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Engineer Electrical

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
40-50 K EGP
March 16, 2020

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CV cover letter

I am electrical engineer graduated in 1996 from Engineering Faculty – Alexandria University and working in oil & gas plants for the last 23 years.

My work experience includes project phase construction work & operation phase maintenance work in oil & gas plants electrical & instrument scope; mainly instrumentation and control systems.

Handling construction activities & commissioning & startup and maintenance work in addition to plant shutdown preparation & coordination and startup.

Follow up vendors & contractors scopes for construction, modification, upgrade, maintenance and supervision of site activities to ensure the work quality & safety.

Familiar with plant hazards & safety requirements, handling field work permits, task risk assessment, isolation certificates and toolbox talk as well as first aids & fire fitting.

I have excellent computer skills & reporting & presentations and good communication & coordination skills for handling multiple tasks with different disciplines.

Expat experience, 13 years working in QATAR at Dolphin Energy Limited gas plant since construction & commissioning and startup mainly for process instrumentations and control systems & gas metering systems and condensate shipping tank farm.

Last role in Dolphin was in technical operation support E&I section to support onshore and offshore operation, maintenance, project & reliability teams for technical studies of plant upset, failures, trips, and faults in field instrumentation, control systems, ESD system, F&G system and fiscal metering systems.

Local experience, 10 years in EGYPT working for PETROJET & BAPETCO companies in petroleum plants construction & operation/maintenance, scope include electrical, instrumentation & metering systems.

I had been assigned for different metering jobs for commissioning & upgrade projects & also maintenance for the gas & condensate fiscal metering stations of BAPETCO/SHELL company in addition of handling the regular metering validations & international audits and also I had been in Netherlands for SHELL training course for fiscal metering systems.

I had the opportunity with PETROJET & BAPETCO & DOLPHIN to lead different team work with multi skills (Electrical & Instrumentation & Mechanical) for maintenance, construction, commissioning, startup & shutdown jobs and successfully achieved the targets safely and efficiently.

Flexibility to work onshore & offshore in gas field/oil field also office or site base as well as other power plants and manufacturing industry and willing to relocate overseas.

Employment History from 1996 to 2020

Job title


Project & Area




Electrical & Instrumentation Freelancer Engineer

Private/Service Company

Petrochemical industry

Egypt, Alexandria & Bourg Arab



Instrument & Control Engineer; Operation Technical Support I&C

Dolphin Energy Limited

Dolphin Down Stream Facilities

Qatar, RAS LAFFAN industrial city



Instrument & Control Engineer; Field Maintenance I&C

Gas process & utility & metering

Qatar, RAS LAFFAN industrial city



Instrument & Control Supervisor; Field Maintenance I&C

Gas process & utility & metering

Qatar, RAS LAFFAN industrial city



Measurements maintenance engineer

Egyptian LNG company

Liquefied Natural Gas plant

Egypt, Alexandria city, EDCO



Fiscal metering senior engineer



Egypt -Western desert



Metering Maintenance Engineer

Fiscal metering station gas/condensate




Instrument & Control Maintenance Engineer


EGYPT - western desert


Q4- 2003

Electrical & Instrument Project Engineer



EGYPT - western desert



Project Electrical Engineer

Expansion of Storage Capacity Tanks for SUMED CO

EGYPT, Alexandria northern cost



Basic information


Mohamed Mahmoud Korany


Instrumentation & Control Engineer


23 years


B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1996



Date of Birth




Marital status



Arabic & English

Driving License

Qatar & Egypt

Contact information

Mobile Telephone

002*********** & 002***********

Personal Email address

Educational Qualifications

University education: 5 years (consecutive & full time)

Education Level: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering -Alexandria University, Egypt

General Grade (Good) (June 1996)

Machine Control Project: Closed Loop DC Single and Four Quadrant Drives

Power Project: Computer Aided for Power System (Short Circuit & Coordination)

Total Projects Degree: Excellent (June 1996)

Secondary education: 3 years, general grad V. Good (June 1991)

Prep school education: 3 years, general grad Excellent (June 1988)

Primary education: 6 years, general grad Excellent (June 1985)

Personal skills

Health & physical conditions are good & fit for onshore & offshore sites.

