sheets, I /O list. Technical Specification, EPC documentations; Central Control room equipment design, DCS/HMI, Operator workstation, Software & hardware upgrades, Hardware selection for PLC &DCS.

Nuclear power plant Automation Instrumentation.

I&C engineering design work, Safety& Non-Safety System Design, Digital control system/upgrades, Design reviews, I&C Engineering Changes and Modification packages, selection use standards procedures, Control Panel DCS &PLC based Cabinets Design for BWR &PWR Reactor Nuclear Power plant, Hardware selection & assemble,

PLC Racks configure and wiring PLC Cabinets, create top level cabinets assembly drawings, bill of material, signal connection Diagrams, component logic diagrams, wire document for interconnecting cables and wires, cable routing, configuration drawing for configurable modules, test procedures and perform

Verification/validation following IEEE standards& regulations, data sheets, Plant Turbine Control and Protection system, Leak detection, Radiation Monitoring system, Alarms SOE system, Engineering designing and implementing control systems. Approve procedures and resolve Nonconformance. For Nuclear Power plants.

Plant instrumentation equipment and PLC Cabinets installations; Field Instrumentations calibration, loops checkout, test out and commissioning of the control systems. PLC Design and Programming, and Installation.

Power plant operation.

Control room operation, start-up operations, Field Maintenance, Faults troubleshooting equipment and commissioning the power plants. supervise operation and maintained, Loops check instrumentations.

Power Plant Turbine Control System: installation supervision in support of retrofits, including oversight of subcontractors for demolition, installation, and verification of new equipment of customer site, perform turbine control system site checkouts, commissioning, and system troubleshooting for Gas turbine controls, Steam turbine controls and Generators. & driving pumps, compressors. & Utility equipment’s. On GE Gas Turbines, Mitsubishi/Hitachi, & Westinghouse,ABB Steam Turbines. Make Project design work.and Installation and commissioning the plants.

Bentley-Nevada Vibration Monitoring 3500 System; Rotating Machinery Protection System. Woodward control system. Instrument and control for compressors and Gas processing plant. Design upgrade I&C Instrumentations.

Gas Detection Monitoring System: Fire protection system & Fire Alarm equipment, Air Emissions Monitoring, Continuous Emission Monitoring system (CEMS), Data acquisition and handling system (DAHS), Analyzer sample monitoring, CCTV Video &Computer systems design, Security System and leaks detection monitoring.

Siemens industrial Steam turbine & Gas Turbine control: Oil fired Gas turbines use for combined cycle power plants, all type of centrifugal compressor & axial compressor, draft fans and all type of turbines use for (BOP) Balance of plants.

GE Turbine MK IV, MK V, MKV1, MKV1e: Gas Combustion Turbines.LM6000 controls and DCS project, Speedtronic turbine control system for Gas turbine and Steam turbine/Turbine control system. Anti-Virus Protection, Hardware, Panel design, Control Logic, HMI Turbine Control System and Power Generation control operation and requisition process. Turbine control, trouble shooting and maintain instrumentation equipment. & Supervisor and commissioning the plant.

GE Machinery Signal Simulator MSS, Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring MSS3701 and CASS-3701/40 Adapt Machinery Dynamics Monitor and CASS 3701/55 Adapt Emergency shutdown device. Hardware Test Automation communication Modules, Spans system acceptance testing, development test, signal generation, protocol and network interface verification data monitoring for system and instrumentation error conditions, fault injection system configuration and HW and SW Simulation, black and white box embedded system testing, New MSS test unit,64 channel cover radial vibration,key phasor, Rotor speed, Thrust, Temerature,Relays,& records. Signal work Minden Nevada.

Power Generation Plants: GE 7FA, GE MKV1- LM6000 Gas Turbines Control, GE Aero derivative Gas Turbine & Rolls/Royce Trent60 Gas Turbines with Woodward Fuel control system and.GE Turbine EH Controls System. Design upgrade, Vibrations Monitoring, Speed Control, Over Speed Trip Protection System, Automatic Control (AGC) System, Excitation System, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and Power System Stabilizer (PSS). Design Retrofit project for power generation plants. Substations, transformer, power breaker panels, Siemens/Westinghouse & GE Combustion Turbine, include DLN Fuel control system, Wood Group GTS, Woodward Netcon 5000 Turbine control system.


