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Manager Program

Orange, CA
April 23, 2020

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949-***-**** Orange CA 92867



Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering June 1996

(Combustion and Fluids Specialty)– graduated Cum Laude


Karma Automotive Inc., Irvine, CA 4/18 – Present

Senior Program Manager

Program manager for Powertrain, Thermal, Electrical, Vehicle Integration and Global Certification module. Ensure program meets specification targets within budget and timeframe. Manage multiple budgets totaling $110M and work with directors, managers and finance to make sure program is on track, accurately forecast remaining spend, manage BOM cost, and identify cost savings opportunities. Work with manager and engineers to solve cross module issues with a focus on full, long term vehicle solutions. Work with buyers and vendors to delivery prototype and production parts on time to meet multiple prototype and production builds. Track subproject progress and report issues or slips to executives. Work with software and hardware teams to deliver working systems on time and across multiple modules.

oPowertrain is series hybrid using IC engine and high voltage lithium ion battery. Thermal system has three cooling loops and includes full HVAC system. Vehicle integration performs complete vehicle testing, test car (mule) builds, and supervises production validation vehicle builds and tests. Global Cert qualifies cars for North America, Canada, European Union and China.

oManaged three month, $970K design to completed concept car build for LA Auto Show.

oManaged hybrid plug-in pickup truck conversion

oOversee teams ranging from 5 to 45 people.


Advanced Technology’s Electric Drive Systems Group – 250 staff members

Senior Engineer

Manage the development and evaluation of light, medium and heavy duty vehicle electrification and idle mitigation systems primarily using high voltage lithium ion batteries. Vehicles range from light truck electric air conditioning to fully electric Class 8 semi.

oMange product developments with focuses on cost, packaging, weight, durability and reliability. Optimize energy storage architecture including thermal and mechanical.

oCreate development plans with target milestones, schedules and direct PDR and CRD’s for each project.

oTrained crews and support staff on system usage and worked with facility to install electrical infrastructure to support systems from 120V to 480V upgrades. Evaluated site power to confirm it would support current and near future requirements.

Work with vendors to produce new products specific to the utility industry’s vehicle fleet, rigorously evaluating them, placing them into the fleet and track their effectiveness and reliability though remote data acquisition.

oProducts include the development of a fully electric 12,000 lb underground cable puller utilizing lithium ion batteries to meet field crews’ expectations and 2-10kWh, vehicle installed energy systems with export power to replace small gasoline generators.

oDetermine system payback with various operating scenarios, negotiate pricing, contracts, delivery schedules and track quality and production schedules to ensure on time targets are met. Control costs through detailed budget tracking.



oEvaluate and validate subsystems and full vehicle including battery electrical design, battery mechanical enclosures, cooling systems, power system electronics, and motors. Develop test plans and validate vehicle performance through on road and dynamometer testing.

Work with automotive OEMs and aftermarket upfitters on upcoming vehicle development including hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric platforms including Altec, XL Hybrid, Odyne, Workhorse, Efficient Drivetrain Inc, and Bergstrom. Track and monitor the field of hybrid and electric product offerings and sales trends.

Work with EPRI, AQMD and other utilities to create a co-funded demonstration project for electric jobsite technologies.

Manage and perform testing on an array of light, medium and heavy duty electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles for range, performance, reliability, and code and safety compliance along with extensive lithium ion battery testing including degradation mapping.

Worked with Charge Ready program to perform technical evaluate on Level 2 chargers and worked with Charge Ready customer service members to assist with technical issues and support.

ENERGENT CORPORATION, Santa Ana, CA 4/12 to 11/14

Engineering Manager

Managed the development of 200kW waste heat to electricity system using a variable phase cycle (type of Organic Rankine Cycle - ORC) with an axial flow expander turbine installed on an 80MW container ship engine.

oSuccessful program lead to $1.2M license deal and the development of land based waste heat to electricity systems. Specified major components such as pump and heat exchanger, managed and reviewed turbine design and fabrication, created system flow logic, and managed factory site testing.