Good ability & interest for learning new technology & programs & software.

Good communication & leadership skills & self-motivated.

Team player & team builder & team leader good ability.

Reporting & presenting ability for technical & safety issue.

Flexibility for working & communicating with multinational staff.

Less supervision & work independently and always motivated & creative.

Technical Experience Summary

I started as project E&I engineer in oil and gas plants construction then I&C maintenance engineer through various roles in O&G operational companies.

Handling projects commissioning of field instrumentations, control packages, metering stations with multinational companies as well as engineering practice & knowledge with international standards.

Handling maintenance activities of gas process instrumentations for various types of process measurements & automatic control systems as ESD & PLC/UCP for process units & equipment’s; plus the machine monitoring system MMS for rotating equipment’s in parallel with reliability team for performance monitoring and troubleshooting of abnormal conditions or system alarms.

Carry out routine maintenance & troubleshooting and validation for fiscal gas & condensate metering & gas analyzers.

Participation of plant modifications review & plant trips & failure investigation and root cause analysis.

Handling fiscal metering validation & auditing for metering equipment’s & flow measurements & sampling system & analyzers and flow computers parameters traceability to the meters certificate & skid parameters plus monitoring the overhaul performance of the metering systems.

Competencies & skills

Sound understanding and familiarity of instrumentations & control systems, safeguarding and fiscal/sales metering systems for oil & gas plants as well as engineering international standards.

Experience in project handling engineering documentations, procurement, factory acceptance testing (FAT) and commissioning site acceptance tests (SAT).

Handling maintenance activities for instrumentations & control systems for running plants as well as shutdown & overhauling maintenance activities.

Hands on experience for control system controller (PLC) & monitors (HMI) for HIMA & Siemens & Allan Bradley and shutdown system ESD by TRICONEX and machine monitoring system (MMS) Bentley Nevada 3500 system.

Awareness on using engineering tools; Smart plant instrumentation (INtools)

Maintenance software for troubleshooting & calibration for Gas metering flow computer (ABB & POLAR), ultrasonic flow meter (Instromate-Sonic Guard), Gas analyzers-Chromate (Fisher Rosemont GCX) & Dew point analyzers (AMETEK) and KELTONE software for flow calculation.

Maintenance planning programs IMMPOWER & SAP for CM & PM and spares.

Excellent skills of general PC software: windows XP and office applications word & Excel & power point and outlook.

Working Period From Q4-2015 Till Q3-2019

Company Name

Dolphin Energy


Qatar, Ras Laffan Industrial City

Job title

Instrument & Control Support Engineer


Technical Operation Support


I&C Technical operation support for Dolphin facilities

Main Tasks

Main scope of work & responsibilities:

Carry out technical review & site survey for plant frequent problems in the I&C scope reported by operation & maintenance teams to find out the proper solution, modification, upgrade to ensure reliable function

Support engineering team for modification & upgrade project review and follow up execution in field with vendors & contractors till commissioning and hand over to operation & maintenance teams

Provide field support when required to maintenance E&I teams for critical troubleshooting and plant startup or recovery

Carry out incident investigation for plant trips & equipment’s failures; doing field survey & technical review for the incident to find out the root causes and the required precautions & corrective actions to avoid reoccurrence of such incidents or failures

Carry out PM routine & corrective maintenance for control packages and maintain the recovery backup for PLC/HMI for restoration in case of system failure

Review field instruments & control system spares for missing stock & obsolete components in order to find the suitable alternative or new successor from manufactures & suppliers

Follow plant modifications implementation & commissioning and provide field start-up assistance & troubleshooting