Over Fourteen three years of experience EPC Design:

in the field of instrumentation and controls project engineering. I have been involved in EPC projects and numerous retrofit plants modification and modernization, installation for power generator plants, and equipment replacement projects; I have also worked with oil and gas turbines control,

Boiler control System, Power Generation Combined Cycle & Simple Cycle Plants, Combustion Gas turbines, Aero Derivative Gas Turbines, Steam Turbine, Oil Refinery design engineering project& Refinery processes LNG Plants, Turbo Machinery, Axial & Centrifugal heavy-duty compressors,

Power plants utilities system, Ammonia plants, Urea plants & Melamine, Polyethylene, Ethylene, Methanol project plants, Compressor control, Gas processing plants, Air separation plants & all type of instrumentation design concept with specialized industry experience in QAFCO company Doha Qatar.

Projects EPC Engineering activities: procurement material & construction sites work, technical support & control system checking, Instrumentation Control design, Technical specifications, installation Supervision for Fossil Power Plants, Petrochemical plants. BOP & Boilers, Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines, Hydraulic oil system, Turbines Exciter and Power Generators, Substations, Transformers and Transmitter power Line, Oil Refinery,NGL Gas plants, Crude Oil, Nuclear power plants& utilities’ plants.

Machinery protection:

Bentley-Nevada Vibration Monitoring 3500 system. Plant Gas Detection Monitoring & Fire protection system, Air Quality control, CEMS Continuous Emission Monitoring System &DAHS, Analyzers, Transmitters, Gauges,Levels,Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Speed, Vibration, Control Valves, Analyzer, Ph Control, Interlocks, MOV and Motors controller PLC & Cabinets Design, Hardware assembly,Configuration Control System.

Projects Distributed Control System DCS:

Design work for different Projects: Honeywell TDC2000,TDC-3000 System and Honeywell Experion PKS Version 431 & C300 system and Safety Manager hardware, upgrade project,TDC3000 Migrating to Experian Control system, FTE Ethernet,SIS System, Triconex shutdown System, TPS,DCS/FSC Safety System,Digital control upgrade, AB PLC & ABB /Bailey DCS, Rosemount,

Fisher Provox DCS,Invensys Foxboro I/A DCS, Yokogawa DCS, Emerson Ovations DCS System, Emerson Instrumentation and SIS Safety Manager System Design DCS,&PLC, Delta-V DCS,SCADA System. PLC Rockwell, Allen-Bradley, Siemens PCS7,T3000&,TXP DCS System., ESD Triconex TMR PLC, Modicon PLC,Westinghouse WDPF, HIMA, and GE Franuc PLC &GE Complicity software design DCS logic, HMI graphics display, Configuration and troubleshooting.& Commissioning.

Bus technology:

like Foundation Field Bus, Profibus, Foundation Field Bus,MODBUS & HART. Device Net, Ethernet (TCP/IP),ControlNet, and Ethernet FTE networks System. Interfacing with SCADA system, Control communication network, design of HMI and DCS System.TDC3000./Experion, Data Hiway port (DHP) design. Redundant network use Fiber optical cables network. Experion C 300 Cabinets with,IOTA,FTA IOLIM & PM I/O Controls.and hardware design.

GE Mark 1V, V& GE Mark V1 Combustion Gas Turbines,

Mark VI Millennium S5, LM6000 PC, GE Control, Speedtronic Control & Woodward control system, GE Frame 5, 6 & GE7FA Gas Turbines and Steam Turbine. Siemens Gas &Steam Turbines, Westinghouse WDPF, Pratt Whitney Gas Turbine & Rolls Royce Gas Turbines, Cooper Bessemer Cobra RT 66 Turbine.

Centrifugal Compressors for Natural Gas, Process Air, Syn Gas, CO2, N2 plant, Air Separators Plant, Rotating Machinery Motors, Pumps, and Fans & Steam Turbines. Desalination plants; Waste water treatment plants. Power Substation control, switching, facilities and UPS Power Supply units (PSU), AC to DC converter, Variable frequency drives and Generator fire protection system, Coal/Oil Fired Boilers and Steam Turbines. and Gas Turbines controls.

Plant Control System design:

implementation, BOP balance of plant, HRSG, Boiler combustion. Vendor drawing Review, EPC Construction, Pe-commission, startup procedures, schedules and project commissioning.

Trained employees on plant control instrumentations, startup Shutdown emergency procedures, maintenance practices for plants, outage plan shutdown and start-up plant. Experience with electronic testing equipment, calibration in workshop, Field I&C loops& Control valves, Cabinets design for DCS& PLC, Fire and Gas cabinets. Invensys Foxboro FCS/FPS control cabinets and triconex protection control panel hardware & design wiring. documentations.

