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Electrical Engineer

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
March 13, 2020

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Phone: +974-**-**-**-** - Qatar

Born: 13 May 1988 – Jijel, Algeria

Email :

Curent location : Al Khor – Qatar

Langue: Arabic: Very good, French: Very good, English: Good

Sep 2016 / Sep2017 Batna, Algeria

Military service, where I was leading section, I was assigning the task, define the roles, follow up to complete their work.

Professional profile

Talented Electrical Engineer, with experience in the field of electrical engineering, I have knowledge and competency in wide aspects of electrical engineering. Proven success in maintenance and optimization of all type of electrical machines and equipment. Experienced in machine diagnosis, I have the competency to do electrical and electronic measurement of power in electrical machines using electrical devices.

I have ability to model and design electrical machines through engineering programs (MATLAB / Simulink, COMSOL Multiphasic, Revit electrical, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ). I have the knowledge and the expertise to install, and disassembling of electrical machines, as well as installation of electrical cables, cabling and realization of electrical and telecommunications installations, and industrial electrical installations.

I have good competency in Microsoft office software such as excel, work, PowerPoint and Good competency in program such as MALAB and COMSOL Multiphysics.


Master in Conception of Electro-technical Systems June2016

Electrical Engineering University of Batna- Hadj Lakhdar - Algeria

Bachelor Degree Electro-technical engineering June 2014

Electrical Engineering University of Jijel – Abdelhak Benhamouda - Algeria

Bachelor’s science experimental June 2010

Science experimental Height School Kaoueche Omar & Magoura – Jijel, Algeria

Professional Experience

17 July 2019 Professional Security – Tawar Mall – Qatar

Security guard

Professional Security guard with an understanding of the law and an ability to maintain company security policies. I have strong selective attention and can remain on the alert without getting distracted, and I accurately follow detailed procedures necessary to keep the company safe, Adept in hand to hand customer service.

I am a very responsible and mature thinking individual who is very keen on protecting and ensuring the area. person or property I am protecting is kept safe at all times.

I am a positive person who likes to see the best in people but understand that in my role. you have to be guarded and careful on the property or person you are responsible for. I enjoy the responsibility and am looking to continue my career for a long time to come.


Training Police International Training Academy – Qatar 16 to 20 February 2020

Acquired skills:

First aid training.

Civil protection.

Security of the facilities.

Prepar and write reports and memos.

The most important related legal concepts.

Emergency procedures.

Security work ethics.

Fundamental of personal security.

Good knowledge by providing first aid or support for the injured.

Good knowledge of preventive measures for electrical, water and gas facilities in the facilities.

Crowd control.

Professional and interpersonal Communications.


Lock entrance and exit doors and gates to keep campus secure.

Respond to alarms to investigate potential disturbances.

Monitor employees and visitors to be aware of any irregularities.

Write daily reports, including information on damage and theft.

Remarkable ability to write routine reports and correspondence.

Superb ability to read, comprehend, and interpret written and oral instructions.

Strong critical thinking skills in order to find solutions to problems as they arise.

Able to communicate effectively with superiors and other staff for efficient teamwork.

Friendly personality to put other staff, students and visitors at ease.

Excellent ability to deliver quality security service to external and internal guests.

Exceptional ability to properly use equipment such as radios, handcuffs, cameras, and ID scanners.

Military experience (1 year in the Army).

Excellent communication skills.

Physically fit for all demands of the job such as standing, sitting, walking, reaching, balancing, stooping, kneeling, turning and twisting for prolonged periods of time.

Strong depth perception and peripheral vision; ability to see near, far, and in colour .

The good characteristic in the use of modern security systems for security for important or private enterprises, and limiting potential risks as well.

The ability to settle conflicts and solve problems resulting from customer behaviors such as the entry of entry controls for the establishment or trying to enter what you need to enter the property.

Oct 2017 / Dec 2018 Electrical central – Ashouat Jijel, Algeria

Electrical engineer

Training stage limited duration


The main objective of this course is the good knowledge of the various electrical appliances used in this company, how to maintain it and also monitor and monitor the functions of all these electrical appliances to make sure the appropriate operation of these electrical appliances including electric transformers and electrical and attempting to improve the performance.

Acquired skills

Provide corrective and preventive maintenance.

Maintenance of electrical equipment,

Surveillance and monitoring the functionality of electrical equipment.

Ensure the proper operation of electrical appliances including transformers and electrical machines.

Optimization the performance of electrical tools and equipment.

Check the equipment, tools and electronic systems to ensure that they meet the standards of safety and applicable regulations.

Develop maintenance and testing measures for electronic components and equipment.

Skills gained at the university:

Excellent knowledge & competence of electrical engineering

Specialized in generators and electrical systems

Optimization of electrical system and electronic components.

Ensure the proper operation of electrical appliances including transformers and electrical machines.

Knowledge of standards safety and hygiene.

Good knowledge in mechanics, hydraulics and electricity.

