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Naperville, IL
April 15, 2020

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ISTQB Certified Test Lead with over * years of experience in Quality Assurance with extensive knowledge in retail industry with expertise in IBM Sterling Order Management system, Manhattan Warehouse Management System, JDA Category management system, JDA Open Access, SAP ECC Handson, SAP BODS (Business Objects Data Services), BI HANA Handson, CISCO TIDAL Job scheduler, ETL Testing, Mobility testing, JDA Enterprise planning, Manhattan Demand Forecasting & Inventory Optimization (DFIO), Web Testing & working knowledge in Services Oriented Architecture. Have in-depth understanding of all phases of SDLC/STLC, focusing on translating business requirements into viable technical solutions. Excellent technical writing skills with hands on experience creating Understanding Documents, Mapping Documents, Test Plans, Test Scripts, Test Metrics and Status Reports.

Having excellent knowledge in Handling Client SLA Reports, Resource Loading and Management process, Metrics collection & reporting, training new associates and creation & managing Dashboards.


Well acquainted with Software Development Life Cycle and Software Testing Life Cycle in both waterfall and agile methodologies with handling both type of projects simultaneously as Onsite test lead.

Experience in leading medium sized teams for more than 6 years across projects in both Offshore and Onsite

Extensive experience in multiple Retail sub-domains

oOrder Management & Customer service enhancements – IBM Sterling OMS

oFinance planning – JDA Enterprise Planning application

oCategory Management – JDA CKB, JBA Space Planning and Floor Planning, JDA Open Access

oDemand Forecasting & Inventory optimization – Manhattan DFIO application

oTransport Management Systems – Bluejay & SAP Ariba

oSupply Chain Management – Manhattan Warehouse Management System application, Kronos Labor Management, VoCollect Voice Pick, Accutech Autobagger and NeoPost Proship shipping software

oMobility Testing – Handheld device testing for BOPIS & SFS order processing, in-store inventory receiving & monitoring, Cycle counts and payments processing

oData Integration and maintenance – ETL testing and SOA

Extensive experience in test tracking & reporting tools such as JIRA, HP ALM and Confluence

Experience working with huge volumes of data, analyzing record sets for Data Quality, Data Validation, Data cleanup and Metrics reporting

Strong fundamental knowledge in SQL queries and ETL functional concepts.

Expertise in all deliverables of STLC like preparing Test Strategy, Test Plan, Status Report, Test design, Test execution, Test estimation and Closure Documents

Co-ordinated Defect triage meetings, scope discussion, UAT walkthrough and Working Sessions involving multiple project stake-holders

Experience in Handling Cross-Company Project Transitions (Both Inbound and Outbound)

Basic coding knowledge in UAT Automation tool – FitNesse and Excel macros

Hands-on experience in SAP BODS and CISCO TIDAL

Handled resource management, SOW creation, tracking and core-flex resource model to retain the knowledge base within the team


IBM Sterling OMS

SAP ECC Handson


Manhattan DFIO Application

Manhattan Warehouse Mgmt System

Unix & WinSCP

SQL Developer, SQL Server Mgmt Server

Accutech Autobagger WMS packing application

FitNesse UAT testing tool

JDA Open Access

JDA Category Management

Warehouse Voice Picking

Store Mobile device testing

JDA Enterprise Planning application

SOAP UI, RFUtil, Postman


Excel Macro VB Scripting

Proship Shipping Mgmt Software

ETL Testing

JIRA & Confluence

JDA Floor and space planning

Kronos Time keeping and labor Mgmt


PROJECT – 1 (Current):

Project Title

IBM Sterling OMS – BOPIS & SFS Implementation


Jan 2019 - Current


Onsite Test Lead – Peak Team Size 8 (including offshore)


Ulta Beauty

Testing Tools

IBM Sterling OMS CoC, SAP ECC, Oracle ATG, SAP BODS, BI HANA Reporting, Analysis for Office, Hand-held device testing, SweetIQ, TIBCO EMS, Urban Airship, Proship, REDIS Caching solution,


