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Nurse Nursing

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
March 15, 2020

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Highly skilled career professional with more than 17 years experience as Staff Nurse.

Working experience in PICU, NICU and Pediatric Wards.

Dedicated member of multidisciplinary healthcare teams known for excellent clinical skills; ability to remain calm under pressure; and strengths in making swift, correct decisions in emergency situations.


Indian Nursing Council 2001

Karnataka Nursing Council 2001

Saudi Council Health Specialties 2016


Staff Nurse in OB Gyne & Pediatric Ward 28th Nov 2018 – till date

Dr. Sulaiman AlHabib Hospital, Riyadh

Staff Nurse in OB Gyne Ward 10th Aug 2016 – 30th Dec 2017

Security Forces Hospital, Dammam, KSA

Staff Nurse in Medical & Surgical Ward 1st Jul 2013 - 5th Aug 2014

G. K Hospital Kavumbhagom, Thiruvalla, India

Staff Nurse (Shift in charge, Clinical Resource Nurse) 29th Sep 2008 – 13th Dec 2012

Maternity and Children Hospital,

Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia3rd

Staff Nurse in NICU & PICU 10th Apr 2007 – 10th Jul 2008

R.K. Hospital (500 bedded Super Specialty), No. 31,

Kammanahalli Main Road,

St. Thomas Town Post, Bangalore -560084

Staff Nurse in NICU & PICU 10th Mar 2005 - 24th Mar 2007

Dr. Sulaiman Fakeeh Hospital (1000 bedded International),

P. B. No. 2537 Jeddah 21461,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Staff Nurse in ICU, Ward Surgical, Cardiac & General 20th Aug 2001 - 26th Jan 2005

Garden City Hospital (400 bedded Super Specialty),

Jayanagar, Bangalore


Diploma in Nursing 1998-2001

Gangothri School of Nursing, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar,

Vishwaneedam Post, Bangalore, Karnataka

Pre Degree 1996-1998

St.John’s College, Thiruvalla, Kerala

Secondary School Leaving Certificate 1995-1996

Govt. Girls High School, Peringera, Thiruvalla, Kerala


Basic Cardiac Life Support Provider

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider

Administration of Medication Course

Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Nursing Course

Intra Venous Therapy Course

Infection Control Course

Restraints & Patient Care

The S.T.A.B.L.E. program

Foot printing of the Newborn & Thumb printing Workshop

Pain Assessment & Management

Arabic Language Course


Certificate of Appreciation : CBAHI Survey on 22-24 Rajab 1431 – Maternity and Childrens Hospital, Dammam

Certificate of Appreciation - ICU - March 2007 - Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

Letter of Appreciation – ICU - Dec 2007 - Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital


Used the knowledge and abilities of nursing process to provide nursing care, make full physical assessments, planning and implementing nursing actions, evaluating the effect of revising and updating care plans and indicated.

Check machine and equipments if available and in good condition. Checked emergency drugs if available.

Prepared bed ventilators, cardiac monitors, suction machine, drugs, transducer, and other necessary equipments before receiving patient from ER/ wards.

Together with health team, received patent from or (post general surgery) fully sedated with portable 02 cylinders, ear died monitoring device, chest tubes, Romovac drain, NGT, indwelling catheter.

Connected 4 line used completed pumping system to the ongoing IV medication/ treatment Eg. Anti-arrhythmic, thrombolytics, lonotropic drug etc. (via syringe pumps/infusion pump) as by doctor’s orders with proper flow regulation (calculation for concentration and dosage of medicines and general observation).

Frequently monitored newly received patient/ post operated patent intake and output and ABG, Respiratory status.

Administrated medication treatment, any stat orders, TPR and NGT feeding. Administrated blood transfusion all in accordance with the policy.

Taking blood samples from Arterial/ Peripheral line for laboratory investigation and collected specimens as necessary.

Performed 12 leads ECG as per Doctors order.

Provided nursing care for patient with ETT, NTT, and tracheotomy Tube, proper positioning, pressure sores prevention, action secretion as necessary.

Monitored and provided nursing care to patient requiring mechanical ventilator, Ambu-bagging and other full ventilator support with airway management.

