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Assistant Part Time

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
3500 to 4000
March 24, 2020

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CV_Mohammed M.E. Abussiba Page *



Educational Background:

Major: Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry

Minor: Business for non-business students

Qatar University


Period of 2014 – 2019

Contact Information

Mobile No. +974-********

Email Address:

Spoken Languages:



Personal Detail:

Permanent Address:

Doha- Qatar

Visa Type:

Family Visa





Country of Experience:



Training Courses and attended


• Summer Internship at the

Environmental science center

(ESC) from June 21- July 16, 2018

• Internship at Qatar process Gas

center from January 1-31, 2018

• Presenting a scientific poster at

256th ACS National Meeting in

Boston, USA from August 19-

23,2018 titled “Synthesis and

Characterization of Deep Eutectic

Solvents (DES) and Their

Application in CO2 Capture and

Solubilization of Some Metal


• Major Project Achievements

Job Title: Laboratory Technician

Company: Aquatic & Fisheries

Research Center, Al Khor operated

by GEIC company

Duration: August 2019 January


Job Responsibilities:

Ø Daily Monitoring of the operational status

of RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture

System) & Supporting equipment (Sand

Filter, Biofilter and UV)

Ø Regular maintenance of tools and

machines and cleanliness activities of


Ø Checking below water quality

parameters by daily basis

Ø Chemical Parameter: NH4, NO3, and


Ø Physical Parameters: Temperature, pH,

Oxygen and Salinity

Ø Preparing daily feed as per fish biomass

Ø Perform routine laboratory activities

Ø Perform Redox Measurement for water

quality monitor

Ø Prepared SOP’s and maintaining work


CV_Mohammed M.E. Abussiba Page 2

February 2018 to May 2018

Job title: Undergraduate research assistant

Project: NPRP 7-301-2-126

Employer: Gas process center

Contractor: Qatar university

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Preparation of different catalysts such as Ni/AL2O3 using SCS method and characterization different compositions using TPO (Temperature programing oxidation) and XRD ( X-ray diffraction) instrumentations for steam and dry reforming reactions. Ø Running sophisticated dry and steam reforming reactors for testing the stability and yield of the process for producing hydrogen H2 from methane and steam water. Characterizing the product of the reaction using Gas-chromatography and calculating the yield of the process.

Ø Handles all instructions as instructed by the supervisor to achieve the project goals. Important attended courses:

Industrial chemistry: fall 2017

Grade A

Visit to Qatalum, Mesajeed, Qatar, 2017 and getting familiar with how aluminum is produced using the Bayer and the Hall-Heroult process. In this course, deep understanding of the applications of chemistry in industry was obtained including studying the different types of fertilizers used in for sustainable agriculture sector with focus on ammonia fertilizer through the harbor process for producing ammonia from nitrogen gas and hydrogen under the appropriate conditions. Previous undergraduate working experiences

Ø 770 hours of working at sport activity department at Qatar University Ø 300 hours working as part time undergraduate research assistant on Deep Eutectic solvents and their applications

Ø 130 hours of working as undergraduate research assistant in research building at Gas Process Center Qatar university

Ø Tour guide for new students at Qatar University for two periods in fall 2016 and spring 2017 under student employment services at Qatar university

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