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Operator Equipment

Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44221
April 21, 2020

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Robert McArthur

**** ******* **.

Cuyahoga Falls, Oh, 44221



I am looking for steady long term employment to support my family. I am handy guy. In the few fields I have been in that’s a must. I don’t mind working weekends, holidays, or overtime. I feel my role at any company is to do what is required but also what is needed/asked of me. Many times I end up learning multiple different jobs at companies to better help in production and I feel more useful. I work very well with others or working alone. Under pressure I adapt well and I am very accustomed to making decisions in the field without having to hold up production. Decisions that have to be the most productive choices but also know when to ask if unsure. I also take instruction and critique very well. Most things I have learned, was taught to me by working with old timers. If there are ways to do things more effectively and efficiently that I could correct, I always welcome the advice. Also I appreciate someone taking the time to make me aware and better my skill set.


• Heavy equipment operator/MPM (Locomotive) operator, Herzog railroad services, St. Joseph, MO, 01/2020-Current

Responsible for day to day inspections, maintenance and safe operation of Mpm engine, cars and trackhoe. Safely use equipment to facilitate the delivery of new materials to specified locations on Main rline track. In a timely manner load and unload rail cars of materials for desired purpose dictated by customer. To comply with all FRA rules and regulations. To complete all paperwork that is required for each job Inna timely fashion.

● Lowboy/Equipment operator, Catts Construction, Bedford OH, 07/2019-12/2019

Responsible for loading/unloading of heavy equipment for road construction and maintenance. As well as the transportation of equipment to and from locations. Many loads are oversized and require permits. Operate equipment on location and in yard as instructed to. Minor maintenance/repairs are my responsibility if able to do so. Logging what equipment is at each location with description and number of attachments moved with. Average work week 80-100 hrs 6-7 days a week.

● Equipment Operator, CemBase, Twinsburg Oh,


Work as a heavy equipment operator using various pieces of heavy equipment in construction and stabilization of roads and highways. Work in various locations and states. Equipment operated: excavators, tiller, backhoe, front end loader, dozer, smooth drum roller, sheep’s foot, Miller curb machine, 3&4 leg pavers, mini x, spreader truck, water truck, grader, 12k forklifts, cure trucks and many more.

● Lowboy driver Cdl/Operator, NAJ Trucking, Twinsburg Oh, 6/2018-5/2019

Was responsible for loading and unloading numerous pieces of heavy equipment onto lowboy. Was responsible for securing load properly and transportation to various locations on/off road sites. Majority of loads hauled were oversized. The tractor I operated was a Peterbilt 389 long nose with 4 axles with 3 axle lowboy. Drivers responsibilities were to keep logs of equipment hours and making sure equipment was fueled before delivered. Operated Class A dump and flatbed when needed. I operated equipment on/off location and at yards. I also polished and detailed tractors as asked, to keep trucks looking presentable. This made drivers want to take pride in there rig while giving dot less reason to pull tractors over. Equipment operated: excavators, tiller, backhoe, front end loader, dozer, smooth drum roller, sheep’s foot, Miller curb machine, 3&4 leg pavers, mini x, spreader truck, water truck, grader, 12k forklifts, cure trucks and many more. Average work week 60-70 hrs 6 days a week.

● Cdl driver/Operator, Clear Creek Oilfield, New Waterford Oh, 1/2018-6/2018 Worked on Rover/Nexus pipeline operating a pump on horizontal drilling locations. Also hauled drilling mud and materials to location and/or offsite disposal location. Operated Cdl dump truck and flatbed when needed. Assisted in field repairs and construction of Oilfield locations. Average work week 80-110 hrs 7 days a week.

● Cdl driver/Operator/field repair, Appalachian Oilfield services, Canonsburg Pa, 10/2017-1/2018

Drove lowboy, step-deck, hotshot and dovetail to move production equipment, heavy equipment and materials to new construction and live Oilfield sites. Worked for multiple companies and worked directly with company men to help facilitate what was desired. Also did on site field maintenance/repairs for production units. Working with Valerus or contact appointed by Valerus. Operated heavy equipment as well as did wrenching on production units that failed in the field . It was required for one to be mechanically inclined and self sufficient due to remoteness of locations. Average work week 70-80hrs 7 days a week.

● Chemical supervisor/Cdl driver/Operator, Advanced Oilfield Services, Mineral City Oh, 1/2014-10/2017

Was in charge of keeping inventory of multiple hazardous chemicals at multiple locations. I was also in charge of keeping inventory ordered for numerous locations and for multiple companies. Oversaw multiple employees while also working in field. Very little time was spent in the office. All paperwork was done in the field and completed in the evening off site. Service are I was responsible for was Oh, Pa and Wv. Worked directly with company men day to day to facilitate deliveries and removal of product to various locations 24/7. Was on call for emergencies such as units failing on live pads resulting in hazardous chemicals coming in contact with the ground. Units fail regularly due to weather, age and production rates. Kept records of product quantities stored and sold to numerous oil production companies. Did field tickets and billing for each location. Such billing as for product delivery/removal or transportation of product from one site to another.. Also was Class A winch truck operator. Winched compressors, flowback equipment, sand traps, gpu’s, sand balls, coalescers and various other equipment. I also operated 4 axle tractors, 5 axle double drop trailers, land all trailers, step-deck, flatbed, stretch lowboy, lowboy, hot shot, tankers and multiple other Cdl equipment . Was also responsible for the safe operation and transportation of heavy equipment. Such as: excavators, backhoes, skid steers, man lifts, 12k forklifts, mini ex’s and etc. Operated equipment on live and under construction sites, working closely with multiple different companies. Most times working in very close proximity to each other to complete construction of or repair live pad. Was required to keep track of maintenance of vehicles and physically do said repairs as needed. Was also responsible with assisting with on site field repairs and any other needs of customer to ensure all materials and equipment were supplied to complete locations at or before set date . Worked 7 days a week, holidays and lots of O/t. Keeping strong employees was very difficult, so most times more duties fell upon my shoulders. Self reliance, strong work ethic, ability to multitask and work alone were crucial to complete day to day objectives. Average work week 80-120 hrs 7 days a week. Always on call. Education

Woodridge high school— Diploma, 2002

Akron university, general studies, N/A, 2003


I am very versatile person. I can weld, run a metal lathe, fix most things, run heavy equipment, Cdl vehicles, labor, have computer skills, construction knowledge, foundry experience, ability to figure out problems in field and good people skills. When I do tasks I like to do them timely, to instructed specifications and thoroughly as expected. I am able to multitask and take direction very well. To process criticism and learn from it. I tend to pick up new skills easily and feel it makes me more versatile/useful to an employer. Being a dependable, trustworthy, responsible, respectable and easy going person is my goal. I am very willing to learn new skills and new/better ways to use the ones that I already possess.

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