Preparing process instrumentation specifications:

Detailed Engineering and process design packages, P&IDs, instrument Index List and I/O List, instrument selections,instrument data sheets,instrument specifications, Field equipment’s, purchase quotations, Material orders,Control valves data sheets and Size calculation, PLC/DCS design & Specification, PLC Control Panel Specification,plant safety shutdown system design ESD Specification, Control System Network Architecture Diagram,Cabinets design,Control Narrative and Cause & Effect, Junction boxes design and termination details,instrument Cabling schedule, Instrument and junction box plot plan, Hookups & installation drawings, control room panels, CCTV and Fire &Gas detection specification, Electrical cabinets design, Electrical cables schedule, MCC control room,

Emergency UPS power supply. One-line diagrams. cable try,conduit & cables routing, wiring diagrams, schematics design,principle & description documents, layout drawings, power distribution high & low voltage, technical documentations, process instrument & flow loop diagrams (P&IDs &PFD),Loop diagrams, Schematic SAMA & Boolean control logic diagrams,Foxboro I/A series Ladder Logic configuration,Relay Logic & interlock Logic System,

Sequential control & Batch processes control, Trconex safety critical protection System,Honeywell TDC/TPS Total Plant solution protection system, Honeywell Experion C300 System. INVENSYS Foxboro I/A DCS, PLC&PAC system, Digital I&C design engineering. Design analog, digital sensors instrumentation, I&C Systems testing.DCS Cabinets Design and DCS (FAT) factory accepting testing Hardware accepting test- Checking all input and output signals and I&C equipment’s installation & commissioning. Processing plant Gas Analyzer, H2S, O2, CO2, CH4 Gas detectors, Gas Chromatograph & Zircon Oxygen Analyzer.

Industry Standard and Regulation and Hazardous Area:,

Design use for Safety Instrumentation System SIS &ISA standard, IEEE Standard, zones division 0,1,2,Safety Instrumented System SIS and Safety Instrumented function SIF, Safety Integrity Level SIL Level 0-1-2-3-4 and International Standard used,ISA Standard, IEEE standard, ISO,ATEX,API,UL Standard, IECEX,,NEMA,IP65,ASME,NACE,10CFR50,NEC, NFPA85 Standard,

ANSI/ISA 84-00-01-2004Standard, OSHA 1910-119 Standard Environmental,SIL IEC 61508/61511function safety electrical/ process, ISO 9001 standers Procedures. Process hazard analysis (PHA) & Layer of protection Analysis (LOPA), Hazop standards.



CONSULTANT ENGINEER & PROJECT MANAGER, Sept- 2019 –Dec&Jan2020-Present 2020

Engineering and Design work of Therapy play Sensory Gyms.

AutoCAD drawings, building sketches, and Electrical drawings.

Equipment’s selection, material cost estimates, and manpower cost etc.

Projects Schedules MS planning, Installation and commissioning, and hand over to clinic.

Linde North America, INC, Bridgewater New Jersey

Lead Controls, Instrumentation & Controls Engineer, October 2018 - Feb-2019

Designing all the Instrumentation & Control systems, for Refinery installation of New Minigan 900S and Re-Life of the 70 N-Two NITROGEN GENERATORS for EXXON, Refinery Joliet, Illinois

Integration/controls and logic related engineering documentation

Participate in PID reviews and HAZOP(s)

Alarm, Interlock and Trip List

Specify equipment, including preparing purchase requisitions for all required hardware and software.

Create Instrumentation and Control Documentation such as: Customer I/O list, Control Valve list, Specifications, data sheets, and, Instrument List,Equipment list, Selection of DCS Control,Siemens PCS7 PLC and CTI 2500 PLC hardware, Selection of Siemens field Transmitters, Panel Fabrication and Field installation drawing

Request Quotation from various vendor for Budget proposals


CONSULTANT ENGINEER & PROJECT MANAGER, April 2017 --Dec&Jan2018-Sept 2018,

Engineering and Design work of Therapy play Sensory Gyms.

AutoCAD drawings, building sketches, and Electrical drawings.

Equipment’s selection, material cost estimates, and manpower cost etc.

Projects Schedules MS planning, Installation and commissioning, and hand over to clinic.

Emerson Process Management Power& Water Solutions Pittsburgh PA.