Management assisting with procedures, use or undergoing some procedures.

a. ETT, NTT, insertion, Tracheostomy, thoracentesis, chest tube insertion, with full ventilator support and airway management

b. Assisted in cardio version / Defibrillation and CPR.

c. Assisted in Lumbar Puncture and Ultrasound

d. Insertion of NGT and indwelling catheter.

Provided nursing care for patients requiring weaning from ventilators (needs – T piece, Oxygen etc.) Requiring respiratory exercise / treatment. (Incentive Spirometer, Deep Breathing Nebulization / Inhalation etc.

Assisted and provide nursing care of removal of chest tubes, ETT and NTT.

Communicate instruction and patient progress/ condition or relevant changes to the head nurses and incoming shift.

Transported patient to higher centers with Anesthetist in fully equipped ambulance.

Observed and assisted with proper referral and recording to the patient condition /signs and symptoms noted.

Provided sponge bed bathing and any assistance needed.

Provided health teaching and evaluated patient and family understanding about disease, care and management. Monitored patients of respiratory and hemodynamic status attend to mechanical ventilator cardiac monitoring devise and other specified requirements.

Independent and Dependent Nursing Care

Assessment and Recording, Monitoring Vital Parameters, Blood Analysis, Monitor Documents, Refer and Implement Nursing Functions, Attending and Managing Emergencies, Maintaining all Aseptic Techniques and Isolations, Following Barrier Nursing, Care of Patient on Chest Tube and Chronic Diseases, Patient Endorsement, Daily Checking Inventory like Bio-Medical Equipments & Medicines.

Take over admission and discharge procedure in ward.

Plan Nursing Care and make patients assignments as per their needs.

Perform technical tasks like ; Administration of Medication Assisting Physician in various medical procedures, Preparing the patient and articles for nursing and medical procedures, Recording vital signs, Collection and sending of specimens, Transfusion of fluids, Blood and its products etc.,

Maintain personal hygiene and attends to their nutritional needs.

Observes changes in patient condition and records, takes necessary action and report to the concern authority.

Co-ordinate patient care with various other departments.

Implement physician’s instructions concerning patient treatment.

Assisting for the A.B.C. management and for all kinds of medical and surgical procedures etc., documentation of all records like maintenance of admission and discharge register, birth, MILC, death including brought dead, trauma any kind of usual events, informing the superior about all the daily reports and daily events.

Pulse Oxymeter, Infusion Pumps, Cardiac Monitor Glucometer, Laryngoscope, Nebulizer, Electronic ECG Machine, Syringe Pumps, Ventilators, BP Monitor.

Activities and Procedures Performed

Insertion of Canula, Emergency Resuscitation as per ACLS Protocols,

Collection of Blood Specimens, Endotracheal care

Total parental Nutrition, Blood Transfusion

Wound dressing, Nebulizations

Catheterizations, Nasogastric tube insertion and Nasogastric Lavage

Assist in ICD, Assist in Insertion of pleural Tapping

Assist in LP, Assist insertion of central line

Ventilator care, Tracheostomy care

Endotracheal /Oral/Nasal/, CVP monitoring, Tracheostomy Suction.

Medicine Administration in all routes.

Assist in Insertion of Arterial Line, Assist in Intubations, Assist in Tracheostomy.

Specific Equipments, Biomedical Equipments Handled & Machines Used

Cardiac Monitors, ECG Machine, Mechanical Ventilator, Defibrillator, Cardiac Pace Maker, Portable Oxygen Cylinder, Portable Cardiac Monitor, Central monitoring Station Equipments, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, Blood Warmer,Pulse Oxy meter, Transducer, Glucometer, ABG Machine, BP Monitor, Mechanical & portable Ventilators, Nebulizer, Laryngoscope etc.

Personal Information

Name : Jini Zachariah

Nationality : Indian

Sex : Female

Marital Status : Married

Date of Birth : 30/05/1981

Permanent Address : Vettuchirayil Puthen Purayil

Karackal PO

Thiruvalla, Kerala

Phone : 059-***-****

Present Address : Dammam

Saudi Arabia

Iqama Number : 236-***-****

Contact Number : 059-***-****

Email ID :

Passport Information

Passport number : K3662955

Place of issue : Riyadh, KSA

Date of Issue : 14/02/2012

Expire Date : 13/02/2022


I hereby declare that the information given is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date : 29/11/2019 Name: Jini Zachariah

Place : Riyadh

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