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Manager Administrative Assistant

Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria
March 16, 2020

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Oluwadamilola Rebecca Jinadu

**, ***** ******, **********, ******, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

+234********** •


Administrative Assistant / Project Coordinator with a Degree in History and International Studies (BA Hons), and 3 years of experience. I juggle busy schedules and a busy office simultaneously, while performing general administrative duties, and I always achieve & maintain excellent results. I manage administrative procedures, processes, and systems, book flights and travel input expense report data, ensure that personnel timesheets and invoices are crosschecked and submitted accurately and on time. I aim to fill in the vacant position in your prestigious organization, where I can apply my proven skills in strategic planning, research, bookkeeping, detail orientation, communication, technology and organizational skills, to effectively execute the administrative management in your organization. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & WORK SUMMARY


Address: 1, Kaduna Road, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Old GRA, Bauchi State. Position: Junior Personal Assistant.

Duration: 4th June, 2016 - 26th April, 2017.

• I managed administrative procedures, processes, and systems. I assist and support in multiple tasks and documentations from different departments.

• I processed travel requests; booked flights and made sure all travel documentations were submitted for approval.

• I advocated for a change in the way important documents were kept in cabinets and suggested how the office could improve on getting computers that would impute all the office files into the computers for effective safekeeping and organization; thus putting me in charge of administrative duties. This thereby allowed for proper management and organization in the office, including data management, scanning and filing.

• I took down notes and minutes of meetings; and I provided assistance to the staff during presentations by distributing memos and papers for discussion.

• I ensured that personnel timesheets and invoices were submitted accurately and on time.

• I assisted the staff in handling multiple projects from the different departments in the organization, as well as tasks related to proper documentation.

• I made appointments for all visitors and business clients. I also created a reminder in the Zonal Manager’s Diary on Outlook to remind him about important meetings, appointments I set up and business trips.

• I received and read through incoming memos and mails, signed and forwarded them to the Zonal Manager to be minuted on & ensured that they went to the respective departments to be handled.

• I utilized strong interpersonal & communication skills when interacting with the staff and business clients. Capabilities:

• As the first point of contact, I can take on any correspondence and phone calls, directly transferring them to the CEO/President/Manager in Charge.

• I can manage diaries on Microsoft Outlook, organize meetings and appointments, often controlling access to the manager/executive.

• I can book and arrange travel, transport and accommodation. I can also beat down logistics and accommodation costs by 10%-20%. by researching and monitoring price ranges ahead of time.

• I can organize events and conferences,

reminding the manager/executive of important tasks and deadlines.

• I can type, compile and prepare reports, presentations and correspondence, manage databases and filing systems, implement and maintain procedures/administrative systems.

• I can liaise with staff, suppliers and clients, collate and fill expenses reports, which will vary according to the various departments in the office - and perform administrative duties such as ordering office supplies, bookkeeping, and billing.

• I can conduct research.

GENDER VANGUARD COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICE - (NYSC). Address: Multipurpose Hall, Wunti, Bauchi, Bauchi State. Position: Assistant Project Coordinator.

Duration: 4th June, 2016 - 26th April, 2017.

During the period of one year, I was exposed to a different kind of culture & work ethic. I grew up in the South-Western part of Nigeria but got the privilege to go up North to serve my country, Nigeria. I was called by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to serve in Bauchi State, Bauchi, Nigeria in April, 2016. I was given the post of an Assistant Project Coordinator when I joined a Volunteer Group as a part of my Youth Service in Bauchi State.

One of my duties was to go to nursery/primary/secondary schools, special schools for the handicapped & orphanages, where they were in need of basic amenities like food, clothes, books, diapers, drugs, writing materials etc. During my investigations, I found some school facilities that were not conducive for the children and through my reports, my volunteer group & I were able to reach out to organizations and philanthropists for funds to help. My team and I reached out to orphanages and a special school for the handicapped. We also went into market places & organized seminars to sensitize men & women about the need to respect each other & not dehumanize the other sex because we’re all equal; i.e, In some places in the North, it is believed that sending a girl child to school is a waste. So, they’re married off at an early age.

The experiences were very rewarding, fulfilling & satisfying. Professional Duties:

• I conducted extensive research by collecting, reviewing and organizing documentation on IDPs, schools for the handicapped, orphanages and government schools in Bauchi State, Nigeria. I went out of my way to inspect some schools around and meet with the Headmaster/Headmistress.

• While conducting my research, I took pictures of dilapidated buildings (where some children were being taught, bare classrooms where children sat on the ground with no roofs over their heads etc), and interviewed the teachers - getting substantial information. Thus, I used all of these to prepare my reports which were presented at meetings. This report was carefully looked at by the entire group, including the members - we discussed and deliberated, then selected which people needed the most aid.

• My team and I wrote letters and met with various organizations & philanthropists to reach out & aid our projects financially and/or in kind; food, toiletries etc. We also contributed money (all officials and members) amongst ourselves during our weekly meetings. All the money gotten was accounted for and given to me to be used in getting everything we needed for our projects.

• I maintained an accurate, organized, and updated record of all of our expenditures while ensuring proper cost allocations for all our projects.

• The Project Coordinator and myself carried out the supervising of items that were to be made and delivered to the orphanages and schools. We hired a professional to customize books and writing materials, hired a carpenter to construct tables and chairs, and bought biscuits and drinks for pupils in some schools we selected for our Humanitarian Service.


• I can help my team(s) manage resources and information, making sure that critical information is shared among the various team(s).