Carry out PM optimization review/update/create new routine for I&C equipment’s

Field support for FM team during plant upset shutdown/trips/failure for troubleshooting & rectification and startup

Offshore support for technical issues & spare parts & vendor consultation

Working Period From Q1-2013 Till Q3-2015

Company Name

Dolphin Energy


Qatar, Ras Laffan Industrial City

Job title

Instrument & Control Engineer


Field Maintenance


Maintenance of instruments & control equipment’s for Dolphin gas plant On-shore facilities

Main Tasks

Main scope of work & responsibilities:

Follow up field maintenance activities for instrumentation & control & metering for onshore production facilities.

Maintain maintenance record in SAP system for PM & CM with failure code & cause & corrective action as well as spare parts where utilized

Handling plant trips & equipment’s failures and follow up troubleshooting & repair work.

Follow up plant modifications review & implementation and update documents for modification/upgrade.

Follow up metering equipment’s calibration & validation and auditing with client & third party and record all flow computer parameters & calibration sheets with validation report.

Follow up spare parts for instrumentation maintenance stock review & update

Follow up vendors & suppliers & contractors for field activities

Reporting plant instrumentation status & faults & maintenance progress

Keep record of instruments & systems information & program back up for recovery in case of any equipment failures.

Carry out root cause analysis & incident investigation for plant failures/trips

Upgrade obsolete instruments & control system components to the new models to ensure plant sustainability and vendor & manufacture support for hardware & software

Working Period From Q3-2006 to Q4-2012

Company Name

Dolphin Energy


Qatar, Ras Laffan Industrial City

Job title

Instrument & Control Supervisor


Field Maintenance


Maintenance of instruments & control equipment’s for Dolphin gas plant On-shore facilities

Main Tasks

Process area instrument & control maintenance:

Schedules and controls daily maintenance workload, progress of the works, updating man-hours and troubleshooting activities feedback in SAP.

Checks that all calibration and test equipment is acceptable to carry out a full range check for the instrumentation specified.

Checks and detects troubles and defects by making use of technical information contained in the vendor’s documents, drawings and technical specifications.

Inspects the quality of work on a day-to-day basis and ensuring that drawing data and specifications are adhered to.

Ensures that safe working practices relating to Instrument works are adhered to.

Carrying site surveillance for the instruments & control units and preparing surveillance reports including findings, corrective actions & recommendations for improvements suggestions when required.

Initiates failure/incidence investigation reports & root cause analysis related to instruments & control systems, such as process equipment’s/units & ESD (TRICONEX) & PLC (Allen Bradley/HIMA/SIEMENS).

Follow up field modification FMP for instrumentation & control systems implementation & commissioning and markup the final as built drawings for documentation updating. Raising I.S. for field improvements/modifications suggestion required to eliminate hazard condition or to avoid unnecessary plant upset/trip as corrective action for abnormal findings or incident investigations.

Working in conjunction with reliability for maintaining the rotating equipment’s machine monitoring system MMS; 3500 BENTELY NEVADA; for monitoring & analyzing all measurements and troubleshooting of abnormal conditions of probes or system alarms of the system rack cards & loops.

Handle the fire water system (DELUGE) control equipment’s maintenance & troubleshooting & regular testing and logic function testing and prepare PM method statements & spares stoke for maintenance.

Raises purchase requisitions for stock items, standard tools, calibration equipment and service work order for repairable items.

Prepares of method statement for routine maintenance and critical activities prior to execution of the activity.

Prepare & follow up local national staff technical & practical training programs & assessments.

Gas Process Shutdown Preparation & Execution:

Preparation for gas process area shutdown scope of work for the instrumentation & control systems required for shutdown plan & schedule.

Carrying out all field surveillance & review instrument & equipment’s performance/failures/trips record plan the shutdown work for inspection/repair/testing as required.

Schedules and controls daily instrumentations shutdown workload, progress of the works, updating man-hours and daily activities progress.