Senior Instrument & Control Engineer (I& E) Sept-2015---Dec-2016 &Jan--March-2017

Power Generation Plants EPC Projects: Retrofit Solutions design works, Existing equipment’s Retrofit and replace different DCS Control System like, ABB DCS, Siemens DCS, TOSHIBA DCS,GE Mark V1 Millennium control system,replace with Ovation DCS control system for power Generation plants in USA.

Mustang Station Power plant Denver city Texas: Instrumentations and control hardware Designs, cabinet designs, and replace old ABB DCS Control System with Emerson Ovation DCS Control system, for Mustang Station Denver City Texas, which have Two GE Frame 7FA+ Dry Low NOX Combustion Turbine Generations In Combined Cycle Operation, Two ATS Heat Recovery Steam Generation, and one ABB Reheat/Induction/Condensing Steam Turbine Generator. Remove existing units and Installation new Ovation DCS control system, all hardware equipment’s and Check all IO Instrumentations Loops, startup and commissioning.

Dominion VCHEC Virginia City Power Plant: Coal Fired Power plant,Boiler and Toshiba Steam Turbine, & Generators. Units of 1624 MW Power. Replacing Toshiba DCS control system with New Ovation control System. Hardware Design Ovation DCS Cabinets, Specification data input/output signal lists, wiring drawings and termination &, installation drawings. Hardware selection, Design of TCS, AVR,GCP and Thyristor Cabinets, and Power supply, Control Power. Design work. Field Installation cabinets design and Marshalling, Terminations. Panels layout with new Woodward’s Over Speed Trip unit, MW Meters, & 3500 Bentley Vibrations Monitoring units Breakers etc.

Florida FPL Power & Light Manatee Power Generation Plants: Retrofit project modification BFPT HPU Equipment’s, demolition and installation new DCS Ovation control System. Hardware, Field Instrumentations change, and loops checking, startup and commissioning.

Different Projects Design Works: Project-1-C0796- OGE Horse Shoe Unit-6 power plant modification new field instrumentation's, Project-2- U0276- Entergy Nine Mile-BFPT Unit 4 power plant relays modification, Project-3-C0746-,Golden Spread Mustang Power plants-modification, upgrade with new Emerson Ovation DCS system. and Project-4-U0277-Dominion Virginia City power plant, upgrade. With installation of New Emerson Ovation DCS System, Project-5-U0233- NV Energy VALMY- U1 BFPT modification with Emerson Ovation system and.

FPL power Generation plant Unit 2, HPU Skid replacement with new equipment’s and electrical Breakers, electrical cubic panels, high voltage Cables, and Emerson Ovation Hardware installation, Cabinets layout, loops checking, startup and commissioning.

2- Project U0288, NV Energy Las Vegas Turbine Controls Upgrade, worked as Installation Project Manager. Project, (Sept Nov 2016)

and Emerson Engineering documentations updated work end March -2017.

The Project involves replacing the Gas Combustion Turbine Control System in Power Block 2 (PB2) and Power Block 3 (PB3) at the NV Energy Las Vegas Generation Station, replacement of DCS equipment in the main control room and installation of Instrumentation in the Generator compartment of each unit. There are two (2) combustion turbines operating in each of the two power blocks .The four (4) Gas Turbines GT and 4 Generator,General Electric LM6000 PC with Innovation and 2 Steam turbine combine cycle, Technology once through steam generations. The current control system for each Turbine is a Mark VI Millennium S5 which was originally commissioned in 2003.The project scope includes retrofitting of the existing control with the Ovation TCS. The existing GE Cubicle shells will be retained and new sub-panels in the termination Cubicles provided (for each GT unit). The new Turbine Generator I/O Cabinet was provided for each GT Unit to be placed next to the original Cubicles on each power block,

The Ovation operating Consoles, Servers, Historian, and required Data-Links will be delivered providing communications via supplied Ovation Server and Network Cabinets.

New Differential pressure transmitters (2 per GT )in generator compartment installed and new New Humidity transmitter installed, Provide and run new cables from MTTB and MGTB cabinets to PB area per GT units. And De-terminate existing field cables/wires at existing termination and Control Cubicles (per GT unit)

Installation scope: Installation new Ovation control system Hardware, Termination and Control Cubicles, with I/O Modules, Remove existing GE Control system, and old cables Demolition, install new power supply and power up to check ovation hardware I/O Modules.

MTTB,MGTB and Aux enclosures junction boxes :work remove,De-term existing I/O cables and Modules,after remove old cable, then Install new TB,blocks &Terminate new Cables and Modules,

Control Room: Demo existing HMI PC and Controller, Install Raceways Cabling, Installation of Workstation Racks.