Retail – Supply Chain (Order Management)


As a step towards increased customer service and business expansion, ULTA beauty wanted to extend its order management capability to include BOPIS (Buy Online Pick In Store) and SFS (Ship From Store). A part of both these project’s ULTA relooked its entire IT infrastructure and added more logics, integrations and new systems to facilitate this change. Which eventually lead to enterprise wide quality assurance to ensure all the new interfaces and existing interfaces, new functionalities, configurations, order sourcing & resourcing logic, rate-shopping for SFS shipping, regression of the DC shipping (Manhattan and SAP DCs), REDIS ecommerce caching solution validation, Store hour integration from SweetIQ, Mobile devices event based notification and validation of different reports for Business like HANA Analysis for Office & Cognos.


Be a cross-functional, cross-application, cross-domain Test Lead who can understand & validate all the intermediate systems for each End-to-end scenario validation. Sample scenario will include validation in SweetIQ, Oracle ATG Ecom platform, TIBCO EMS, SAP BODS job, SAP ECC, IBM OMS and Report validation in HANA or in Cognos

Support design sessions for OMS functional team and IBM team to come up with the solutions which can be easy to implement with less pain points considering QA’s landscape knowledge

On-site testing, Store associates training and UPS certification assistance

Testing of various reports like BI HANA and IBM Cognos.

Schedule and Co-ordinate periodic environment sync-up meetings to appraise various team on their release plans and environment plans to figure Dev, QA & UAT environment for OMS releases.

Lead the test team in the Agile monthly releases coordinating from Analysis to UAT walkthrough

Publish periodic status emails and represent QA in daily stand-up

Be a part of mock cut-over and help in integration setup


11 Months (Current)


Project Title

Open Access implementation and Category Management Enhancements


Aug 2018 – Dec-2018


Onsite Test Lead – Team Size 3 (including offshore)


Ulta Beauty

Testing Tools

JDA CKB, Space and Floor planning, JDA Open Access, SQL Developer


Retail – Merchandizing (Category Management)


Ulta Beauty owns the JDA Category Knowledge Base (CKB) Suite which includes the Floor Planning and Space Planning tools. These tools allow users to measure space efficiency and visually display the results of space to sales across both micro and macro planning. As part of this project, Ulta plans to provide its planner users an Open Access based Mass Maintenance functionality to mirror and expand the current existing Mass Maintenance functionality in Data Manager. This project will provide the same Data Manager capabilities along with new functionality in the Open Access environment. Space Planning and Floor Planning users have the need to produce various reports and output of planogram and floorplan data housed in the Category Knowledge Base (CKB) database


QA process was first implemented in this sub-domain of ULTA. Hence primary responsibility was to lead the process setting, adherence and reporting

Lead through in all test phases, documentation and reporting.

Creating scenarios out of requirements, sitting with actual business users and gathering inputs from their day-to-day operations and validating the ability of doing it in the Open Access after implementation

Driving UAT test sessions, clarifying business user doubts and bringing up viable fixes for the issues reported

Conducting Triage meetings and coming up with the priority to address the high volume of bugs in accordance with the staggered production deployment plan

Help other project’s testing which touch-through CKB like Store Locator enhancement, Walking Order.


5 Months


Project Title

West DC with Voice device testing & Proship implementation + Maintenance releases of existing DCs.


August 2017 – Aug 2018


Onsite Test Lead – Team Size 6 (including offshore)


Ulta Beauty

Testing Tools

Manhattan WMS tool, SQL Developer, Unix, HP ALM, WinSCP, Vocollect Voice system, Proship, FORTNA WCS


Retail – Supply Chain


As a leading Salon & Beauty retailer, Client wanted to expand its presence to Western region. Strategically opening a DC will aid in company’s growing store count in this region. As part of this new DC, client wanted to go for full-out voice picking instead of RF picking in the other DCs. Voice picking aims at improving productivity among the temporary workers the DC hire to fulfil ecomm and Store orders.