Inspects the quality of work on a day-to-day basis and ensuring that drawing data and specifications are adhered to.

Coordinate with vendors & contactors and other disciplines related to shut down.

Prepares of method statement for shutdown maintenance activities with permit to work & associated certificates.

Carry out tool box talk for the maintenance technicians for work method & safety aspects and related hazardous.

Ensures that safe working practices relating to Instrument works are adhered to.

Record job history into SAP with time confirmation & failure code as per findings.

Plant construction & Commissioning Activities:

Assigned as I&C commissioning supervisor during plant construction & commissioning of different scopes for process, utilities, fiscal metering systems

The scope of commissioning work includes SAT such as loops check & logic test & instruments function test.

To ensure the proper installation of field instrumentation & termination & local control panels and marshaling cabinets has been done as per the drawings & company specifications.

Report & follow up punch list items/issues during commissioning activities.

Follow up commissioning activities of the gas plant Instrument & Control Systems & fiscal gas & condensate metering systems.

Coordinate commissioning activities with operations and other vendors & contractors.

Plant startup & early gas production/exporting & process area:

Assigned as maintenance start up shift supervisor for Instrumentations & Electrical & mechanical during startup of utilities & gas streams & condensate storage/loading facility

Working Period Q1-2006 to Q2-2006

Company Name

ELNG Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas


EGYPT, Alexandria

Job title

Measurements maintenance engineer


Metering systems & Analytical equipment’s

Main Tasks

Carry out the maintenance activities for the fiscal gas & liquid metering systems and on line analyzers.

Prepare routine maintenance tasks procedures

Routine check for metering system performance & flow measurements accuracy using cross reference calculations

Trouble shouting for instrumentation & control faults in the metering systems instruments, control valves & systems control panel.

Prepare proposals for operational spare parts & calibration tools

Prepare operating procedure for the metering operating software & train operators for routine operation & maintenance tasks on the metering flow computers & supervisor computers

Routine performance check for gas & liquid flow meters (ultra-sonic meter, turbine meter, orifice meter)

Working Period Q1-2005 to Q4-2005

Company Name



OBAIYED GAS PLANT (Egypt -Western desert)

Job title

Senior instrument engineer for metering stations


Seals gas & condensate fiscal metering systems

Main Tasks

Carry out commissioning & SAT & as built documents for metering upgrade project

Validation for metering system & flow computer calculation verification using FLOCALC software form KELTON. Metering operators training

Prepare maintenance spare parts proposals for spare stokes.

Follow up the routine & corrective maintenance activities for the gas plant, well heads & fiscal gas and condensate metering stations

Prepare the maintenance task procedures for routine maintenance & instruments calibration

Follow up the gas & condensate metering stations routine validation & calibration

Perform an internal audit program & attend international audit form (NMI, KELTON, & APATCHI) for fiscal metering systems.

Study field change proposals & review technical quotations

Review & update the maintenance spare parts for field instrumentations & control valves.

Working Period From Q1-2004 to Q4-2004

Company Name



EGYPT - Alexandria

Job title

Metering Maintenance Engineer



Main Tasks

Review the metering station specification & drawings for upgrade project for fiscal metering system for gas & condensate measurements.

Commissioning, carry out site acceptance test (SAT), for metering stations upgrade projects. Follow up the metering system as built documents along with punch list completion with vendor staff.

Validation for fiscal gas metering system & flow computer calculation verification using FLOCALC software form KELTON, flow meter performance & analyzers calibration.

Prepare maintenance routines task procedures & maintenance spare parts stokes

Follow up operating metering system & maintenance activities for fiscal gas & condensate metering station

Conducting regular & routine calibration of metering transmitters & gas analyzers. Conduct fiscal metering station audit with international crew & client staff

Carry out trouble shooting, routine maintenance & regular calibration for process transmitters, gas analyzers, control and shutdown valves, shutdown system, fire alarm system & gas detection sys.