Mastery of electrical maintenance techniques

Control and ensure follow-up of the material supply.

Knowledge of renewable energy generator system

Good knowledge and practice of electrical measuring devices (multimeter, ...)

Good knowledge on reading the plan and schematics electrical.

Corrective and preventive maintenance in industrial plants

Electrical maintenance of the plant and the new installations including tests to identify and resolve any failure in the electrical system

Good knowledge of low voltage tests to verify the validity of electrical breaker

Prepare and follow-up the realization of electrical networks (HT/MT)

Good knowledge in automatisms

Good knowledge in the design, development and installation of electrical networks in overhead lines, underground or various electrical projects

strong computer Skills

Mastery of computer-aided design software and drawings

Excellent experience and knowledge in programming with MATLAB SIMULINK.

Design and Simulate by program COMSOL Multiphysics.

Controlled Electrical machines by program PSIM.

Design of electrical diagrams using program AutoCAD Electrical.

Basic knowledge in program design Autodesk Revit ( architect, structural engineers, MEP engineers, construction professionals ).

Basic knowledge in programming SIEMENS STEP 7

Programs: MS office, MS project, Visual Basic, MS Visual studio

Design and Construction using program SOLIDWORKS.

Basic knowledge of design 2D and 3D: Adobe animate, Adobe premiere pro, Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Graphics Animation, Web design,

Adobe In design

Knowledge of health and safety culture at work sites

Knowledge of project management

Good team work skills, and communication.

Basic knowledge in accounting offices

Training / Internship


Synchronous permanent magnet motor MSAP: Design element for reducing torque ripples

The realization of a single-phase inverter controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM), also called PWM (pulse width modulation).

Simulation the control of the variable speed drive of the electrical machines using MATLAB program.

Analysis of electronics power (rectifiers, inverters, chopper, transistors, regulator, dimming,).

Winding of electrical machines.

Assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the components of transformer and generator electric.

Study le mode operation and construction of DC, synchronous and Asynchronous machines.

Analysis of the differential electric protection of transformers and generators.

Analysis of Transient Regimes of Electrical Machines Using MATLAB Program.

Construction of DC machines, alternating current machines and permanent magnet machines.

I have opportunity to perform technical visit to government electricity department where I got lots knowledge on how electrical cable linked from central electrical to houses and building, and how to transfer from high to medium tension.

During my study to achieve Master and Bachelor degree I have completed with success:

Modeling and control of a DC machine.

Optimization of torque ripple in synchronous machines with permanent magnet.

Electrical Modeling of building (Mall) using Revit electrical software.

Design and optimization of synchronous machines with permanent magnet.

Variable speed drive of a DC motor using PWM.

Study of the differential electric protection of transformers and generators.

Study of electrical winding of machines.

Study the operation and construction of DC, synchronous and Asynchronous machines.

Assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the components of the electric machine.


Study electrical machines (speed variation of electric machines, calculation of machines and transformation of high power, ).

Machine design by programs

Electrical equipment, Power electronics, electrical machine.

Electrical Engineering, Digital Analog Electronics, and Power Electronics

Variable speed drive and control of electrical machines.

Renewable energy

Optimization applied by methods (Genetic Algorithm, Neural Networks, ...)

Study of Transient Regimes of Electrical Machines Using MATLAB Program

Study hydraulic machines (pumps, turbine, ...).

Improved reliability and availability of electrical machines

Electro technical cabling: control schemes of automated systems.

Electrical network and telecommunications

Connection of the electric cables in the electrical breaker

Wiring of a general low voltage switchboard.

Assembly, disassembly and industrial wiring of electric motors, reading of power and control diagrams, knowledge of the electrical installation and troubleshooting procedures.

Study how to prepare an electrical structure for the installation of a network of different structures (offices, hospitals, buildings, etc.)

Establishment of transformer substations electrical cabinets, and public lighting.

Study and realization of industrial electrical installations.

Design and development, installation of electrical networks in overhead lines, underground or for various electrical projects.

In general, as an electrical engineer, I do the following role:

the main role of the industrial, commercial and local and electrical systems, and the development of the electrical components of electric motors, electricity, lighting, generators, telecommunications systems and power systems. Because the electrical engineer is responsible for the development and exploitation of systems that use electricity control to control the systems of machines and signal processes. Where do I have the ability to consult with customers, engineers and others to discuss the products or engineering and the other, or to contact the engineering and projects and other technical and communication with the engineers and technical technical and the replacement of the designs and the reality of the product and the production. The wording of the complexities of the product and production. The codes of the development of the product and production. I can explain the complex problems in the development of the product and production. I can explain the complex problems of customers with a few technical experience or do not have any technical experience. The application of knowledge and experience gained during the school I have. The opportunity to meet you and meet the order to meet you to meet immediately in securing the future of the company. You can call me on my phone or by email on my email. I can play me on my email. I am doing all nights with a notable advance not.

Thank you for looking at seeing to talk soon.

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