As an enhancement, client also added Proship shipping software as part of all of its Manh DCs. This software aims to do rate-shopping of the outgoing ecomm carton and control the selection by various parameters such as carrier-rate, delivery end date, SLA as per the carrier contract, days of pick for the carrier etc.


Onsite Test Lead involving in all phases from Scope-impact analysis to Test closure

Daily and Weekly status report circulation, attending release meeting to prioritize the prod incident fixes Creation & maintaining of global regression suite and building risk-based regression test-set as per the scope of each release.

Attending design sessions of new implementations like Proship, adding new carriers, Autobagger etc and providing inputs on how system will behave with the new design and how to mitigate

Understanding and thorough testing of Voice devices, which was new to the Client. Also providing the improvements, drawbacks and SOP for business team so that they can train DC workers accordingly.

Coming up with Scenarios for each of the different modules/components and stitching them together to create complex end-to-end scenarios with complete coverage and most optimal execution time

Involved in testing and documenting all WMS components like inbound receiving, putaway, inventory movement, Retail outbound, ecomm outbound, reporting and Labor management.

Validating the PIX transactions, LM transactions, Inventory adjustments, WCS movements, MHE messages, rate-shopping validation, Wave criteria verification, Hazmat item validation, pack and hold for B&M, lightening wall sort, Set-aside, item-shorting, Manifest and shipment closure are some of the validations which are covered as part of each scenario

Automation strategy design and test data setup for the Automation team’s design & build activities

Driving the defect triages and bringing up the existing/future probable risks in status meeting across the board. Closure of defects by coordinating with the wide range of stakeholders involved.

Testing & Implementation of Autobagger packing system stitching it with the existing WCS and WMS code

Testing and implementation of Proship shipping software with various business condition and transport contracts specific to each of the Manh DCs

Involved in UAT users’ training and support for all the new implementations like voice, set-aside, autobagger, Proship and few of the LM changes.


12 Months


Project Title

SWIFT Phase 3 Enhancements + Moving Data from DFIO to HANA for reporting


March 2017 – Aug 2017 & Aug 2018 – Dec 2018


Test Lead (Onsite) – Team Size 3


Ulta Beauty

Testing Tools

Manhattan DFIO tool, SQL Developer, Unix, HP ALM


Retail – Merchandising (Demand Planning & Inventory Mgmt)


As a leading Salon & Beauty retailer, client desired to continuously enhance their demand forecast efficiency and better inventory optimization by putting in set of enhancements which will help them achieve the same. The implementation was done in 3 code drops. In the current enhancement, client took an opportunity to revisit their ‘Safety Stock’ calculation logic within the Demand Forecasting & Inventory Optimization tool (Manhattan DFIO). This optimization was target to reduce the redundant inventory which gets clogged in DCs for slow moving SKUs and to reduce the lost sales of fast moving SKUs. As a sub-project in Agile model where different data sets within DFIO like model set, promotions, purchase order, Projections, item, planned demand etc were loaded to HANA system for business user reporting. The project had 3 sprints and each sprint was 1.5 months. Data is loaded to HANA via scheduled BODS jobs.


Onsite Test Lead involving in all phases from Scope-impact analysis to Test closure

Understood the business and the application functionality in quick span of time and was able to give suggestions, which will lead to better implementation of the enhancements.

Finding design issues in requirement gathering phase leading to better implementation of the Cutover and Delta logic for data migration from SWIFT to HANA

Running BODS jobs during testing phase individually and scheduling it in CISCO TIDAL for regular delta loads

Running UNIX jobs & targets for different functionality within Manhattan DFIO like Period roll, PO push, order calc, SKU activation etc and validating the results

Coming up with formula sheet to validate different forecasting parameters and validating whether the resulting order values are matching with the application at individual SKU level upto Enterprise level

Sharing daily status reports and bringing up the existing/future probable risks in status meeting

Created test accelerators which quickened the data validation for Seasonal Indices calculation

Created and maintained a running log of Open Issues, Gaps and defects, capturing each of the discussion happening for line items against it. It helped business team to be on top of the solution’s ambiguity and helped with Go No-Go decision for production.


