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Mental Health Technician

Ontario, CA, 91762
$25.00 hourly
March 26, 2020

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Alicia Alatorre

Supervisor And Facilitator Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Ontario, CA 91762



Ability Summary

As a Psych.Tech .I am experienced in customer service, general office, shift lead relief, counseling, security, health &

safety of patients, staff. Med distribution;charting;client care; bilingual. I have experience in working with adults and


Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Supervisor And Facilitator Of Alcoholics Anonymous California Department of Corrections - California City, CA April 2014 to March 2016

California, United States I was the facilitator for the Inmates' AA Group. Supervising from 5 to 33 Inmates in one room.

Then the Community Manager brought the limit of attendees to 22. Then the group grew from one AA group to two in English and two in Spanish. I was able to see growth in the Inmates' participation, sharing of personal issues, emotions, and accepting the fact that they were addicts, or had addictive personality traits, addictive behaviors, etc. the governing body and ran the groups. I just supervised that no one would pass notes, (kites), fought, or passed contraband, etc. I also had two Correctional Officers assisting me and would stand or sit outside the door. So the Inmates could speak

openly and without fear.

Psychiatric Technician

California Department of Corrections - California City, CA January 2014 to March 2016

and Rehabilitation-CAC Institution

United States Collaborated with [Department, Officers, Clinicians and Inmates to plan, develop and implement their

treatment plan, during IDDT meetings. I translated for the Spanish-only Inmates and their doctors, clinicians, etc. I

conducted intake interviews with newly admitted Inmates into the ASU. I conducted assessment and evaluation

interviews with suicidal Inmates and newly arriving Inmates into the Mental Health or requesting to enter Mental Health, while contacting Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, and Psychiatrists. I wrote referrals, observational

documentation, incident reports. Also writing daily, weekly and monthly SOAPE notes when charting on Inmates. I

distributed medications, gave injections, worked as a script for RN's, and took vital signs of Inmates. I conducted groups for the ASU Inmates, such as anger management, Laughter as medicine, Current Events, Parenting, etc. I also gave

out hand-outs for the Inmates to read, sometimes to study and "homework". I made wellness checks during rounds as I

passed out puzzles, which I made to stimulate their minds. I also passed booklets introducing the ASU policies and procedures to new arrivals. Then I retired from State service. Psychiatric Technician

California Department of Corrections - Tehachapi, CA August 2008 to January 2014

and Rehabilitation-CCI

United States

Pwsychiatric Technician

CCI Tehachapi - Tehachapi, CA

March 2008 to April 2008

Tehachapi, CA

Observational skills, active listening skills, interviewed inmates for interventions, referrals to clinicians, physicians and infirmary.I worked in level 2, 4A & 4B with ADSEG, CCC AND SHU inmates, making psych. tech. rounds. I also worked

with lvn and psych. tech. and clinicians in level 1 trailer, taking b/p, height and weight and checking chronos and appropriate dress for areas, assisted in translating Eng./Span., filled out documentation, reports, charted, on

observations, interventions, etc

Psychiatric Technician

San Bernardino County - San Bernardino, CA

April 2007 to September 2007

United States I worked for the Emergency Response Team for the youth in San Bernardino County that had Mental

Health issues, were in crisis, or were referred by Teachers, counselors, etc.We would respond as a team to homes,

schools, etc.I was a Licensed Member of the team and would place minors on 5585 holds to transport them to the nearest Mental Health facility, as the San Bernardino MH was closed at this time. I also would work keeping them safe while on a suicide watch and charted every 15 minutes, document their affect, behavior and mood. This was short time

of employment as I went to work for CDCR, while San Bernardino County was losing funds, and I was terminated during

my probationary period, prior to the bankrupt. I intervened from the least restrictive means to most restrictive, which was

the 5585 hold.

Psychiatric Technician

Psych Tech - Patton, CA

December 1988 to March 2006

United States Safety and security of the Public, securing units where Patients lived. I Participated in search and seizures of contraband, I assisted in take-downs of combative Patients, using MAB procedures. I am skilled at

intervention and utilize the skills from least restrictive to most restrictive. ( time -out to 5- pt. restraints.) Most Patients

want to speak, to be heard and listened to. I also utilized active listening skills, effective communication skills, bilingual

skills when speaking to Spanish-speaking only patients, as well translated. When working on the SNUF, I changed

diapers every two hours, assisted patients with their personal hygiene and daily living skills. I distributed medications, when scheduled in the medication room, gave insulin, injections, took vitals, etc. I escorted Patients to educational,

worship, recreational and clinical service appointments. I ran groups, current events, exercise, swimming when assisted

the RT, etc. I also was relief Shift-lead and had the general office responsibilities, answering phones, speaking with other clinicians, participating in the IDDT for the Patients treatment plans, etc. Psychiatric Technician

Psych Tech - Patton, CA

December 1988 to March 2006

Observe/listeng skills, counselor, gave meds, charting, responsible for many patients, general office manager, shift lead

relief. Bilingual, translater. I also was a provider and assistant provider of groups. I escorted patients to and from groups, clinical and educational appointments. Education

Living Shield School of Chaplaincy - Riverside, CA Vocational School Certificate in Technology

San Bernardino Valley College - San Bernardino, CA

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