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Safety Manager

Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam Region, Tanzania
March 22, 2020

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Fint mme: JOHN Middlc mmc: CHRISTOPHER Surname: ALMASI


To become competent in practioes by enharrcing ethics, gaining more experience, knowledge and sl<ilb in order tom*imhe effrdency

Co cvshns b lttalFrrblo r!

*€thics * Tearnwork Int€grity &

S Tnrining

19 conunuous lmprowm€nt

To find a challenging position that will help ne to acquire more Experience, skills and laowleilge in order to increase efficicncy md cmpetency



Augost 2019

2005 - 2009

Osha, Dar es Salaam Region, Tanzania National

occupational saftty and health course (NOSHC)

Chimala Secondary School, Mbeya Region, Tanzania

Certificate of Secondary Education

Augost 201{ to

Mgrch 2017

Employee as RIGGER & SHII Inspector

Bam International Julius Nyerere International Airport T3 Drr es s&llam


NOSA and ISO l4 [lsystens

F Spread safety awareness through leading by example. F Coaduct daily inspections within the plant.

) Attend montlly departmental St{E meetings.

F Develop daily reports on inspections.

F Repod any unsafe acts or conditions.

) Carry out daily topics within your area ofresponsibilities, F Carry out SFIE trainings.

F Track and emure reporting of SHE non-confomumces. F Inspect daily permit to work permits and ensure proper adherence to procedure.

) Assist with compliance with the country applicable legislation and to follow up any updaies.

F Inspect the company's facilities and programs to evaluate operational effectiveness and compliance with SI{E regulations and standards,

F Follow-up SFIE compilation and reports and assist with data sourcing for monthly reports.

F Participate in SHE investigations and assist with recommendation. Compilation of SFIE statistics.

) Conducting SHE Risk assessments.



F Follow up correction of SHE non-confomrances.

D Actively participate in the planning and execution of

' emergency evacuation drills.

) Observe relevant environmental policies and regulations and Ensure environmental procedures are complied with

D Identify and manage the environmental aspects and impacts. F Instill environmental awareness culture in his/her area and Assignment completion per requirement

April, 2017 to Feb,

f,mploycc as SIIE Auditor & HSE Officer

20lg Amanzi Telecosmunications Ltd. Kawe Beach, Dar es salaam Responsibilities

F Hazards identification and control on site

F y Incident gelduqring and HSE accident meeting/investigation Toolbox talks F Risk assessment and management

F Coordinating and conducting Environmental Inspection and Monitoring

F Promote good health, safety and environmental practices thrcughout all Plant activities.

)' Review ofHealth, Safety and Envhonment Policies

) Review of Risk Assessment SWP & SOP

) Assists in establishing occupational accident prevention, reporting.

) Developing and implementing occupational health, safety and environment training programs

F Ensuring compliance of legal legislation and Regulations

> Waste m2nagement and Conrol

F Conducting emergency mock Drills (eg. Fire Drill) for emergency preparedness

F Preparing monthly and armual reports and documentation F Conducting safety induction to new recruit and visitors Enployee as Rigger and Safety inspector

Yapi merkezi SGR LINE Dar es salaam to Morogorc project. March, 2Ol8 to

November26lg Responsibilities

F Environmental Inspection and Monitoring

F Review ofHealth. Safew and Environment Policies


ts Review of Risk Assessme,ot and SWP / SOP

> Solid Waste maragernent ed Cortsol

> Wat€r ond Wastowater control

F Conducting safety induction to new rccruit and visitors

> tlazards identification and control on site

F Incideirt and accident investigation

! Roporting and documentation

}. C,onducting IISE meaing/Toolbox alk

) Risk assessment and management

F Conducting energency mock Drills (eg. Fire Drill) for emergency preparedness

F Company rtpresentation to Government D€eatuents

> Ptant and Equipm€ot inspoction

F Participation in Emergeney incidences

F Coordinating and conducting tainings (intemal)

August, 2019 -

Osha - national occupational safety and

health course (NOSHC)

Jan, 2017 - Red cross society

- theory and practical first aid training

May, 2017 -

Osha - Industrial First Aid Training

May, 2017 - Siyafunda training & safety - .iggmg, slinging and communication during crane lifting operations permit

March, 2017 - Osha - certificate of

fitness to work

Feb,20l7 - Jeremy Andrade -

Defensive driving systems

Sept, 2016, Gravity training -

Fall arrest and basic rescue course

Nov, 2015, Survivex ; Training of forklift truck operator Apr,2015, Sruvivex : - Traiaing of banksman


May 2014, Trznsvaal taining : - Skills and Safe Lifting practice Apr 2013, Dar es Salaam Tanzania: - aftended at chawamata driving school. Qudified in Computer rpplicetions

D Mcrosoftoffice(Ms, Wond" It s. Excel and Ms. Power point) D Intemet explom and e-mails

D Engtish: Excellent in Speaking; S.sading and Writing F Klswrhili: Excclleot in Speaking, Reading and Writing D Exchanging ideas, Learning, Reading articles, Football watching and playing swimming; books and newspapets

Maintain honest, unbiased and stiving to enhance @mpetence, capable to work under both condition of minimum and/or maldmum supervision as well as in team work and independently.

Quick leaner and good interpersonal skills

Adherence to standards, specifications and

MrrYrdniHKriD Raiabu


Tanga Cement

Phone: +255*********




Warehouse & lnventory

systEm manager




Mr Sospcter Jmcph


Borolle logistic

Dar es Salam

Phone: +255*********,




I, John Alnusi, declarc that to the best of my knowledge and faitb, tbat the recods are conectly described about me, ny qualifications and my experiences. Signature: Datgz4- 01-2019

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