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Sales, marketing, brand management, operations, product development

Pasadena, CA
April 23, 2020

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Pete Williamsen

**** ******** **, ********, ** **105


August 2019-Current


• Building sales structure, marketing, project management and product planning for Electric GT

• Streamlining online catalog and product presentation for Wits’ End

• Assisting launch of sales arm for Texino Camper Vans, including product and catalog development

February 2019-August 2019


• B2B Manager, Business Development Manager, Front Runner Outfitters

• Responsible for all dealer operations and sales growth for Front Runner Outfitters USA

• Establish working relationships with Front Runner dealers, understand needs of customers

• Create new dealer program, including development of vendor agreements, establish discount structures, and performance requirements for distributors from scratch

• Compile market research, design reporting regimen

• Maintain and update dealer sales data

• Develop B2B sales team

• Look for new growth opportunities, new markets, trends, sales channels, products and services

• Look for new applications for Front Runner products

• Establish marketing strategies with marketing department

• Increase sales volume, close on sales opportunities

• Visit dealers, attend shows, trade shows, dealer open houses

• Network with industry partners

• Participate in the design of and distribution POP displays

• Streamline customer ordering processes

February 2018-February 2019


• Marketing Director of Energy Suspension

• Responsible for all aspects of Energy Suspension Marketing

• Establish rapport with major print and digital media entities (MotorTrend, ect), ensure constant editorial and fresh ads

• Redesign “look” of Energy Suspension’s Ads

• Monitor ROI on marketing campaigns

• Participate in product development, responsible for “Rock-Flex” Wrangler Suspension line

• Continually shape product development discussions for “modern muscle” applications

• Design SEMA booth space

• Arrange photo and video shoots, gather media

• Maintain and grow social media presence

• Maintain and grow relationships with enthusiast organizations

• Attend consumer shows, industry events, trade shows November 2015-February 2018


• Marketing, digital media and forum management for several companies in the 4x4 aftermarket community

• Developing online catalogues and part numbers for parts manufacturers

• Collecting and processing visual media

• Processing photos/doing touch up for product catalogs and marketing campaigns

• Representing companies at events, including SEMA 2016 and EJS 2017

• Developing business plans for media and manufacturing start up companies

• Free lance work for print media, including Four Wheeler Magazine and Four Wheel and Off Road

July 2013-October 2015


• Brand manager of JKS Manufacturing

• Create and promote a modern, cutting-edge image for JKS brand and introduce JSpec suspension systems to the market

• Tie JKS brand in to “Jeep” lifestyle

• Develop strong knowledge of JK Wrangler owners and market

• Become the resident Jeep community “expert” for Sport Truck USA

• Create and promote new vendor policies to promote growth of JKS brand

• Develop strategies to grow JKS presence within the market

• Establish, maintain and grow new and existing vendor accounts

• Summarize and present customer feedback to R&D, marketing, and management

• Assist in the creation of new products

• Monitor vendor performance, sales and vendor adherence to vendor agreements

• Provide telephonic vendor/customer support, technical support, and occasional sales

• Provide training for internal sales staff

• Provide sales training for distributors sales and marketing teams

• Work with marketing and sales departments to develop successful marketing strategies and cohesive brand narrative

• Participate in monthly meetings with executives

• Redesign JKS Company Vehicles to represent modernized JKS brand

• Attend off-road events with company vehicle to show product capability off-road and interface with consumers

• Attend Jeep events and trade shows across the country, including WD and distributor sponsored events

• Produce and direct various instructional and how-to videos on tech and off road lifestyle topics

• Be prepared for interviews by manufacturers, magazine and digital publications, pod casts and parts manufacturers to discuss the brand, its products and its place in Jeep culture

• Write articles on events, vehicles, marketing materials and product descriptions

• Monitor real world performance of various JKS components, test JKS products

• Grow social media presence

• Maintain JKS relationship to 4x4 media, create new media contacts

• Facilitate new JKS related articles in multiple print and digital media outlets

• Investigate and manage sponsorship requests

January 2012- July 2013


• Design and oversee completion of new company website

• Retail and sales and sales to distributors

• Create part number and cataloging system

• Provide technical support, sales and customer service

• Direct phone sales to call in customers, follow up to emails and online requests

• Promotion, branding and social media management to promote product sales and recognition in the off road industry

• Update logo and the brand imagery

• Design and oversee large-scale, complex vehicle builds

• Establish new vendor relationships to promote sales

• Facilitated Atlas’ involvement in multiple magazine articles and photo shoots September 2009-January 2012


• Manage shop schedule, purchase orders

• Retail sales and technical support

• Manage inventory of Defender Racks

• Design and oversee large-scale, complex vehicle builds

• Purchase and stock parts and components for vehicle builds and repairs

• Specialized in less common vehicle types, learning history and configurations of lesser known vehicles to understand where to source parts, resources and information when needed Additional Experience

• Dedicated Off Road and Land Cruiser Enthusiast

• Creative, sales and technical experience in entertainment, music industry

• Managing complex schedules and deadlines

• Experience in construction

• Background in music and arts

References available upon request

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