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Engineer Engineering

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
March 14, 2020

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#* ****** ******, ********* *****, San Fernando, Trinidad W.I

Cell: 868-***-****


To contribute significantly to any organization that I am affiliated with, through production increasing initiatives, leading others, innovation and sharing of my knowledge and experiences.


BSc. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering - The University of the West Indies MSc. Project Management – The University of the West Indies (pursuing final Project

MBA Finance – Heriot – Watt University (Currently pursuing).Completed Certificate in Financial Management Module


My post-graduate experience started working at the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) as the’ Assistance to Operations Manager ‘I then worked at the Industrial Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago

(IDC). At the IDC, I worked as a Senior Project Engineer involved in the preparation of Feasibility Studies, providing Statutory Approvals and Start–up guidance to Entrepreneurs. I then worked at Lake Asphalt of Trinidad and Tobago (1978) Limited(LATT) as a Senior Project Engineer, responsible for new projects. I managed the “Pelletization of Asphalt Project”. At LATT, I worked as the Marketing Manager (Ag) for a period of two(2) years. I then moved to Petrotrin Trinmar Operations as a Project /Facilities Engineer, responsible for the Engineering, Design, Procurement and Installation of process equipments for the Tank Farm and the Offshore Platform Facilities. I worked as the Project Manager on major projects, namely, “The Tank Farm Wastewater Effluent Project”, “The Pigging and Cleaning of the Main 14” diameter ‘Oil to Shore’ Pipeline”, “The installation of the new 16” diameter ‘Oil to Shore Pipeline’” .The last ten (10) years at Petrrotrin that ended in 2008, I had the responsibility as the Senior Pipeline Engineer to manage the company new pipelines installation and pipeline maintenance programs. I managed the pipeline installation program for the

‘Forward Drilling Program’ and the ‘Work-Over Program’. I played an integral role on several new projects initiative by the company to facilitate increase in oil and gas production, namely, the GP1 Project in the East Field and the debottlenecking of Platform 6. I worked as the Project Manager for Petrotrin in the negotiation with Atlantic LNG, regarding the construction of a new ‘Oil to Shore’ pipeline for Petrotrin since the existing pipeline was covered by the construction of the existing LNG Plant.


Trinidad and Tobago Oil Company Ltd.

Point Fortin Trinidad W.I

(1979 - 1983) Refinery Operator

Operating refinery equipment – pumps,

compressor, steam and gas turbines

alternator, furnaces, ejectors, heat

exchanger, boilers

Blending of products to required


Water treatment to produce boiler feed


Operate Power Plant to ensure a reliable

supply of electricity. Operate and monitor

Steam Turbine Alternators and Gas

Turbine Alternators.

Operated the control panel to control

Temperature, Pressure and Flows to

manufacture products of required


National Gas Company of T & T

Point Lisas. Trinidad W.I

(1983 – 1985) Platform Technician

Operate and maintain Platform equipment

Ingersoll Rand 12 cylinders gas

compressors and Solar Gas Turbine

driven Centrifugal Compressors

Operate and maintain Ancillary Platform

equipment: Pumps, Crane, Generators,

Fire Safety Systems, Fin Fan Coolers

National Gas Company of T & T

Point Lisas Trinidad W.I

(1986, 87, 88) Engineering Trainee

Perform maintenance planning function

Project design, scheduling and planning

Perform investigative reporting on the

abnormal usage of engine oil by gas


Report on the availability and reliability of

Ingersoll Rand gas compressors.

Report on the advantages and

disadvantages of centrifugal compressors

compared with reciprocating

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

and Condition Monitoring

National Gas Company of T & T

Point Lisas Trinidad W.I

(1989 – 1991) Assistance to Manager


Assisted Operation Manager in

producing monthly reports.

Provided varied report to Operation

Manager on various offshore scenarios

e.g. Aspects to increase availability of

Offshore Compressors

Procurement of Process Equipment

Design of Process facilities –Separators

Scrubbers, Pumps and Tanks

Assisted in preparation of Operation


Co- ordinate Training and Environmental

Health and Safety activities for offshore


Assisted in the implementation of a

Computerized Preventative Maintenance


Implement Computerized Maintenance

Program for Ingersoll-Rand gas


Use Reliability Engineering to maximize

production of compressors and other

auxiliary equipment

Lake Asphalt of T & T (1978) Ltd

La Brea. Trinidad W.I

(1991 - 1996) Production / Special Projects


Increase the efficiency of the

Production Process to refine Crude


Engineering, Procuring and

Constructing Process facilities.

Project Design and Construction


Project Planning, Scheduling, Plant

Commissioning and Start -up

Design, construct and commission a

pilot plant to bag asphalt for sales in the

foreign market.

Prepare and schedule maintenance

programme for equipment

Preventative, Predictive Maintenance

and Condition Monitoring of Running


Prepare Production and Engineering


Supervise Plant and Buildings Janitorial


Project Managed the Pelletization of

Refined Asphalt

Petrotrin Trinmar Operations

Point Fortin Trinidad W.I

(1996 - 2008) Facilities Engineer / Pipeline


Engineering and Design, Procure and

provided Project Management

services for the installation of 10 miles

of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Effluent Water pipeline

Selection, Procurement and

Installation of Separators and Heater

Treater, Scrubbers, Separators,


Installation of “Oil to Shore’ Pumps

Install Veirsep Wastewater Unit to

remove oil from effluent water,

including ‘Oil in Water Monitor’

Supervise the Budgeting, Design and

Construction of flow and gas lift lines

for new wells.

