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Sr software QA engineer

Concord, CA
March 19, 2020

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Dmytro Zelenskyy

Summary: Software developer and QA engineer for 25+ years with hands-on experience of design, coding, manual and and automated testing with variety of tools and technologies, and expertise in Genesys® on-prem eServices (email-chat-workitem omnichannel). Contacts e-mail: Phone: landline (preferred) : 925-***-**** sms and when outside :: 925-***-****

(new, need to be tested) OBi number :: 600 782 003 LinkedIn :: dmytro-zelenskyy-2407522 Residence: SF Bay Area [ Concord, CA 94521 ] :: @dm_zelensky [ no plans to relocate, 0% travel please] Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine)

Computer Science (“applied mathematics”) – Masters (5 years) 1985 – 1990 Since the last employment dedicating all the time to extend skills in software development and testing with various languages, frameworks and technologies in several original project in scenario:

Collect data from USB human interactive devices (HID) on MS Windows workstation in multi-threaded fashion :: implementation with Java/OpenJDK, Python3, or C# (.Net) and JavaScript/NodeJS code

(using free usb-libraries).

Stream collected data to JDBC, JMS (ActiveMQ) and Kafka channels

Host the current data in the custom webserver, hosting device-related web-frames: o implemented in JavaScript/Node.JS

o implemented in Java

o implemented with ASP.Net Code MVC

o (TBD) - implemented in Powershell in Docker/winserver-nano

Visualize the dynamic data on the device-dedicated web-page using JavaScript, AJAX and HTML5-canvas.

Visualize data with sample dashboards with Web Data Connectors for PyDash, PowerBI, Tableau.

As USB device allows, send the feedback commands to the device through the chain of connections from the web-page via REST or SOAP requests.

Use various testing tools and frameworks in this environment, like TestNG, JUnit, SoapUI, HtmlMaster, Restassured, and others.

Other code-practices and perspective scenario-based projects:

Python/Selenium: Interaction with Chatbots on publicly available webpages

OpenSCAD: 3D-visualization in the context of custom topology algorithms developments

C#: implementation of SIP-based registrar that allows in-LAN communication on compatible SIP-devices

C# or Python: Capture of multiple USB- or IP- webcams streams with on-the-fly 3D/VR/AR modifications.

Given as sample web-site, create POM-based tests with Cypress, TestCafe, Radonex Webtestit, Selenium, and BDD-based testing suits with Cucumber/Gherkin and Python Behave, JBehave, Pester, SpecFlow/NUnit accordingly.

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Employment in USA (just one company so far, long-term fulltime project) Genesys Telecommunications Labs (Daly City, CA) -- from 09/ 2000 to 02/ 2019 For 2 years as Technical Support engineer for Outbound 5.1-6.0 Solution then 16 years as Software QA engineer (SDET) for eServices (MCR=Multi-Channel Routing, Interaction Management) Solution (6.5 to 8.5.x), used worldwide by major insurance, telecom, banks, government agencies.

The job duties focused on creation of automation tools for API and data testing in white-box environment (C++ and Java language sources), development of routing strategies and L3 Customer Care troubleshooting of applications.

Define and document test plans, test cases and scenarios from feature design descriptions.

Work independently or with distributed team, be the fast responder to troubleshoot problems by logs review and core-dumps analysis, do black-box and white-box tests, source-code review, debug software to pinpoint and reproduce the issue and draft RCA, communicate with developers on all aspects of features implementation, manual and automated testing.

Apply proactive TDD and BDD methodologies in Waterfall and Agile environment of SDLC.

Handle multi-tasking and prioritize fulfilment to deliver the releases on time and with good quality.

Extensive experience in Project Planning, Design, Development and Execution of Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures, Test Scenarios, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing.

Utilize Jira+Zephyr as a bug-tracker and test reports tool, Jenkins for CI/CD pipeline, Valgrind profiler for code quality tests, ClearCase and Mercurial for source-version-control.

Use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse IDE and others.

Use scripting and various versions of programming languages like C#, Java, Python, Powershell, VisualBasic, batch scripting and other technologies.

Setup and maintenance of the complex Genesys environment in test-lab with various SQL databases and third-party components like JMS, Elasticsearch, Kafka etc.

Use XML and JSON structures to test end to end, RESTapi and webservices (SOAP/WSDL), with automation using Selenium WebDriver and/or other libraries Genesys-specific skills:

Deploy from scratch and maintain/configure versions 7.x to 8.5/9.0 of Genesys Framework, GAX, Routing, Stat Server with JavaExtensions, eServices/Digital Solution, including Interaction Server Cluster configuration, Chat, E-mail, Classification, iWS DE, CCPulse+ and others. (Voice/SIP channels, based on the Genesys T-Server, with IVRs and Rules were NOT in my environment, same for Rules, Workload Distribution historic Reporting and other perks).

Develop routing strategies with IRD 7.0-8.5 for URS, and with Composer (SCXML) for Orchestration Server 8.1.x.

Detect and troubleshoot issues by analyzing logs of the Genesys components.

Create tools with the use of Genesys PSDK (.Net and Java) for automation of functional and end-2-end features testing of the eServices Solution with “current stats reporting”, extend scenarios as needed.

Write the clear guidance on all technical aspects of the products for the customer-facing documentation; represent the architecture of the Genesys environment in the scope of the above mentioned components.

Be the L2 / L3 operations support engineer for DevOps in the scope of expertise (PureEngage Omnichannel).

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Expose to ChatBot auto-response functionality with structured messages content. To emphasize and clarify on Genesys experience

I was the QA engineer on Pure Engage on-premises Solution, with is composed of voice and digital (non-voice) channels/medias

1. Voice "media" is handled by SIP/T-Server

2. Email-chat-fax-etc are handled by Interaction Server Beyond those core components the whole Genesys Solution is "almost the same" - in traditional/legacy routing decision making and reporting features.

I am SME in environment #2 on Windows and Linux/Solaris/AIX OSes, and NOT for #1. I have very good knowledge of the Genesys API (as low as to the binary (bytes) structure of the messages) and hands-on coding experience with Genesys PSDK for

- read/updated Configuration database (various objects)

- manage servers start/stop cycle (SCS/LCA)

- open-media API (Interaction Server) and ExternalServices (ESP) -- area of my expertise

- some in TLib requests (Routing scenarios)

- some in real-time statistics (StatServer API)

- little of DBServer API

did i miss something)


- development of basic Business Process and Strategies in IRD

- development of basic Workflow in Composer (for ORS/Orchestration, scxml structures) and deployment to IIS; plus

- some architectural knowledge of the ICON (historic reporting) but not much of practice plus

- knows APIs used and supported by the Interaction Server, i.e. - JMS, SOAP, REST, ODBC, JDBC, XML, JSON. I do know basics of the SIP protocol as the industry standard also and have an own small project with SIP software/hardware.

In general I can read and write functional code in C#, Powershell, Python, Java, JavaScript, C/C++, VBasic, and others with average quality; create basic scenarios in batch/shell scripting. Other skills and experiences from the past:

Skills with the use of MS Office products and in computers hardware troubleshooting/repair.

Studied programming with C K&R, was familiar with asm-x86 as low as DOS IRQ and had some hobby projects with it, later asm_x64 with use of Intel VTune for performance check.

Worked as a lead developer in several projects with MS FoxPro, where one on GIS MapInfo OLE integration, and also included decompiling efforts of Clipper/FoxPro and MapBasic modules.

Owned the web-site from around 1997 with ASP and database, and XML, hosted on

Some experience with XAML, Android Studio.

Native speaker of Russian, fluent in English and Ukrainian. Self-starter and quick learner.

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