• I can assist with scheduling and planning meetings and project activities.

• I can track and oversee each applicable stage of a project throughout its lifecycle, to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

• I can organize reports and invoices, and perform administrative duties such as bookkeeping, researching and billing.

• I can assist with auditing.


Address: Complex 1, in front of Police Training School, New Yelwa, Bauchi, Bauchi State. Position: (Internship) Customer Care Officer.

Duration: 16th August, 2017 - 26th December, 2017.

• I welcomed & attended to customers at the reception.

• I answered phone calls and replied messages & emails from customers who either had issues with their subscriptions or decoders.

• I created new accounts for customers who bought new decoders, then copied down the IMEI and unique decoder numbers in my computer, activated and verified that they were in excellent working conditions before they left with them to their homes.

• I renewed subscriptions for the different DSTV Bouquets for customers and personally crosschecked and verified that all channels were active on my computer before letting them leave.

• I rectified all errors that customers complained had appeared on some of the their decoders due to network instability. Achievement: Though it was a very short Internship, my greatest achievement was being able to multitask in a field outside my course of study. The ability to fix technical errors & resolve/guide customers on the different dstv bouquets was a wonderful experience.


• As the first point of contact, when a customer contacts the company, I answer any questions the customer may have and then redirect them to the appropriate team or department.

• I can help escalate customers with problems to the appropriate support teams for assistance.

• I can also help to resolve simple problems so the customer doesn’t need to be transferred to a different team, which September 1998 - 22nd of July, 2000

September 2000 - July 2005

September 2006 - July 2011

September 2011 - December 2015

May 2016 - April 2017

April 2016 - April 2017

often increases customer satisfaction.

• I can keep detailed customer records, and take responsibility for updating customer records after each interaction with that customer. I add notes to customers’ records explaining what the interaction entailed and report on trends as necessary.


Position: J-Force (Bronze) Agent: JUMIA Online Sales Consultant. Duration: 30th December, 2017 - till date.

• I guide and give advise about products to customers who have specific items they want to buy off JUMIA & help them to select the best, based on their budget preferences.

• Once a selection is done, I send the feedback to the customer(s) & if they approve, I place the order(s) for the items selected by the customer(s), including imputing their addresses where their packages would be delivered to.

• If the product(s) gets delivered and the customer doesn’t like a product, once the customer(s) contacts me, the product can be returned under seven days. I help to fill a form for returning of products, the customer(s) will be fully refunded once the products have been sent back.

• I also track customers’ products till they’re delivered to their final destinations. I ensure that all consultant contracts and required documentation is organized, accurate, complete, filed & submitted for review. Capabilities:

• I can match a client's needs to what the company has to offer. Thereby increasing product knowledge and understanding.

• As the bridge in between, I promote the organizations’ products and services, while creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

• I can place orders for clients and do a follow up on the products by using their tracking number. HOME AESTHETICS.

Address: Wuse II, Maitama Extension, Abuja, Nigeria. Position: (Internship) Administrative Assistant.

Duration: 4th December, 2018 - 4th January, 2019

• I was in charge of taking in stock of all the items in the store. I took notes of items that were on display and how many were available in the store, imputed them into the system and forwarded them to my Manager to crosscheck.

• I was in charge of creating the price tags, scanning them into the system so that there would be automatic recordings of each item and how many were available, and finally placing the price tags on all the items - those on display and in the store.

• I took responsibility of greeting and attending to customers, suggesting products according to how their tastes in home decor and furniture was and answered questions to the best of my ability. Capabilities:

• I can provide administrative and clerical support to Interior Designers. Such tasks include preparing documents, updating client databases, taking phone calls, handling correspondence, greeting clients, helping source products/items and lending assistance in choosing designs, fabrics and colors that match a customers’ taste in home/office decor. EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION

Kiddies Kingdom Private School

Mafoluku, Oshodi, Nigeria

Meltidon Nursery & Primary School

KLM 10, LASU - Isheri Express Road, Akesan, Lagos State, Nigeria. Primetouch College

KLM 10, LASU - Isheri Express Road, Obadore, Lagos State, Nigeria. Lagos State University

Badagry Expressway, LASU Ojo Main Campus, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.

● B.A. (Hons) History & International Studies

Certification: Assistant Project Coordinator

Gender Vanguard Community Development Service Group - Bauchi State. Certification: National Youth Service Corps

30th December, 2017 - till date.

Bauchi, Bauchi State.

Certification: Promotion To Bronze Agent - J-Force JUMIA - Online Shopping Mall - JForce


• Excellent Speaking, Writing and Reading Skills in English Language.

• Superb Customer Care, Communication and Listening Skills.

• Excellent Problem Solving Skill.

• Excellent Administrative Assistance.

• Knowledge of Microsoft Office; i.e - Word, Outlook, (basic) Excel, OneNote.

• Excellent Interpersonal Skill.

• Filing Paperwork & Adept in Computer Technology.

• Good Organization and Time Management Skills.

• Extensive Research Skill.

• Presenting of Important Information.

• Careful Attention to Detail and Multitasking Skills.

• Discretion and Understanding of Confidentiality Issues. HOBBIES

• Reading different genres of Literature and Motivational Books.

• Playing Scrabble & Monopoly.

• Traveling and Exploring.

• Volunteering / Community Service.

• Researching - strong interest in different areas; i.e Wildlife, Natural Healthy Living, Business, Humanitarian and Global affairs.

• Studying short courses online.


Available upon request.


I’m open to relocation.

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