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Math Content Coach/Education Consultant

New York City, NY
March 26, 2020

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Ifeyinwa Anako

Reference Available Upon Request

*** **** ***** *** ** New York, NY 10030

(203)- 675- 6474


Motivated professional with proven success in both education and research analysis. Utilizes excellent interpersonal skills to provide hands-on leadership in and out of the classroom. Adept at lesson planning, Common Core Math Standards, culture and curriculum development. Eager to work as a secondary instructional coach/leader or professor at a community-oriented school.

§ Curriculum Development

§ Assessment Techniques

§ At-Risk Issue Identification

§ Individualized Education Plans

§ Common Core Math Standards

§ Program Director

§ Lesson Design and Structure

§ Classroom Instruction/Management

§ Behavior and Culture Workshop


METAMORPHOSIS Teaching Learning Community, New York, NY 2019-Present Content Coach Consultant (2019)

• Offer Content Coaching services that address teachers' and supervisors' most pressing concerns while working on-site with schools using a systemic approach to improving student learning while focusing on the instructional core: planning, implementing, reflecting on and refining lessons based on evidence of student learning or lack thereof.

• Partner with schools and communities to break through the implementation barriers of mathematical content

• Translate professional development experiences into effective classroom practice through weekly check in meetings and observations

• Provide research-based methods for improving teaching and learning in classrooms and among professionals through Math Institutes and Learning Community workshops.

Coaching model enhances:

• Content Knowledge—by focusing on big ideas, essential questions, strategies, skills, and applications that deepen teacher capacity and flexibility in a given content area.

• Pedagogical Knowledge—by focusing on and expanding the number of content specific instructional strategies in order to make the content accessible to a wide range of students.

• Lesson Design—by identifying, selecting, adapting, and/or creating rich conceptual tasks that actively engage students and ensure learning of important content and skills.

STRADFORD PREPARATORY CHARTER SCHOOL FOR BOYS, Bronx, NY 2018-2019 Director of School Affairs/ Co-Founder

Monitoring Stradford Prep’s Academic Program

• Using student achievement data and student work to drive daily and long-term instructional decisions to coach teachers

• Building strong relationships with parents, students, and teachers and creating investment around attendance, school culture initiatives, and overall student and teacher success.

• Giving feedback and coaching teachers on lesson implementation to improve academic outcomes; and

• Teaching them to build relationships with students and their families and hold these critical constituencies responsible for outstanding academic and cultural outcomes.

• Directly managing teams of teachers and being accountable for moving their instructional practice and their students’ academic achievement;

• Owning academic achievement in specific grades or content areas while partnering with the other leaders on the leadership team to run an excellent school; and

• Weighing in on decisions with school design and oversight, including scheduling, staff recruitment and hiring, data analysis, and ensuring operational excellence.

Implementation of Stradford Prep’s Alternative Approach to Discipline Program

• Coach and mentor teacher teams on how to provide daily reinforcement of restorative practices by supporting the implementation of our Alternative Approach to Discipline Program.

• Maintain, monitor and enforce student commitment contracts with each student prior to his exit from in-school suspension

• Assist in tracking and decreasing of out-of-school suspension rate in alignment with school goals

• Hold one-on-one conferences with students with repeated infractions in order to discuss his discipline record and next steps Ifeyinwa Anako

Reference Available Upon Request

• Consistently implement a behavior contract system to consistently support and monitor the progress of students who are frequently suspended

• Implement the school’s re-entry protocol for students returning to class from out-of-school suspension or

• Lead professional development for staff regarding de-escalation techniques and restorative practices leading to a 10% reduction in the number of high-level behavioral infractions

Monitor Consistent Implementation of the School’s Code of Conduct

• Coordinate with school leaders to ensure school’s efforts to significantly reduce the number of incidents that lead to out-of school suspension, in alignment with school goals and priorities

• Communicate effectively with school staff members to ensure adherence to the School’s Code of Conduct

• Aid teachers, school leaders, and staff implement school-wide positive behavior incentives in order to reduce the number of students who commit behavioral infractions

• Consistently monitor discipline data for the school and collaborate with administrative team to address identified needs

• Collaborate with School’s Student Support Services team to analyze data and respond to trends HARLEM VILLAGE ACADEMIES, New York, NY 2015-2018

Instructional Coach 6th-8th Grade (2017-2018)

• Perform lesson observations and provides specific and actionable feedback for improvement