Managed the R&D program with a major oil company to develop a high capacity, defoaming amine let-down turbine system. Responsibilities included:

oDesign and fabrication of a high pressure amine let-down and foaming test platform and the design, fabrication and testing of a prototype amine defoaming turbine.

oLead 6 month test program to quantify amine foaming and defoaming characteristics and fully map defoaming turbine hardware.

Managed program to provide client with 10kW demonstration variable phase system including heat and cooling sources to be used by the client to better transfer Energent’s technology to the client and for client to train their own waste heat to energy division. Responsibilities included:

omajor component specifications, procurement, package design, managing construction, defining system operation and characteristics, writing operation manuals and providing onsite training to clients.

oDesigned unique high speed turbine generator requiring determining key aspect of form/fit/function and detailed machine tolerances.

Managed the startup and operation of a prototype 1MW, 480v 3 phase waste heat to power variable phase cycle using R134a as a working fluid and geothermal brine as the heat source located in central California.

Performed system modeling analysis to optimize design parameters

Received patent for 4 Phase Vertical Rotary Separator – 9,713,780

Managed a team of 5 direct reports


CALNETIX INC, Cerritos, CA 120 employees 8/04 to 3/12

Program Manager, Sr. Project Engineer, Manager of Product Development

Lead direct reports and cross functional teams to deliver optimal solutions while managing and supporting customer expectations & satisfaction.

Managed installation of multiple 125kW Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) waste heat to electricity systems from specification to implementation. Responsibilities included:

oSite preparation, heat exchanger specifications & procurement, mechanical & electrical systems, working medium (R245fa) handling, commissioning, personnel training, custom data acquisition system specification and implementation.

oCoordination between customers, contracts review, site representatives, electrical company for grid interconnect, contractors and vendors to install multiple units at multiple sites.

oManaged outsourced vendors supplying machine and electrical components.

oManaged system performance modeling analysis to determine system subcomponent specifications, system topology and financial analysis.

Leveraged both technical and practical knowledge to contribute to the development of a low temperature Organic Waste Heat recovery product that required understanding and incorporating thermal systems with electrical power management.

Managed marine electro-assist turbocharger programs resulting in new product line in the marine vessel market.

oManaged $800K, 2 year program to design, fabricate, test and validate 250kW, 20krpm permanent magnet motor/generator (PMG) on ball bearings with custom variable frequency power electronics for energy recovery on marine turbocharger system with shock, vibration., reliability, safety and electromagnetic interference specifications.

oProgram cost estimating, scheduling, interfacing with customer to establish program requirements, managing schedule, tracking budget, reviewing all hardware designs, fabrication, testing & integrating system at customer’s facility.

oProgram success lead to $1.5M, 3 year program to design, fabricate and validate 754kW PMG and power electronics for hybrid turbocharger system which I also managed. Program included managing the development of a 1200 amp AC to DC variable frequency drive requiring marine ship certification. This system was installed in a container cargo ship in 2012 for sea trials with great success resulting in further product orders.

Managed Department of Defense (DOD) contract to build advanced compressor for marine vessel application that required managing all FAR, DFAR and ITAR standard. Prototype successfully passed system integration and ship testing. Managed all communications with DOD representatives and system integrator. Prepared and presented monthly and quarterly program

status updates, budget tracking, production cost estimates, preliminary design reviews and critical design reviews.

Managed $1.1M, four (4) year program to build, test and deliver 25kW, 85krpm permanent magnet motor/generators and custom variable frequency power electronics drive for use in a solid oxide fuel cell air management system.

oManaged relationship with customer, coordinated with subcontractors, maintained schedule & budget, managed both machine & electronics design, performed all testing and assisted customer with system integration.

Managed fabrication and testing of the Integrated Power Module (IPM) for the Organic Rankin Cycle system. The IPM is a high speed piece of rotating equipment incorporating a permanent magnet generator operating in refrigerant, expander turbine wheel and magnetic bearings to create a highly reliable, highly efficient and low maintenance product.


