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Analist of Quality System

Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 23, 2020

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PHONE: +055-**-***** 1254

Address: Street Herman Jankovitz, 750 – Nova Odessa – SP CEP: 13385-054 – São Paulo - Brazil

Bachelor degree in Economics by UNIMEP (1990-1994) Piracicaba – São Paulo

– Brazil.


As an economist, I have been specializing in quality system management and financial area for a small company. My skills are concentrated in general administration such as process flow, to write a procedure for all those processes, to find out if the company is profitable or not and analyze the cost.

Professional Experiences

1 – Consultant (or professional adviser)

I have been working since 1997 as a consultant to the company, either as an independent consultant or for a company as an employee. I opened my own consulting company in 2010, so since then, I have been working as an autonomous professional but more formal. However, from 1997 until 2010, I also worked as an independent consultant without having a public company.

1.1 Companies I’ve worked in partnership:

The companies mentioned, in this curriculum, are all located in Brazil.

* SETAPE – Company asset valuation. Years: 1996 and 1997

* EGP – Consulting firm in accounting and economics. Years: 1996 and 1997 My position: Economic evaluation of company and brand

* TRAINNET QUALITY – Consulting firm in quality management. Year: 1997

* AION – Consulting firm in administrative management. Year: 2007 My position: Implementation and auditorship of quality management systems 1.2 Companies that I worked as an independent consultant:

* Wearing apparel “IDEAL” – Clothing manufacturing company. Year: 1999 Scope of work: Study of the economic viability of the company

* MBB – Metallurgical industry of auto parts. Years: from 2001 to 2004 SIDNEI GODOY DA ROCHA


Scope of work: I was responsible for the preparation of all documentation pertaining to ISO 9000, training employees to use all the documentation and records management system quality, internal quality audits, internal auditors and training courses to the area of quality.

* GEANTEX – Industry in the textile sector. Year: 2004 Scope of work: Elaborated the entire flowchart of the production process, up the main costs of each product and made a study of economic Viability for a clothing firm linked to the business group.

* LAPEMFAC – Metallurgical industry of auto parts. Year: 2005 Scope of work: I drew up all the documentation of the quality management system

* BUG Biological laboratory – Biological technology company in fighting against the plague of agriculture. Year: from 2009 till 2010

Scope of work: I was responsible for the preparation of all documentation pertaining to ISO 9000, training employees to use all the documentation and records management system quality and training courses to the area of quality.

* SENAI – Industrial School. I worked there as a teacher in an administration area

(logistics, account, quality system). Year: 2012 (October-December)

* GREAT GROUP – Consulting Company. I sold a market study for this company in the area of basic education in Brazil. Year: 2019

2 – Companies that worked as an employee

* KS PISTÕES – Metallurgical industry of auto parts. Years: from 1985 to 1996 My position: Inspection of the final quality control

* USICROMO – Company of hydraulic, pneumatic, chroming. The year 2006 (January- August)

My position: Quality assurance manager

Implementation and audit of quality management systems

* ANEC – Company management school. Years: from 2008 to 2009 My position: Secretary of school

* ETEC – School of professionalism in the areas of technical management, accounting, garment industry, and technical safety. Years: from 2010 to 2012 My position: I was a teacher in the areas of administration and accounting 3 – Other courses that I have done. (All courses had a short duration.) Subject School or Institution.

* Brazil entrepreneur (16 hours) SEBRAE



* Internal Auditor of Quality (24 hours) SENAI

* Basic Tools for Quality (20 hours) SENAI

* Evaluation of the Patrimony (16 hours) CORECON

* Pedagogic Capacitation (40 hours) SENAI

* General Mechanics (170 hours) SENAI

* Industrial Mathematics (50 hours) SENAI

* Drawing of Mechanical Technician (70 hours) SENAI

* General English England (1 month) 2004 EF SCHOOL

* General English Australia (2 month) 2012 EF SCHOOL 4 – Social service

As a member of the gospel church (about 45 years), I have been made many social services in areas like music and theology. I have been worked like a music teacher playing instruments like the piano, clarinet and other instruments. In the theology area, I have been worked as a teacher in school Sunday morning and for other areas too. 5 – Additional information:

I’m graduated in Laboratory Pathologic Medical (equivalent High School), but I have no professional experience in this area.

54 years-old (11/01/1966)

Single (I'm not married and I don’t have any children.)

I studied English with EF School in Bournemouth – UK (2004) and Brisbane – Australia (2012)

My last IELTS test made in 2014 was 5, but since them, I have improved a lot my English skills.

6 – Social media.

SKIPE: consultor_godoy

LIVE HIRE: (Da Rocha Economista) Website:

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