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San Pablo, CA, 94806
April 17, 2020

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Throughout my life, I've experienced several difficult situations in which I've

had to respond with flexibility; From teaching toddlers to count to ten at my family day care, to volunteering at a camp where no one looked or spoke like me. I haven't always been in my comfort zone. After receiving a scholarship to attend Camp Loma Mar, sleepaway camp, I was forced to come to the realization of how little I knew about people beyond my own block. I wasn't aware of the lack of knowledge people had about Richmond, just as I lacked about of the rest of the world. “Take my hand and I will help you see, the power inside of you and me we sang arm in arm as another chaotic day of summer camp turned somehow peaceful. After six years of attending Camp Loma Mar as a camper, I began volunteering and it was simply because I loved being there; but as I came to realize the impact being instilled in children's lives, I was even more persuaded to stay. Every one of the four summers I spent volunteering at the camp presented new challenges. Different staff groups, children of all cultures, and schedules that were never consistent all supported in me finding that leadership came in many forms. During the two week session that I partook in at Camp, there were two different cabins that visited with each staying for one week. Due to this timeframe, I was forced to exercise being patient and understanding which in turn helped me develop flexibility; which is something that I use every day in my life. “ EXPERIENCE

City of Richmond - Lifeguard

Richmond, CA • 05/2018 - Current

The City of Richmond maintains two swimming pools for the public that are operated by a colorful group of individuals, that I am a part of. Due to the small group of staff, I was able to find a way to create strong bonds with my peers and coworkers while performing our duties. We are adequately trained in CPR, first aid, and AED and are expected to perform with urgency in case of an emergency. Priorities include pool supervision and injury prevention. In my time as a lifeguard, I offered my advice and expertise to my co workers and employer in order to benefit the work space.


In my years playing basketball I have learned an enormous amount about CONTACT


San Pablo, CA 94806



High School Diploma

Making Waves Academy

Richmond, CA • Expected in 06/2020

Billy Zaparolli

• Policy enforcement

• Problem Resolution

• Flexible

• Efficient

• Able to lead

others and myself. I have obtained the ability to support others, build relationships, and maintain a strong work ethic. After playing JV basketball my sophomore year and not having much experience, I dedicated the majority of my time to practicing and learning the ins and outs of the sport; practicing resiliency. I am now the Varsity captain as a senior and often arrive early to practices and leave later in order to support the lower class men and offer my leadership skills to others.

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