CALNETIX INC., (continued)

oPerformed all system acceptance testing, integrated machine with power electronics and assisted customer with full system integration and tuning. This product was the basis of a spin-off company later sold to General Electric (GE) in 2010.

Managed the design and fabrication of 300 amp & 75 amp high frequency, bi-directional, actively rectified power electronic products for permanent magnet motor/generators for grid tie applications including system layout, component selection and control interface.

Designed, constructed and managed test facility with flexible cells for high speed machinery and high voltage, high power electronics. Facility includes permanent in-house water and air cooling

system, power distribution system, all safety systems and mobile data acquisition systems. Managed two engineering technicians.

Assisted in creating a product line of open application, high speed PMG rotor and stator sets and power electronics to support sales. The range of products showcased both capability and available solutions which customers could implement with reduced or no non-recurring engineering charges.

Continually managed multiple, small scale programs (less than $300K and 6 months) to provide custom high speed motor/generator solutions to clients including defining system specification, system packaging, controls integration, program quoting, cost & schedule tracking, validation and site integration.

Represented Engineering department and worked with Manufacturing department to establish drawing, document and work instruction numbering and control system.

Conducted Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR) and Critical Design Reviews (CDR).

Managed a team of 7 direct reports

GE GLOBAL RESEARCH CENTER, Irvine, CA 3/02 to 8/04

Program Manager

Designed and managed construction of 4 test cells for fuel reforming including data acquisition system and fully integrated automated safety systems.

Planned, scheduled and tracked project progress for prototype 1000 SCFH hydrogen generator. Worked with major petroleum company to integrate system as part of hydrogen refueling station demonstration.

Assisted in design and managed fabrication of 50kW natural gas to hydrogen reformate reformer.

Designed, fabricated and tested 5kW autothermal pre-reformer for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Analyzed data to create system operations map.

Presented the Power Award for design from GE Hybrid Power Generation Systems (HPGS)

Wrote monthly/quarterly /annual reports for U.S. Department of Energy & California Energy Commission. Wrote and presented paper for National Fuel Cell Seminar.

Six Sigma training and experience including 4 projects. Green belt certified.

Received patent for system and method for hydrogen production (#7569085).


Team Leader - Stationary Reforming Project & Head of Field Services

Designed, built and operated two multiple function fuel reforming/processing test cells.

Designed and tested 20kW natural gas partial oxidation, medium pressure hydrogen generation fuel processor.

Assisted in design of 10 fully automated pre-production 8kW natural gas autothermal fuel processors. Software control included multi-stage startup, automatic load following and over 150 flowcharts.



Assisted in design of 10 fully automated pre-production 8kW natural gas autothermal fuel processors. Software control included multi-stage startup, automatic load following and over 150 flowcharts.

First field service engineer. Responsibilities included customer site preparation, unit installation, writing operating manuals and customer training to operate and understand units. Assisted customers with integration to fuel cell systems.

Defined and lead field service department with 2 engineers and 2 technicians. Trained all personal, organized trips, customer interface and managed field service budget.

Managed 24 hour/ 7 day testing operation of pre-prototype stationary fuel reformers that helped determine the effects of long term operation and lead to modifications to production units for improved reliability.

Wrote and presented papers for SAE and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Conference.

Received two patents for integrated fuel processor.

Additional Skill Sets:

Proficient with Solid Works and basic usage of AutoCAD. Skilled with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project. Solid working knowledge of 120VAC, 240VAC, 480VAC electrical systems and basic electrical code requirements. Experienced with IC engine operating, modifications and repairs, basic mill and lathe capabilities, MIG welding, tubing, plumbing and wiring capability. Extensive experience with vehicle and industrial equipment (pumps, blowers, heat exchangers, valves, pneumatics) mechanical operations, electrical installation and maintenance.


Mountain biking, dirt biking, car building and a little amateur car racing. Ran 176.5 mph at a Standing Mile event with a street car running pump gas. Raced in three 24 Hours of Lemons.

Restored 1966 Ford Mustangs, 1962 Buick Skylark, 1931 Ford Model A hot rod.

U. S. Citizenship, Meet ITAR requirements, Able to travel

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