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Manager Accounting

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
March 22, 2020

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Helwan -Cairo. Egypt.

Mobil: +20-103*******


I have worked in the field of supply chain (procurement and storage) and accounting and have

established a strong base of expertise in exploring the different aspects of supply chain

specialization and accounting through 16 years of experience, success, excellence and


She has become an expert in managing the supply chain and succeeding in leading profitable

operations for the organization with a track record of performance,

He has experienced management in solving complex and in-depth problems and has the skills

of leadership and good communication and good relationship building, which is due to the

success of the targeted plans of the institution


• B.Sc. in Commerce, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (Accounting

Sector), Helwan University. - May 2001.

Functional Tasks

1. Receipt of the annual plan for the purchase of the Planning Department and divided

into quarterly implementation began.

2. The cost of an initial work plan and presented to the financial administ ration to

take the initial approval for implementation.

3. Receipt of all applications that are outside the plan monthly implementation is in

accordance with the priorities and the time schedule prepared.

4. Business distributed to members of the administration, according to the

specialization of each individual to start in the procedures for implementation.

5. Correspondent accredited suppliers via e-mail or search for new suppliers to fetch

quotes and choose the best price.

6. Prepare and review supply orders according to plan during the period for

purchase and signing.

7. Follow-up shipments with suppliers by telephone or email.

8. Search for suppliers to work strong and big data is reliable base.

9- Up members of the administration in the course of daily work through effective

communication and review them daily work agenda.

10. The work of a new marketing studies for new products through communication

with the research and development department.

11. Action meetings with department managers to follow the orders and the

completion of the monthly needs.

12. Good communication with the Department of Quality Assurance to follow up on

quality and standards for buying system requirements.

13. Motivate members of the administration to assume full responsibility for the

collective and individual performance through physical stimulation (incentives),

stimulation through the development, training and motivation by helping them in

their work assigned to them.

14. Raise monthly report to the Director of the direct statement of what has been

accomplished and what has been postponed with a statement of the reason.

15. Work on raising the efficiency and the development of talent among members

of the administration through human resources training plan.

16. Distribution of roles appropriately to management personnel.

17. Standing up for staff and work performance assessment of individual and


18. Action review and check incoming and outgoing from and to the administration

and to sign it.

19. Solve complex problems that occur with suppliers.

20. Full responsibility for the file in To ISO review within the administration.

21. Submit any proposals for the development work.

22. Work to provide all of the company supplies the required quantities at the right

time and the right price and the required specifications.

23. Full responsibility for issuance under its suppliers shows all supplier data record,

and permanent search for new suppliers to get the lowest prices and including the

required quality is in favor of the company.

24. Action periodic study of the market to raise the practical reality for all items

that are supplied to the company through active communication with suppliers and

support in finding new domestic market.

25-Strong commitment and good procurement schedules and quality specifications

for all varieties that are supplied to the company.

26. Good and sustainable and implement plans for procurement departments and

stores follow-up.

27. Responsible for issuing the special requirements of the stores of all kinds of

material requisitions.

28. Responsible for conducting regular inventory of the stores every three months

and submit it to the direct manager.

29. Participate in the preparation Actions own stores with quality manager.

Work Companies:


Company Years

Job Title Company


From To

Green valley for food Food

2020 now

Supply chain

processing processing

ECAT.For paints and paints and


2019 2019

links(Primocat) links



The Egyptian Hospital in Hospital -

2017 2018

• Warehouse Mogadishu, Somalia - Therapeutic

manager Kenya Health

Director of Food -

Procurement and Al Baraka markets for supermarket 2014 2017

Stores. foodstuffs group


additives -


g, 2006 2014


Purchasing Section import and

Head Misr Food Additives export

Scientific and

Accountant and academic

2003 2006

references / public books

procurement official Book Academic imported

Alaa Abdurrahman Bookkeeping,

Accountant under Accounting and Auditing auditing and 2003 2003

Practice Office taxes

Certification and training courses:

• Negotiation in Purchasing in Ian Shams University

• HACCP in Mifad Company.

• Industrial Safety in Civil Defense.

• Occupational safety and health.

• First-Tim Leadership-Supervision in Hours center

• Min MBA in Ian Shams University.

• Operation Supply Chain.

Language Skills:

• Arabic : Native language

English: Well in reading, writing, speaking and good in the understanding

currently underway practice through advanced educational courses

skills and experiences:

• An expert in the use of computers and the Internet and accounting program s

and dealing with excel professionally.

• Ability to conduct research and study markets, and compile information.

. The ability to good communication and negotiation powers with utmost border


• A good and orderly presentation skills.

• Learning and development speed.

• The ability to analyze the data and the display order.

• Ability to work under pressure.

. The ability to raise efficiency within the planning, procurement and logistics .

. Successful experience in running a logistics operation in the manufacturing


. The strength of observation and prediction skills.

. The leadership skills of the team and management well.

. Ability to make decisions based on facts.

. With good coordination skills and the distribution of burdens.

. Good planning and prioritization and organization skills.


Sports: - general fitness

General: - Interested in managerial publications and human

de development field.

Date of Birth: November 15th 1975

Nationality: Egyptian.

Marital Status: Married.

Military Status: Final exemption.

Valid driving license.

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