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Power Plant Water Treatment

New Delhi, Delhi, India
April 18, 2020

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Career Objective

To pursue a highly challenging carrier where I can apply my knowledge acquires new skills and contribute constructively to organization.

Key Skills

Water treatment incharge in power plant, Pre-treatment plant, DM & RO plant water treatment, boiler and cooling tower water treatment, waste water treatment with CPU plant,steam and water analysis, coal analysis,oil and gas analysis, environmental monitoring, material & energy balance calculation.


Knowledge of water, coal, oil & gas analysis.

Operation of pre-treatment plant in WTP & WWTP.

UF, VU, RO, DM plant, CPU, cooling tower & boiler water treatment, boiler chemical preservation, chlorination system, steam & water analysis system.

WWTP with cpu plant zero liquid discharge.

Analysis skills for safe operation of plant.

Should know and able to perform laboratory equipment calibration and maintenance.

Quality analysis of bulk chemical purity checking and lab chemical reagent preparation.

Knowledge of chemicals MSDS safely operation plant and SAP operation.

Energy calculation for heat exchanger equipments.


About 14 years of working experience in water treatment in power plant working with different technologies including commission, operation, maintenance and quality controlling of DM & RO plant with pre-treatment(MGF, SSF, DMF, UF,UV, SOFTNER, MCF, RO, DEGASSER, SBA, SAC, MB, and CPU), Boiler water treatment, cooling tower treatment, evaluating the system based on ISO QMS & EMS.

Job Description

Operation, maintenance and quality controlling of DM & RO plant with pre-treatment (MGF, SSF, DMF, UF, SOFTNER, MCF, RO, SBA, SAC, MB and CPU).

Chemical dosing as per standard operation procedure in clarifier, DM & RO plant, boiler and cooling tower.

Waste water treatment plant zero liquid discharge with CPU capacity 1720Ton/day plant.

Water analysis for raw water, DM & RO plant, boiler and cooling tower like pH, conductivity, TSS, TDS, FRC, total hardness, chlorides, sulphate, silica, phosphate, iron, hydrazine, OD,COD and BOD.

Quality analysis of bulk chemical purity checked for DM plant, boiler and cooling tower like (hydrazine hydride, SMBS, TSP, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, morpholine, sulphric acid, sodium hypo chloride).

Handling and testing lab equipment calibration and maintenance like spectrophotometer, flame photometer, pH meter, conductivity meter, turbidity meter, muffle furnace, bomb calorimeter and orsat apparatus etc.

Coal sample proximate & ultimate analysis (ash%, moisture%, volatile matter%, fixed carbon %) GCV of coal and other bio-mass fuel.

Chemical cleaning of RO membrane for scaling and sludge & DM plant chemical regeneration of SBA, SAC and MB for improve the OBR.

Identify & sorting out the abnormalities in regeneration, organic fouling, heavy metal fouling for loss in OBR, chemical consumption of DM plant.

Feed,steam, condensate & boiler water chemistry to avoid corrosion & deposition, pre commissioning cleaning including cold & hot water flushing, acid cleaning, alkality boiling.

Cooling tower water treatment like low pH cleaning passivation before start-up & regular chemical treatment to avoid scaling, corrosion deposition.

Preparation of daily MIS report for DM water production and consumption and fuel received and consumption to submit plant head & annual budget to minimum production cost.

Waste water management water conservation to minimize water losses & ensure safety and environment health norms, managing local complaints regarding water pollution.

All equipment Maintenance works in DM & RO plant like dosing pumps, all feed pumps, degasser blowers, condenser cleaning, cooling tower etc.

Energy calculation for heat exchanger equipments, calculation for steam to fuel ratio and boiler efficiency.

Experience Details

1.M/S TRIVENI ENGINEERING & INDUSTRIES LTD:- Presently working as “DEPUTY MANAGER"(WTP) for water treatment plant incharge from FEB- 2011 to still date in 22.6MW cogeneration power plant,(120TPH, 90kg/cm2,IJT boiler), RO plant capacity is 87 m3/hr(52 & 35) DCS controlled with MGF, Softener, MCF, RO, DEGASSER & MB in water treatment plant and 35 m3/hr CPU plant with in ACF & MB. Waste water treatment plant with CPU capacity 1720Ton/day.Cooling tower recirculation rate 5200m3/hr with 3D Trsar auto monitoring system, and also responsible for overall EHS monitoring at Deoband, Saharanpur (Dist), U.P-247554.

2.M/S PENNA CEMENT INDUSTRIES LTD:- I have worked as SENIOR CHEMIST for water treatment plant from Aug-2010 to FEB-2011 in 2*38.5MW power plant(160TPH, 110kg/cm2,WVIXI CFBC boiler), RO plant capacity is 30m3/hr DCS controlled with CLARIFIER, MGF,SSF, UF, MCF, RO, DEGASSER & MB in WTP, Cooling tower recirculation rate 7000m3/hr with chlorination system, and also responsible for overall EHS monitoring at wadapally, nalgonda (Dist), A.P-508355.

3.M/s KAKATIYA CEMENT SUGAR & INDUSTRIES LTD:- I have worked as "SHIFT CHEMIST" for water treatment plant from JULY- 2003 to JUNE-2007(4 years) in 16.7MW cogeneration power plant(90TPH, 90kg/cm2, THARMAX boiler), RO plant capacity is 22m3/hr PLC controlled CLARIFIER, MGF, SSF, UF, MCF, RO, DEGASSER & MB in water treatment plant, Cooling tower recirculation rate 3600m3/hr with chlorination system, and also responsible for overall EHS monitoring at Peruvanchan, kulluru (MD), Khamama (Dist), A.P-507209.

4.M/S THE ANDHRA SUGAR LTD:- I have worked as APPRENTICE in sugar lab from SEP- 2002 to MARCH- 2003 (6month) at Tanuku, West Godavari (Dist), A.P-534215.


Academic Qualifications

1.B-Tech in chemical engineering from JNTU in Hyderabad for the period of 2007-2010 fulltime.

2.Diploma in sugar technology from S.V. Govt polytechnic college in Tirupathi for the period 2000-2003 fulltime.

Personal Details



Nationality : INDIAN.

Date of Birth : 04 th AUG, 1985.

Languages Known : ENGLISH, HINDI & TELUGU.

Marital Status : MARRIED

Address for communication

DOOR NO; 1-108,





MOBILE NO: - 090********


I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge.




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