Carry out complete validation for gas metering stations (orifice meter, ultra-sonic meter) & condensate metering station (positive displacement meter).

Carry out maintenance routine & defect trouble shooting for electrical systems like switchgear distribution boards, control panels, UPS system, lighting, earthing grids, emergency generators, air compressor for instrument air, motorized valves.

Prepare maintenance routine procedures & maintenance spare parts stock for electrical systems & instrumentation & control system & metering system & fire and gas detection sys.

Carry out technical presentations for gas & condensate fiscal metering systems for metering staff operators & technicians.

Working Period From Q1-2000 to Q4-2003

Company Name



EGYPT - western desert


Instrumentation & Control Maintenance Engineer



Main Tasks

Carry out daily maintenance work for PM & CM instrument work scope

The instrumentation work scope include the followings:

Field process & utility instruments, transmitters & controllers

The pneumatic control system for control values shutdown values and explosion proof pressurized equipment

The hydraulic control system for Gas well head flow & pressure control ( Baker system) remote controlled by ROC unit (fisher)

The fire & gas detection system

The gas flow metering,orifice meter,venture meter,ultra-sonic meter,Gas chromatography

The condensate flow metering, positive displacement meter & Ball prover.

The flow computer system for gas flow metering and gas analyzers (chromatograph & dew point & moisture).

The DCS system (Fisher Rosemont, RS3) configuration of control loops & plant parameter settings.

The cathodic protection system for protection of pipelines & storage tanks.

The emergency diesel generators ( cater pillar CAT )

The instrument air compressors ( Atlas copco & Ingressol land )

Prepare spare parts stoke & review min/max stoke & update

Working Period From Q4-1997 to Q4-1999

Company Name



EGYPT - western desert

Job title

Electrical & Instrument Project Engineer



Main Tasks

Carry on the electrical & instrumentations construction & commissioning activities according to the project construction dossiers for the following systems

The Switch Gear Station HOLEC & ABB

The Power Distribution System

The Building & Street _Lighting

The Fire & gas detection system

The field instrumentations and PCS/ESD systems

The water treatment station & irrigation system

Working Period Q4-1996 to Q3-1997

Company Name




Job title

Electrical & Instrument Project Engineer


Expansion of Storage Capacity Tanks at ARAB PETROLEUM PIPELINES CO. (SUMED)

Main Tasks

Carry on the electrical & instrumentations construction and commissioning activities according to the project construction dossiers for the following systems

Switch Gear Station (AEG)

Pump Station for crude oil

Fire Alarm System for storage tanks

Switch Racks (Distribution & Control Panels)

Cable Laying, testing, termination, Connection

Instrument loops (Pressure, temperature, Level )

Lighting System (Normal & Emergency)

Earthling System

CCTV system for plant monitoring & security

Training Courses Record

TRICON hardware & software training by INVENSYS at Qatar QOP training center

Smart Plant Instrumentation SPI ver.7 at State of Qatar

Allen Bradley PLC training by Rockwell _ Qatar

HIMA PLC training by HIMA _ Qatar

Rolls Royce Trent 60 DLE package training course (Qatar)

M269 - Gas & Oil Fiscal Metering and Allocation at Shell-Training Center (Netherlands)

Programmable logic controller (PLC) at ENPPI company (Egypt)

Electrical Measuring & Industrial Electronics from Cairo University center (CAPSCU)

Instrumentation and Automatic Central from Cairo University Center (CAPSCU)

Process Instrumentations & Automatic Control System at the Training Center of First Egyptian Engineering Co.

Intrinsically safe systems course by PETROMAINT Training Center.

Pre-intermediate, intermediate & elementary English course from I.L.C

PC Software training: Win, word, Excel certified from IBM & Microsoft and SAP

Safety training as H2S & breathing apparatus & working at height & confined space entry & work permit system & fire fitting and first aid training.

HSE trainings for offshore and offshore all done & valid

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