I/O Checks: Loops checking, confirms ovation hardware, instrumentation calibration rage,

System Checks: Start GT Turbine Power block 3, Run unit 3A and unit 3B and steam turbine and check full load testing and Nox water mapping and Sprint / Nox combined mapping

Gas Turbines LM6000 controls and DCS equipment in main control room. Installation check.,

Hardware FAT testing, Drawings review and Outage Installation supervision support work, loops checking, installation new equipment’s and testing and commissioning.

Emerson Engineering Documentations updated work,as built drawings review, project report,

Tessenderlo KERLEY Services, Inc – Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Senior Instrument & Controls Engineer (I&E) June2014 July 2015

Designing all the Instrumentation & Control systems, for a KTS Potassium Thiosulfate Fertilizer solution plant located in Hanford, CA.

Designing all the instrumentation & Control systems, for Jupiter Sulphur Billings, MT, NaHS Sodium hydrosulfide Plant and Jupiter Billings Truck Load out facility for Phillips 66 Refinery MT.

Instrument Lists, Instrument design, Instrument Specifications, Instruments data sheets, Equipment specification & P&IDs, Layout/Instrument location plans, Field Installation and mounting details.

Specification of the Instrumentation, Field instruments equipment selection: field hardware such as: Transmitters, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, Analyzers, Gas Detector, Control Valves and On/OFF Valves, Instrument loop drawings, electrical & Instrument Junction box location drawings, Wiring Diagrams,Instrument Installation,Cables layout, Material list,etc.

Selecting of Instrumentation and ordering the equipment and Checking testing the Instrumentation.

Selecting the DCS hardware, Siemens PCS7 DCS control System, Instrument I/O List, including the DCS cabinets and Controls Systems specifications & Design, I/O Drawings, UPS Power supply and Electrical Drawings.

Loop Checking and Commissioning the Plant, and update as built drawings and documentations


Senior Instrument & Controls Engineer – September 2013---March-2014 Beaumont TX, Port Arthur Projects: for MOTIVA ENTERPRISES OIL REFINERIES, Joint Venture Shell BP & Armco Saudi Arabia and VALERO OIL REFINERIES. In Port Arthur &ST Charles Refinery Louisiana design work.

Design work for Motiva Enterprises Refinery: SIS/IPF Modernization Projects Phase 2.DCS Systems. Modernization Honeywell Experion systems and IPF Modernization Invensys Triconex. Safety systems.

oProject 12-1392 VPS4, Project 12-1392-01 HTU4,and Project 12-1393-02 HTU4 Lube Train

Design work P&ID checking and reviewing instrumentations tagging for VPS4/HTU4 and HTU4 Lube Train P&ID’s, Review project drawings.

For VPS4 – HTU4 and HTU4 Lube Train – Interlock IPF overview drawings, tags, checking, and red mark corrections, review interlock drawings.

Field instrumentation specification and instrument index List, data sheet, I/O List,design and review for project VPS4, HTU4, and HTU4 Lube Train spec data sheets updated in SPI (In tools) for the project.

Instrumentation equipment selection for VPS4, HTU4, and HTU4 Lube Train, purchase quotation and material part number checked and material for Motive refinery project.

New control valves Specification to order, new Fisher 667 actuator and ASCO, Solenoid and topworx limit switches and Honeywell and Rosemont Transmitters and selection of all material required for project.

Instrument Data sheets– corrections and review for VPS4, HTU4, and HTU4 Lube Train Phase 2project.

Motiva Enterprises – VPS4 – IPF instrument modernization, instrument installation detail list checking, Field Transmitters,Pressure,Levels,Temperature,Flow & Control Valves.Specification,SPI (InTools).

VPS4 valves list, checked, parts number, model number, valves, size, actuators, solenoid valves, limit switches, air pressure regulator, and valve fail safe open/close action.SIL Safety integrity level,SIL,0,1,2.`

Motive Project HTU4 Valve List and HTU4 Lube Train valve list checked. control valves specifications.

VPS4 SIS/IPF modernization, check, and review cause and effect diagram and IPF Interlock Narrative

Motiva Refineries Port Arthur Project VPS4 – IPF- P2 –SIS upgrade with Triconex Tricon Solution Project 11-1264. Change to SIS field Transmitters, 2-0ff 3 voting trip,new field installation, Document drawing review, Triconex Cabinet, Triconex racks and module numbers, mechanical assembly cabinet drawings and

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