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Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
March 14, 2020

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Name : Muhammad Nuramin B Basaruddin

Date of Born : 12th of June 1990 (12/06/1990)

I.C Number : 900***-**-****

Place of Birth : Kuala Lumpur

Address : Perdana Apartment, 2-06, Blok 4

JalanLompatPagar 13/37

Seksyen 13

40675 Shah Alam

Selangor DarulEhsan,

Malaysia. .

Telephone no : 017-*******

E-mail address :

EPF : 21114850

SOCSO : 900*********

Mode of Transportation: Public Transportation (Bus, Train, and Taxi) Salary Expected : RM 1900 – RM 2200 (With Negotiable and performance first 6 Month)

Objective : can contribute to the development of nation from human capital activity and society. Then also intend to facilitate the development of human management to the next generation. 2 P a g e


1. 2011- 2014

Graduate in Bachelor in Human Capital Management (Hons) Management & Science University (MSU)

CGPA: 2.83

2 2008 – 2010

Graduate in Diploma in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management & Science University (MSU)

CGPA: 3.23

3 2007

SijilPelajaran Malaysia (SPM)

SekolahMenengahKebangsaan Bandar Sungai Buaya

3 P a g e


1. Petrosains Sdn. Bhd.


Petronas Twin-Towers Visit Operation Department

05th of July 2009 until present (PARTI-TIME)

• To contribute towards ensuring visitors’ comfort and satisfaction.

• To execute functions pertaining to ticketing, communicating, scheduling in an efficient manner in order to meet and/or exceed visitors’ expectations.

• To be knowledgeable of information (facts & figures) on the PETRONAS Twin Towers and capable of communicating them effectively to visitors.

• To always strive to be an effective member of the Skybridge team, always self-motivated and help other team members to remain energized and consistently motivated.

2. SenjaBinaSdn Bhd.


05th of MAY 2013 until 26 JUNE 2013

Preparation of documents pertaining to hiring and firing of rank and file and managerial staff. Need to do a monthly report and HR

Receiving and reviewing applications, managing interviews and tests and creating a shortlist of candidates for the client;

Briefing the candidate about the responsibilities, salary and benefits of the job in question;

Preparing CVs and correspondence to forward to clients in respect of suitable applicants;

Organise interviews for candidates as requested by the client; 3. Sejagat Bakti Sdn Bhd

(Assistant Project Manager) Hospital Batu Pahat

2nd of February 2015 – 2nd of June 2015 (contract project basis)

Assist Project Manager for monitoring, filling and documentation

(maintenance claimed activity, updating the data, arranging the form and documents).

Liaising medical equipment for the Hospital and vendor.

Supervise and monitor the vendor activity in the Hospital activity. 4 P a g e

4. Freelance Work

October 2014 until December 2014

Education Talk

Giving talk to the student for career development and further studies. (Sri Garden, ISKL, and St. Gabriel K.L).

Sport Coordinator

Arranging the training (running, fitness, cycling) to Shah Alam community. 5. Godell Group of Company

Godell Parking

Assistant Marketing Activity cum Customer Service

July 2015 – 10 April 2017 (due to Company MSS/RETRECHMENT issues)

Liaise with council (Majlis Bandaran Petaling Jaya & Majlis Pembandaran Subang Jaya)

Attending Customer Inquiries and credit card transaction during buying parking pass.

Engaged with courier service activity for delivery activity for parking pass.

Ensure that customer satisfaction is maximized by maintaining the highest level of service thresholds and initiatives that are aligned with the GWU Transportation and Parking Services standard.

Plans, organizes, monitors, and evaluates parking management program and makes recommendations for the development, modification, or implementation of new procedures and/or policies as needed.

Prepares reports and makes oral presentations as needed.

Monitors contracts for performance, accountability, and efficiency and negotiates contract modifications for equipment upgrades and other changes.

Develops implementation plans for activation of new parking facilities based upon analysis of projected usage, potential net revenue, and resulting capital investment and recovery requirements. Negotiates necessary contract modifications as needed.

Coordinates internal support services provided to the parking program to assure conformity in parking management policies.

5 P a g e

6. Service Source Sdn Bhd

Junior Associate Operation

Dec 2017 - Apr 2018 (Contractual Basis Project)

Generating sales quotations, using client-specific database and financial systems.

Generating booking packages and/or invoices within Client and Internal systems

Ensure the integrity of client and internal information in database, financial, and CRM systems

Manage external and internal queries in a professional, client-orientated manner

Checking the data integrity of purchase orders and invoices 6 P a g e


• Computer Skills : Microsoft Office/Microsoft Windows Microsoft Power Point

SAP Database

CRM System

• Personal Strength : Sense of Responsibility

Highly Motivated and Fast Learner

Dynamic Team Player

Outgoing and Talkative Person

Able and Willing to Face Challenges

• Management Skills : Intermediate in Human Resources

Introduction to human capital management

Compensation and benefits

Performance management

Employee motivation

Human capital issues

Employment law and employee relations

Basic in Business Management

Business ethics

Strategic management

Principles of marketing

International marketing

Multimedia technology

• Tourism Skills (basics): Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry Tour Guide Technique

Recreation Management

Introduction to Tourism Planning

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

7 P a g e


1. 2017 Salming Sweden Sport Brand Ambassador & Spokesperson

Kuala Lumpur Standard Charted Marathon 58th/7543 participant

Pahang International Marathon 20th / 2453 participant 2. 2016 Hatyai Marathon 5th places 18-30 group ages

ParkByPhone Voice Talent, product introducer, & Ambassador 3. 2015 Member of International Cycling Unity

Shah Alam Running Club spokesperson, training coordinator 4. 2014 Kraft-Fit Sport Compression Ambassador

5. 2013: Personal Trainers of Shah Alam Pacers.

Kraft-Fit Compression Tight Fit Ambassador

Kalenji Running Experience Trial team (Asia Team).

President of MSU Athletic Clubs’ (MSU).

The Best Athlete Project Event in Management and Science University. 6. 2012: President of Human Capital Management Club (HUCAP), Management and Science University (MSU).

7. 2011: President of MSU Athletic Clubs’ (MSU).

Assistant Adination Trainers with Adidas Running Team.

Selection of the Best Private University Athlete (SIPMA).

Awarded Third Place in invited 10KM PTPL Central, Kuala Lumpur. 6) 2010: Best Team Performance in Malaysia Book of Record in AIDS Awareness Relay Run With the distance 2, 352 Km.

8 P a g e


1) En Syahir Ezzudin

Lecturer in Human Resources Management

Department Business and Management

Management and Science University

TEL. (mobile) : 012-*******

2) Megat Dazuti Bin Megat Muda

Project Manager of Hospital Batu Pahat (Hospital Sultanah Nora Ismail, Batu Pahat) Sejagat Bakti Sdn. Bhd

Maintenance Manager

TEL. (mobile) : 017-***-****

3) Mr. Razak Abdul Kadir

Head of Department Sales Marketing

Godell Group of Company

TEL. (mobile) : 013-***-****

9 P a g e

10 P a g e

11 P a g e

12 P a g e

13 P a g e

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