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Sheet Metal Power Plant

Wichita, KS
March 18, 2020

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•Aircraft Familiarization Course Completion

•Occupational Safety & Health Administration Certificate (OSHA)

•Blueprint Reading experience

•Proficient with System, Application & Products (SAP), Microsoft-Office CATIA and other Software

•Aerospace/Manufacturing Industry Experience 10+ year (Quality Inspection, Supervising, Sheet Metal, Assembly, Composite, Fabrication, Structural, Machining, Painting, Scheduling, Planning)

•Also Experienced in Customer Service, IT, Logistic, Procurement, Shipping & Receiving

•ACT WorkKeys & NC3 Certified

•Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma

•Firm hand with Power & Hand Tools; Proficient with Precision Instruments

•Trained and Familiar with Electrical Bonding & Grounding

•Familiar with 5S Disciplines

•Quality Control and Quality Assurance Trained & Experienced

•Experienced with First In First Out program (FIFO)


Currently Attending: Wichita State University Technical College

Degree: Associate of Applied Science, Airframe & Powerplant


•Young Leader Award at P.Beulich Sheet Metal Ltd.

•Kansas Work Ready Certificate (Gold)

•Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate – First Responder

•Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Certificate

•Learn IT awarded for completing full Microsoft Office Course

•African Association vice president honor roll student. Butler Community College

•Associated with Rotaract Club of Wichita & Good Neighbor Foundation

•Member of the Machinist Union (IAMW District Lodge 70)


August 2019 – Feb 2019

Textron Aviation

Pos: Experimental Sheet Metal Fabricator & Quality Technician Associate


• Performing wide variety of operational to fabricate sheet metal parts and assemble including layouts according to templates, blueprint and specifications.

• Laying out curves, angles and dimension of parts using shop math and sheet metal fabrication.

• Build form block from wooden or plastic materials according to template, blueprints and specifications.

• Forming sheet metal parts by hand or on power equipment over from block or pattern.

• Building shop aids, jigs and fixtures for experimental projects.

•Promoted to be a qaulity inspector with all certifications, qualifications and personal training

•Performing differerent parts inspection following Quality procedures and F/T requirements at the area of assignment

•Completing all inspection paperwork and SAP fill out as required; Also use other various business applications as needed.

•Intepreting and conforming new model engineering change with feedback to Engineering

July 2019 – August (Part Time Contract)

Accurus Aerospace Corporation

Pos: Assembler/ Fabrication & Quality Inspector (Keel Beam Sheet Metal)


• Position and aligns subassemblies in jigs or fixtures, using measuring instruments, such as protractors and dividers, following blueprint station lines and index points.

•Fabricating, hand foaming and smoothing sheet metal materials and assemblies per specifications

•Performing routine deburr operations such as sanding, grinding, and finishing parts in accordance with accepted shop standards.

• Trim and file parts to fit, and verify fitting tolerances, using measuring instruments, such as gauges and calipers

• Drill, ream, chamfer and countersink holes in subassemblies, and bolts, rivets, or otherwise fastens subassemblies into structural assembly, using hand tools and Pneumatic tools.

• Install parts and components, such as incidental plumbing, electrical, rigging, or other functional items, in main structure, using hand tools and Pneumatic tools.

• Specialize in assembling and installing parts, structural components, and subassemblies to build assemblies and detail parts.

• Locating holes to be drilled in structural assembly for installation of parts and components, using jigs, templates, and measuring instruments.

• Help performing all quality inspection when shorthanded or as needed.

Dec 2018 – June 2019

Spirit AeroSystems

Pos: Composite Mechanic MO14 & Quality Inspection

Wichita, KS

•Doing Layup and graphite composite

•Working with hand tools

•Using Kevlar and Fiber glass

•Doing break out for materials that are ready for milling and final material

•Sanding and painting composite materials

•Partial Use of NDI Technology to inspect

•Familiar with Opoxy-resin and Auto clave (Giant Oven)

•Bagging and debagging out and out of the tools.

•Break Out experienced as well as sanding, buffing or final painting depending on assignment assigned by the manager.

May 2018 – December 2018

Spirit AeroSystems

Pos: Sheet Metal Quality Inspector & MO1C Mechanic

Wichita, KS

•Setup and operate shot peen equipment and accessories for stress relieving assemblies as required

•Inspecting holes and all parts made in general

•Lays out curves, angles and dimensions of parts using shop math and sheet metal fabrication practices and fabricate templates

•Install press fit bushings and force fit bushings. File, fit, hone, ream, drill, tap, saw, burr and adjust. Assemble a variety of production aircraft and spacecraft parts and install aircraft equipment, support equipment or power plant equipment. Install, operationally check out, adjust, rig and pressure check systems.

•Perform bench and assembly line operational check out, troubleshooting, repair and adjustment of electrical and fuel system. Assemble, install, check out physical characteristics and modify where wire bundles go to aircraft of aircraft mock ups.

•Drilling, Countersinking, Chamfering, Electrical bonding, Sealing and more other duties working on sheet metal commercial aircraft material.