• Help develop and review lesson plans and provides other curricular guidance as needed

• Models instructional excellence through classroom lesson planning and delivery as appropriate that aligns curriculum and assessment best practices

• Assist with the development, review, and implementation of curriculum, instruction, and assessments

• Assist teachers and academic team members with the analysis of reading, writing, math and other types of assessment results

• Review students’ data with teachers to create actionable steps for classroom instruction

• Create and deliver professional development to teachers and staff on an as-needed basis throughout the course of the year, at least one- half day each month

• Evaluate academic achievement and progress towards school-wide goals through detailed data analysis of student performance on a wide variety of metrics; Lead and support teachers in using the student data collected to drive instruction and intervention

• Serve as a coach to individual and teams to determine intervention strategies as appropriate.

• Facilitates and/or present professional development activities with staff and teachers as needed

• Maintains open communication and positive relationships with staff, teachers, and academic leadership team members. Dean of Students 6th-8th Grade (2016-2017)

• Manage and follow-up relentlessly to ensure effective implementation of our discipline systems, structures, and protocols such as restorative conferences, post send-out teacher calls to parents, etc.

• Select the highest leverage systems and ensure they are implemented effectively to achieve our goals such as peer mediation, and peer mentoring.

• Serve as a champion for an accountable, restorative orientation to school culture and student- teacher relationships. Provide ongoing support, training and guidance to teachers and deans in restorative practices and conferences to ensure our restorative practices are effective in improving student relationships and student behavior and reducing recidivism rates

• Ensure that every suspension and every send-out is followed by restorative conferences, interventions and actions.

• Produce a weekly list of students requiring interventions and follow-up, assigning coaches to highest needs students who meet with them regularly to ensure they are on track with their goals for the week

• Proactively work with principal, teachers, parents and students to ensure 97% student attendance, timely arrival and homework completion

• Collaborate with and support teachers to build positive relationships with families and to create opportunities for families to be involved in student learning

7th Grade Mathematics Teacher (2015-2016)

Develop and implement individualized education program for each caseload of special education students.

Confer with parents, paraprofessionals and various service providers to develop individual educational plans designed to promote student’s educational, physical and social development.

Identify and implement goals tailored to the student’s individual needs and abilities.

Modify the general education curriculum for special-needs students based upon a variety of instructional techniques and instructional technology.

Ifeyinwa Anako

Reference Available Upon Request

NYC DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, BAYCHESTER MIDDLE SCHOOL (X532), Bronx, NY 2012 - 2015 7th Grade Special Education Math Teacher & Grade Team Leader (2012-2015)

Responsible for planning and leading grade team meetings and facilitating a team of teachers to improve school culture.

Working collaboratively with 6th and 8th grade team leaders and school leaders to ensure a positive, structured team culture.

Responsible for analyzing data and using data to improve school culture.

Planning and facilitating an effective advisory program while also ensuring discipline structure within the school environment. 6th Grade Math Apprentice Teacher (2012)

Participated in an NYC Teaching Fellows apprenticeship, shadowing and observing cooperating teacher (CT) for 9 weeks, assisting with curriculum development and classroom management. Developed lesson plans and led classroom instruction according to NYSED 6th Grade Math Standards. Utilized assessment techniques including data analysis, small group learning, and student feedback to inform future lesson planning.


ST NICKS ALLIANCE, Brooklyn, NY 2011- 2012

Program Director- Summer Youth Employment and Teen A.C.T.I.ON

• Provided leadership and oversight for Summer Youth Employment (SYEP) and provide summer jobs for 450 youth ages 14-24.

• Worked directly with NYC public school to provide service learning after school programming for students in grades 7-10

• Responsible for working with data coordinator to meet DYCD enrollment policy and ensure students are retained within the program. HARLEM CHILDREN ZONE, New York, NY 2009- 2011

(Education Coordinator)

• Responsible for hiring teachers, student advocates, tutors and program specialist to work along side student ensuring academic and social development success within program.

• Working alongside the Director of Education, created 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade transition retreat program that prepared students and ensured a successful high school transition process for all middle school participants. EDUCATION AND CREDENTIALS

Master of Science, Education, Special Education Generalist (Grades 7-12 ) St. John’s University ‘14 Queens, NY Bachelor of Science, Allied Health Diagnostics Research, University of Connecticut ’08, Storrs Connecticut

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