Engineering and Design, Produced

Scope of Works, Tender, Evaluate

Bids and provide Project Management

support for the installation of 2”, 4”, 6”,

8”, 10”, 12”, 14”and 24” pipelines

Pigging and Decommissioning of flow


Provide Project Management Services

for the pigging of the main 20 km, 12”

diameter “Oil to Shore” pipeline from

Riser Platform 3 to Tank Farm.

Conceptual Design, FEED,

Engineering Design, Construction and

Commissioning of new 25km, 14”

diameter “Oil to Shore” pipeline.

Supervised the Concrete Coating of

10” to 24” diameter pipelines.

Engineering, Procurement and

construction of 30 km of 16” concrete

coated carbon steel pipeline from

Riser Platform to Pt. Ligoure Tank


Project Managed the introduction of

Flexible Coiled Pipe in PETROTRIN.

Worked as the Lead Engineer for

PETROTRIN with a team from

TEXACO and Precision Technology

(Pipe Supplier) to introduce Flexible

Pipeline for oil and gas service.

Supervised the S- lay Barge during the

Flexible Pipelaying Operation.

Design pig launchers and receivers

Preparation of Sacrificial Anode

Program for Submarine Pipelines.

Design of manifolds, risers and

pipeline systems

Perform multi- phase flow analysis in

pipeline containing oil and gas using

Pipe- Phase and Pipe-Sim Software

Perform Stress Analysis, Seabed

Stability, Stress Analysis, Expansion


Upheaval Buckling, Lateral and Spans

in pipelines

Perform HAZOP Analysis

Use the following Codes and

Standards for Pipeline Design; API RP


1110, API RP 1111, API 1104, API 5L

Use the following Standards for

Pipeline Fittings; ASME B 31.4, ASME

B 16.5, ASTM 105, ASME B 16.34,

ASME B 16.11, ASTM A 194.

Hiltech Services Limited Managing Director

66 Lewis Street, San Fernando Hiltech Services Limited (HSL) Trinidad West-Indies

(2008 – Present)

Managed the company Hiltech

Services Limited. HSL providing goods

and services and consultancy services

to the oil and gas sectors in Trinidad

and Tobago. HSL provided

engineering, procurement and

construction services to the local

pipeline contractors. HSL provided

Project Management Services to local

contractors. HSL provided

Consultancy Services to local

contractor responding to submarine

pipeline bids


University of the West - Indies - Faculty of Engineering BSc. Degree ( Hons ) in Mechanical Engineering 1985 - 1988 Heriot-Watt University

Certificate of Achievement in Financial Management University of the West-Indies – Faculty of Engineering MSc. Project Management

National Examination Council

Diploma Process Plant Operator Sept. 1983 – Jul 1984 National Examination Council

Certificate Natural Gas Technology Sept 1984 - Jan 1985 John Donaldson Technical Institute Certificate in Construction Estimating University of the West-Indies Reliability Engineering CERTIFICATE COURSES

Caribbean Technological Consultancy Preventative Maintenance Service Network

April 29 - May 3 1991

University of the West Indies Industrial Ergonomics May 14 - 15 1991

Trinidad and Tobago Management Productivity Improvement in Plant Development Centre and Equipment Maintenance

Oct 21 - 24 1991

University of the West Indies Design of Manufacturing Facilities & Production Systems

May 26 – 28 1992

Institute of Business Total Quality Management

Mar 15 – 17 1993

Personnel Management Services Negotiating For Collective Agreement Jun 22 –23 1993

Petroleum Company of T & T Ltd. Problem Solving Workshop Jul 27 - 28 1993

Personnel Management Services Advanced Supervisory Training Apr 19 – 21 1995

Personnel Management Services Report Writing

University of the West Indies Integrated Planning and Development of Projects

Using Microsoft Projects 4.1

Project Management Institute Project Management Essentials

(PMBOK) Risk Management.

Project Costing and Schedule


The American Society of Piping Design Workshop

Mechanical Engineering

Petroleum Company of Trinidad Health Safety and Environment and Tobago Limited Five(5) days Training Program

Environment Health and

Safety Policy

Personal Protective


Fire Protection

Operations Safety Procedures

Marine Transportation Safety

Job Safety Analysis

Emergency Procedures

Accident and Emergency

Reporting Procedures

Management, Supervisor and

Employee responsibility.

Contractor Safety

Quality Control /Quality




Clarion Technical Conference Certificate of Completion Houston Texas Marine Pipeline


Trevor Jee Associates Certificate of Completion

Engineering Consultants Overview of Rigid

Pipeline Engineering

The American Society of Piping Design Workshop

Mechanical Engineering

The American Society of ASME B 31.8

Mechanical Engineering GasTransmission and

Distribution Piping System


Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Projects. Microsoft Power point

Basic Auto Cad .

Flow Analysis in Pipeline (Simsci Pipe Phase)

SAP Material and Inventory Management

Pipe–Sim (pipeline flow analysis)


Football, Cricket, Fishing, Member of ASME (#6662662), Member of APETT. REFERENCES

Available upon request

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