9 Months


Project Title

Integrated System


Mar 2013 – March 2017


Test Lead (Offshore) – Team Size 6


Walgreens Corp.

Testing Tools

ETL, Unix, SOAPUI, RFUTIL, MQMONN, IBM WebSphere, HP ALM, SQL Developer, Office tools, Putty, WinSCP, Excel VBA Macros


Retail – Building a one-stop data center combining data from all LoBs.


As a leading retail pharmacist, client desired to drive growth of its overall healthcare, retail business and increase their capability as a patient oriented healthcare company. As a solution to it, client decided to provide a single view of the patient to the pharmacist and a single view of the pharmacy to the customer and provider, entitling the current program

Earlier when customers wanted to use services from different stores of the client, Customer information was collected recursively. To make this task simpler, client decided to integrate customer information from all source system in a single Operational Data Store (ODS). This QA program will enhance the client to integrate all the details and enable it to add more subject areas as per customers’ and federal request.


ETL Offshore Test Lead involving in all phases from Scope-impact analysis to Test closure. Handled 12 releases with a minimum of 8 projects per release

Setting up data in flat files, CSV, database records as per the project needs, running the ETL UNIX jobs and validating the different data transformations before the data is loaded to target system

Driving the offshore Innovation team to come up with utilities and tools either for project data validation or for reporting purposes

Hands-on experience in SOAPUI and MQMOAN to create real time data to be consumed by the ETL jobs later

Daily status reports of the multiple projects running within the LoB and tracking the risks to closure

Tracking project metrics and KPIs for each project / release and presenting it to client. Making sure the team is adhering to the KPIs and thus avoiding penalty from Client in this SLA driven model

Worked in Night shifts attending client meetings, handling peak time UAT & SIT request

Handled inbound KT from external vendor during the project’s initializing phase

Resource management with SOW creation, approval tracking, ramping up/down resources as per current release needs, maintain a core-flex model for resources thus always maintaining the knowledge base

Gathering metrics and presenting in the Weekly/Monthly status reports to client


4 Years


Project Title

JDA Enterprise Planning – Implementation & Maintenance


July 2010 to Feb 2013


Test Analyst / Test Lead (Team Size:5)


Kohl’s Corporation

Testing Tools

JDA Enterprise planning, HP Quality Center 9.2, SQL


Retail – Merchandizing (Financial Planning)


Enterprise Planning is a new planning system implemented to replace legacy system called Arthur Information Management system that the client was currently using. JDA Enterprise Planning is a holistic solution for all planning and analysis activities associated with establishing consumer-centric, Omni-channel financial guidelines to manage inventory profitability and productivity, including strategic planning, merchandise planning, channel planning and open to buy.

Project involved Data migration from existing Mainframe systems to the EP database and ultimately placing the data under different modules of EP. All the different business logics implemented for all the module data from the lowest retail cube level to the enterprise level of that Module.


Started as Test Analyst and went on to lead the team from Offshore in a short span of 1.5 years

Interacting with onsite coordinator, SA and BA for project updates & clarification resolution

Preparing Test Strategy and Test Plan for different modules of JDA EP also the Integration approach

Testing the data migration with Mainframe flat files and the target system DB extract to report data mismatches

Created local formula excel tools which upon loading values from DB for the base metrics will calculate all the derived metrics based on the signed-off business logic. This will be validated against the application to easily identify and pin-point the defect

Handled outbound KT to another vendor after the project ended

Being a SME for the application clarifying all the queries of the new members and the integration partners regarding the application and the data flow

Preparation of Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test closure activities including Test Summary report preparation

Preparing documents for Client & Cognizant Audits


26 months

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