•Tie, seal, and pack assembled bundles and units. Electrical grounding, preparing for electrical bond.

• Install wire bundles or other electrical and electronic components in aircraft, power plants or ground support equipment.

•Make 100% Quality Expectations before final report (First & Last Check – MVP)

•Maintaining a current file of FAA specifications, certificate data sheets and airworthiness directives.

•Assemble precision assemblies, sheet metal, set up and operate ream fixtures to drill, ream, countersink, spot face, hone, sealing, chamfer and bore for mating major assemblies

•Used a lot of power and hand tools, power tools, mallets, air hammers, check fixtures, calipers, micrometers, scales, gauges etc.

•Operating saws and and drill press to cut and shape parts that goes in the assembly.

•Fabricating and repairing sheet metal materials for rework.

•Performing routine deburr operations such as sanding, grinding, and finishing parts in accordance with accepted shop standards.

Advantage Solutions

Customer Service & Quality Tech Assurance

DEC 2018 – May 2019

Wichita, KS

• Making own hours to work on sampling products for different locations and ensuring best quality products are met

• Marketing products and helping customers by directing them where the products where found and reviewing the customer feedback related to customer entitlement and case management

• Listen attentively to customer needs and concerns; demonstrate empathy while maximizing opportunity to build rapport with the customer.


Customer Service Representative (IT Call Center)

August 2015 – May 2018

Wichita, KS

• Ensure service delivered to our customers meets contractual Key Performance Indicator (‘KPIs’)

• Clarify customer requirements; probe for understanding, use decision-support tools and resources to appropriately provide resolution to the customer by interfacing with end users via problem tickets

• Listen attentively to customer needs and concerns; demonstrate empathy while maximizing opportunity to build rapport with the customer and resolving scripts and assessing diagnostic information.

• Greet customers in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner using agreed upon procedures

• Maintain basic knowledge of client products and/or program, website, computer and other services

• Prepare complete and accurate work including appropriately notating accounts as required

• Participate in activities designed to improve customer satisfaction and business performance, escalating unsolved problems and issues to make sure customer is satisfied.

• Offer additional products and/or services

• Track, document and retrieve information in call tracking database and responding to customers.

PCI Newco

Jan 2013 – August 2015

Pos: Composite Tech & Quality Technician

Wichita, KS

•Prepeg and wet layup carbon fiber and fiberglass layup molds and trim tools

•Bonding and assembling composite parts with components using blueprints and assembly tools with the use of fasteners, screws and liquid adhesive.

•Using standard methods for bonding basic components to composite parts

•Ensures composite assemblies meet bonding cure specifications

•Responsible for ensuring finished assemblies meet quality specifications and requirements.

•Using small hand tools, sanders, drills, routers, adhesive applicators, calipers, gauges and other measuring instruments.

•Perform reliability testing on machines and components

•Maintain service maintenance requirements

•Organize departmental tools and instrumentation

•Making sure products meets ISO standard by working with NDI technicians and other inspectors

Butler Community College (Disability Services)

Nov 2012 – Jan 2013 (School Temp. Job)

Pos: Data entry/ IT Technician

Wichita, KS

•Data entry for students with special needs

•Entering Data to the specific system on the computer

•Assuring a proper and neat work is done

•Report on time to the supervisor for new assignments

•Assuring job is done on time.

•Installing and developing new software for students and providing support and guidance of the project

P.Beulich Sheet Metal Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd.

Sheet Metal Assembly & Fabrication (Quality Supervisor/Manager)

Johannesburg, South Africa

Oct 2010 – Jun 2012

•Help weld and rivet sheet metal parts together

•Operating router, water knife, saws, shaper and drill press to cut and shape metal parts in accordance with pre-determined shop standards by using standard or recognized shop practices

•Determine project requirement, using blueprints drawings or written and verbal instructions

•Trim, file grind, buff or smooth surfaces, seams or joints of assembled parts using hand tools or portable power tools

•Using mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, 3CR12, stainless steel, copper and brass to fabricate electronic enclosures, control boxes, vending machines, hospital equipment, heat sinks, bus bars, brackets, etc.

•Implementing Quality Guaranteed job under Quality Management (ISO 9001)

•Dexterity Metal fabricating, work with hands, manipulating components.

•Have Mechanical/Technical Skills in metal fabrication and capable of reading and understanding blueprints, manuals, and work with computers, machines and motion-control robots.

•Dealing with metal fabrication that require strength to lift heavy objects during the fabrication/assembly process.

•Bench assemble electrical or electronic components and conductors into electrical unit and system before methods and procedures have been established. Cut, identify, strip, tin, solder, attach components, and pot to prepare wire for assembly. Tie, seal, and pack assembled bundles and units.

•Read Blueprints and Specification, monitoring to ensure they meet specifications and standard

•Recommend adjustment to the assembly or production process after inspecting, testing or measure materials or products by rulers, calipers, gauges or micrometers.

•Accept or reject finished items for rework or further process. Also removing all products and materials that fail to meet specs.

•Discuss inspections results with those responsible for products. Also reporting inspection and test data.

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